Workflow for PO re- release

ply help in develpoing a workflow
Po re-released means value changed from 10rs to 20 rs an alert to the manager
how is this possible

Hi Amey,
If the value changed is one of the characteristics you used as part of the release strategy, then automatically the PO will be blocked again. If your scenario is like that, then you can use the standar SAP WF, for the specific release code you are using in the release strategy then you can activate the Workflow, specifying the person that will receive the notification.
Hope it helps, thanks.

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  • Creating  workflow for purchase order release.

    Hi friends
    I want step by step detail about creation of workflow for purchase order release..
    After release purchase order it will goes to the two level of approval..
    after that the workflow should be completed...
    how can i develope the workflow for that scenario..

    Hi Gowrishankar,
    You can get step by step workflow for PO using standard workflow
    <b>Release of Purchase Order :WS20000075</b>
    And for two levels of approvals you have to configure in SPRO the path is
    Purchase Order:
    SPRO> Material Management->Purchasing->/Purchase order-->Release procedure ---> Procedure with classification ---> set up procedure with classification ---> double click on Release strategies and Workflow.
    If you don't know about this configuration, you have to confirm with your MM consultant.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Prabhakar Dharmala

  • Workflow for purchase requisition release strategy

    Hi all,
    I need an urgent help on Workflow for Purchase Requisition Release. The requirement is that when a purchase requisition with a given combination (Purchasing Group, Material Group and Account Assignment Category) is created and saved, it should trigger a workflow for approval of release or rejection to one specific business manager. If he dont responds in 2 days, it should be sent to other business manager. If any one of them releases the requisition, it should send a mail to the requestor that the requisition is released. And if it is rejected, then also a mail to be sent to the requester informing that his requisition is rejected...
    Can anyone take some pain and guide me step by step procedure to implement this or to use any existing one.... I know its BUS2009 thats used in this but really dont know how to implement it properly.
    Its urgent...
    Edited by: Hima on Apr 11, 2008 12:45 PM

    Check this link

  • BUG in Workflow for overall PR release

    I have configured work flow for PR for individual flow  is working fine.....
    Now i have set up the work flow for over all release of PR...i have done all work flow settings
    I have activated the links for WS 20000077.
    I have assigned agents to WS 20000077,TS 20000159, TS 20000161, TS 20000162,TS 20000163.....
    ...But my work flow is not getting triggered.
    Is there any BUG in Workflow for overall PR release??
    Edited by: Utsav.agra on Aug 26, 2009 6:00 AM

    Activate the WF template....check  notes 103628 & 103628 and as per this req, settings....
    Use transaction SWLD and Select the "Tasks" button.
    Input task type WS, task 20000077.
    Select Change (its client-independent object).
    Select the graphical editor.
    Select "Activate" button, or Workflow -> Activate...
    Now check it...

  • Workflow for Requisition item Release

    Hi All,
    I need to create a workflow for Requisition item Release but I wish to receive one  work item for the whole requisition and not for each item
    and the method of the task will be collective release (leads to me55) so that the user can choose which item to release. Is that possible?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi All,
    I think i found the answer but i need help to do it.
    Every time a work item is created, the system needs to check if there is another work item with the same Requisition No. and same release code in status=ready.
    If not, it will send the work item.
    The first work item (first line in Requisition) will be sent, and as for the others (other lines in Requisition), as long as there is no work item with the same Requisition No. and same release code in status 'ready' the system will send it.
    Anybody can help me?

  • Workflow for P.O release process.

    Hi Guys,
    As per the one of the thread I have done setting as per the below. Ref last 10 line for the details of the problem.
    1) Work flow: - Work flow is standard functionality of SAP.
    I give one example to u.
    In the case of purchase order creation, First purchase person create purchase order, then first purchase order approved by purchase head and then auditor approved purchase order on print of purchase order.
    With work flow you can send soft copy of purchase order to both person purchase head and auditor to approve your purchase order.
    Due to this your process for purchase material is faster then manual process.
    2) You can implement work flow in purchase order release strategy with below mention detail.
    For mail facility, you need to activate workflow for PO release procedure;
    *Go to SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Release Procedure for Purchase Orders *
    Define Release Procedure for Purchase Orders > Release Codes >
    here assign Workflow indicator as "1" against each Release Code
    Now come to SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Release Procedure for Purchase Orders >
    Define Release Procedure for Purchase Orders > Workflow >
    Here against each release code assign OT as US and respective User ID's for Release Codes.
    Now Go to OOCU > here under MM, go to MM-PUR,
    Now click on "activate event linking"
    Here open "WS 20000075" and for BUS2012 RELEASESTEPCREATED, click on Detailed view button
    Here activate "Event linkage activated" and also activate "Enable usage of event queue" and Save data.
    Same way and click on "Assign agents" and proceed all above steps.
    Now create a PO and check the SBWP for SAP Mail of respective Users
    This was the details given by the thread but now I have completed till
    OOCU > here under MM, go to MM-PUR,
    Now click on "activate event linking"
    Here open "WS 20000075" and for BUS2012 RELEASESTEPCREATED, click on Detailed view button
    Here activate "Event linkage activated" and also activate "Enable usage of event queue" and Save data.
    For proceeding futher as said in the above procedure. I am getting User ID inside WS20000075 when I click on Assign Agents but I am not getting the details button to repeate the step as said.
    Please let me know whatever I have done is enough to get the mail or is there any thing else need to be done.

    release code and release group should be assigned in the authorization object for the approving authorities.
    apart from this the settings looks ok and it will work

  • PR workflow for item level release (stock and non-stock)

    Hello gurus,
    I am not getting the agents.!!
    I am creating a workflow for pr( item level release)..and using standard wf WS00000038 for this, as the standard wf contains the simple release procedure  only but i have to add some custom steps to it, so i have copied this wf as custom wf .
    In this wf i have to fetch the agents based on the "stock" and "non-stock items".
    so i have maintained strategies and release code like:
    i have maintained two strategies W1(non-stock) and W2(stock)..and release code for W1 are P1 and P1 i have given for my first level of approval and P2 for second level of approval.
    The release code for W2 are P3 and P2..first level is P3 and second is P2.
    so what i have did in a workflow , started with a condition step where i have given "releasecode = p1".. if yes than than it will go for getting approval from p1 , in this activity i am using  standard rule 157.
    The main thing is  1). i am not getting how to fetch agents using standard rule. 2)and how and where to define next level of approval for both stock and non-stock.
    means by using condition step in the starting i am dividing workflow in two parts stock and non stock but how to proceed next.
    i am really confused. should i use rules or write my own methods. please if anybody has gone through the same scenario than please suggest some points. i will really appreciate the help.
    Kind Regards.

    Hello HIM Joshi !
                       Include the task TS00007986 and all its branches and  in a loop and loop around it for two times.When the loop goes for the first time, it should pick the first agent and during its second iteration, it should pick the second agent.
                       To accomplish so, In the same loop, but before the above task , include a background task which should populate the agent ids depending on stock and non-stock details and pass it to the the task  TS00007986
                       That's all.

  • Workflow for P.O release to send sap internal mail

    I am trying to configure Workflow for the following scenario of release. Please guide me how to configure the same in sequence with t-code.
    We have two level of release procedure for P.O depending upon P.O value.
    When P.O created the first approver should to get SAP internal e-mail.
    Once 1st release done then 2nd approvar should get the SAP internal e-mail.
    When final release is done then Creater of the P.O should get the intimation about the final release in his mail box.
    Please guide with Workflow ID's and task and where to assign agent etc.

    I tried to do the setting as instructed in many threads. Result is as follows.
    When I create a contract 1st approver receing the mail, but after releasing workflow status is still inprocess and the 2nd approver is not getting any mail.
    As I did work arroung job I am not able to understad the exact process(Sequnce of setting) to be done.
    That is why I posted in thread.
    Please guide the flow of setting.

  • Workflow for Sales Order Release via Status Profile

    Dear all,
    i want to make a workflow for sales order which have 4 User Status in One status profile.
    Once Event triggered for sales order
    1.   Mail should go to main authority with sales order number.
    2.  Once authority will do some changes in the required field then he/she changes
         the user status-1 from defauts as per line Item and mail should go to department no-1 (Head authority).
    3.  Once again same changes in sales order but now user status-2 from user status-1
         as per line Item and mail should go to department no-2 (Head authority).
    4.  Once again same changes in sales order but now user status-3 from user status-2
         as per line Item and mail should go to department no-3 (Head authority).
    5.  Once again same changes in sales order but now user status-4 from user status-3
         as per line Item and mail should go to department no-4 (Head authority) .
    and parrally for each changes of Status mail should also go to User (Event Creator).
    6. Finally mail sholud go to User as you are permitted to do next business transaction for this sales order
    Please tel me the process as i am very new this topic and i am always going to stuck in Binding.
    please help me out.
    Thank You

    Hi Neeraj,
    First of all start with SWELS and SWEL T-Code to check if any standard event is getting triggered or not. If event is getting triggered, then use the same event to trigger the workflow; otherwise create a custom event of BO and use the same to trigger the workflow.
    Hope you are aware of T-Code SWO1 and delegation of BO. The BO used for your requirement will be BUS2000115.
    As you want the workflow to get triggered only for one status profile and one of its status, so use check function module. There set the condition for you status profile and status.
    The FM which you will be using the most is CRM_ORDER_READ. To read the status, you can also use CRM_STATUS_READ_OW.
    Now simply make the approval steps in the workflow using activity. In the activity, you can use the standard method USERSTATUSPOPUP to send the workitem for approval. In each step use the same activity with different agents as approvers.
    Just go with these things and let me know if you get stuck up somewhere.

  • Error in Workflow for PR Overall Release

    Dear SAP Fans,
    I am getting error in workflow (WS20000077) after release of Purchase Requisition with first person and getting message in OutBox with the following errors and is unable to go to next person's Inbox for release PR.
       Error when creating a work item
       Error when processing node '0000000004' (ParForEach index 000000)
       Error when creating a component of type 'Etapa'
       Error when starting work item 000000392108
       Agent determination for step '0000000004' failed
       Error in resolution of rule 'AC20000026' for step '0000000004'
       No configuration for workflow WS20000077 version 0001
       Work item 000000392108: Object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE cannot be executed
    How can I correct the above errors. Please help me !!!.
    Thanks in advance,

    Just a thought,
    Please check, If some one changed WF-USER password.
    also check if the WF-USER is a Service user and not dialog user.

  • Workflow for PR release

    Dear Experts,
    We have implemented SAP standard workflow for PR item release i.e WS00000038, when I reject a PR notification is not sent to initiator.
    If I see In SWEL - When a PR item is rejected system is picking up step "PR item significantly changed" instead of "Item release cancelled"
    Request your suggestions in this regard.

    Please see the below thread, it may help you.
    Re: Trigger Purchase Requsition Workflow trigger after purchase req. changed

  • Workflow for PRS/Purchase order release

    Dear Gurus,
    I want to configure Workflow / or use std workflow for PRS/PO release. Also i want to integrate with lotus notes so that the mails will flow to Lotus mails & approval can be taken through it.
    Please provide me Config setting both in customisation or server side if any.

    Do you use any workflow template? What is the template number?

  • Workflow for pr release as so soon as it should be intimated to purchase

    ply help me in developing a workflow for as soon as PR is released it should be intimated to purchase.
    how can i configure this

    WS20000077 this std. Workflow for the PR Release this has multiple levels of approvals, Depends on the no. of approvals it will flow.
    The approver can picked using the User Exit M06B0001 (EXIT_SAPLEBNF_001), here you have to write a logic to pick the Approver.
    The approval workitem comes to SAP Inbox, once the approver click the workitem it will open the Transaction, there the user can approve.
    To see the status of the Workflow, Go to ME53N, in the top left a button, Service Object, click on that, a drop down appear in Workflow > Workflow Overview, you can see the status here.

  • Workflow for PO release strategy agent not found

    Hi all,
    I m beginner in the workflow. i  want to create a workflow for the PO. release strategy I have done all the settings in the SPRO for the release strategy. I have copied the standard workflow definition  WS20000075 also done the binding with object type BUS2012. in the steps 'Release of purchase order' i have mentioned the task TS20000166 i.e. 'Release of purchase order' and also maintain the AC Rule 20000027 i.e. 'Person responsible for PO release' for agents. But still its not getting the agents. the workflow is getting triggered but its not getting the agent. What else setting I need to do to get this done.
    Thanks a lot.

    Very well put Rick. In my case if i simulate this workflow from swdd transaction then it works fine but the same workflow when initiated from ME21N doesn't work and throws same error.
    1. I have copied standard workflow and task 166 is throwing error.
    "Resolution of rule AC20000027 for task TS20000166: no agent found"
    2. I have recreated the step but still the workflow is throwing error.
    3. If I execute the rule individually (PFAC_DIS) with a specific PO then the rule works fine. The rule executes the below mentioned exit successfully.
    4. I am using exit to determine the agent, the workflow works fine if I don't use the exit. The exit is EXIT_SAPLEBNF_005. I am just pulling the agent from a ztable.
    Please advise if you can help as I have not seen anyone answering.
    by the way irrespective of the explicit rule update in the workflow the step executes AC20000027 by default.
    Any help on above is appreciated.

  • SAP Standard Workflow for PR Release (with user exit)

    Hi SAP WF Gurus,
    Good day!
    I just wanted to check with you if you have ever used a user exit in the activation of the standard workflow for PR (overall ( release. What we have is a two0step approval process wherein each level has a proxy/alternate approver. We used the available user exit to accommodate this customer requirement since the standard release would only allow us to define 1 approver as a prerequisite for the next level. We were able to execute this on the first level approval; however, we observed that the workflow is not anymore triggered (i.e. does not send work items to agents) for the level 2 release. My questions therefore are:
    1. How to set up SWEC? I already executed SWELS and SWEL to check if the events are being created and event linkage is automatically deactivated after running into an error regarding the binding...My initial SWEC setup is for BANF BUS2105 RELEASED On Change. I am assuming that since the workflow was released from the first level, this should be the starting point
    2. How to rectify the binding error? I already executed automatic binding in the WF header for the start events but still face it
    Your inputs/comments are most welcome

    Just to add:
    The error that I am encountering in the second run/cycle for the PR approval workflow is Import container contains errors (are any obligatory elements missing?)
    Basically, WS20000077 will be executed if an approval level is seen. Once the approval is made, then the workflow is also completed. However, for multiple approvers, I only get to execute successfully the first level approval. The succeeding levels are encountering errors as stated above

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