Wrong procurement type showing in the material master

I am creating a material Procurement type is comming as E in the MRP2 view, To where it is comming?
I have checked the material type setting in the tcode OMS2 and it below are showing there:
Ext. purchase orders   2
Int. purchase orders   2
Hence it's allowed int. and ext. proc. then why in the material master procurement type is comming E not X.
How can I change it?

Check to see if you have assigned an MRP Profile which has defaulted Procurement Type. If this is the case, you will have to remove the MRP Profile before you can change the entry. Or you can maintain the MRP Profile by deselecting "Write-protected in material maintenance" and selecting "Only default value in material maintenance" for Procurement Type. The Transaction is MMD2.

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  • Procurement Type in MRP2 view - material master - configuration?

    for the life of me, i cannot find how to configure this field. does anyone have any knowledge how to configure this field to have more options from a material type standpoint?
    for example, if i use a VERP material type, i want to have the ability to choose in house (E) or external (F) procurement.
    thanks in advance.

    SPRO > Logistics - General > Material Master > Basic Setting > Material Types > Define Atrributes of Material Types.
    Choose the desired material type > double click > on 'Internal/external purchase order' tab (section) please set '2' (or '1') for both external and internal PO.
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  • MRP TYPE for  Periodic planning in the material master.

    Dear gurus,
    i need planned the materials in the periodic modality, are there the type MRP in the material master for create the planned file ( table MDVM) one once a month or in the specific period chose ?
    Example :
    I need that the material master don't create a file planned ( MD20- TABLE MDVM) for a change of the requirement situation new , but i would like that the flag in the table ( MDVM) or file of the planning MRP created when the today date is in the period specific.
    31.3.2011  (or period 1.4.2011- 10-4-2011)Date for the create a file MRP and after when run MRP planned the material, for others scenary the system must not planned the material.
    Are there the MRP type for my problem? Or the customizing setting?
    Thanks a lot

    Not sure if MRP type or customizing can help here. And even if we are able to achieve this requirement it will be applicable at plant level.
    However, try exploring option of periodic lot size (weekly, monthly, etc). This will work according to period you've set and should give you the results you are looking for.

  • Change Special Procurement in the material master?

    How can I change Special Procurement in the material master? Right now Special procurement field is greyed out and would not allow me to change it?

    Have you used any MRP profile.
    If so in transaction MMD2 for MRP profile, choose the special procurement type field & change the selection from display mode.
    Now in transaction mm02 the spl procurement field can be entered/changed.
    Senthilkumar SD

  • Default inspection Type In the Material Master

    We have to assign two -three inspection types in the material master. How to default this inspection types in the material master always .

    Dear JJ
    This you will have to do by putting validation in the material master. I dont think you have a standard solution for that.
    Or esle you can run QA08 wherein you can assign inspection type enmass.
    Please let meknow your feedback

  • MRP Type is grayed out in the material master

    Hi all,
    I am creating material on my own.The thing is that the MRP type is grayed out in the MRP 1 view.I want to maintain the MRP type. Can any one help

    Dear Mano
    You have not specified which field you want to edit / maintain data.  Anyway, please do the following:-
    Go to material master, select the MRP view which you want to make as editable.  Now place your mouse on the required field and press F1.  Make a note of the Table and Field name.
    Now go to OMS9, press F4 in Field sel.group so that some fields will be displayed.  Select the above field  and press Enter key.  Below you will find the options to change as Hide, Display, Reqd Entry, Opt entry.  Make the required changes and now check the material master.  Like this, you can make changes for other fields also.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Inspection type's maintained in the material master

    I want to know the transaction code using which I can check the inspection type's maintained in the material master.
    I do not want to go per material put in mass. I know that I can pull the data from tables but i do not want that.
    I want the standard SAP transaction code.
    Narendra Bora

    Well, you could make the argument that using SQVI to create a query and making this report available to select users is not really development.  It is a standard SAP transaction and users can be limited to only running certain queries. Groups of queries can be created and users assigned to groups.  By adding variants that users can't modify and locking certain fields in the variant you can limit the queries to a maximum number of records.  Usually the argument is that a user will create a massive query or set values that return too many values.  Both of these concerns can be addressed.
    I don't think a lot of people understand the full capabilities of SQVI.  You don't have to give users unlimited access to the transaction!
    If there was a "standard" report or transaction for what you want, I think between Sujit, and myself, we would be aware of it.  It is a common requirement during go lives to have to review inspection type setups.  I would hope by now we would have run across it.

  • Open field for cost center on the material master

    We have a unique requirement in a facility we intend to implement plant maintenance in to track a cost center to a material by including the cost center on the material master somewhere.  Cost center is not a field on any of the material tabs we use for maintenance materials, but the requirement is just that it is tracked in a field, even if it's just an open field like a "user defined field" or another field not used often.  We realize there are disadvantages such as the field not being checked against active cost centers, but we are looking at options short of adding cost center as a field manually to a tab (which I believe would require ABAP assistance).  I don't think there are any other fields/tabs we are currently not utilizing but I could be wrong... The best option we can think of is adding it in a material characteristic so it shows on the classifications tab, but I thought I would see if anyone has any other ideas.

    Not sure what is the need of cost center on material master when you want to implement Plant maintenance module. Do you have any specific requirement for this?
    Ideally cost center will be derived from either functional location/ equipment (equivalent of material master) on to PM work order or notification.
    Can you elaborate the requirement?
    After all if you wish to go with cost center, then I suggest it should be at plant level as PM requires plant level distribution. You can add up a custom field and give the reference of cost center data element with help of developer.

  • New Text in the Sales Text View in the Material Master

    Hi All,
    I want to create new text ID in the material master sales text tab
    Can you please help me in how to create the new text for material master sales text tab view.

    Well it may not be possible by standard SAP to create in Material.
    AN alternative might be to use a standard text type and then call it in your Text Determination Procedure.
    T-code "SO10" --> Give "Text Name  & Text ID & Language --> Click at "Create" --> On next screen --> Go to (Menu) --> change editor --> Write the text which you want
    Go to VOTXN , and maintain the required confirguation to get this standard Text copied to the material during order processing.
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  • " Item Category Group" in the material master?

    I'm going to use inbound delivery for purchase order, so I'm going to do it as follows:
    1) Create a new "item category group Y001"
    2) Create a new "item category Y001  (copy from ELN then change the movement type to 101, and set it relevant to putaway)",
    3) Replace the item category group in the material master with Y001
    4) Determine the item category via transaction 0184 as the following ways:
         "Delivery Type"  EL    + 
         "Item Category Group From Material Master" Y001    +
         "Item Usage"  V     +
         'Item Category Of The Higher-Level  Item"  
         ==>  "Determine New Delivery Item Category" Y001
    My question is, If I change the item category group in the material master, is there any effect to SD part?

    General item category group
    Materials grouping that helps the system to determine item categories during sales document processing.
    *If a group is configured specific to distribution channel, it has priority if the corresponding activity is distribution channel-dependent
    Item category group from material master
    A grouping of materials that the system uses to determine item categories during the processing of sales documents.
    the difference between the two lies in the specificity to the distribution channel

  • Consumption data in the material master

    Dear All,
    Can anyone explain me about consumption data in the material master?
    1.     How the consumption datau2019s are automatically updated in the material master?
    2.     List of movement types, that creates consumption data in the material master
    Thanks in advance
    Krishna samy

    Krishna Samy wrote:
    Dear All,
    > Can anyone explain me about consumption data in the material master?
    > 1.     How the consumption datau2019s are automatically updated in the material master?
    > 2.     List of movement types, that creates consumption data in the material master
    > Thanks in advance
    > Regards,
    > Krishna samy
    When a PO is created (say for Cost Center(s)), and if the material has a Material Master record, after the goods are received the same goes directly into Consumption account and not in stock account since it is meant for direct consumption by Cost Center(s). (Ex`s. of consumables are Office supplies).
    Please go thru this document to understand how automatic postings works: [CLICK HERE|http://help.sap.com/saphelp_46c/helpdata/en/12/1a39516e36d1118b3f0060b03ca329/content.htm]
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  • Valuation class in the material master

    hi all, we maintain split valuation materials, namely domestic & imported. we are working on project based scenarion planning strategy 21 : MTO/project.
    in daily practice user convert unrestricted stock to project stock with 412 Q mvt type before MRP RUN.
    but for some when user try to convert stock following error occurs. I check stock available, it is available. but i do not understand why this error comes.                                                             
    Maintain the valuation class in the material master first
    Message no. M7232
    The system found that you have defined your own valuation classes for sales order stock and project stock in Customizing. However, these valuation classes have not been maintained in the material master record for the materials concerned.
    So that the relevant accounts can be posted upon goods movements, you have to maintain the valuation classes for sales order and project stock in the accounting view of the material master record for the material concerned.
    If you have authorization to do so, you can change the material master record.

    The normal valuation stock refer to relevant table valuation class field MBEW/MBEWH-BKLAS
    Special Sales Stock refert to MBEW/MBEWH-EKLAS
    Projeck Stock refer to MBEW/MBEWH-QKLAS

  • Ignificance of the Industry Sector selection in the Material Master

    hi all,
    We need information on the significance of the Industry Sector selection in the Material Master field. I understand that it can influence field selection and the screen sequence of the material master record.  We are particularly interested to know the influence of the industry sector u201CPharmaceutical Industryu201D .
    Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.

    Please check follwoing links
    [MM01- Industry  Sector;
    1. Define Industry Sectors and Industry-Sector-Specific Field Selection (transaction OMS3) -> assign a field reference to field selection
    2. Maintain Field Selection for Data Screens (transaction OMS9) -> define a specific field selection for a field selection group (for example, depending on industry sector (the field reference appears on the lower table control).
    Like the material type, the industry sector also has a control function. When you create a material master record, the industry sector determines:
    Which screens appear and in which order
    Which industry-specific fields appear on each screen
    The industry sector you assign to a material cannot subsequently be changed. In Customizing, you can define new industry sectors and maintain the field reference for field selection control according to your enterprise-specific requirements.
    Most data in the material master record can be maintained directly by the user. But some information is automatically updated by the system. When you enter goods movements, for example, the system updates the stock and consumption data. Statistical information, such as the date of original creation and that of the last change, can be invoked with , with the quick-info text Information on material.
    Some data in the material master is used for information purposes only, for example, description, size, and dimensions. Other material data has a controlling function in an application. For example, the MRP type controls the MRP procedure and the price control indicator determines which material valuation procedure is used
    Kailas ugale

  • Update of cost in the material master

    Hi all,
    From the purchasing point of view,In the normal process Cost in the Material master gets updated from purchasing documnents automatically.In this case,manually if the cost is changed in the purchase order affects the cost in the material master.My requirement is this should be done automatically after receiving the vendors confirmation of list of material costs.There may be chance of change in the cost of the materials.so the costs of the materials which were changed should get updated in the material master automatically(VPRS).
    Ie changing of the costs of the materials in the purchase order should be reduced .How this will done??
    If we have more than 2000 line items in the purchase order,it will be quite little bit difficult to update each material cost in the purchase order .
    Thanks in advance..

    Normally material will be valuated with two types of price controls S -standard price and V-moving avaerage price.
    A std price as its name indicated it is std and will not chnage.
    A moving average price will chnage accordingly with the change in the material price.
    Normally it will be better create a info record for the material and vendor combination for the plant or purchase organisation with a info update indicator in the purchase order will serve your pupose .
    With the proper settings at SPRO system creates info record during creation of PO if it does not exist or updates the existing record if it has one with the latest price details in the form of last purchasing document so that these details get defaulted during creation of PO.
    However you can create a outline aggrement so that a PO can be created with reference to that.
    Or you can create a condition record for the price for your combination so that it can get defaulted.
    The price which is there in PO will not be defaulted to material master.
    Or time to time you can review the prices and maintain via MR21.

  • Extending the Material Master

    Hi all,
    I've extended the material master for mara with 3 ZZ fields. I've added these fields to BAPI_TE_MARA/X and am using EXTENSIONIN/X with BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA to create the material.
    This has  been unit tested and until recently this was working OK, the MM was created  along with the mara being popluated with the ZZ fileds and these were showing on the basic data 1 tab of the material master.
    Nothing has changed. I can see the data in extension/x for the ZZ fields being passed to BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA, the MM is created OK still but no ZZ fields are populated in mara and no data displayed in MM03.
    A bit vague I know but has anyone any suggestions?
    Thanks, Mark

    Hi Mark,
    You need to modify internal table TMARA_UEB. When you enhance MARA table with Zfields, you can't use standard SAP BAPI. I copied Bapi_material_save data and modified internal table TMARA_UEB. this internal table will have all zfields, you added in MARA. but not BAPI_MARA. you have import MARA append structure to the BAPI.
    At the end it calls SAP standard function "Material_maintain_dark".
    I enhanced Material master extensively and it worked for me. give a try.

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