Where can I learn page layout design?

I'm looking for a book, or a website course that will teach me the principles and theory of good layout design. Can anybody recommend any good resources for me?

I can't recommend a book, but it will help a lot to study actual layouts: magazine ads and story or article pages, newsletters you receive, etc. Notice what looks good to you and what looks "not good." See how headlines are used in newspapers, magazine articles and the like. In other words, open your eyes to design where ever you go and whatever you see. Become aware of design in nature, on billboards ... design is all around you. You're immersed in it whether you know it or not. Some of it is good and some of it is bad. Ask yourself "why?"
Someone, I'm sure, will recommend a book, but never stop looking!
Good wishes,

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    Set your custom master page as default master page & check the checkbox for Reset all subsidies to inherit this Site Master Page setting. 
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  • Where can I learn working in Forms6i ?

    Hi all.
    Maybe someone can help me? Where can I learn, how to work and develop in Forms ?

    next step is customizing your query:
    to restrict your query to a specific department:
    build a second form, buod a block based on the DEPT-table, by suere to include the deptno-column in your block, everyting elese the same a you did with you current form.
    create a button in your dept-block, integrate it in the layout and create a WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED-trigger on it.
    In the trigger we will call your EMP-form, passing the current value of deptno, to restrict the query in the emp-module.
    -- Put the value of DEPTNO into a global
    -- call the emp-form
    -- make sure GLOBAL.DEPTNO exists
      -- restrict the query of the EMP-block
      -- automatic query
    END;As an addition, we will read the department name for each record and show it besides the deptno, to do so:
    - manually create a new item in your EMP-block, name it DSP_DNAME, put datatype and length to appropiate value of DNAME-column is table DEPT, set "Database Item" to no, integrate item in your layout
    - create a POST-EUQRE-trigger on the EMP-block to read the DNAME for each row.
      CURSOR crDept IS
          FROM DEPT
      OPEN crDept;
      FETChb crDept INTo E:EMP.DSP_DNAME;
      CLOSE crDept;
    END;thats it for now...
    good luck

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    There is a default warranty of one year with new T61 called 'Depot Service' Where can I learn more about it, what it covers and how does it work ?

    You can start by taking a look at the "Service and Troubleshooting Guide-ThinkPad T61" and "ThinkPad Safety and Warranty Guide" booklets that come with the machine.

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    By the way i own the site 02geek.com its an online school for programing and we do focus a lot of our time in flash. if you want a step by step from 0 to geek type of training give my site a try

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    Hi Did you find any specific BOOK for ATG Dynamo... If So please send me an email or put the name in this list , Thanks

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    Where can I learn how to setup and use the new features in Mountain Lion?

    MacWorld has a Superguide, TidBITS has Take Control books, and probably a flock of other publishers have physical books.

  • Where can i download CS 6 Design Standard Traditional Chinese version?

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    David if you choose the download option at the time of purchase the installation files will be available under your account at http://www.adobe.com/.  You can find additional details at Find a download link on Adobe.com.

  • How or where I can connect photoelectric sensors on 7350 controller or Mid-7604. Also where can I learn about basic wiring connection of sensors Thanks

    How or where I can connect photoelectric sensors on 7350 controller or Mid-7604. Also where can I learn about basic wiring connection  of sensors Thanks

    Hello Hassan,
    Thank you for using National Instruments Discussion Forum.  It looks like this is a duplicate post.  If it isn't I apologize and please repost to clarify.  Otherwise please use THIS thread for the discussion.
    Mark T
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

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    Hope this  site provides the info.

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  • Will any body recommends where can l learn sap bw in ameerpet in hyderabadd

    will any body recommends where can l learn sap bw in ameerpet in hyderabadd

    > Hi Ali,
    > According to my opinion, RR RAO is the best
    >  institute in our Hyderabad.

    >   It helps u more and more.
    >    Have a good life.
    >                       ANJALI
    Hi Anjali,
    Request you not to promote biased training centers, rather you can refer siemens who are authorised training partners.

  • Where to download the Advanced Layout Designer (ALD)?

    Hi everyone,
    I've read a lot about the Advanced Layout Designer, and would like to try using it rather than the PLD I've been using. However, I've searched and searched but see no mention of where to download this add-on. Could someone please provide me with the link? We are on SBO 2007A, SP:00, PL:42.
    Thanks for any help!

    Please note the server 'websmp204' may not work all the time as everytime you connect to SAP page you are direct to one of SAP server.
    I do recommend to use the generic path:
    Anyway to download the ALD or any SAP B1 patches you can go direct to 'Software Distribution Center' -> choose update -> the version you want and you will find the ALD.
    Here is the link:
    Paulo Calado
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Network storage drive...where can I learn about these?

    I have so many questions, and frankly, the answers I've seen looking (briefly, admittedly) around these threads scare me.  Gee, Wally, what ever happened to Apple as the computer you didn't have to know computer programming to use?
    Now, before you all get your panties in a bunch telling me that I'm responsible for knowing how to use my hardware, I know...and I do want to know.
    So what I want to know now is how can I learn about the various types of "shares", and what they mean for hooking up a network drive for backup, etc.
    I have a WD 1TB drive which I believe uses "SMB", whatever that is.  It's got two folders on it currently, "Public" which I can access, and "WD Backup", which I can't.  I also can't seem to use it as a Time Machine drive, which is what I want to do with it.  And, or course, I can't re-format it, which I'd love to do as my wife hates the folder designations on it, and would like to have one folder called "iMac Backup" on it.
    Answers which don't involve Terminal will get extra points, but I've dealt with Terminal before, so take your best shot.  And ask for clarification if you need it.  Thanks.

    Unfortunately, networking and file-sharing aren't quite so simple in part because there's decades of history and dozens of companies involved in getting it into the current state. If you want dead-simple, you can get an Apple Time Capsule or AirPort with an external drive and be done with it. However, if you really want the most from network storage, you'll probably want to read up...
    WD make a number of drive, some network-attached, some not. We'll assume that you have one of their basic consumer network-attached drives.
    "SMB" stands for "Server Message Block" protocol and it was the local area network file-sharing protocol developed for Windows for Workgroups circa 1992 (it was later renamed CIFS - Common Internet File System - by Microsoft in 1996 because of the rising popularity of the Internet, despite the difficulty in getting it to work in anything but a small local network). SMB/CIFS is still widely used today for Microsoft Windows networks, though much of the equipment that serves those files are built on Linux or FreeBSD and not Windows.
    Access to shares on an SMB server (such as your hard disk) is controlled through a configuration utility provided with the drive or via a web application built into the device (that you access through your browser). Consult your manual. Generally speaking, however, SMB servers offer different ways of identifying whether or not you can access a share: 1) based on the computer connecting (in which case, everyone is considered the same user), or 2) based on a username/password combo. Generally a server will only operate in one mode. Shared directories can also allow or deny "guest" access (access without a password). All of this should be configurable through the drive utility or web application which you access with your web browser. Generally, an SMB server can only operate in one mode.
    It sounds like the Public directory is configured to allow guest access, and I'm guessing that "WD Backup" is a share that's password-protected and intended to be used with Western-Digital's own software of the same name. You should be able to add and create new directories as necessary through the provided utility or the web interface.
    You are correct, you cannot use Time Machine with an SMB file-sharing service. Time Machine will require AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) or NFS (Network File System) support. Western-Digital only has 3 network drives that support AFP and Time Machine: My Book Live, MyBook World, and WD ShareSpace. OS X also has some basic requirements about the performance and capabilities of network storage in order to use it with Time Machine, so you really want to look for drives that state up front that you can use Time Machine with them (for example, WD World Edition: http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/docs/en/appletimemachine.pdf )
    I'm not sure why you can't reformat the drive. This is supported on all WD products (though, if you've moved a bunch of data to it already, perhaps it would be a hassle).
    You can do backups of your Mac over SMB, but it's complicated by the fact that SMB is quite old and isn't capable of storing information about the file permissions, ownership, etc. It will be reliable for data files, but not for applications, etc. There's a work-around, of course. You can create a disk image on the SMB share using Disk Utility (make sure you create an HFS+ image) and backup to that. If you go that route, I would suggest either Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper to perform your backups. They are true backup tools, not versioning tools like Time Machine.

  • Where can i learn about Boot Camp

    to all
    i would like to learn about boot camp and the risks of puttiong windows on my mac. some things i just need on windows.
    where can i read about it before i start to post dumb questions about virus software and the risk of virus, as i'm sure its been addressed somewhere..

    thanks for the reply The Hatter... but its not a case of not leaving my comfort zone, but getting the full facts first for what i want to do. I;m quite good at leaving my comfort zone thank you..
    currently trying to build a server at home with little experience
    teaching myself HTML and Javascript and writing 5 websites on the fly
    among many other things.. i just need to find out more about what i am doing before i do it so i understand what i am doing, and whether its the best use of my time.
    my laptop most certainly doesn't sit on a shelf. its been around the world, to far flung corners of jungles, remote islands in Thailand and never leaves my side. Its on al day working and on all night processing. infact it almost drowned with me when i was caught in a violent storm going between islands in Thailand. Naturally i put the laptop somewhere safe before saving myself from going overboard.

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    I wish to monitor a serial port between 2 PC's. I have a serial to USB converter by Roline. (The serial end connects to serial port of PC's in parallel). When I'm in PC emulator mode I can use the Hyperterminal utility supplied in Windows to monitor

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