Wrong GL account defaulted for Unplanned services in Service Entry sheet.

Dear Experts,
We create a Service PR with Acct asst - K & Item Cat - D, for which we enter Cost center, Order No. & GL account. We maintain it as Unplanned Service with Value Limits. When we create A PO wrt the above PR the GL account is defaulted corretly in PO. But when i enter Service entry sheet for above PO for Unplanned Service . System defaults a different GL account automatically. That differs from the existing one in PR & PO. User posts it directly, since it is done wrt PO without checking. How can the defaults of wrong GL account be avoided for Unplanned Services?
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In Service PO, if some one By mistake Put the wrong G/L but u can change the G/L while SES.
Educate the SES person to note the proper G/L or assign a release streatgy for SES with give final release authority should check the proper G/l or cost center.
We have this solution as SAP is not able to reply on this front
Pardeep Malik

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  • Autorisation object for accepting service entry sheet in ML81n

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    What is the authorisation object for accepting service entry sheet in ML81n, here with my client some users are not getting the acceptance flag.
    kindly guide.
    Viji kantha

    I would like to share with you additional information on activities 75 and 76 to the different release objects:
    To accept the service entry sheet the user has to have both          
    activities 75 and 76. Please note that it is not possible to accept an entry sheet    
    without activity 76.                                                                               
    Activity 76 means maintain service entry sheets,                                 
    Activity 75 means accept service entry sheets.  
    In order to accept the entry sheet, you must change into the  
    change mode. In order to change into the change mode, you     
    need the activity 76.                             
    This activity 76 will be used in both creating and changing of the       
    entry sheet.                             

  • Configuration details for releasing service entry sheet

    Dear all
           Kindly let me know the step by step procedure in configuration for releasing service entry sheet,
    M.Chandra mohan

    Identify the characteristics that you will use for determination of release strategy. Create characteristics for each of these - ensure that the reference table name is CESSR and reference field name is the appropriate field name. If the field name is not found in CESSR you will need to use an user exit - better not to get into that for now.
    Create a class (of class type 032) and assign these characteristics to the class.
    Then create one Release Group and link the class to the release group.
    Create Release Codes for the release group
    Create release indicator
    Create release strategies.
    You will configure this in the golden master client. However you will need to maintain the classification in all clients using CL20N or CL24N.

  • Multiple account assignment in automatic Service entry sheet

    In TRX VI01 I created a Shipping Cost document (SCD); this document automatically created a Service PO with account assignment category (AAC) "U" and also created a service entry sheet (SES) for this PO. The AAC in the SES is K.
    Since the PO and the SES are created automatically, I want to use a user exit, Bapi or similar to change the AAC to X and to enter multiple account assignment in the SES.
    Any user exit o Bapi that I can use to do this?

    I need the user exit in the SES no in the PO.

  • Standard SAP reports for detailed Service Entry Sheet data

    Hi All,
    I am searching for standard SAP reports to extract the detailed Service Entry Sheet data out of SAP. For example, I need the deailed information like Service Entry Sheet Number, Purchase Order Number, PO line item number, short text, Posting Date, External Number, Service number, Quantity, Gross Price, Cost Object (Order or Network or WBS), Personal Number (if applicable), workday. I couldn't find any standard report. So if anyone know it, please help me.

    In ME2S also you can get good report by execution and by clicking SO/ PO number.( where cost object can be viewed)
    If you are very much specific, go for development
    Biju K

  • Account Assigment Transfer to Service entry sheet

    I wanted to transfer time sheet from cat2 to service entry sheet (SES) using catm without having to enter the GL and the cost center in the SES I tried to put the accnt assgmnt info thru the PO still I'm getting error in CATM saying GL not entered.
    Any help would be appricaited

    I think maintaining suitable Data Entry Profile will solve your problem. Take help from HR consultant.
    SPRO->Cross Application Component->Timesheet->Specific Settings for CATS Classic->Setup Data Entry Profiles.

  • BAPI for approving service entry sheets

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    I want to approve a service entry sheet
    I am using the BAPi - BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE, I am able to create a service entry sheet but unable to approve it.
    Please let me know if there is a BAPi- for approving a service entry sheet.


  • Report or TCode for Completed Service Entry Sheets

    Hi, I hope someone can help me here.  I want to know the TCode for listing all PO's that have had the Service Entry Sheets completed.  Is there such a report?  I hope so, we are having difficulty matching invoices where no service entry sheets have been completed.  Thanks!

    Use Report ME2S - Here you will get list of all POs with status against PO, SES Completed and Accepted and Invoice posted with Traffic Light.
    Also see report ME2N / ME2M / ME2L with Item Category "D" and Selection Parameter as "WE102" or "WE106".

  • Report for unreleased service entry sheet

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    Is there any report where I can get list of service entry sheet numbers which are yet to be completely released.

    Use t.code ML85 and select the round box of Not Accepted under Acceptance Indicator  TAB and execute and get list of unreleased SES under release code.
    Or Go for a development with help of ABAPer.
    Biju K

  • Message determination procedure for STO, Service entry sheet

    Dear Friends
    Can you give me configuration procedure for Mesage determintaion for STO PO(UB) and Service entry sheet.

    For PO its SPRO->MM->Purchasing-->Define Attributes of System Messages->System Messages.
    For Service its SPRO-MM>External Service Management--->Messages.

  • User Exit or BADI for ml81n - Service Entry Sheet

    Hi all,
    I would like to find a user exit or BADI or enhancement upon saving.
    The requirement is posting to specific GL A/C from the Service No. given.
    Please don't provide me a list of unnecessary user exit or BADI.
    Urgently need for solution, Thanks.

    Check out the various exits for ml81n
    INTERFAC            Interface for data transfer
    SRVDET              User screen on tab strip of service detail screen
    SRVEDIT             Service list control (maintenance/display)
    SRVENTRY            Unplanned part of entry sheet (obsolete since Rel. 3.1G)
    SRVESI              Data conversion entry sheet interface
    SRVESKN             Set account assignment in service line
    SRVESLL             Service line checks
    SRVESSR             Set entry sheet header data
    SRVEUSCR            User screen on entry sheet tabstrip
    SRVKNTTP            Setting the account assgnmt category when reading in, if
    SRVLIMIT            Limit check
    SRVMAIL1            Processing of mail before generation of sheet
    SRVMSTLV            Conversion of data during importing of standard service c
    SRVPOWEB            Purchase order for service entry in Web
    SRVQUOT             Service export/import for inquiry/quotations
    SRVREL              Changes to comm. structure for release of entry sheet
    SRVSEL              Service selection from non-SAP systems
    SRV_FRM             SRV: Formula calculation (obsolete since 4.0A!)

  • All packno for the service entry sheet

    Hello Experts,
                         Can you help me to know in which tables i can know the packnos available for the entry sheet.Suppose if tehre are more than one packnos present for entry sheet then we cannot find using ESSR. I need to know the entire list of packno generated for the entry sheet by date.

    Hi Kiran
    Did you get the answer? I am trying to understand how ESSR is linked with ESLH and ESLL

  • How to default G/L account into Service Entry Sheets

    Hello All,
    I am trying to set up a Framework order with account assignment U for services. I use this for our contracted employees via infotype 0315. When I generate the service entry sheet in the background via tcode CATM, and try to release the service entrysheet, I get error, because the G/L account field is blank and the goods movement cannot be perfromed for it. How can I manage the framework PO so that the G/L can default into the service entry sheet automatically..

       In SproMMPurchasingMaterial masterentry aid for item w/o material master...maintain the valuation class for the Material group.
    In OBYC maintaing the G/L account for this Valuation class in GBB--VBR.
    Enter this materila group in the service order.System will automatically determine the G/L.
    Even if you enter acct assignment U...while posting the service entrt sheet this GL will be fetched.

  • To make service entry sheet for multiple line items of the service PO.

    Hello MM Gurus,
    Please help me for the following
    I create a service PO with say 10 line items. Then while doing the service entry sheet the system automatically picks the line item 10 by default. When I try to enter the other items it throws an error" unplanned services cannot be entered"
    So how to make a service entry sheet which shall include all the line items of the service PO at the same time.
    So if I have 100 items in the PO do we make the service entry sheet 100 times against each item? Is there any seeting/solution on this?
    Please help.

    I have two solution for u.
    1) Create different service entry sheet -ML81N for each line item and create single invoice verification for all service entry sheet - MIRO
    2) Create service purchase order - ME21N for only one line item.
    And include all services in service tab available at item detail level of service purchase order. Enter it's quantity and rate.
    Than create one service entry sheet for purchase order.
    So you can create one service entry sheet for all line item of services.
    Note: - Use option 2 for easy process.
    Mahesh Wagh.

  • Have to cahnge G/L account in Servie PO after service entry sheet posting

    Could you help me with this ?
    “We have created service-order and reception have been made for service order .Now G/L Account was wrong and we want to cancel reception. We try to cancel reception in MIGO- and MBST –transaction, but we got error “Transaction code MBST (=> use transaction ML81/ML85) not defined”
    For transaction ML81 I don’t have authorization, ML85 I do. How should we cancel reception, when we are dealing with service orders (so that we can change right account)?”

    You cannot use MIGO or MBST for cancelling service entry sheet acceptance.
    You have to do so only in ML81N or ML85.
    In ML85, there is an option in the selection screen - whether you want to post acceptance or cancel acceptance. Select the correct option and you can cancel acceptance.

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