When saving a document as a PDF for printing, I lose pages, clip art, and my orginal format. Help!

I have created some forms for our congregation to fill in with answers on adobe forms central. When I go to turn it into a PDF for printing for a hard copy, (not all our members have internet) when i save it to a PDF, it doesn't save all the pages and formats it differently then show on the screen i programmed it onto. How do I fix this issue?

In the "Feature Tutorials/Help" linked from the top of the main page of the Forums: Feature Tutorials / Help
There is a Tutorial on "Creating and distributing fillable PDF Forms": Tutorial: Creating and distributing fillable PDF forms
The main thing to look at is the "View" setting and for PDF set it to "Page View", the page breaks you define in Page View will be used in the PDF, there are also "implicit" page breaks added automatically based on the page size.
For the issue with clip art see this FAQ: Image does not show up in PDF 

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  • Saving Illustrator CS4 file to PDF for printing. NO FORUMS CAN HELP

    I have put threads on the PDF forum, they told me to put it on Illustrator forum and still know one has an answer, Tried to contact Adobe about this and just got a run around. Can anyone please help?
    My problem results from when I save my file from Adobe Illustrator to a PDF for printing. After saving from Illustrator to a PDF and proofing it on screen all my gradients and other elements are where I need them to be on the page. But when I upload them to my printing company template all the gradients and so on are not even close to be in the right spot. How can I solve this problem, Is there a new setting in CS4 I need to know? Because I never had this problem with Illustrator CS3.

    Hi Reggie,
    I'm far from an Illustrator expert, but let's see if we can gather som more information form you that might help me, or someone else, figure out what's going wrong. Can you post a screnn capture of the arwork in Illustrator so I can see what the gradients are and how they're positioned? Use the little camera Icon thing in the toolbar above the message editing space on the web page.
    Next, tell us about the printer's template. What application is it made in? What version?
    What version of Illustrator and what OS are you using to create your art?
    Is it only the gradients that are in the wrong place? Maybe a screen shot of that would help too.

  • When saving a document as a PDF, the text converts to symbols.  How do I correct this problem?

    English word text in a document that is saved as a PDF appears in the PDF as a series of unreadable symbols, letters, and numbers.  This happens in Adobe Acrobat 9 and X Pro.

    i take it this only happens when saving from a website?  the trick (for me) was to bring up the "print" drop down menu, select Adobe PDF, then select "preferences".  on the new dialog box, uncheck "rely on system fonts only, do not use document fonts".  then hit "okay" "apply" and "print".  it should come out correct.

  • Character encoding of Unicode (UTF-8) is what seems to be the default for printing. The page looks funny and the print is spread out.

    the layout of the page is different that it appears on the screen. I printed the confirmation of my VISA payment on line and it is not concise. The information is correct, but the layout isn't.
    Should I use another encoding? One of the Western ones? Maybe unicode (UTF-16)?

    There is a known bug involving printing in beta 12 that has been fixed in the Firefox 4 release candidate which is due out soon.

  • How to export a CMYK document to a black/white or greyscale pdf for print?

    Hello, I have some knowledge in graphics design, but very little about color management.
    Currently I need to convert an instruction manual I made to black and white output only. We'd prefer to keep the indesign (.indd) and it's source images in their respective colors, but when exporting the document to a pdf my printer can use, we'd like to make that document a black and white pdf, as it's a black/white manual anyway. A little color conversion isn't to bad, as long as it's reasonable. all images that might give trouble are in greyscale anyway.
    So how do I export a full color indesign document to a black&white/greyscale pdf?
    very newb question, but if you don't ask, you never learn:
    When do you use the colours "registration", and when do you use "paper"?

    I am also trying desperately to convert my CMYK colors into a grayscale so that when I print the document the printer only uses K (and C=0 M=0 Y=0)
    And I saw this bit of info you wrote a few months ago. I am working working with photoshop CS4. I tried to follow it but I found the following difficulties. Hope you don't mind me writing over your text.
    RGB image --> Grayscale
    New doc --> CMYK image,same size, empty
    Copy Grayscale and paste into the K-channel of the CMYK image. - (It only allows me to copy onto the CMYK layer but not onto the Black so I had to Drag layer onto channel delete the black layer and rename my new layer as black but then the document changes from CMYK to Multichannel and I have to re-change the mode again to CMYK but this already prints CMYK...)
    Place image in InDesign doc.
    Everything else (vector, text) by K-only.
    (...then when I placet that CMYK file into InDesign, and PDF it, on the output preview still separates the grayscale image into CMYK and when I print, the printer still prints CMYK instead of only K)
    So then I say OK so.. let's use the Multichannel document instead, which it actually seems to print on K only (while CMY=0), it only allows me to save as PSD. and when I try to place it on Indesign... I have a message saying that this file is using an unsupported colour space, only RGB,CMYK, lab, indexed, and bitmap are supported by the photoshop filter
    On top of that I have been asked for a Jpeg image in black and white which prints only K (while CMY=0). I have tried with channel mixed presets and even though the info on screen is now C=0, M=0, Y=0 and K= various values, when I send it to print. The printer still prints with all the CMYK colours
    Any advice would be so much appreciated!
    Thank you

  • When I export documents as a PDF in Indesign the fonts appear as squares. This has started happening since I updated my operating system to 10.9.4 on my iMac.

    When I export documents as a PDF in Indesign the fonts appear as squares. This has started happening since I updated my operating system to 10.9.4 on my iMac.

    Apple Mail uses Apple's own PDF viewer, and it's ... well, let's be friendly and say not really up to par. Don't use it for anything else than ascertaining there is *something* in your mail. Then use the free Adobe Reader to view your PDF.
    See this recent thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4526583

  • Why do I get white lines surrounding transparencies when exported as a PDF for print - Indesign Vers

    Why do I get white lines surrounding PSD or Tiff transparencies when exported as a PDF for print - Indesign Version 9.2?
    I recently upgraded creative suite - now I am having issues with white lines surrounding any tiffs or PSDs when exporting for print.
    I initially thought it was an acrobat viewer problem, but it seems to be effecting print. Please let me know if anyone knows the answer to this problem. thanks!

    PDF settings? Flattener settings? Overprint and trapping settings? You need to be much more specific. Eitehr way, ask in the ID forum.

  • Disk full message appears when saving a document to DropBox

    I have Dropbox dowloaded onto my computer.  When saving a document to Dropbox, a message appears saying it cannot sync with my computer as I do  not have enough space.  This does not bother me as I do not wish to have it sync with my devices as it is work related DropBox.  However, more recenlty, when saving the documents to DropBox, my computer is saying that it cannot save it (to the actual hard drive as well as DropBox, I assume) as my disk is full.
    When I logged onto my laptop this monring, I also got a message that said my start up disk is full.  I have no idea what any of this means nor how to fix it.
    Please help.

    All of these message are saying the same thing: the disk in your computer is full. You must remove something or increase the size of the disk before you will be able to add anything more.

  • Why do I get white lines surrounding PSD or Tiff transparencies when exported as a PDF for print ?

    Why do I get white lines surrounding PSD or Tiff transparencies when exported as a PDF for print - Indesign Version 9.2?
    I recently upgraded creative suite - now I am having issues with white lines surrounding any tiffs or PSDs when exporting for print.
    I initially thought it was an acrobat viewer problem, but it seems to be effecting print. Please let me know if anyone knows the answer to this problem. thanks!

    Thanks Bob, to date I have simply used the High Quality Print default, which is actually Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3) - I have never had issues before - until now when I upgraded my software..

  • Exporting a PDF for print, the PDF does not show a shadow effect

    I have a drop shadow effect on an EPS object and some type that does not appear when I export the file as a PDF for print. The settings I have it set to are: Adobe PDF Preset: "High Quality Print", Interactive Elements: "Include Appearance", and Color Conversion: "No Color Conversion".
    If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it!

    Yes, I set my transparency blending space to CMYK. It didn't work.
    I don't have a particular reason I am using an EPS over AI other than that's the type of file this object (logo) was saved as. I can get an AI. Is there any particular reason you recommend not using an EPS?

  • Problems with exporting PDF for Print

    Hi all,
    I would appreciate some help with exporting my indesign document (using v9.2, 32x) to PDF for print.
    I have a number of images and text objects in the document and all links seem to be in place.
    However when I come to export the document to print PDF, the PDF file is corrupted and has a size of 0 bytes. The export worked fine earlier when I did a test, but since I have added a few more images, everytime I go to export it, it will not work!!
    I would be grateful for any help with this, it is infuriating when I have deadlines to meet! Many thanks.

    I'd try a 'save as idml', reopen, then export.
    If no go, rename your images folder (if separate) to break the links to images, and try exporting just the previews (you can't use this output, but it will tell you if there's a bad original image file). If a bad image, open images and re-save.
    If still no go, try a full computer shut down and try again...

  • Difference between InDesign and Photoshop PDFs for printing?

    Hi, rather new to the whole printing business, forgive me.
    I have both InDesign and Photoshop, but I am better versed in Photoshop. Is there a significant difference between the capabilities for saving a PDF for print between the two? Also, would someone else be able to tell which program I made the PDF with?
    Thanks in advance.

    Like most operations, one tool or the other is more appropriate according to the makeup of the task. It's not just about which PDF is somehow "better," (there are many ways to produce PDF's, and the quality of output isn't necessarily directly dependent upon the originating application), but rather which tool is the correct one for the job.
    For instance, a movie poster can certainly be done completely in Photoshop to good effect. But, if I was laying out the pages of a textbook, where images and longer passages of paragraph-based text were to be mixed, the typographical and document assembly capabilities of InDesign would be indispensible. That's just an example. The very essence of art and design is learning and devising ways to use the available tools alone and in combination to produce a particular result, effect, or solution.

  • Export in pdf for print inexistant border

    I try to export an Indesign CS5 file in pdf for print.
    If I choose PDF1.4, X-4:2008  I have a dark rectangle like a shadow under several text. I thought it was a transparency problem but I now set up the transparency to High Quality.
    If I choose PDF1.3  I don't have the shadow issue anymore but a white border around the text and images which had been rotated.
    I'm not a specialist in pdf export for print so I don't know what is the best settings and how to fix my issue.
    Can it be only a screen issue and be ok for the print??

    I apologize for not getting to this sooner.
    How are you viewing the PDF that shows the discoloration? Acrobat or some other application? Is overprint preview turned on in Acrobat?
    This is definitely transparency related. When you choose PDF 1.3 you are flattening the transparency and the white lines you see are called "stitching." Thay ae a dispaly artifact in Acrobat (they'll disappear if you turn off smoothing), and though they may show in a low-resolution digital print, they are usually not apparent in high-resolution output from a press.

  • Okay to resize links in IDCS3 if exporting as PDF for print?

    I'd like to know if it's okay to resize linked images (tifs, psds) in InDesign CS3 when the ID file will be exported to a press-quality pdf for printing. I size my images to desired dimensions and ppi in PSD before placing them as links in InDesign, but I have been told that this is not necessary if the ID file will be converted to PDF for print. I need any advice on best practice for this! Thanks in advance. Karen

    For well over 90% of the cases I'd say you're wasting your time doing
    that in Photoshop. If the scaling is dramatic and it's a very high end
    job you might want to do it in Photoshop to adjust the sharpening, but
    otherwise, don't bother.

  • When I try to download a pdf file it turns into a .do file and can't be opened by my Samsung note 3

    When I try to download a pdf file it turns into a .do file and can't be opened by my Samsung note 3. Once downloaded the file can't be found in any part of the device memory and can't be opened by the browser mozilla.

    Hello there,
    Have you checked if your PDF Plugins are updated? https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/
    For more options: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/view-pdf-files-firefox-without-downloading-them
    Hope this helps!

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