What is the new version of iPad?

Please tell me the new version of iPad.

IOS 7 is coming this Fall.

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  • What is the new version of numbers,, mine is 3.5 (2109)

    what is the new version of numbers,, mine is 3.5 (2109).  I just want to know which version my mac is running.  I am trying to revert back to iWorks 09... I need to mail merge badly.

    My apoliogies. Do you know how to change a "this helped me" to "this solved my question"? If I was paying attention, that was what I should have done,

  • What is the newer version SAP R/3.

    Hi All,
    What is the newer version SAP R/3.
    at present i am using 3.0 with my client...

    Most commonly using version is 4.7ee,
    But ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0 are also available in the market.
    SOme companies are using ECC 5.0 already.

  • What is the new version in D2?

    hi friends
    i wnat details about what is the new verion in D2k bec i want take to traing for D2k in HRMS.
    pls tell me any one ???????

    Details about the latest version of Developer Suite can be found on OTN at the following URL. Specific component details (i.e. Forms, Reports, etc) can be found by clicking on the specific product links found on the previously mentioned page:

  • How do I play games on the new version of IPad?

    I want to know how I'm going to play games on the new version.
    Best regards

    Hi there,
    I have encountered another problem. I don't know if it's because I downloaded the new Firefox 5.0 (update), but for some reason, I can't download the new game update of POTC and can't play the game. When it finally does, the tutorial starts downloading and it always goes back again and starts downloading... never ending. Please, help. Sorry for bothering too much :) Have a wonderful day!

  • What are the new versions of  Forms

    Hi All,
    I worked on Forms4.5/Reports 2.5 and i am having good idea on the development side. After that i didn't worked on the forms side and didn't upgraded myself on this technology.
    Can any body help me in knowing what are version which came from forms4.5 ?
    what are new enhancements ?
    what is ment by application server ?
    when i am looking at the oracle site it is giving much on java side than this forms side. is oracle going to continue forms technology ?
    what is java techonoly used in the application server ?
    help me in know this

    this probably is teh wrong place for a new features tutorial, but the latest versions of Forms and Reports are 10g (Forms 9.0.4). Before that and between now and Forms 4.5, we had Forms9i (9.0.2), Forms 6i (6.0.8), Forms 6.0 (6.0.5)and Forms 5.0.
    Similar for Reports except that there has been Reports 3.0 where forms had 5.0
    Documents can be found at otn.oracle.com/products/forms
    Finally, no, Forms is not going away.

  • Do the new versions of IPad support flash players?

    I really like the IPad am in need of another mobile device but many programs require a flash player to view them. Do the new ones or the Mac books support Adobe Flash Players?

    Adobe has not made a version of Flash for the iPad.
    Kappy explains why. https://discussions.apple.com/message/19446567#19446567
    5 Flash Player Alternatives http://www.techshout.com/features/2011/01/flash-player-for-ipad-apps/
    Top 4 browsers supports flash player on iPad and iPhone
     Cheers, Tom

  • What's the new version of Financial consultant Cert?

    Hello everyone!
    I heard the Fin Rel 11 track going to be only available until Jun 2001.So I want to know what willl be the next version for Fin consultant cert?(Rel 11i??), and How different is it from Rel 11? ;Can I use those studying materials on Rel 11 to study Rel 11i?
    Best regard JC

    It is best to start your own thread instead of hijacking another - that way you will get an answer directed towards your particular question.
    You can find the new iPhone tech specs at http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html.
    Mac system requirements
    Mac computer with USB 2.0 port
    Mac OS X v10.4.10 or later
    iTunes 7.7 or later

  • What are the new features on the DESKTOP version of LR 6?

    I was going to upgrade until I had a chat with customer service and was told that the new HDR, photo merge, etc, were not on this version. Why should I spend the $79 to upgrade.  What does the new version have.  I have been using LR 4 successfully with other Adobe software products.

    Seems like you were given misinformation.
    These features are present in Lightroom 6. Here is a complete list
    What's New in Lightroom CC / 6.0? | The Lightroom Queen

  • 1 got a message about my firefox being out of date and i need to download the new version ,i did but i keep getting the same popup to download the new version 4.0.1, what gives?

    There is a new version 4.0.1 that keep popping up and the download was done but it keep saying i need to download the new version i have done it more than one time. Should i just ignore the message i don't want a virus. when i sign on to firefox it say i might be at risk of attackers and i need to download the new version. What is the new version?

    See this: <br />

  • I bought iPad April 2 in the past, but I can't update the device to the new version of what

    I bought iPad April 2 in the past, but I can't update the device to the new version of what

    What version do you have? The latest is 4.3.5. iOS 5 will be available next week.

  • I am trying to get a document from my cloud and on my Mac it says I need an updated version of numbers but when I go to mac app stores it does not allow me to download the new version which I use on my ipad?

    I am trying to access a numbers document in mycloud and it keeps saying I need a newer version. I purchased the upgraded app for my ipad and now I can't seem to upgrade my computer so that I can get access. I went to the app store but it won't let me download the newer version onto my computer? What is the point of putting things in the cloud if I can't access them?

    Numbers documents from iOS need Numbers 3.2 on a Mac to open. And Numbers 3.2 requires Mavericks. If you are using Mavericks you can get Numbers 3.2 from the Mac App Store. It will be free IF you have Numbers 2 (iWork '09) installed. Otherwise you must buy it.
    Your other option is to send the Numbers file as an Excel file via e-mail to yourself to open with an earlier version of Numbers.

  • My Numbers program changed yesterday while I was working on a document and now I can't open it.  I get a message telling me I need a newer version to open the document.  All the others seem to open OK.  I HAVE NOT PURCHASED THE NEW VERSION.  What happened

    OK, this is the first time I have used this so I may not have started correctly, so here goes another try. I opened a Numbers Document and noticed the presentation was different from when I worked it before.  Since there have been a number of auto updates since I had worked in Numbers, I assumed I had an updated program.  I found it hard to figure out so I closed the document and went on to other things.  When I went back to it I found a message saying I needed a newer version of the program to open it.  Fortunately, the document was backed up and when I opened the backup it came in my familiar form.  I have not purchased the new version of Numbers but suspect that is what was using for that brief period yesterday.  Anyone know haw that happened?

    Hi Sailor,
    It is pretty amazing you got a new version without even knowing it.
    In System Preferences > App Store you can turn off the automatic updates by unchecking "Install app updates" as I've done here:
    If you're using Numbers across platforms and displaying dynamic output on the iPad or doing data entry there, you'll be *much* happier with Numbers 3.0 than the old version. If you're doing a lot of traditional printing of heavily formatted documents, the old version is much better.  For most day-to-day uses in between it's a toss-up.  The new version, despite its flaws, is a powerful application that can enhance productivity in ways the old version can't.
    For more on the differences between the two, see the features gained, features lost, and workarounds threads, plus Apple's support document on features to be reintroduced in the coming months .

  • My 4od app needs update but my ipad1 is not compatible with the new version on update what do I need to do??

    Can't update to the new version of 4od app as my ipad1 is not compatable with new update, what can I do to get 4od now??

    Alfie5127 wrote:
    I have the same problem. I'm asked to update, told I should download the latest compatible version and once I have done so the app won't work until I update to the latest version! Just let me use the old version please. Any advice about how to break the circle (other than buy a new iPad) would be appreciated.
    If you have regularly sync'd your purchased content with iTunes on your computer, and you have NOT downloaded updates in iTunes, then you may have the older version available in iTunes to install.
    Delete the app from your iPad, connect to iTunes and choose the older version from your list of apps to install and then let it sync.
    However, unless you have kept a copy of the older version like that, then you are stuck now.  The App developer has likely pulled the older version from the store, so only the newer version is available in the App Store.

  • Why I cannot open in my Mac the documents of Pages open before in iPad after download the new version of this aPPLICATION?

    I bought the Page application. I download the new version in my Ipad. When i wish open a document in my Mac, if I have openned before in my Ipad, I can´t. I have download in my Mac the new version of the Lion´s mountain and the pages. In my Itunes appear the application of the pages " with pen".In my Mac some documents appear with the ink´s bottle and these I can´t open it. When I try, an annoucement appear saying me "You need the new version" of Pages, And like I say before in my I tunes of the  Mac appear the new version of Pages( the pen) and an information saying me what I don´t have any new application to download.
    ¿ What I must do , please?

    If you want to use documents created by the iOS 7 version of Pages, with Pages on your Mac, then you must upgrade your Mac to OS X Mavericks and update Pages to the newest version that only runs on Mavericks.
    The only alternative would be if Pages for iOS 7 allows you to export the document for Pages for Lion.

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