Workitem ID  / Workitem through event Question

Hi I have a requirement that I need to send few details from an ABAP report as a workitem to certain users.Iam using the module 'SWE_EVENT_CREATE' to trigger an event linked to a task which sends the workitem. This is working fine.
I need to send an EXCEL attachment in the same workitem is it possible?
I tried using SAP_WAPI_ATTACHMENT_ADD in the method but didn't know how to retrieve the work item ID in the run there  a better way to achieve this requirement or a way to find the work item ID in the method
Thanks for your help!

Please use any of follwing Fm to start for the workflow directly. You can find the workitem id in as the export paramenter.
SWW_WI_START_SIMPLE   : General Task not required
SWU_START_WORKFLOW   : General Task not required
SAP_WAPI_START_WORKFLOW  : General Task Required
EWW_WORKFLOW_START   : General Task not required
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    I am trying to launch SAP GUI transaction based workitems through NWBC ABAP Web Dynpro inbox SWF_Workplace and gettig error "Transaction SWFPOWLWI%20P_ACTION is unknown". Am I missing some configuration for SWF_Workplace? We had a configuration in UWL where we could specify lauch these workitems using SAP GUI for Windows.
    Rle SAP_BC_BMT_WFM_NWBC_END_USER has been assigned for workflow inbox access.  Thank you.

    Yes, I am usin NWBC to access SWF_WORKPLACE. Assigned role SAP_BC_BMT_WFM_NWBC_END_USER as per some earlier posts. Thanks.

  • What configuration need to execute workitems through portal

    When i open any workitem through portal inbox it gives me error.Is there any configuration needs for that.
    Gurprit Bhatia
    Edited by: GURPRIT BHATIA on Jan 15, 2009 5:56 AM

    what error are you getting?

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    <Email Edited By Host>

    I’d recommend contacting Apple directly to resolve your security question issue.

  • Email through Event receiver in SharePoint Online

    I am creating an event receiver for custom list which will send email to users in sharepoint online.
    I am using the following code to send email through event receivers in sharepoint.
                MailMessage mMailMessage = new MailMessage();
                mMailMessage.From = new MailAddress("[email protected]");
                mMailMessage.To.Add(new MailAddress("[email protected]));
                mMailMessage.Subject = "subject1";
                mMailMessage.Body = "just a body";
                mMailMessage.IsBodyHtml = true;
                SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient("", 587)
                    Credentials = new NetworkCredential("[email protected]", "****"),
                    EnableSsl = true,
                   UseDefaultCredentials = false,
    NOTE: I am using MailMessage() because it is in the sandbox solution.
    However I am facing the following error :
    Request for the permission of type 'System.Net.Mail.SmtpPermission, System, Version=,
    Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' failed.
    It may be because I am trying to use SMTP server of sharepoint Online,However I am not able to connect it.
    Can anybody help me and can advice how to send email programmatically from sharePoint online ?

    In Office 365, there's no direct way to send an email programmatically because the SPUtility.SendEmail
    Method isn't available in sandboxed solutions. The workaround is to use the Send an Email action in a list workflow.
    For further detail:

  • FPCJ Cash Desk fields populate through event 6060

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement to populate fields of Cash Desk tcode FPCJ through event 6060 ( reading bar code) but no idea how this event will get trigger .I checked it is not getting trigger through FPCJ.
    For testing , Contract Acc (VKONT) is filled in screen field RFKH1-SELW1 but not getting pouplated on screen.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    SAP Customizing Implementation Guide
    Financial Accounting (New)
    Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
    Business Transactions
    Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments
    Cash Desk/Cash Journal
    Maintain Specifications for Cash Desk/Cash Journal:
    flag field XBRCD (Display Entry Field for Barcode)
    This falg has the effect that the entry field for the barcode is displayed in the cash desk or in the cash journal.
    If the barcode field (RFKH0-BARCD) in FPCJ filled, then the event 6060 is called.
    Best regards.

  • Move back and forward through Quiz questions...

    I need to be able to let individuals move back and forward through quiz questions after they have answered them without the need to re-answer the question.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could do this in Captivate 6.

    Thanks for the reply!
    I should have been a bit more specific and provided an example...
    Question 1 and 2  are answered correctly and feedback box is shown each time - they then get stuck on question 3 so need to use the back button to go back through past the answered questions to the main information screens to find the answer and then need to use the forward navigation button to move back to the third question this will result in them moving through question 1 and 2 however we do not want them to answer these again.
    The individual must answer every question correctly to pass the course.

  • Processchain through events

    Hi friends,
    please help me, how to execute the process chain through events,
    what i am required is execution of second process chain based on first process cahin, please give me the complete step by step procedure.
    thanks & regards

    in the existing process chain(first process chain) just drag & drop the second process chain & link the process chain to the event(in first chain) after which the second chain is to be run.
    for further info refer
    Assign points if helpful

  • Error in workitem creation through event

    Hi All,
    I have created one task which triggers on event releasestepcreated of BUS2015. When I go to SWUE, give the PR no. as key, and create the same event, I see that the reciever has started correctly in SWEL, but the workitem was not created for the same. The object key field on double clicking the entry in SWEL is also coming as blank.
    Can anyone here suggest on why this might be happening?

    Hi Marcos
    In binding I am passing object itself and the mandatory release code from the event container. The binding definition contains no error. SWE2 linkages are active with correct receiver FM. There is no start condition.
    Have checked SWU3 as well.
    Even the SWEL event trace entry shows the event data correctly, and the trace data shows action as "Reciever started correctly. The only anomaly is the "Reciever data" which shows the object key as blank, and subsequently there isn't any work item created for the same.
    Am clueless about this...

  • Problem in execution of WorkItem through Lotus Notes

    When i am trying to execute the workitem from lotus notes, a dialog appears denoting that the system description and GUI start parameters are unknown.  But when i give the start parameter manually the work item gets executed. My question is how to automatically bring the GUI start paramter in the work item execution link itself.
    Susheel Joshi

    Hi Susheel,
    Can you pls. let me know... if I directly send the workitem to the lotus notes mail ID... will it go as workitem in lotus notes... or do we need to do some settings on the same....
    I have a requirement of sending a workitem to the lotus notes ID  and need to execute the workitem from lotus notes itself.
    If its possible can you let me know how...

  • Forms 6i loop through datablock question

    I am writing a piece of code to loop through items with in a datablock to programmatically set the width between each field.
    I created my data block through the wizard, but then manually added some fields. I have them listed in the order I expect them to be navigated, which is the order I expect them to appear on the screen.
    When I am looping through the data block, I was assuming that next_item would go to the next navigable item, and it doesn't.
    For example, I have items received_today, worked_today, total_waiting, total_for_today, total_calls, total_priority.
    When the code loops through the data block, it actually loops in this order: received_today, worked_today, total_callbacks, total_priority, total_waiting, total_for_today.
    I even set the next navigation item property for each item, but that didn't help.
    My questions:
    1. Is there a way to control what order the data block loops through items?
    2. Why does this line get_item_property(get_block_property(block_name, FIRST_ITEM), x_pos); sometimes return null? (in my "proof of concept" form it returns a value, but the form I am modifying does not)
    Following is my code:
    PROCEDURE set_x_y_positions IS
         current_x_position pls_integer;
         current_y_position pls_integer;
      block_name varchar2(30) := 'BLOCK22';
      CurrentItem varchar2(30);
      current_x_position := get_item_property(get_block_property(block_name, FIRST_ITEM), x_pos);
      current_y_position := get_item_property(get_block_property(block_name, FIRST_ITEM), y_pos);
                if :system.cursor_item <> (block_name || '.' || get_block_property(block_name, FIRST_ITEM))
                     and get_item_property(:system.current_item, displayed) = 'TRUE' then            
                  SET_ITEM_PROPERTY(:system.current_item, x_pos, current_x_position + 38);
                  current_x_position := get_item_property(:system.current_item, x_pos);
                end if;
                if :system.cursor_item = 'BLOCK22.INTERNATIONAL' THEN--block_name || '.' || get_block_property(block_name, LAST_ITEM) then
                end if;
      end loop;
    END;I am using Forms 6i version
    Thank you!

    I do have an exit, and yes it does run well.
         if :system.cursor_item = 'ATS_MON_REPORTING_QUEUES_VW.INTERNATIONAL' THEN--block_name || '.' || get_block_property(block_name, LAST_ITEM) then
                end if;That redundant go_block is there because I had some output going to a dummy field in another block, so I had to make sure it was navigating back to the block. But yes, in this code example, that go_block is redundant.
    Thank you, adding the
    current_x_position := get_item_property(block_name||'.'|| get_block_property(block_name, FIRST_ITEM), x_pos);
      current_y_position := get_item_property(block_name||'.'|| get_block_property(block_name, FIRST_ITEM), y_pos); worked perfectly.

  • How to get the name of correlation item in OM through event processing scripts?

    I am trying to write a groovy script in OM event processing scripts, I want that script to read the event correlation and set custom attributes accordingly. I am unable to read the correlation item. Please guide me how to get it? What method should I use to get the correlation item? I am using OPR library.

    Hi there,
    the name property would be the correct attribute to get the subform name, just by looking at the code it doesn't seem like it's doing the right thing
    I am assuming that you send Main in the function countChk() which would look something like this
    And you probably want to make sure you are entering the right subform so you need to keep that loop at the end of the function
    but if you want to get through all the checkboxes inside that subform you must do a loop through that node to find each checkbox
    I am assuming that the function would probably look something like this
    function countChk(vNode) {//Starts vNode with Main
         for (var i = 0; i < vNode.nodes.length; i++) {
              if (vNode.nodes.item(i).className === "field") {
                   if (vNode.ui.oneOfChild.className === "checkButton") {
                        if (vNode.items.nodes.length > 1) {
                             if (vNode.value.oneOfChild.value == 1) {
                                  nChk++ ;
              }else if (vNode.nodes.item(i).className === "subform"){
                   if (vNode.nodes.item(i).name === "Door_Subform"){
    Hope this help!

  • Albums and events question

    Hi when I drag folders containing photos into Iphoto it creates an event. What I currently do is after the event is created, I select an event, I hit the + sign in the bottom left and create an album.
    I like having my albums on the left side for quick access to my library of photos. The problem is that if I add 30 folders, 30 events are then created.
    I have to manually create an album out of each event one at a time. Is there any way that once an event is created it automatically creates and album. So say that 10 events are created, 10 albums will appear on the left.
    If I select a couple events and hit the + option and hit create an album, it will only create one album out of the events selected. I would like to select multiple events at one time and have multiple albums created instead of just one. How do I do that?
    Is what I want to do possible? thanks

    Well let me answer a question with a question
    Why have all your Events mimicked in Albums? IF you can find the pic in an Event, you can find it in an Album.
    To say nothing of all the basics: If you have the year, month, day. Title, keywords, camera a model etc etc you can use any (and all) of these to find your pics too.
    To merge Events: Simply drag one to another in the iPhoto Window.

  • Alter system set events Question

    Version 10202 on AIX
    sql> alter system set events '4030 trace name heapdump level 536870917; name errorstack level 3';
    Questions about this statement..
    what this command is doing, i guess creating tracefile for event 4030...& the location of trace file would be the current direcotry?
    & how to setup same kind of event trace for other events, any tips....& what to check in tracefile for problem?

    The values for level I have record are 1, 2, 3, 8, and 32 so I am guessing the number shown is the address of a specific heap to be dumped. The address of a heap would potentially change with a change in the shared pool storage parameters. Where did you get the address value?
    The dump should go to the user background dump destination and not the current directory.
    PS - if you have metalink look at document: #218105.1 Introduction to ORACLE Diagnostic EVENTS
    HTH -- Mark D Powell --
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  • Click Event Question - VB6 SDK 6.5

    A quick question for you guys:
    On the A/R Invoice form, I have a UDF that exists as a combo box.  I can trap the et_COMBO_SELECT event on that combo box just fine, however, I would like to generate a click event on the 'Name' field on the main form from the UDF et_COMBO_SELECT event.  The problem I'm running into is that because the form that contains the UDF has a different UID from the actual A/R Invoice main form, I get an error when I try to perform the click event on the 'Name' field.  The code I'm using is below.  Any help would be appreciated.
    '(A/R Invoice) Change value of eqp_DivisionCode global variable when combo select event triggers
    If eqp_pVal.FormType = -133 And eqp_pVal.FormMode = fm_ADD_MODE And _
       eqp_pVal.ItemUID = "U_Division" And eqp_pVal.EventType = et_COMBO_SELECT Then
       Set eqp_frm = SBO_Application.Forms.Item(FormUID)
       Set eqp_cmbDivision = eqp_frm.Items("U_Division").Specific
       eqp_DivisionCode = eqp_cmbDivision.Selected.Value
    End If

    Hi Greg,
    if you want to access a User Defined Field on a System Form but in header level you need to approach it as follows:
    If (pVal.EventType = et_FORM_LOAD And pVal.FormType = 139 And _
        pVal.Before_Action = True) Then
            Set oform = m_App.Forms.Item(FormUID)
            Dim oUsrForm As SAPbouiCOM.Form
            Dim num As Long
            Dim UDFformUID As String
            num = Right(FormUID, (Len(FormUID) - 2))
            num = num + 1
            UDFformUID = "F_" & num
            Set oform = m_App.Forms.Item(UDFformUID)
            oform.Items.Item("U_1").Specific.String = "Test"
        End If
    Lisa Mulchinock
    SAP SDK Consultant

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