X301 post BIOS / Model Number update System Time problems

Dear community,
  I recently updated my BIOS using the thinkvantage flash BIOS utility for no reason other than it appeared on the update utility. I also updated the model number, once again for no real reason other than update pleasure. Now, everything works perfectly fine on the system, and I have no problems EXCEPT:
I use New York Times Adobe Air product called "Times Reader". Since the update, when I try to log into the Times Reader I get an error that states "Authentication Error. Check that your system time is set correctly." In the pre-boot set up screen the time seems to be set right, and in the windows utility the time is set correctly. So my questions is,
 after a BIOS flash / Model # update, does the system time function need some re-boot / update? 

Well I still dunno what the problem was.  It seemed as if the system would have to be running for a day or two before it would start to speed up, as if it was actually gaining a few milliseconds cumulatively every second...
Anyway, through other testing (OC & such) I flashed to 1.5B5 and it is running pretty good, and seems to have fixed the time problem.
On a side note, 1.5B5 is the first BIOS that actually makes Cool 'N Quiet work (to underclock to 1GHz at idle & dynamically OC when needed).
If anyone has experienced this time issue, please post findings!  For now, it's fixed for me, so I'm not going to worry about it  

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    Hey Guys, I have a Y40 with 8GB RAM and 2 GB AMD Graphics and I updated my Windows 8 to Windows 10. I encountered the Power error which was dealt with earlier in another thread. I was able to fix it. Thanks. Now, I have another boot up related issue.I used to get 25-30 second boot time with Windows 8. But now, it takes 3 minutes to get to the login screen and another 3 minutes to start doing anything on the desktop. I get the normal lenovo log in screen once I press the power button. Then, the screen becomes black and stays that way for about 2 minutes doing nothing. I get the cursor that can move around and that is it. Even after login, It takes a long time to settle down and let me start working. I checked the startup menu and pushed the startup items to the bare minimum. Is anybody else experiencing the same problems?  If so Is there a way I can fix it?

    I'll add to this by saying I am having similar lengthened boot and login times, but it appears that since resolving the graphics driver issue my boot times have sped up. Login times still take about 30 seconds longer than before. I'm assuming this is a Windows related issue, not a hardware-related issue.  Are you using a fusion drive or just a straight-up hard drive? I'm assuming my laptop is booting/logging in faster now because the fusion service Lenovo provides is learning what should be assigned to flash storage and what should be kept on the HDD. Give it another day or two and see if you notice a speed increase at all.

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    As respected user 'SideStepSociety' very helpfully pointed out and posted in another thread, the cure for this problem is as follows:-
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    Run > RegEdit

    Find: HKEYLOCALMACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > TimeZoneInformation

Add key ( REG_DWORD type ): RealTimeIsUniversal

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    However, unless I'm mistaken I have seen somewhere that the key type 'REG_DWORD' is 32-bit based and I am running Windows 7 x64 (64-bit) Bootcamp, therefore do I have to enter the QWORD 64-bit type key i.e. 'REG_QWORD' instead of the DWORD 32-bit type key i.e. 'REG_DWORD', or is it perfectly acceptable and fine to just enter both to cover myself should any of the components revert from 64-bit to-32 bit? ..which I have experienced happening once with Windows 'Gadgets' which normally always runs 64-bit, but once reverted to 32-bit.
    Advice appretiated, thanks.

    Thanks for advice.
    I had gone ahead and entered the DWORD value in the registry just after my post and a couple of week booting between the two OS's, there were no more problems with the time issue between OS X and Bootcamp.
    Shame this most frustrating of little problems where not resolved in a Bootcamp update patch, I had been experiencing this problem for a long, long time not knowing how to fix it and thinking it was my own MacBook Pro that was at fault. I do sympathise now with the possible hundreds or even thousands of Mac-Bootcamp users that are suffering this unbeknown that there's only a special registry fix that has to be manually applied to cure the problem. This is Tacky. I do wonder about Apple sometimes.

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    This is huge problem for those interfaces that need to run for a long time and also need to be time updated (for examplem through ntp daemon).
    Can anyone help me?
    PS: Windows Flashplayer doesn't have this problem !!

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    I don't have this problem if I run it as standalone application.
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    See 10g Clearcase History Sorting problem.

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    toshiba portege model A605-P200  won't POST bios unless I take out the battery and put it in again
    though, at times, it will, generally all i get  is a flashing cursor   NO  toshiba splash screen.  this seems to have started as an unsucessful  windows update
    i am getting  driver  freezing at crc.disk.exe   when i safe boot  when  i get  the machine to boot  past the bios

    Unfortunately, it sounds like it might require servicing.
    - Peter

  • Systems Machine and Model Number. Any permanent solution ?

    Like many purchasers of refurbished ThinkPads, I find my Machine (2007) and Model (WUK) was not registered into the Systems Board by the technician during refurbishment. The result is that ThinkVantage Tool " Update and Drivers" cannot recognize this ThinkPad, therefore no updates resulting "Error 75".
    Solving this issue by renaming the HKEY (TP-79__ which is incorrect) to "2007WUK", but this is only temporary, it reverts back to TP-79__ after reboot which basically defeats Schedule Updates. To be able to input the Machine and Model Number into the Systems Board, it is necessary to use System Machine Maintenance Disc which is not readily available to us Users, Software download was also withdrawn from Lenovo Site.
    It is inconvenient to edit the Registry every time in order to check updates, therefore I feel Lenovo is denying us full accessibility to the product they are selling.
    Question:- Is there a solution to fix this issue to permanently register the machine and model number into the system without sending the product back to Maintenance/Repairs ?
    Or is this a necessity due to company procedure for extra revenue ?
    T60p 2008HA8:T7600:BHV150UX1-100:FireGLv5250:Atheros N : DVD Multi III:NMB Kbd.Samsung840EVO 250GB:4GB RAM:Wins8.1 Pro+MC.
    T60p 2007WUK:T7600:BHV150UX1-100:FireGLv5200:Atheros N.Samsung840EVO 250GB:4GB RAM:Wins7 Ult.

    Lenovo doesn’t release a whole lot of updates, especially for the older models. So you might be able to just bypass the limitation by bookmarking the downloads and drivers page for your specific machine, and checking back for new updates once a month or so.
    Definitely not a ‘true’ solution, but it’s one way to ensure that you’re getting the updates you need without having to dig deeper into the system.



    I am facing the same issue! I bought 5c few days back
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    Please help me out since I use wifi more than my network.
    Appreciate any advise on this

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    Hello all,
    Scoured the internet for an answer, and haven't found anything to help, so I thought I'd ask here. Trying to resurrect an old Toshiba Satellite P100 of mine.
    I'm trying to reformat it with the Windows XP Professional SP3 recovery disc (ancient OS, I know; don't ask why I'm using it, just am) that came with my laptop.
    However, it won't run because the motherboard model number in my BIOS is wrong. I get the following message:
    "This Recovery and Applications CD is not configured to work with this machine (ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ)
    This CD is for: Satellite P100,Satellite P105
    Please use the correct Recovery and Applications CD"
    That series of y's with umlauts is what's showing as the mainboard model number in CPU-Z. I know what my actual number is, and that definitely ain't it. I've run this same recovery disc on this very motherboard before and it worked no problem. I don't really know why the model number would have changed since then.
    I've tried resetting BIOS and flashing new BIOS as well, and nothing changes the model number to the correct one. Is there any way that I can correct it?
    I know that I have a bad RTC battery/CMOS battery. I'm not sure if that could have caused the model number change. All I can tell so far is that it's messing with the BIOS time, but I didn't know if it could have changed the model number. I can't just replace it because apparently the battery is soldered to the motherboard for p100/p105 models, and if I have to buy a new motherboard then I think I'll just give up.
    The laptop is obviously out of warranty, so it's not like I can send it to a certified Toshiba repair center or anything. I'd like to use my recovery disk to reinstall XP Pro with all the original drivers and programs since there are a few on there that I'd have to pay for otherwise to reinstall since they didn't come with product keys. If there is any other way to format and reinstall to factory settings without the cd, I'm open to it and would must appreciative.

    Satellite P100 (PSPA3U-09G01X)
    Your downloads are here
    Unfortunately, Toshiba does not supply the utility that fixes the DMI string for your model. (It would be like this one.) Toshiba expects you to take it to a dealer for resetting.
    If you have or obtain a Windows XP installation CD, I can help you with installation.

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