What is maintanence level in  screen layout for asset master record

hi everyboby,
can anyone explian this
when I'm defining screen layout for asset master record to  make business area as required entry it was throwing msg like select maintanance level. what could be the reason?can anyone help me on this.

thanks for reply again.
If i select  business area as optional (main no,sub no)and supress for all fileds (only selected main no) ,I'm able to save screen layout.If i set BA as required select mainno,sub no check box and save it shows the same  error msg.Anyway  i can create asset master now.thanks

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  • Screen Layout for Asset Master Data

    Hi all,
    we are using SAP ECC 6.0 with a base component 700 Level 15 and the Logistics and Accounting component 600 Level 12.
    I hope you can help me with the following tasks. It should be said that I am not an expert FI-AA, so you must bear with me.
    It is desired, that the Screen Layout for asset master data, should have an additional field "customer order" as a required field.
    So I go to the Customizing
    --> Financial Accounting --> Asset Accounting > Master Data> Screen Layout--> Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data --> Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data
    --> and then into the third level of navigation in the u201Cfield group rulesu201D (rule for R & D development costs and then logical field group time-dependent data)
    So there I should be deposited the "customer order" as a required field.
    1. The "customer order" is not available in any field group. How is it possible that I add the u201Ccustomer orderu201D to a field group?
    2.  I am not able to add any field, in the above transaction?
    I am very grateful for any help.

    Dear all,
    I want to come back to my problem listed above.
    In the APC Values Posting  (Transaction ASKP) the costs have been assigned to a WBS element. Now, it should not be assigned to a WBS element, but to a customer order.
    For that I created in the asset master a new customer's own field "Customer Order".
    For this I have implemented the customer enhancement AIST0002 (Customer fields in asset master).
    The new field "Customer Order" is now available in the asset master as desired.
    So far so good.
    Now, the new field "Customer Order" must be specified and activate as an Account Assignment Object.
    Is this possible and how can I add my new field to an Account Assignment Object?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    Martin Buthmann

  • Change/ Add screen in Group Box specify tab layout for Asset master Record

    Hi All,
    I need to add or change group box in specify tab layout for Asset Master Record. Please advice where i can change or create new Group Box.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Try at below path:
    Financial Accounting (New)>>Asset Accounting>>Master Data>>Screen Layout>>Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data.
    here you can change the layout for the same.
    Kind Regards,

  • Tab layout for asset master

    hi kings
    I am unable to find the tabs in assets accounting.  Because at the time of asset master creation i am getting only 4 tabs. So i want to add some more tabs in the asset master. So how it is possiable to maintained the laout tab in the asset master.

    hi EC
    I am explain the problem :
    At the time of  asset master creation i can found it only 4 tabs i.e general,time-dependent,Allication,Depreciation areas.
    But i want some more tabs like Origin,Insurance,Networth tax. in Asset master records.
    As per my knowledge i am maintained the one layout and in that layout cantains the all the tabs in asset accounting. That layout has been assign to respective asset class.
    Eventhough i am not gettting the all the tabs in asset master. So i do for the my issue.

  • Screen layout for asset class

    My problem is that I am assigning one asset class to new screen layout in the asset class master data.
    But the system is taking the fields from the layout which is chart of depreciation dependent data (tcode ANK1)
    Here when i try to change that data for this asset class the system throws the message "Chart-of-depreciation-dependent assignment to asset class XXXX not possible"
         In order to be able to assign chart-of-depreciation-dependent data to     
         asset class 4100, the following conditions have to be met. You have to    
         have already                                                              
         1.  Defined at least two active charts of depreciation                    
         2.  Assigned asset class 4100 to more than one chart of depreciation      
         However, at the moment this asset class is only assigned to chart of      
         depreciation 1.                                                                               
    Any help would really be appreciated.

    This is whta you have done:
    Generally, the control specifications (the screen layout and the account determination) for the asset class applies throughout the client, that is, for all charts of depreciation. It is therefore sufficient to make control specifications once per asset class.
    You only need to carry out this step, if, contrary to the usual case, you want these control specifications to be country-specific (that is, different depending on the chart of depreciation). The system then uses the entries you make here depending on the chart of depreciation in the given company code. The system then ignores the control specifications in the asset class that are independent of the chart of depreciation.
    We shall try to check how to delete this settings.

  • Organisational unit for asset master record

    Which organisational units do you manage in the asset master record ?

    Company code / Controlling Area / Plant / Sales Organisation /
    assign pts if useful

  • Screen layout for the asset class

    I know the name of the screen layout used for a particular asset class, now in that screen layout I want to see which fields are mandatory and which are not. Where can I see that?
    Please help .
    Many Thanks

    If you want to see the fields in screen layout go to spro - Asset accounting - Master data - screen layout - Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data - click on Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data
    there you will find the fields which are mandatory / optional

  • Group Asset for Asset Master

    Hiii gurus
    We are uploading data from April ' 07 till now..while uploading data i have entered the closing balances of assets and for group assets..
    Now in the month of April & May ' 07 , in Asset master template i forgot to enter Group Asset no. in Asset master data ( AS01 ). And the assets also capitalised in  the relevant months.Now i have to give ( Assign ) Group Asset no. in Main Asset  , but the field Group Asset in Main Asset is Suppressed.
    Plsss tell me how to make link between Group Asset and Main Asset after the acquisition ???
    Thanks & Regards

    Try at below path:
    Financial Accounting (New)>>Asset Accounting>>Master Data>>Screen Layout>>Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data.
    here you can change the layout for the same.
    Kind Regards,

  • Screen Layout Field in the Asset Master Record

    What is the use of the screen in the asset master record, ANLA-FELEI?
    We have some assets where there are different values between this screen layout and the screen layout defined at the asset class (i.e. through configuration).
    It seems the one defined within the asset class takes precedence.

    Scree Layout controls the diplay of fields, it may not be necessary for a user to use all the fileds provided by SAP. Hence the options like Required, Optional and Suppress are used to control the screen diplay and the TABs to be displayed based on the need.
    Asses within the same class will have same fields since the screen layout are assigned to an Asset class.
    Scree layout for the Tab Depreciation Area can also be controlled with the screen layout defied for the Depreciation Area.  With this one can have different screen layouts per dep. area.
    Hope i'm clear to  you.

  • What is T code of Screen Layout at Document Level (PO)

    what is T code of Screen Layout at Document Level (PO)

    yaa, the option is only menu path.
    Some tcodes removed , plz follow the menupath.

  • I want to create a new customized screen layout for responsive HTML5  output. I don't want to use the ones present in the gallery. What are the steps to do so?

    I don't wish to use the ones already present in the gallery. They do not meet my requirements. Therefore, I want to create/design my own screen layout for the responsive HTML5 output. Please let me know the steps to do so. How to create a SLZ file, what is the code that I need to write. What are the components that I need to create to have a complete screen layout to be used in a responsive HTML5 output.

    That would require inline formatting and I doubt that is an option.
    If I am following you, the header area is full width of the screen so I cannot see how it can be broader, Perhaps you mean deeper? A screenshot might help here. The change would be made in the layout.css file.
    That would be a change in the layout.css.
    I suspect that too is controlled by the layout.css.
    To make the changes you would have to go into the layout.css and modify that. As you will see, it is a very complex CSS and that is why I said creating you own layout is not easy. Hopefully when Willam is available again, he may be able to give you some more specific information.
    I think Willam will confirm that if you cannot read the existing CSS to make those changes, then creating your own skin would be beyond your capabilities. Please do not take any offence there, I am simply emphasising how complex a task it is to create a skin from scratch. It's not one I would take on.
    See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

  • Screen layout for FSV

    How to create the screen layout for the financial statement version? What is the T-code?

    I don't think you can have a screen layout for FSV. FSV in short is the represenattion of GL accounts in a Hirarchial way.
    When you have created your FSV in OB58, this FSV is available in all the standrd todes that are using FSV as a base and the screen layout that the Tcpde provides is avaialable in the same Tcode.
    For Example if you are using F.01 after executing the report, you have the chnage layout option which you can use.
    Hope you understood.
    Reward points if useful.

  • Screen Layout for Leasing Tab_leasing groups

    Hello Gurus,
    In the screen layout of the leasing tab, I have Leasing Data 1, 2 , leasing long text and capital lease method. How and from where can I change the fields that are included in the groups leasing data 1 & 2. Can I maintain the screen layout for leasing tab as per fields wise instead of field group wise.
    Thanks in Advance

    Thanks for the reply, from the path suggested I am not able to reach to the point where i can separate / change the fields in the groups leasing data 1 / 2. Can you please tell me exactly where to go and what to do for making the fields active / inactive instead of the making the whole group of fields active / inactive.
    Thanks in Advance

  • Screen Layout for Purchase Orders

    Using the screen layout settings in config, I want to set a particular field to display only in change mode in ME22N.
    But enjoy PO's are all controlled by entry ME21N only in config, So this means if I set AKTV (change) to display in ME21N transaction the field is display also, something I don't want to happen.
    Using ME22 etc it is no issue.
    Any thoughts on how to set change mode for enjoy PO's?

    screen layout for purchase orders are done for document type wise.
    go to document type and check the field selecton. now you can change field selection for that document type
    spro > mm > purchasing > purchase order > define screen layout for document type.
    find the fileld selection key at  purchase order > difine document type

  • Screen layout for FBE1 truncation

    Dear expert i need to add some extra fields in FBEI  anyone can help you to find screen layout for FBE1 truncation
    Best regards

    Actually i want to suppress two fields in FBE1 for that i need screen layout.i don't know the relationship in between FBE1 & FORM PAINTER
    please help me out this issue

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