When exporting DV 4:3, Picture is Tall and Narrow with Black Bars

I am using hi-8 footage and photos which I edited with the easy setup option, DV - NTSC. While in FCE4 I have black bars on the sides. I assumed when I export, these bars would disappear. Unfortunately, when I export I continue to have these black bars, and my image becomes tall and narrow. I want to put this footage on a dvd so it can play on a 4:3 projector. How can I ensure that my image takes up the whole screen without the tall and narrow distortion and the black bars? Please help. Thank you.
PS: Tom Wolsky, I own your third edition book, and it is a great tool!

Those are the item properties for the clip. This material needs to be converted before it can be used properly in FCE. It's not the correct frame size, pixel aspect, or codec. The sequence properties will probably be DV and look very different. The media needs to be converted to conform to the sequence properties.

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    From what you describe, you probably held your iPad vertically rather than horizontaly when you shot your movie.
    The picture in iMoive is a rectangle oriented horizontally, so it's showing your vertical movie as large as it can.
    If you cropped your vertical picture to fit the horizontal ratio of iMovie you'd have to cut off a lot of the picture.
    Soeone even made a mock PSA about this subject.

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    If it's corrupt, generally it would be lost.
    However, there is third-party software out there that can retrieve some of the data, those of which however I could not recommend as I have never done so myself.
    Also, if the old 4S was running a more recent software version than the current 4S, that may cause the issue however usually iTunes tells you exactly that.
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  • Looking for some help with an error message when exporting master file. I'm stuck and would even pay to get this sorted out!

    Hey guys, I'm really in a bind here and need some urgent help tonite. I would even be willing to pay for some actual help and not some vague information that i may not be able to understand if we could do something via skype or some other way that would be much quicker than a message board. Of course I have to have the project done by tomorow . so I'm new to fcpx, but have succesfully exported 2 other projects. I've also ran into this predicament before (error message not allowing me complete export) and have been able to solve that by converting the files i imported off my camera (canon g20) to a different file type (prores).
    so where I'm at now: i have a 13 min short, all shot on my canon g20, imported and converted to prores422 with the brorsoft video converter with all the shots in a single event in fcpx. i'm using fcpx version 10.0.08. I have one main video track in my timeline that is completely full of very fast edits. (all quick 2-5 second clips, sped up shots in 2x, 4x, or 8x, tons of transitions, titles, and a little fx. theres 2 audio tracks, one is narration/speech and the other is an ongoing music track that constantly ducks everytime the subject speaks (tons of ducks/edits). Have you seen mtv cribs? Well i filmed an EXACT replica. So If you've seen one of those episodes, its literally the same exact same thing. I have all of my work completed, everything has been fully rendered, and i have it exactly as I want it.
    I'm including all this information in case it may help. my successful projects ive exported in the past were rather simple, and this one is very complex and full of edits. here is what it looks like in the timeline:
    Ive tried exporting the master file using almost all the different ways with no luck. My primary objective is to get it on youtube by any means by tommorow for a showing to a potential buyer (long story) and so I've been told using the h.264 is the best format for that. This, along with the other methods give me the same error message:
    It think it gives this error message when i reach 24% everytime during export.
    So first of all, what is that error message? Do i need to be concerned about the specifics of it, or is there something major that I'm missing? Like i said, i dont care how, but I need to get this video up on youtube tonite for an important viewing tomorrow. Conceptually, I think if i can figure this one out I shouldnt have any more trouble in the future doing something so basic, yet critical, such as exporting my 40+ hours of work for someone to see.
    anyway, I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge with this software, and for my extremely long winded question which will probably have the opposite effect for me as most wont want to take the time to read all this, BUT i figured if i was as thorough as possible it might help actually getting a concrete answer, instead of a "read the manual, exporting is on page 37." or "use the share button on the right of the timeline then just click export master file and it will work everytime."
    Cheers everybody, and thank you. Like i said if someone is up, and willing to talk via skype, phone, messanger or any other method that works for you I would be totally down and will compensate you generously for your time. thanks again.

    boom! that advice was correct and worked. i was able to export the full project as a quicktime movie and it can be uploaded to youtube.
    NOTE, theres is definately quite a few noticeable audio glitches/lags/pops that werent there before doing this. I believe, and will test to make sure, that having a project such as this one needs to render before exporting. I'm not sure if the advice requires the project to be unrendered before exporting for a specific reason, because if it will export fine after rendering the project that's the way to go. like i said the edited version i have in my timeline plays back perfectly but this exported version has quite a few noticeable audio glitches (a few video glitches too). I'm going to retry doing the first few steps of your advice, but then at the end render, then export and compare the results...
    OK, so this leads to a big question, Is this something that is standard for everyone when trying to export? If its not, what causes this error?
    is there any way of preemptively avoiding it in future projects?
    thanks again, and hopefully this information will help others as exporting seem to be one of the biggest problems in fcpx. any word on a new patch or firmware update?

  • Aspect ratio: 4:3 material being exported with black bars (on the sides!)

    Hi all
    I'm fairly new to using FinalCut Express: previously I've used other non-linear video editors on Windows.
    I'm having a bit of a weird problem: I've got a sequence which was shot entirely in 4:3 (PAL). However, when I try to export that to a QuickTime movie it appears squashed from either side — black bars appear at the sides of the frame and everyone looks very tall and thin. The frame itself is still 4:3 but everything is being squashed to fit in the bars.
    I've fiddled with as many settings as are immediately obvious to me to see if I can rectify this, but so far no banana: the sequence is about 90 minutes long and takes about 30 minutes to render each time when exporting.
    Has anyone got any ideas what to do about this? I've been trying to do some research into how FCP/FCE handle different aspect ratios, and it seems to be a very complicated topic. In fact, in the same project I've got a sequence which contains almost entirely 16:9 anamorphic material. Ideally I'd like this to be output in a 16:9 frame with the few 4:3 clips appearing with bars on the side. However, it's only being output as 4:3 where the 4:3 clips appear full-frame and the 16:9 clips have bars at top and bottom...
    Hope someone can help!
    Mac Pro: 3GHz, 6GB RAM, X1900XT, BT, AirPort   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Tom, thanks for the reply.
    Everything looks absolutely fine when played back in FCE; it's only when exporting to QuickTime that my problems start. The point is that this 4:3 sequence isn't being output into a 16:9 frame as a pillarbox: what's actually happening is that it's being put into a 4:3 frame with bars, with the result that the content is in fact being squeezed (it looks wrong).
    How can you modify the aspect-ratio settings for a given sequence? I've looked through all the obvious sequence properties settings but have never found anything.
    I'll just reiterate — it plays back fine within the viewer; only when output does it all go awry.

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    Copy Text Box
    Switch to Preview.app
    Switch to Numbers
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    Doing it this way the graphic will not only stay with the cell, it will scale if you change the size of the cell.

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    My mac keeps asking for a password when I try to install adobe flash player. Even with the hint I'm not getting it and also tried uninstall and the same thing occurred.

    It's referring to the MAC password that you have setup.
    A software prompts for a password only when there are restrictions set on the user account for unauthorised access to system files and folders.

  • Ipad2, i have repeatedly done recovery steps...am stuck at picture of cable and arrow with itunes logo...what am i missing?

    ipad 2, disabled connect to itunes
    i have never synced with pc
    i am currently trying to do a recovery or whatever needs to be done, and i beleive i am missing a step somewhere
    like connect to itunes or something
    i tried to do recovery and am at the point where it shows the power cable along with an arrow towards itunes and logo.
    but, it just sits there.  i researched and saw where i was to go into itunes and select my device....somebody help, please...

    1. Turn off iPad
    2. Turn on computer and launch iTunes (make sure you have the latest version of iTune)
    3. Plug USB cable into computer's USB port
    4. Hold Home button down and plug the other end of cable into docking port.
    DO NOT RELEASE BUTTON until you see picture of iTunes and plug
    5. Release Home button.
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    7. Select "Restore iPad"...
    1. Data will be lost if you do not have backup
    2. You must follow step 1 to step 4 VERY CLOSELY.
    3. Repeat the process if necessary.

  • Stuck with black bars export a movie out of FCE please help :(

    Hello, I have 4 hours or so of footage i made in Italy with a FLIP-HD camcorder, it records in 720p.
    I put that into FCE 4.0.1 cut out about an hour, added some transitions and music etc etc... anyhow..
    now I need to export it, no matter what I do I get black bars around it, it seems to be stretching the video a little bit. I tried setting Sequence -> Settings -> Load Sequence Presets to a bunch of different ones, and I have tried exporting the video with different settings, using MP4, Quicktime, etc etc changing resolution to 720p and tried using Current setting... no dice..
    best i was able to get it is almost fill in the screen, but have black (half inch) bars at top and bottom..
    FYI this is first time using FCE for me, I used iMovie before with the same exact camcorder and that didnt have any issues, the video filled the whole screen.
    Am I missing something obvious?

    Here is the sequence setting -> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v309/Duxa/FCE2.png
    and here is are the properties for all the movie clips, there are about 300 of them total (maybe more).. that build that 3 hour movie.
    If you look to the right you can see where it shows the film filling the screen but there are thin black bars on top and bottom... i cant get it to fill the whole thing =/
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