Web page links not working

all links on this page do not work. http://www.oracle.com/webapps/dialogue/dlgpage.jsp

This is not a valid URL. What is the link you are referring to, and where is it located?
Cheers, OTN

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  • Iweb: Why do navigation bar page links not work live when published?

    Why do the navigation bar page hyperlinks not work when site is published? There are no objects or boxes over. Works fine until published live. Help!!!

    this image: http://extravorganza-events.com/extravorganza/Home_files/droppedImage.png
    has a large transparency section above the visible (lower section), crop off the transparency section.

  • Linking to a specific location in a web page is not working

    I am using anchor tags for linking to a specific location in a web page . This Page contains some images(.bmp).
    <h2><a name="exactline">Linking Directly to a Specific Location</a></h2>
    <a href="http://www.example.com/some-page-or-other.aspx#exactline">Click here</a>
    Whenever I click on the link it moves to  specific location but when the page get loaded completely , top of the page is being displayed.
    My question is how can I make this link redirects directly to the particular section and stays there even after the page loads fully.

    Hi ,
    When you click your link "Click here", the SharePoint web page with anchor will not work until refresh the page, if it's the case, you can add the javascript code to refresh the page automatically as workaround per the following similar post.
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function Reload()
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  • Browser Issue all links in web pages do not work

    Having some issue with Browser: all links in web pages for various sites do not work. Browser was working fine for year or so just sopped the other day

    Are your links including "www" at the beginning? Is your default browser correct? If you have a backup just use that backup when your browser worked, to put it in its previous state, but first backup what you have so that you can upload your history ie if you still need it
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  • Some page links not working when I publish iweb site to desktop folder?

    I just created a photo website using iweb. All the links to pages, etc. work fine in the programme but when I go to publish it to folder to check it on a web page some of the page links don't work?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    - Ricky

    Even though you have deactivated the iWeb navigation menu, the navigation layer still exists and is blocking your custom links. Open the Inspector Page tab and try changing the value for Header Height to zero. See if this does anything for you. If not, then try increasing the Header Height value incrementally. This pushes the navigation layer down your page and maybe out of the way of your custom links.
    Of course, there is also the question of whether you custom links are placed on the page as a header element or as a regular page element. You can put elements into the header or footer layers by holding down the Apple key while dragging the elements until you see the header/footer outline highlight in blue.
    If your custom links are header elements, then increasing the header height to push the navigation layer down will probably help. If your custom links are page elements, then decreasing the header height to zero might be more likely to help.

  • Web Ui Link Not working

    Hi Folks ,
    My Web Ui link for crm 7.0 is not working. Can any one guide me - what would be the reasons r else let me know the right path to cross check . Do the needful. Thanks in Advance.

    Go throu the following post and you should be able to solve your problem: Re: CRM 2007 Steps for UI activation

  • Iweb page links not working??

    HELP!! I am very new to MAC and even newer to IWEB.
    I have tried making a website, and part way through decided to delete the welcome page and add a new welcome page. Now for some reason the page links are not working on the welcome page??
    Please help

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Are you referring to the links in the navbar? Try using the File->Publish All to MobileMe menu option. Also make sure there are no items that are overlapping the navbar area.

  • Web page preview not working with Chrome

    I am having trouble previewing my web pages using Google Chrome. I have properly set up the browser in Preferences but it won't show when I use preview. I am using CS4.
    I was working on work computer that had CS3 and I couldn't get pages to preview in Chrome or Firefox. I've had no problems with Safari or Opera in either CS3 or CS4.
    Is there some trick I'm missing?

    Well I am clicking on the little world icon for Preview in Browser, then I'm selecting the browser I want to view it in. They are local files on my computer, not files on a networked server. Chrome opens and the following error is shown: Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found.
    The following file path is in the browser bar: file:///SIEGFRIED%20MEDIA%20HD/Users/bens_photo/Documents/3DAC/Hamernik/Sand_and_Sea_art/c ontact.html
    If I manually remove "/SIEGFRIED%20MEDIA%20HD/" then the page will show up. It doesn't do this in any of the other browsers, only Chrome. While I've figured how to preview it, I don< class="failedUrl" style="color: #000000; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; text-align: -webkit-auto; background-color: #ffffff;">'t like to have to do this manual step each and every time. Is there a way to just get it to preview from DW?
    No, I have not tried manually opening them from the browser, but that is an option I am certain will work. I would like to use the feature that DW has. Somehow DW wants to add
    "/SIEGFRIED%20MEDIA%20HD/" at the beginning of the file path. Without that the page will show. So,
    "/SIEGFRIED%20MEDIA%20HD/" is the problem, but I am not sure how to keep it from being added to the local file path.

  • Personalize Web Page Functionality not working

         When we personalize a web page it creates a bookmark id in the ODS 0PERS_WTE.  The only problem is when we reaccess the web page we do not get the bookmark, but we end up getting the query the way it was originally. We have the template set for personalization!
    Can anyone help?  We really think the page should come up the way we set it when we selected "Personalize web Page" in the context menu...

    Never mind..  You just add "USE_PERSONALIZATION=X" to the URL...

  • Some of the buttons on web pages will not work with firefox but will with IE, is there a fix or do i need to uninstall firefox

    going through my account at verizon pay bill get to a submit button, it will not work. go back to site with IE everthing find. Happened mant times before, but sometimes i restart the page and it works, not the last time, i had to use IE

    Do you have that problem when running in the Firefox SafeMode?<br/> ''A troubleshooting mode.''<br />
    You can open the Firefox 4.0 SafeMode by holding the '''Shft''' key when you use the Firefox desktop or Start menu shortcut. Or use the Help menu item, click on '''Restart with Add-ons Disabled...''' while Firefox is running. <br />
    ''To exit the Firefox Safe Mode, just close Firefox and wait a few seconds before using the Firefox shortcut to open it again.''
    If not, see this: <br />

  • WRT300N QoS web page suddenly not working

    I have a WRT300N router. I have been able to set QoS settings successfully and have added some MAC address before.
    Suddenly, when I'm about to add one more, the Category selection is not working anymore. and there's no initial selection for the page when it first load on my browser.
    Also, a weird thing is that the summary of my MAC addresses that I have added before were all gone.
    Tried it on all browser (IE,FIrefox, Safari, Chrome) and still the error occurs.
    Rebooted my PC and my router and still the problem occurs.
    I inspected the problem on Firebug and shows me the ff: javascript errors:
    1.) missing ) after argument list
    2.) init is not defined
    3.) to_submit is not defined (when I hit the "Save Settings" button)
    WRT300N V1
    Firmware Version: v1.03.6
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Firefox 3.6.13
    IE 8.0.76
    Chrome 8.0.55
    Safari 5.01
    Need help.

    he said that "Tried it on all browser (IE,FIrefox, Safari, Chrome) and still the error occurs."
    can you still see other settings saved on the router? like the set-up page?
    have you tried upgrading lately?
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  • Web Services on Server 4 - Home page links not working

    We have recently upgraded our server to Server 4.
    We use the "Home Page" of the default web server as a starting point for access to web enabled services on the server - so Wiki, web version of Calendar, User Password setting etc.
    Back in Server 2 this page came preconfigured with a grid of icons you could click on to get to these services. 
    I'm not sure what you get in Server 3 or Server 4, but our start page has remained the same ever since.  However since the upgrade, we've noticed the behaviour of the buttons on the screen has changed - so now when you click on (say) the Wiki button, all that happens is the page reloads - you no longer go to the Wiki.
    If you click on the drop-down menu under the button in top left of the window and choose the same option from there, the wiki (or whatever) opens OK.
    I'd like to fix the function of the buttons on the home page - but the option to edit this page is severely constrained by the Wiki system itself: Apple use some kind of Javascript call linked to the default buttons to open the service, but you can't edit this via the wiki editor.  As the page itself is a database entry in the database driving the Wiki, you can't go and edit the source HTML for the page either.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?  Or maybe how to force the Wiki system to revert to the Server4 equivalent of the 'default' home page?  I'm wondering if somewhere between Server 2 and Server 4 the javascript libraries loaded by Wiki have changed and so the buttons no longer function due to missing libraries or something.
    Anyhow - any help with this would be most welcome.  Thanks in advance!

    Hi Jeff. You've got a GoToLink action on the home page that's pointing to a page with this name:
    Elaine's Blog Page.html
    The spaces aren't really valid (or at least ideal) for a file name, but what's really causing the problems is the apostrophe. It's causing a JavaScript error on the page, which prevents any of the actions from working. To fix it, you'd need to either remove the apostrophe from the page's name (and make sure to re-link it in the Actions palette), or escape the apostrophe with a backslash in the Actions palette like:
    Elaine\'s Blog Page.html

  • One of 3 links on a web page does not work under Firefox 9.0.1 but all three work under IE.

    Please float your mouse over the Paypal button (bottom left) and over the Envelope button and the arrow will change to a pointed finger. Float it over the adjacent Blog button and the arrow remains an arrow. With Internet Explorer, all three button links work - but not with Firefox 9.0.1. Why is this?

    Well done knorrtje. I have since saved the page as .htm code and viewed the page layout with Dreamweaver and your diagnosis is spot on. I have contacted the page owner and requested a change be made to uncover the Blog button. Many thanks to you and have a great 2012.

  • Web page videos not working

    When using Facebook or youtube videos will not play. You just get a black screen.

    I have a similar issue, it.  Says I need to update flash which I've worked out can't happen.  Strangely I have friends with IPads that do get the web content videos working. Any idea why? I don't care about flash just want to see the small videos my friends send. Can you help?   How does the app help?

  • Interactive page links not working in Google viewer

    I created a PDF from InDesign and wanted to embed jumps from page to page.
    Specifically, they're arrows with text that the viewer can click on to jump from
    page to page.
    I tested them in Acrobat Reader and they work. I test emailed myself the PDF
    to my gmail account. When I clicked on the PDF to View it, it opened Google's
    PDF viewer.
    All well and good except that those page jumps don't work.
    I have 2 other hyperlinks in the PDF. One is a link to a Google map (Works fine).
    The other is a link to email me.
    Again, testing the PDF in Acrobat the email link works. I typed in "mailto:blahblah" in
    the URL field.
    But in Google docs, that link isn't working.
    My fear is that many people will in fact use the Google docs to view the PDF. Is there a way
    to fix this? Am I better off doing this interactivity in Acrobat Pro instead of InD?

    Am I better off doing this interactivity in Acrobat Pro instead of InD?
    Why would you? It works in Acrobat, doesn't it?
    It really, really, really sounds like the problem lies with Google's PDF viewer.
    My concern is that I could imagine a lot of recipients clicking View in gmail rather than downloading the PDF and then viewing.
    There are similar issues with Preview on the Mac. The standard advice, therefore, is to recommend Acrobat to view your document.

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  • Frame outline showing with overlaid graphic item

    I have a logo that I overlaid on an image box. The logo was previously extracted from a white background using pixilmator. The ghost frame shows up when published. In other words, a thin line frame around the extracted logo. It's a png image. Driving

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