Why wouldn't it work?

the regular xbox 360 adobe flash player would not for the internet explorer on xbox 360

Go to Settings>General>Date & Time and make sure that time, date and time zone is correct.
Try when connecttd to a different network
- Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
- Reset all settings      
Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
- Restore from backup. See:                                 
iOS: How to back up                             
- Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.
If still problem, make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store since it appears you have a hardware problem.
  Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar
For the future, saying you tried everything provides use with zero information as to what you tried

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  • Has Apple morphed into Microsoft? Why wouldn't iPhoto work on a 2 year old Mac after loading Mavericks?

    Has Apple morphed into Microsoft? Shouldn't iPhoto work on a 2 year old desktop after installing Mavericks?

    It still does, just not the version you have. Go to the App Store and upgrade it. The upgrade should be free.
    iWork and iLife for Mac come free with every new Mac purchase. Existing users running Mavericks can update their apps for free from the Mac App Store℠. iWork and iLife for iOS are available for free from the App Store℠ for any new device running iOS 7, and are also available as free updates for existing users. GarageBand for Mac and iOS are free for all OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 users. Additional GarageBand instruments and sounds are available for a one-time in-app purchase of $4.99 for each platform.

  • Why wouldn't "sudo reboot" work?

    This morning, as usual, I put my PowerBook to sleep at 8:29am, disconnected the power cord, unplugged the display and networking cables, and brought my PB to work, connecting it to the ethernet network and opening the lid. The display didn't turn on. I was able to ssh in via my trusty iPhone, and I typed "sudo reboot." The weird thing is that my PB didn't reboot (perhaps it just shut down?) See below at 9:10:49. Finally, at 9:13, I held the power key down to shut down.
    Does that give any insight into what might be happening? Why wouldn't a reboot work?
    Sep 11 08:29:08 Musa kernel[0]: System SafeSleep
    Sep 11 09:09:03 Musa com.apple.loginwindow[45]: launchctl start error: No such process
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: mappinghibernateflush start
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: mappinghibernateflush time: 376 ms
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: hibernatepage_listsetall start
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: removed hash, pca: 2176 pages
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: hibernatepage_listsetall time: 276 ms
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: pages 435427, wire 122930, act 208417, inact 6286, zf 1722, throt 0, could discard act 38159 inact 41724 purgeable 16189
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: hibernatepage_listsetall found pageCount 339355
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: IOHibernatePollerOpen, mlget_interruptsenabled 0
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: IOHibernatePollerOpen(0)
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: writing 338446 pages
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: image1Size 312505344
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: all time: 20809 ms, comp time: 7112 ms, deco time: 0 ms,
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: image 745830912, uncompressed 1377361920 (336270), compressed 739405880 (53%), sum1 832ed62a, sum2 3eaac011
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: hibernatewriteimage done(0)
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: sleep
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: System Wake
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: Wake event 0020
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: USB caused wake event (EHCI)
    Sep 11 09:09:05 Musa kernel[0]: UniNEnet::monitorLinkStatus - Link is up at 100 Mbps - Full Duplex (PHY regs 5,6:0x43e1,0x0005)
    Sep 11 09:09:07 dhcp-128-83-77-123 configd[14]: setting hostname to "dhcp-128-83-77-123.frit.utexas.edu"
    Sep 11 09:09:13 dhcp-128-83-77-123 airportd[2364]: Error: Apple80211Associate() failed -6
    Sep 11 09:09:18 dhcp-128-83-77-123 kernel[0]: AFPSleepWakeHandler: waking up
    Sep 11 09:09:21 dhcp-128-83-77-123 airportd[2364]: Could not find any preferred networks; trying broadcast requests..
    Sep 11 09:09:22 dhcp-128-83-77-123 airportd[2364]: Broadcast requests also failed..
    Sep 11 09:09:23 dhcp-128-83-77-123 airportd[2364]: Probing highest ranked networks via directed scan..
    Sep 11 09:10:25 dhcp-128-83-77-123 sshd[2384]: USER_PROCESS: 2386 ttys000
    Sep 11 09:10:48 dhcp-128-83-77-123 sudo[2400]: joey : TTY=ttys000 ; PWD=/Users/joey ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/sbin/reboot
    Sep 11 09:10:49 dhcp-128-83-77-123 reboot[2400]: rebooted by joey
    Sep 11 09:10:49 dhcp-128-83-77-123 reboot[2400]: SHUTDOWN_TIME: 1221142249 37848
    Sep 11 09:10:49 dhcp-128-83-77-123 mDNSResponder mDNSResponder-171.4 (Apr 20 2008 12:00:04)[17]: stopping
    Sep 11 09:10:49 dhcp-128-83-77-123 SystemStarter[40]: "/Library/StartupItems" failed sanity check: path was created after boot up
    Sep 11 09:13:07 localhost kernel[0]: Darwin Kernel Version 9.4.0: Mon Jun 9 19:36:17 PDT 2008; root:xnu-1228.5.20~1/RELEASE_PPC

    Have you tried booting holding the "s" key for Single User Mode? If it works at the prompt type, *fsck -fy* and press "return" it should do a disk repair. When that is finished press return again, then type reboot press return to get back to the Mac the way you know it.
    Do you have a backup you can try booting from? Another option is to use another Mac in Firewire target disk mode, so you can copy data from it.
    If you can get to your system, one way or the other, your log file indicates an issue with /Library/Startup Items, so the first troubleshooting step I'd take after fsck would be removing that folder to your desktop. It is usually empty by default so any items within you put there.

  • Why wouldn't Front Row play the entire VDO clip?

    Hi folks, need help with Front Row. Why wouldn't it play some of the clips in full length? For example, FR row would only play 1:30 min of a 10:00 mins clip but when i play the exact same file via VLC it would play the whole 10 mins. Strange thing is that Front Row would play an entire clip of an episode of ******* that is over 40 mins long but why not a 10 mins clip? All files are .mpg's. Help.

    Thanks for the suggestion but that isn't an option. Think about how iPhoto stores images and movies you import into the photo library. It will import files originally located in one folder and scatter them by storing all the files in hundreds of folders and subfolders based on date. Originally I had my movies in my home movie folder and even used an alias to the shared movies. That all works fine and it isn't the issue. The issue is when you try to use the only tool Apple provides to organize your digital images, both still and moving pictures. Once you import your movies into the iPhoto Library they become invisible to Front Row's video player.
    Once iPhoto imports my 300+ files and scatters them into hundreds of subfolders based on the date -how in the world would you even begin to maintain aliases in a folder that point to these files. That is NOT an option, who would do that?! That is why I decided to try the smart folder since it would dynamically locate all the files with .mov and .avi in the file name located within the iPhoto library. Good idea but Front Row will not play these files listed in the result set of a smart folder. It will follow an alias but not play the contents of a smart folder.
    Front Row should handle movie files within the iPhoto library the same way it deals with videos within the iTunes library. Poor design, oversight, bug, whatever -it should be fixed. There should be an automatic category that appears under the Front Row video player for "Movies in iPhoto" and if you have no movies in your library it displays something like it does when you have no video podcasts, or no TV shows, or no music videos in iTunes. Come on, how many users have those items vs. an iPhoto library with movies from their digital cameras? I bet more users have movies from their digital cameras that currently drop through a gaping hole in the design of Front Row if they use iPhoto to manage their digicam movie files.

  • Why does GarageBand audio work for guest user but not my account?

    Hello, I have a 15-inch MacBook Pro (2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3) from late 2011 that I bought brand new in 2012. I'm running OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 and my MacBook has 500 GB of storage.
    About a month or two ago I tried to download the new GarageBand (10.0.2) but I had trouble completing the loops download. The download would stop halfway through because of a network error. So last week I decided to try to download it again, and I was able to do so after reading some discussions about the issue. I successfully completed the download in safety mode and then I restarted my MacBook. At this point I was able to open GarageBand 10.0.2 and create a new project. Unfortunately, there was no audio coming through the output and sound bar for the various audio components in GarageBand. I had no audio when previewing the loops or playing it back in an audio track. I didn't really test anything else out because I figured I needed to fix this problem first. I have read many discussion boards about audio problems with GarageBand. I have already made sure everything is set properly in the GarageBand preferences and the audio preferences in system preferences. I've tried restarting GarageBand and restarting the computer.
    This evening I found a discussion from the username icewhatice and they seemed to have had my exact problem. I'm not sure that I found the answer on this discussion though. For reference, this is what icewhatice posted: "I have no audio coming from Garageband 10.0.2. Downloaded it on Saturday and have spent the last two days trying to figure out why it won't work. I'm using a macbook pro with an Alesis QX49. GB registers keyboard when I plug it in but no sound whatsoever, not even from the onscreen keyboard. It seems to read the keyboard as if I play a C chord, it appears in the display. I've done all the obvious stuff like check preferences, restart, I've deleted and downloaded new GB several times and always with same result. Actually, it took me about four attempts to download it in the first place as I was getting an internet connection error message right at the end of the download, and I see others have had that problem. Managed to solve that by downloading in safe mode but now the no sound thing is driving me absolutely crazy because I can't play my keyboard!!!!! Also, worth noting that there is no audio level being read anywhere, I believe in the new version this appears in the volume control at the top. I've also looked into it potentially being a problem with my keyboard and it possibly needing an update but can't find any difinitive answer for that anywhere. I've stopped looking into that because the on screen keyboard doesn't even work - if that worked then I would know at least GB works and it's something to do with the keyboard. So, I am at a complete loss. If anyone has any ideas about why this is happening or what I could do to solve then I would be very grateful."
    After reading this, I realized that I am unable to create new tracks, and I realized that I have the same problems with old projects saved from the last version of GarageBand I had. I have not tried to download GarageBand again since it did not work for icewhatice. léonie ended this post by saying: "Something is certainly wrong - either the current project, some settings in your user account, or the downloaded GarageBand version. Or incompatible software may be interfering. If a new project does not work, try to test by logging into a different user account, for example the "Guest User" account. Create a new project using this account. Does GarageBand work better from this account?  Then we will need to troubleshoot your preferences."
    I have tried this and started a new GarageBand project in the "Guest User" account. GarageBand was working fine in the "Guest User" account and all of the audio was working properly. Does anyone know how I should troubleshoot my preferences?

    If an application is working in a different account, but not in your regular account,try t find out, what you configured differently in your own account, for example start-up items or preference panes you are using, applications and other helper tools, that are only installed for your regular account. As a first guess, remove GarageBands preference files from the user library in your Home folder.
    But you will have to reset all settings you did in the GarageBand preferences dialog. And GarageBand will not remember the last project. You'll have to find the file manually.
    Remove these files from your User Library to a folder on your Desktop:
    Quit GarageBand, then remove the files to a folder on the Desktop and restart the computer, before trying again to open GarageBand.
    You user library may still be hidden, as is the default in Mavericks: To open your hidden user library:
    Select the "Home" folder icon (the little house)  in the Finder's sidebar and press the key combination ⌘J to open the "view options".
    Enable "Show Library Folder".
    Then open the Home folder and open the Library folder inside and navigate to the Preferences, Caches, or Containers folder. Remove these folders completely - don't leave anything inside:  ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.garageband10/,
    ~/Library/Caches/garageband  .

  • Why does abode not work on my galaxy tab2

    Why does abode not work on my galaxy tab 2?

    The games dont load they just say I need to update to the latest version or say that it is not compaterble with it.

  • Why does sound not work on my Mac Air?

    Why does sound not work on my Mac Air --all setting seem okay. OSX 10.9.2 operating systyem.

    Open System Preferences > Sound > Output
    Make sure the coorect output devices is selected and the Mute button is not checked.

  • Why youtube dose not work on my macbook pro 10.6.6?

    why youtube dose not work on my macbook pro 10.6.6 ?

    Double check you have the latest version of Adobe Flash.

  • Why is it not working?

    So I went to get a app today, and I was told from someone that its better to do it when your phone is hooked up to your comp. So I did it through Itunes I click get app then agreed to Itunes on w.e there agreeing thing was saying I then went to sync my phone to get it and it said that this app was not installed on the iPhone "My name" cause you are not authorized for it on the computer. This is the computer I used to hook up this iphone (3g) and everything. Why isn't this working?

    O.k, this is my GravField class, now the error occurs when i try to call this in my main metod class, which i put up previously. I always compile to make sure everything works and it does in the GravField class, however when i call the method in my main method thats where the above error occurs. (Thanks for taking the time, really appreciate it!)
    public class GravField
      private final double M = 5.974E24;
      private final double R = 6380e3;
      private double Mass;
      private double Radius;
      public GravField()
        Mass = 1;
        Radius = 1;
      public GravField(double r, double m)
        Radius = r;
        Mass = m;
      public void setRadius(double r)
        Radius = r;
      public void setMass(double m)
        Mass = m;
      public double getMass()
        return Mass;
      public double getRadius()
        return Radius;
      public PhysicsVector Accel(PhysicsVector w) //w is position vector
         PhysicsVector g = new PhysicsVector();  // g = (0,0)     
         double G = 6.673E-11;
         double x = g.getX();
         double y = g.getY();
         double z = w.getX();
         double zz = w.getY();
         if(w.magnitude()>Radius*R) {
         x = (z*-G*M*Mass)/(w.magnitude()*R*Radius*R*Radius);
         y = (zz*-G*M*Mass)/(w.magnitude()*R*Radius*R*Radius); }
         { x = (z*-G*M*Mass*Radius*R)/(w.magnitude()*R*Radius*R*Radius*R*Radius);
           y = (zz*-G*M*Mass*Radius*R)/(w.magnitude()*R*Radius*R*Radius*R*Radius);
         return g;

  • Why does my itunes work in the guest account but not my administrator account?

    I have tried to reset, retry, restart, reinstall and restore itunes on my pc to figure out why it won't work on my administrator account yet it's fine if I sign into my guest account. It worked fine one day and the next, just didn't work.  I have Windows 8.1. Any ideas?
    Thank you,

    Make sure that mouse keys aren't on. System Preferences > Universal Access > Mouse and Trackpad
    System Preferences > Language and Text > Make sure that U.S. is selected. If there are multiple languages selected there will be a flag in the menu bar and make sure that that is set to U.S..

  • Not sure why Message is not working on my ipad.

    Not sure why message is not work on my iPad. It works find on my iPhone.


  • I upgraded for Firefox 4 and now my simplePass identity protection (biometric scanner) on my laptop will not work. WHY? It still works with IE but I don't use IE.

    I upgraded for Firefox 4 and now my HP SimplePass Identity Protection (biometric scanner) on my laptop will not work. WHY? It still works with IE but I don't use IE. It worked with the previous Firefox version but now when I use the internet, it doesn't even acknowledge I have the scanner. When I run my finger over it, it opens the settings panel but does not allow use of the already saved information or allow new information to be entered. I need this corrected. Any suggestions?

    I asked this same question, and just received a response:
    "Thank you for contacting DigitalPersona. There will be no update releases
    for DigitalPersona Personal in the future. There will be no updates for
    Firefox 4 nor Internet Explorer 9. IF they work they work, if they do
    not work with DPPersonal, then you will have to decide to either keep
    DPPersonal and forgo Firefox 4 or IE 9, or vice versa. DigitalPersona
    is leaving the consumer market and is focusing on business applications.
    In fact, DigitalPersona Personal will not longer be supported after
    Mid-April of this year.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Sincerely, Tech Team "
    In other words, there will be NO update.

  • Why has Siri stopped working on iPhone 4 after upgrading to IOS 5?

    Why has Siri stopped working on iPhone 4 after upgrading to IOS 5? I've tried the disable and reboot but continue to get the network error.

    Apple has not been forthcoming on the explanation. My Siri worked on my iphone4 (not 4s) immediately after upgrading to IOS5, but I take it they have redirected the servers that used to support Siri to only work with Iphone4s.
    It is one thing for apple to only bundle the improved Siri with IPhone 4S, or  for them to remove Siri from the Ap store.
    But it is another thing all together for apple to purchase a company, and then cease the service that many of us paid for.
    Attempts to contact apple at apple store and via email have been unhelpful.
    Apple Fan--

  • ITunes says my computer isn't authorized to play one song, but all the rest of them work. The song works on my iPad so why won't it work on my computer or my iPod?

    iTunes says my computer isn't authorized to play one of the songs I just downloaded, but all the rest of them work. That song works on my iPad so why won't it work on my computer or my iPod? It says my computer isn't authorized to play that song so I type in my password and it pops up with a menu saying my computer is already authorized and it skips to the next song. No matter what I do it won't play that song on my laptop or my iPod.

    Could be a Corrupt download of that song...
    If you live in a Region that allows re-downloading Music...
    Delete the Song(s) and re-download...
    See Here  >  Download Past Purchases
    If not... Contact iTunes Customer Service
    Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact Us

  • Why does Adobe sendnow work and the newest and greatest Adobe Send does not work?

    Why does Adobe sendnow work and the newest and greatest Adobe Send does not work? I wasted about 8 hours on trying to get Adobe Send to upload 269 files that amounted to 469MB. When it did not work I made a zip file and after a lot of wasted run time that did not work. The first situation gives little indication of when a file is loaded compared to Adobe SendNow. In both cases with Send it failed with a message like only the first 50 can be loaded. When I went and looked none of them had been loaded. With the zip file (I wanted to hide the individual files so they would not be counted) it appeared to work but very slowly and finally said it was done and I went and looked and it had done anything for oever 2 hours except a false "I'm runninng" indication.
    Thus, I took a chance with Adobe SendNow and it works great. It never gave me a limit on the amount of files nor on the size of the complete job. It shows me one file at a time when it has finished with the file uploading it. SendNow has never given me any problems.
    Why woiuld you want to change the program from SendNow to Send without the newest program being the best, fastest, user friendly program of the two? It just doesn't make sense to me. I suggest that Adobe keep SendNow working until Send is fixed. I would also suggest that SendNow and how it looks be kept, called Send, then modify Send one thing at a time until you get it to the point you need it to be for Acrobat. I have heard nothing good and now I have experienced it that Send is a piece of junk. I wasted most of my work day on giving Adobe the benefit of the doubt to find out I made a very bad decision to trust Adobe to make good decisions on the transfer of a function to another place .... both Adobe's responsibility.without making it painless for your customers that totally rely on you. Don't throw away customer confidence as it is very hard to get it back.

    Funny how you answer to "troll". (What's your handle on AT&T forums?)
    Yep! Verizon living up to it's contractual obligations by not releasing updates. Caveat emptor!
    I think there are some reasonable expectations here to keep customer's happy. When one carrier offers upgrades there is an expectation the same will happen across all the carriers. We have seen that except Big Red.
    Verizon could have said the update is in MS court months ago and stilled the voice of the disgruntled, or at least redirected it, but instead chose to be silent. Not for market share but for partial blame I think.
    We will have to agree to disagree since you only see Terms & Conditions and I, see customer satisfaction.

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    Yesterday I connected my MBP (late 2013) with a SCEPTRE TV using an HDMI cable and it worked perfectly. I wake up the next day and try to connect it again but the TV says "No Signal" I didn't touch the set up in any way so nothing changed physically.

  • Installing J2EE 1.4 Beta 2

    I downloaded and installed the J2EE 1.4 Beta 2 and I am unable to start the server. I keep getting the same message: Starting the application server, please wait. Could not start the domain domain1 Startup failed. Please check the server log for more

  • Oracle 8i SQL - Dealing with no records matching a value

    Warning: before you read this, please understand I'm no expert on SQL, so it's quite likely I screwed something obvious up... I'm trying to do a query kind of like the following: SELECT BOM.COMPONENT, BOM.QTY_PER, BOM.PARENT, BOM2.PARENT_QTY_PER FROM

  • With iOS5 my contacts are all duplicated

    I've just upgraded to iOS 5 on my iPad 2 and everything generally seems to have gone well, other than with my contacts. They are synced via iTunes with Outlook 2007 but although the groups are only displayed once, the individual contacts within each

  • So trying to download trial version of ID

    not seeing any progress. at 49 percent for six hours now.