What are the optimal values for mac and arp timeout values

Hi Guys.
What are the best values for "mac address-table aging-time" and "arp timeout" by following scenarios?:
- single sg300-10 as layer3-switch with a maximum of 10 local (direct connected) hosts
- and a 3750x-stack with 100 local hosts + hsrp with a other stack of the same sort
or for asa 5520 as internet gateway for 500 clients?
I use at the moment a mac aging-time from 300 seconds and a arp timeout from 3600 seconds.
Is this o.k.?

As far as enhancing the CLI, it will of course be enhanced when new firmware releases provide new features. As far as making it more IOS-like, best to my knowledge, no.  The only other supported CLI on the SB switches are on the SX500 series and SX200E series which the CLI are all consistent. If you bought a SX500 series the commands are nearly identical minus the different feature sets.
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    what are the email settings for mac mail

    If you mean iCloud email, you can automatically configure this on your Mac runnint Mountain Lion by going to System Preferences>iCloud, signing into your iCloud account and checking Mail.  To manually configure it, use these settings: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4864.

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    Here is an idea for your request.
    Basically you can create a simple query on multiprovider 0TCT_MC01.
    Filter: you can use a variable for restriction of time ( calday, or calmonth) since you should be interested for a time period.
    Choose following characters into your objects:
    InfoProvider ( 0TCTIFPROV )  - you can create a variable for choosing infoprovider before query runs.
    *Tp.[Type of BI Application Object] 0TCTBISOTYP  = filter this with 'QUERY' or whatever your need is.
    *BI Application Object 0TCTBISBOBJ,  ( this will give you the name of the queries)
    In key figures choose,  Count for BI Appl. (0TCTWTCOUNT).
    (number for query run)
    Create a condition , for top 20.
    Hope this helps.

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    hi Suneel,
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    Re: SAP-CRM Tables
    BUT051 BP Relationship: Contact Person Relationship
    Similar to BUT050 , additionally contains Contact Person’s Address data
    BUT0BK Business Partner: Bank Data & Details
    BP Number, Bank Key, Bank Country Key, Bank Account Number
    BNKA Bank Master Data
    BUT100 BP: Roles
    ADR2 Telephone Numbers (Business Address Services)
    ADR6 SMTP Numbers (Business Address Services)
    Contains Email – Id of the BP.
    ADRC Addresses (Business Address Services)
    BP’s Complete Address Details- City, Country, Post Code, District, Street, Title No Etc
    TSAD3T Table containing the Title text against a Title No.
    COMM_PRODUCT Master Table for Product
    CRMM_BUAG Master table for Business Agreement
    CRMM_BUAG_H Header Data for Business Agreement such as Tax Category, Tax Characteristic, Form key, Business Agreement Class. Data in this table correspond to ISU CRMD_ORDERADM_H Contains the Header Information for a Business Transaction.
    1. It doesn’t store the Business Partner
    responsible for the transaction. To
    get the Partner No, link it with
    2. This table can be used for search
    based on the Object Id(Business
    Transaction No).
    CRMD_CUSTOMER_H Additional Site Details at the Header Level of a Business Transaction
    CRMC_PROC_TYPE Master table Business Transaction Type
    CRMC_PARTNER_FCT Definition of Partner Functions
    SCPRIOT Priorities for Activities with priority text.
    CRMC_PROC_TYPE_T Text for a transaction type
    CRMC_ACT_OBJ_T Objective Number and Text for Activities
    TJ30T All the status code and text
    CRMC_PR_ASSIGN : Transaction Type and its Transaction Type Object.
    IBIB : Installed Base/Ibase
    IBIN : Installed Base Components
    COMM_PRODUCT : Products
    CRMC_T077D : customer account groups
    CRMD_ORDERADM_H (for header) CRMD_ORDERADM_I (Item data)
    CRMD_ORDERADM_H Business Transactions CRM
    CRMD_ACTIVITY_H Activity
    CRMD_OPPORT_H Opportunity
    BUTOO : Customer details
    BUT001 BP: General data II
    BUT100 BP: Roles
    BUT150 BP relationship: Attribute table (test
    BUT_HIER_TREE Business Partner Group Hierarchy
    CDBC_T_PRODUCTID Mapping: Product Id
    CDBD_ORGMAN Business transaction - organizational unit -
    COMC_PRODUCT General Product Settings
    COMC_R3_FIELDS Assignment of R/3 material master fields to
    COMM_CATEGORY Category
    COMM_CFGMAT Basic Data for Materials
    COMM_HIERARCHY Category Hierarchy
    COMP_TYPES Hierarchy Tool: Comparison Type Check
    CRMC_CPRICPROC Customer Pricing Procedures
    SMOKVBEZ15 Assignment employees to positions
    CRMMLSGUID: GUID entry (should match GUID in CRMPRLS)
    CRMM_BUT_CUSTNO : Also GUID table (GUID here should match GUID in R/3 table CRMKUNNR)
    SMOFSUBTAB : Mapping & Parameters
    SMOFDSTAT : Download Monitor (R4AM1)
    SMOFFILTAB : Filters (Should match filters in R3AC1 & R/3 Table CRMFILTAB)
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    SMOFOBJPAR Parent Objects of an Object in Table
    SMOFPARSFA Middleware Parameter
    SMOFQFIND Queue Finder Table for MW-Queue finder
    SMOFTABLES Definition of Tables for Download

  • HT4949 what are the system requirements for mac os x 10.6 server?

    what are the system requirements for mac os x 10.6 server?

    While not 'intended', it is indeed possible on a portable. Exigent circumstances required me to re-role an aging MacBook Pro 2.16 Intel Core Duo to act as a server on a temporary basis.
    It boots just fine from an external drive running Server 10.6.8. I also believe that installation (while not recommended) is not actually blocked.
    Tip for the top: just be sure to pull the battery out of the laptop (assuming that's possible) to avoid turning your battery into a grossly distended, non-functional brick... they were not designed to be left on charge permanently!

  • What's the best camcorder for mac and quicktime or youtube?

    Aloha all,
    Instead of iSight,,,, what is the best camcorder compatible for mac and transfering video to powerbook G4 and PPC G5 Quad and for use with youtube and or CitizenTube.... ?
    I have a Canon SD 500 this should be enough because only can down load a max of 10mb to youtube. But I cannot use as a webcam to pass straight to computer which is fine,. Any Suggestions???
    Mahalo REID

    You're welcome, Reid
    I was also wondering about microphones.
    Which microphone you use is your decision based on what you want to do and the level of quality you need. As explained in this kBase document, you have a wide range of choices of connections:
    I use this Logitech USB Desktop Microphone for my iMovie voice-over, GarageBand podcasting, and other general purpose voice work. It works well for that, but it is obviously not a professional music quality mic.
    if the mic ... hooks up to the digital ... or the analog audio input?
    The simplest way to connect a mic to your G5 is via USB. That simplicity, adequate sound quality, and low price are the main reasons I chose my Logitech.
    If you need a higher quality (and price) mic for more critical applications, this site offers more information about GarageBand, including this page about microphones.
    ... are there digital optical microphones for the digital in on the G5?
    If there are, I would suggest you stay with analog microphones. I may be wrong, but from this Google search for digital microphones, it seems to me that digital microphones are largely subjects of engineering studies at this time. You might find a microphone pre-amp that takes analog microphone inputs but provides a digital output signal you could connect to your Mac's digital input if you really want or need to use your digital in port.
    Enjoy shopping,
      Mac OS X (10.4.9)    G5 DP 1.8  External iSight

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    I am looking at help.sap.com but not able to find out the data flow from these two datasources.
    0EC_PCA_1 (Profit Center Accounting - transaction data) and 0EC_PCA_3 (Profit Center Accounting - Line Item).
    What are the data targets and further flow for these data sources?

    Data source  - 0EC_PCA_1 and cube - 0PCA_C01
    Data source - 0EC_PCA_3 and Cube - 0PCA_C01.
    you can use same cube for two data sources.
    Standard multi providers - 0PCA_MP01 and 0PCA_MC01.

  • What are the Flash alternatives for iphone and ipad?

    I would like to know what could be the Flash alternatives for iphone, ipod, and ipad. I would like to create iphone applications that have 3D animation I usually create with Flash.
    But since Apple does not support the use of flash, I need to know what applications or programming languages I must use to create movies or animations for iphone or ipad.

    I would like to create iphone applications
    Then you need to go here:

  • What are the different among "for", "while" and "do-while"?????

    I am no clear when i ues one of them.
    I mean in what condition I can use each of them?
    what is each one's advantage?
    Thank you everyone replying and leave any idea. @[email protected]

    is the same as:No it isn't (in example have used 3 instead of 25 so output is shorter:
    public class Test {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            for (int x = 0; x < 3; x++) {
                int x = 0;
                while (x++ < 3) {
                int x = 0;
                do {
                } while (++x < 3);
    Replace your suggested while loop with:
    int x = 0;
    while (x < 25) {
      //do something
    }To the OP: All this should be covered in just about any introductory Java book or tutorial. Have you read any? If so, what in particular are you having trouble with understanding? If not, then go and do so.

  • What are the mysterious keys for hide and unhide programs?

    There is a strange symbol next to the apple symbol that is part of the hide and unhide short cut keys.
    I cannot find what these are after searching help, studying the keys and asking several people.
    This must be so obvious it escapes me!
    I have the new photoshop elements and it doesn't have the minimize buttons so I need to hide it.

    AH! Yes. I guess I never made the connection before because I never use Command-H. I've had a multi-button mouse since the Stone Age, and have always had one button assigned to Option-click, so have always hidden apps by a middle button click on the Desktop. Also I almost never use Command-H to hide selections in Photoshop because I tend to forget I did that and then get frustrated when something like the clone tool doesn't work because I'm cloning outside the selected area.
    After reading the blog entry you sent I started experimenting to see which "normal" conventions Elements wasn't following, and, since hiding and unhiding was the topic at hand.... BTW, thanks for the link to the blog. I had never really thought about many of those idiosyncrasies before, like fly-out menus for instance.

  • What are the best settings for inporting and exporting PE 12?   I use a Canon HDV VIXIA HV40 - HDV 1080i . Viewing the videos on this Canon are in HD quality but no HD quality wiyh Adobe PE12.[I have WINDOWS 8.1]

    I have tried all the different settings, but my videos do not have HD quality, why?
    P.S. - Videos turn out better (but not HD quality) with PE 12 when I do not use RENDER .
    When I watch the video on my camera they have HD quality.
    My system -
    Windows 8.1
    Processor -       Intel(R) Core(TM)  i7-477OK  CPU @ 3.50 GHz  3.50 GHz
    Ram -               800GB
    System type -   64-bit operating system,x64 - based processor.

    To capture HDV video, you should connect the camcorder to your computer via FireWire cable and then use Premiere Elements' Add Media/From Flip or Cameras to get the video from the camcorder to your computer.
    If you've done this, the video should load into the program at full hi-def quality and your should have a smooth editing experience.
    Is this the process you used to capture and load your video?

  • What are the ports required for the Audio, Video and A/V conferencing when the following end points are enabled for QoS in Lync 2013 server?

    Hi All,
    What are the ports required for the Audio, Video and A/V conferencing when the following clients are enabled for QoS in Lync 2013 server?
    Client Type
    Port range  and Protocol required for Audio
    Port range and Protocol required for
    Port range and Protocol required for
    Windows Desktop   Client
    Windows mobile App
    Andriod phone
    Andriod Tablet
    MAC desktop client
    Please advise. Many Thanks.

    Out of the box, 1024-65535 for all of the client ports.  :) 
    You'll want to tune your client ports a bit
    https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj204760.aspx as seen here, and then the client ports would use those ranges which is easier to set QoS markings.  I'm not sure the mobile clients respect that setting.
    Elan's got the best writeup for Windows clients here:
    However, the marking of the packets is the tricky part.  Windows can do it via Group Policy, but for the other clients you'll need to have the network specifically prioritize ports regardless of DSCP markings.  You have to do it based on ports
    as the traffic could be peer to peer.
    Please remember, if you see a post that helped you please click "Vote As Helpful" and if it answered your question please click "Mark As Answer".
    SWC Unified Communications
    This forum post is based upon my personal experience and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or view of Microsoft, its employees, or other MVPs.

  • What are the exact differences betweern mac book air and mac book pro

    I have not used mac book b4, and now I consider to buy a mac book. I am a college student and majoring in computer science. Can someone tell me what are the exact differences between MBP and MBA? I know the CPU in MBP is better than MBA and what else? Which one would you recommend me to buy? Waiting for your response. Thank you so much!

    This forum is
    Apple Support Communities > Notebooks > MacBook Pro >   Discussions
    So the question is relevant at least to the extent that it is asking for a comparison between a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air
    MacBookAir definitely favors portability and sports a dual core i5 at 1.5GHz (max RAM is 4GB not user upgradable)
    MacBook Pro  has upto a quad core i7 at 2.4GHz (ships with 4GB and upgradeable to as much as 16GB on some models)

  • What are the optimal hardware specification requirements for Adobe Photoshop CS6?

    Greetings to the staff and users of this forum,
    As the title clearly stipulates, the question is "What are the optimal hardware specification requirements for Adobe Photoshop CS6?".
    Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the specs specified on the website, as I believe they are far lesser than the specs needed to run the program at its full potential. This belief comes from my experience with the product Adobe Photoshop CS2 that I currently run on my computer. In effect, Ps CS2 cannot fully run without inducing time lags on my computer (i.e. when using 500 pix diameter smudge tool/ using liquify gallery), even though my specs are already higher than those specified for CS6 (mine are: Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 1.86 GHz, 3 GB RAM). I can assure you that I get those time lags even when almost in safe mode (only system main processes running) and that my computer is clean from any process/virus that could lower its performances.
    I've been through two chat rooms and four telephone operators to always get the same answer: the specs on the website.
    If any user here could provide me with proper higher specs, I would really be grateful.

    This document looks at different workflows and gives recommendations. It should give you an idea of what's needed.

  • What are the best options for running windows on a Mac Pro

    what are the best options for running windows on a Mac Pro

    For gaming and other CPU intensive stuff: Boot Camp – https://www.apple.com/support/bootcamp/
    For the rest: any virtualization software (Parallels/Vmware Fusion/VirtualBox)

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  • How to exchange 3D thema (Sap DashBoard 4.0 )

    hello everyone I recently made dashboard by using 'Sap Dashboard 4.0 Tool' but I had difficulty exchanging Design. I want to change 3D thema . but I could not find 3D thema(Disgin) my dashboard 4.0' patch is SP5 Patch 3 therefore, I need your help