Why is weather missing from pull down screen?

I gave my wife a Touch for Christmas and weather was seen on the pull down screen then, but now it is missing.  I checked the Location Services and it is on for Weather. What setting is this associated with?

Awesome.  Glad to hear you figured it out.

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  • My music app icon is missing from my home screen and I have to go through the search to find and use it. How do I get the icon back on my home screen

    (IOS 7 update trouble) My music app icon is missing from my home screen and I have to go through the search to find and use it. How do I get the icon back on my home screen

    Find which screen, folder it was moved to, and hold down the icon until the icons start shaking. Then drag it to the left or right edge of the screen, and it will allow you to move it to which ever screen you want it. When you have it there, tap the Home button to stop the icons form shaking.
    Or do what hannahsage said above.

  • Why is the PAPER SIZE pull down list different between my 2 identical MFPs?

    Indesign 6 - Toshiba MFPs with PS3 Drivers.
    I have 2 of the same models Toshiba MFPs - 5560c, and using the Universal PS3 Driver under Windows 7 PC.
    Why is my Paper Size pull down list different between to the 2 MFPs?  The main reason I ask; I don't leave it on "Defined by Driver" because that affects full bleed with crop mark printing, so I setup the driver first (say 12x18), then come back to the InDesign dialog and select a paper size.
    For my scenario I need 12x18 - which shows in one list but not the other. Aside from that the lists are totally different - why is that?  How can I manage that list?

    Sorry same screenshot

  • How to deactivate stocks report from pull down?

    how to deactivate stocks report from pull down bar?

    Unlock the phone so the home screen displays.
    Pull down the notification screen.
    Select the "Today" tab.
    Scroll down to the "Edit" button.

  • How come the switch user option is missing from my lock screen?

    I upgrade to Lion my iMac Core 2 Duo and now when I lock the screen the switch user option is missing from the lock screen, you just have to cancel o renter as the original user, so that if another member of my family wants to switch and use the mac he or she cannot do it.
    This is what I am talking about (image taken from a lion review): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/134544/forum/Schermata%2007-2455766%20alle%2011.05.12.pn g
    The switch user option is totaly absent, I just have the cancel.
    It that a bug or what?
    Please note this happens only when I lock the screen from the screensaver, i.e. requesting the password to restart from the screensaver, if I get to the login windows all users appears correctly and people can switch back and forth.
    Thank you.
    tiziano solignani, da  Mac
    http://ts.solignani.it (splash)
    http://goo.gl/p6Sb0 (libri)

    I just talked to apple support.  They said Lion doesn't support this feature.  They gave me a work-around, which was to disable requiring a password in the screen saver.  Then enable user switching so it appears in the top right of the banner.  Note that since the screen saver no longer locks the screen, in order to actually lock the screen the user must click on the upper right user list and select something like "Login user...".
    This issue has left me disappointed with apple for a few reasons.  Hopefully someone at apple will take note:
    1. Apple removed a useful feature.
    2. Apple did not provide a response to this thread which would have been the best forum to inform users of this change.  It would have saved me and apple one long phone call.

  • Why is audio missing from movie

    why is audio missing from movie

    I think I may have confused you a little bit, sorry.  Hope this might be easier to follow.
    1.  Copied nieces VHS tape to DVD discs.  Tape runs approximately 2hr. 39min.
    2.  Put first part on work copy 1.  This consisted of the lead up to the ceremony and the ceremony itself, ending with still shots of the wedding party, in the park.  About 1hr. 1min.
    3.  Put second part on work copy 2.  This consisted of the wedding reception, beginning to end.  About 1hr 38min.  No possibility of overlapping content.
    4.  Ran both work copy 1 and work copy 2 on the VCR that's hooked up to the TV.  (Not the Toshiba copy machine).  Both ran through, beginning to end with no glitches.
    5.  Opened Adobe Premiere Elements and loaded work copy #1 so as to make three finished copies, one for bride and groom, one for bride's parents, one for groom's parents.
    6.  When placed on the timeline, contents of work copy 1 had no audio for VTS_01_1.VOB while VTS_01_2.VOB and VTS_01_3.VOB were whole.
    7.  Tried for several days to eliminate the problem with no success.  A.P.E. showed file sizes of .99GB, .99GB and 47MB respectively.  The 47MB is actually about 2 minutes of still pictures of       the wedding party.  I was not going to attempt to burn the project until correcting the audio problem.
    8.  Wrote in to the community forum and happily received your response.  Tried every thing you offered without success.  Though I am thankful for all your time and effort.  While nothing worked       so far, I have learned a few things and will retain my notes so as to keep this information at hand.  (Don't know how you're able to maintain all that info).
    9.  At this point, in view of the results of step #4, I thought to try Windows DVD Maker to see what developed.  Loaded work copy 1 into that program, which recognized the audio in the first clip       (VTS_01_1.VOB).  I did not run the work copy, beginning to end, in this program.  But I felt that as long as the audio was present in the first clip, this program would allow me to burn the           copy.  When the burn button was pushed, I received the error message "Will Not Fit", and the duration of 30 min for clip 1, 30 min. for clip 2 and 25 hours and 30 min. for clip 3.  Clip 3 being       the 2 minutes of still pictures.  After trying unsuccessfully to remedy this problem it was time to try a different approach.
    10.  Opened A.P.E. and loaded work copy 2 onto the timeline.  Successfully made three finished copies of this disk in a short period of time.
    11.  Took the VHS tape back to the Toshiba to make another copy (work copy 1A) of the first segment.
    12.  Played copy 1A in the TVs VCR and it played fine, no glitches.
    13.  Opened A.P.E. and put work copy 1A on the Timeline.  This time there was audio in clip 1, which could be seen on the audio line, but it was the audio from work copy 2.  This, even though       I had deleted the files from work copy 2.
    14.  Accepted the fact that this has become a career.  Can't imagine what you're thinking.  Since beginning this endeavor I have become much older and grouchier.  My dog will no longer walk         with me.  Neighbors go back in the house when they see me coming.  Oh, and my wife sticks out her tongue and makes funny noises whenever I turn my back. 

  • Why is help missing from help dropdown menu?

    Why is help missing from Ps CC help dropdown menu in preferences?

    bumpkin wrote:
    Why is help missing from Ps CC help dropdown menu in preferences?
    ???? I see help being shown in some of Photoshop  preferences pages but both of you questions confuse me.

  • Too many addresses in mail's "From" pull-down menu

    i have 3 mobileme addresses, a few of aliases, and 1 gmail account. my problem is this:
    when composing a new message, there are too many addresses the "from" pull-down menu, because mail includes both the .mac and .me versions of each of my aliases. so, instead of a list of 6 addresses, mail shows 10. furthermore, the addresses appear, in the menu, in a random order, making it even harder to find and select the address i need:
    they display in this order:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    - how do i get mail to stop listing both the .mac and .me versions of addresses (aliases) in the pull-down menu?
    - and how do i alphabetize the list?

    i must have been really tired when posting the above. lol. obviously i meant "a few aliases" and "there are too many addresses in the 'from' pull-down menu."
    i hope someone knows how to address this issue. (no pun intended.)

  • Cmyk color mode is missing in pull down menu

    cmyk color mode is missing in pull down menu in photoshop

    You must have read my mind.  I am having the same problem.  No CMYK available or listed. I am not running Elements.  I can't imagine where it would be hiding and how would I ever know what plug in is not allowing me to access CMYK.

  • Pull down screen.

    How do I change the destination in the pull down screen? Mine is still on my old work location

    Turning off hardware acceleration in Mozilla Firefox seems to have fixed it the menu remnant portion. With hardware acceleration turned off, Youtube videos stop playing. There is no indication that Youtube is downloading the data or the processing circle which appears in the middle of a video when it is held up because of a server latency problem. Turning hardware acceleration back on alleviates the Youtube video problem but of course recreates the pull down menu problem.

  • Missing VOB file type from pull down list of file formats

    All of a sudden I can no longer import vob files.  This had been working fine, but then I installed Encore, updated everything (Premiere shows version 4.1.0) and now the vob files I had previously inported are no longer recognized and a vob file type no longer shows up on the pull down list of file types that can be inported.
    Any suggestions?

    Does any MPEG variant still show up, for instance in the Sequence Presets does it show HDV, XDCAM, or similar?
    If not, you have been bitten by the Installer Bug.
    Many have experienced problems in the sense that after updating, their full version reverts to trial status. Often this is caused by either a faulty installation previously or having used at one time the trial version. The best solution, cumbersome and time consuming, is to uninstall, run the CleanScript 2 or 3 times and reinstall and then apply the updates again.
    Look here: Using the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Clean Script

  • HT3576 How do I see anything other than my calendar in the Notification pull-down screen with the new iOS7?

    Just updated to iOS7.  Pulled-down new Notification screen and all it contains is a summary of my calendar for today and tomorrow.and stocks  I want to be able to see the weather but it is not visible on this screen.  Can't I do this anymore?

    Check settings >> notification center >> today view

  • Email alias missing from drop-down when composing

    My email aliases appear in iCloud mail / preferences / accounts, but when I go to select which one to send from one is missing. It's my husband's name but has always worked until recently. My hsuband tends to use his own iCloud address so hadn't noticed it wasn't working. It has disappeared from all devices synced with this account.
    All my other aliases appear as a choice but not this one. Any ideas?

    I've just solved this.
    (It's amazing that Apple's now so big that even support personnel apparently don't know about this fix.)
    • Aliases are now fully managed on icloud.com. Go there in your web browser, log in, and go to Mail.
    • Go to the Mail prefs (gear icon, lower left), then the Composing tab. There you'll see an item called “Choose which addresses you would like to be able to send from.” (It’s light gray and easy to overlook.) In the rectangle below that, you'll see various email addresses. (I can see 4.) (See attached screenshot.) Turns out that’s actually a scrollable menu of email addresses. But since there’s no visible scroll bar — even when you mouse over the rectangle — there’s no indication that it's scrollable.
    • You must click inside the rectangle and drag upward to reveal any hidden addresses below the first few. Depending upon how many addresses and aliases you have, your aliases (if active) should be somewhere in that list. (In my case, the 4, visible addresses were NOT my aliases. But upon scrolling down, there they all were!)
    Inexplicably, not only has Apple changed the location of this stuff, they've disabled our aliases without any explanation! That's why the aliases are missing from Mail.app.
    • Tick the checkbox in front of any address that you want to appear in Mail.app.
    • Click 'Done.'
    That's it! If Mail.app is already running, quit and relaunch it — and your aliases should now be available!

  • Save Image ..why is it missing from Firefox when IE has it ?

    Such a fundamental thing to have as the ability to save an image is missing from Firefox and as I have gone over to Firefox from IE I am dumbfounded as to why Mozilla fails to feature this. Why is this ? I have the add on but you get 'save images from current tab', when right clicking on an image that has launched on screen after clicking on a thumbnail, and you end up with hundreds of images, every damn bit of the webpage, the big image is indistinguishable from its thumbnail and every image has to be looked at and discarded until one finds the bigger versions. Who in their right mind would want every little bit of a webpage ? The large images look the same as the thumbnails and each one has to be enlarged to see if its the big image or not.
    A task that took seconds in IE takes half an hour.
    Can we see Firefox catch up with IE6 for image saving ?

    Having now tried another website, where images do not have thumbnails, I have 'save image as', though the dropdown window is empty, no options on file type, its those where clicking a thumbnail sees a new window appear, rotating dots then the image occurs. No save image as, only the save image plugin which proceeds to capture everything. Trying IE on this I see also no save image option, so I guess its the website not Firefox. I shall have to use printscreen button I guess.
    I dont know why the dropdown combobox gives no options of file type, IE6 didnt have much but jpg or bmp was offered.

  • BASIC pulldown missing from my DEVELOP screen. What to do?

    Can someone help? I am running LR5. Why is my Basic pulldown missing? How do I get it back? Thanks in advance!

    Right-click at the top header of any of the palettes (pull down menus) available, and then select Basic.

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    I don't want to use iPhoto 9.2 or Photostream. Is there a way to let PC Windows users and Mac users view certain of my photos and videos which are in iPhoto.  Is there a place in iCloud that I can put them?

  • Upgrading ID2 (not CS2) to CS3 - issues?

    Hi, I have ordered an upgrade from ID2.0 (yes, really!) to IDCS3 Mac - should be arriving soon. I also have a project (140 page catalogue) that is heading towards the "we want it NOW!" phase. So, a few questions... 1) Is IDCS3 likely to be able to op

  • ITunes won't install on my win 7 computer.

      (iTunes 10.5.1) It gets part way through installation, then stops and says "The installer encountered errors before iTunes could be configured. Errors occurred during installation. Your system has not been modified." I've tried uninstalling itunes

  • IPhone 4 che non trova rete wi-fi!!

    Buonasera, ho un problema con il mio iphone 4, ha sempre funzionato ma da 3 giocni quando cerco di connetterlo alla rete wifi si connette ma appena mi allontano di 5 metri il segnale cade e l'iPhone non prende. Cosa dovrei fare??

  • I need a 320gb hard drive recommendation.

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