What's the available value for weblogic.jsp.encoding in web application.

          I'm using chinese windows nt 4.0 and weblogic 5.1 sp6.When I did not set
          weblogic.jsp.encoding to GB2312 , when the jsp file contain's chinese , the
          output will be error .And when I did not set it , the output is correct, but
          when I use request.getParameter("SomeFormElement")(the element inputed
          chinese), the return value is error.
          How should I set weblogic.jsp.encoding value to satisfy all this problem?
          When I set the value to ISO-8859, there is an exception:
          java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException: Charset: 'ISO-8859' not recognized,
          and there is no alias for it in the weblogic.httpd.charsets property. So
          What's the available value for weblogic.jsp.encoding in web application?

hi ,
i think the best way is to create java beans ,in that bean call your EJB ,
and check the validation over there.
and make that bean scope to session.
in each and everypage try to check the session ,if it is not valid then forward to your login page...
otherwise continue to give access to him like guest

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    VERY much agreed!  Disabling the "default if unwired" option makes absolutely certain that you have considered the correct value for every case.
    (Mid-Level minion.)
    My support system ensures that I don't look totally incompetent.
    Proud to say that I've progressed beyond knowing just enough to be dangerous. I now know enough to know that I have no clue about anything at all.

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    The value is the value entered into the "Export Value" option when the form is created. You can use the Acrobat JavaScript "exportValues" property to get the array of values for the same named check boxes. And if you know the 'widget' of the check box, you can use 'isBoxChecked' method to check if a given 'widget' is checked. More information is contained in the Acrobat JavaScript doucmentation.

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    Have a look at include LBTCHDEF.
    The standard include from SAP.
    -> Definitions and Constants for Function group BTCH
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