With the following warning "ligheroom encountered an error when reading form its preview cache and n

with the following warning "ligheroom encountered an error when reading form its preview cache and needs to quit.  lightroom will attempt to fix this problem the next time it lanuchse "
ligheroom progrem 5.4 64-bit is stopped
i can't use the Lightroom Progrem
and want to solve the problem As soon as possible

Delete preview cache - that should solve the problem.
It's the .lrdata folder in with your catalog, named something like "My Catalog Previews.lrdata".
Delete entire .lrdata folder, making sure you get the one in the same folder as the catalog you're opening. Do not delete anything else, and if you have something like "My Catalog Smart Previews.lrdata" - that's not it.
When Lr comes up, consider initiating whole-catalog building of standard previews (Library -> Previews menu), lest you be "forever" greeted by temporarily gray thumbnails and "loupe loading" indicator in the future..

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