Xi functionalities

hi friends,
I would like to have an elaborate explanation for my below queries:-
Does XI has the ability to integrate with a Webservice with minimum changes to out of the box application?
Does XI has the ability to prove robust performance and scalability characteristics. If so what are those?
If XI and R/3 are installed in the same box, how does a RFC scenario need to be designed.
Why should XI be installed in a separate box, if it can still be installed within R/3 or CRM or SRM or etc.....
Appreciate elaborate answers with examples.

<i>Does XI has the ability to integrate with a Webservice with minimum changes to out of the box application?</i>
Yes using SOAP adapter
<i>Does XI has the ability to prove robust performance and scalability characteristics. If so what are those?</i>
Yes. But for that u have to follow its high availability configurations
<i>If XI and R/3 are installed in the same box, how does a RFC scenario need to be designed.</i>
Similar way. Same address. for sender/receiver and XI
Why should XI be installed in a separate box, if it can still be installed within R/3 or CRM or SRM or etc..</i>
For handling its messaging and monitoring systems conveniently

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  • Mobile Functionalities part of CRM - Web Application

    We are currently using CRM 4.0 with SAP GUIs. We are mainly using the Mobile Sales Application and concepts such as Business Partners, PPRs, Activity Journals, Marketing Attributes, Segment Builder, Territory Management, Products, Surveys or Organization Model.
    We will probably to move to a CRM Web Client version, more suitable for a call center that we plan to implement.
    I would like to understand if we still will be able to use the concepts stated above the same way as currently do or if there are differences on functionalities between SAP GUI and the Web Client, especially with regards Mobile Sales.
    Thanks in advance for your help,

    The Mobile sales application and the concepts you mentioned are all based on CRM server and not dependent on the mobile sales application.So when you switch to ICWebClient the backend master data will remain the same and all the concepts will remain intact.So you can go ahead and implement it.

  • Regarding upgrade of web report\web templates functionalites BW 3.5-BI 7.0

    hi all,
             I m working on a Upgrade study from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 for Web Templates,web items and java scripts.
    Below is the scenario of the client system:
    New web templates are created from the 6 master web templates available for publishing to a custom Portal (created using BSP and hosted on the WAS). TOOLBAR and FOOTER are custom web templates used in all Master Templates and contain various JavaScript functions and footer code respectively.
    TOOLBAR provides the Toolbar, header and buttons functionalities in the Master Templates via the contained Javascript functions. FOOTER displays the date and time of issue as well the logged in user.
    FOOTER1 and FOOTER2 are web items derived from FOOTER web template. They have different set of web item properties and are used to create web templates used through the custom Portal.
    It is observed from BW Tables that out of 100 unique Web Templates available in the system, 90 are using TOOLBAR template and 95 are using FOOTER template.
    No external Javascript .js files are used in the Web templates. Most of the Javascript functionality is contained in TOOLBAR and no other custom javascript in master templates. However, there are some derived web templates where custom javascript is contained.
    Following is the process to create custom Web Templates in development server that are eventually transported to QA and Production:
    1)     The appropriate master template is identified and saved with new name in developer role.
    2)     Dataprovider is added to corresponding web items.
    3)     From the library, properties are transferred from master template to the custom template.
    4)     Report title is added in HTML tab.
    5)     No changes are needed in the Web Templates Properties except change of value in  “Show Jump Target in” field to the portal Frame ConPortal or _self in case RRI is to be used.
    6)     Some properties like Title, Width in Pixel, Affected Data Provider, etc. needs to be adjusted. Changes can be done to web items seen in Overview tab except the FOOTER and TOOLBAR web items. These web items are saved as reusable components in Library.
    7)     After all the changes the web template created is transported from development server.
    To summarize, all master data for creation of web templates like reusable master templates, web items in library, web templates containing Javascript code are stored in dev. server. Custom web templates created from these are transported.
    I want to validate the sequence of migration as below:
    Following sequence has to be followed for the Web Templates and Queries Migration in development BI 7.0 Server:
    1)     Migrate the Individual BEx Queries first and perform functional testing.
    2)     Migrate the TOOLBAR template manually (create as new in BI 7.0 Toolset) and FOOTER template automatically (using Migration Tool).
    3)     Manually migrate the JavaScript code in TOOLBAR. Please refer to section ..for more details.
    4)     Migrate the library of reusable web items, if any.
          (What to do if web item is custom or is not supported in BI 7.0)
    5)     Migrate the Master Web Templates manually (create as new in BI 7.0 Toolset) and automatically (wherever possible) and perform functional testing.
    6)     Migrate the custom web templates automatically (wherever possible) and manually, if automatic migration is not possible. Perform functional testing and data provider binding.
    7)     Perform jump target binding wherever applicable.
    8)     Transport custom templates, TOOLBAR and FOOTER to QA and Production subsequently.
    Also i have the following questions:
    1. How to migrate functionalities accessed thru web templates like jump queries, general navigation blocks with filter, table interface, and are data providers automatically linked to web items or have to be done manually post migration.
    2. Do we need to migrate the library of reusable web items also.
    3. After migrating the master  web templates and javascript containing templates to BI 7.0, can we migrate automatically the custom webtemplates derived from master templates and containing the custom javascript that is now avaialbe in BI 7.0, will they pick up the custom code automatically.
    thanks in advance

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  • Add functionalities to SAP Strategy Management

    I am a student who wants to add some functionalities to the SAP Strategy Management software,
    to make it more collaborative. I subscribed to this very collaborative SAP website to find an answer on two questions:
    - is it possible for me as an external student to add functionality in SAP Strategy Management by programming in ABAP or JAVA?
    - if so, what (free) development tools are available
    I hope that there is someone who can help me with these two short questions. I would be very thankfull.
    Sadesh Sewnath
    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Economics and Informatics

    Strategy Management is not a toolkit, it is designed as an out-of-the-box foundation for managing operational and strategic performance within an organization.
    I will refer you to the white paper on How to Customize Strategy Management 7.0 on the EPM BPX site. You can find it here near the bottom of the Strategy Management category:
    This is gives some tips on customizations.
    As far as free development tools, SSM comes with a Tools area, http://<server>:<port>/strategy/tools.
    There is also BICA, which is a tool for harmonizing the data from SAP BW. There are some fundamental differences in how SSM and BW deal with data and they must be harmonized to provide accurate display of data in SSM.
    Customizations to Strategy Management are not supported and care should be taken with modifications during upgrades or support pack releases, so that they are backed up and re-introduced to the application.

  • New Functionalities on SAP FI side in SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4 & SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5

    Hello Team
    I am a FI consulant and now i would like to know the functionalities avialable in SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4 and SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5. So i request you to pleasae check and provide me answers to the below points for my understanding
    1. What are the new functionalities added in SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4 on SAP FI side.
    2. What are the new functionalities added in SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5 on SAP FI side.Finally what is difference between EHP4 and EHP5, i mean in the point of SAP FI functioanliy.
    In the meantime, please provide me the links where i can get complete information on the new functionalities added on FI side in these Enhancement Packages (ie 4/5).
    Yours answers would help me a lot to understand the concept.

    Enhancements packages contains tens to hunderds of new or changed functionalites (called business functions). After installing an enhancement package you can activate the business functions which can be usefull to you.
    To have an idea which business function can be usefull, you can use the business function prediction. Based on the (FI) transactions you use in the system, it gives an advice which business functions in an enhancement package should be activated.
    See http://www.sap.com/solutions/business-suite/erp/enhancement_packages/business-function-prediction.epx
    and http://service.sap.com/erp-ehp

  • Functionalities of data sources : 2LIS_13_VDITM,2LIS_11_VAITM.

    Hi All,
    Hi all,
    Can some one please guide me about the functionalities  of the following data sources ,and the business scenarios in which they are used :
    2LIS_11_VAITM, and
    2LIS_11_VAKON .
    Please post any documents related to this info.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Edited by: sravani kandy on Jun 17, 2008 8:25 AM


  • How can i block stolen iphone 4 and stop all of its functionalities?

    I lost my IPHONE 4 just few hours ago. I dont know how block all of its functionalities so no one can use it. I have the application of "Find My Iphone" turned on but I dont know how to use it. I dont even know my IMEI or Serial number. I am asking how can I retrieve it from my iCloud Account.
    For those who could help me you can contact me at my Email account:
    <Email Edited by Host>

    First, it's a really bad idea to put your email address in a post to a public forum where millons of people, including some who have less than stellar ethics, will see it. At the least you will now be on thousands of spammer lists.
    Log in to your account using your Apple ID and password at https://www.icloud.com and click "Find my iPhone".

  • Looking for some functionalities in MSBI tool

    We are trying to bringing a uniform UX & to help non-power users to use the tool. Hence we are exploring options of using .net as UI using which we can call functionalities on the BI tool.
    We are planning to use a single uniform tool for all our reporting needs & the same are listed below.
    There are limitations in each tool we explore(Power view & Performance Point) Eg.,  some allows drill down, decomposition tree, download functionalities are not commonly available across.
    Conversion between chart types/ views (Bar, tabular, pie.etc.,)
    Passing parameters from .net UI to reporting tool.
    Drill down/ up functionality – for logical decomposition & Ad-hoc drilling down/ up.
    Print option
    Export into .xls, .pdf, .pptx
    Tools considered/ available as per client’s policy:
    PPS, power view, SSRS – Please advise if you feel there’s any other tool/ version which could be .net friendly & also meets the above criteria.

    Hi SFH,
    I would suggest that you can try to use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). SSRS provides a full range of ready-to-use tools and services to help you create, deploy, and manage reports for your organization, as well as programming features that enable
    you to extend and customize your reporting functionality.
    And based on my research, SSRS can meet most of your requirements, including drill down and download functionalities. If we installed Reporting Services in SharePoint mode, then we can also use PPS, power view features.
    For more information about Reporting Services, please refer to the following documents:
    Hope this helps.
    Katherine Xiong
    Katherine Xiong
    TechNet Community Support

  • New features and changed functionalities (11.3 == 11.10)

    I am looking for a way to get a consolidated new features and changed functionalities between (11.5.3) to (11.5.10) we upgraded on a test instance and could not find a source for these info ..
    Firas Al Tamimi
    [email protected]

    thanks Grant,
    i have found it:
    'Forms version 11 is planned to be part of Oracle Application server version 11, which is planned in 12-15 months, which means summer 2007. Forms will not participate in the 10.1.3 platform, so the version 11 will be the first after the current 10.1.2 line.'
    You can find the full article at:
    thanks again, I have been very happy after I read all features and your comment on 'Forms is not dead'

  • Functionalities Change in

    Platform: Windows 2003 R2 32-bit
    We have just applied all the patches as per our running EBS environment/requirement following metalink note 883202.1.
    Can anyone please refer me any note/white-paper to come to know what are the Functionalities got change after fulfilling 11i Extended Support requirement? Functionalities I mean from "Business Users' Perspective".

    We have just applied all the patches as per our running EBS environment/requirement following metalink note 883202.1.
    Can anyone please refer me any note/white-paper to come to know what are the Functionalities got change after fulfilling 11i Extended Support requirement? Functionalities I mean from "Business Users' Perspective".I believe this doc does not exist. You could refer to the README file of each patch or search MOS for each patch number and go through the docs.

  • How to stop/deactivate CLC (Credit Limit Check) functionalities for specific country

    Dear Experts,
    We are working in TM 8.1 which is integrated with ERP system. Currently we do not have any restriction at TM system level to stop processing the order if CLC limit is exceeding. But we are in process of adapting the same with TM 9.1 version.
    Now, we are in process of upgrading our ERP system and going pilot live for one country initially. We no more want to process the orders/invoices for which CLC limit is exceeding in the latest ERP system for live country for some time. Therefore our business wanted to deactivate or stop the CLC functionalities for specific country or sales organization within TM system, so that statistical record (Internal order) can not be created in ERP. Thus further processing can not be done in ERP.
    Could you please provide some important insights how to achieve the expected?

    Dear Dawson,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have done the required analysis and arrive at below solution.
    Prior to that answering to your question, we are sending CLC to ERP upon activation of FWO. We have a customer specific button 'ACTIVATE' on every FWO UI. Entering CLC amount in Business partner tab is pre-requisite for successful activation of FWO.
    Coming to my solution which I have proposed: For sending the CLC to ERP, we have configured a PPF action definition with schedule condition and processing method call. Currently this PPF action definition is executed successfully upon activation of FWO for all.
    Here we will put a IF condition on sales organization / country for which we do not want to trigger this action, then if it is satisfied with our expected values we will stop further execution. This way we can avoid action triggering. ( I had already checked in debugging and confirmed the behavior).
    I believe, my solution is correct.
    Please advice if any other better way of doing it.

  • Please fix the lack of critical functionalities in Numbers

    The new iWork came with a host of new features. However two issues will keep me from switching from MS Office to iWork completely. Both these issues are with Numbers and extend to use of Charts in other iWork applications.
    Issue 1: It's quite unbelievable, but Numbers does not support integrating a stacked graph and line graph in one chart. This is a severe handicap and must be resolved as soon as possible since situations requiring such data representation are numerous.
    Issue 2: Numbers does not support array objects and array operations such as "sum[(A1:A10)*(B1:B10)]" followed by "command+shift+enter". Most complex spreadsheets that implement some sort of advanced set of operations will need this functionality.
    Till I find these functionalities, I believe the cosmetic changes in iWork will do little to convince people to switch to iWork and make use of its integration with iCloud.

    You are posting to fellow users.  To provide your opinion about Numbers to Apple use the menu item "Numbers > Provide Numbers Feedback"
    Many of us, like you, have severe reservations about the overall product.
    Best regards,

  • How to Configure E-mail and Chat functionalities

    Dear all,
    How to configure E-mail and Chat functionalities for IC Webclient.
    through IC Webclient ICI interface how can we configure E-mail functionality, As per my understanding, E-mails can be handled in a similar way of receiving phones.
    Where these E-mails can be stored?, Where we define agent E-mail id?
    being ICI is a multi channel support does it need SMPT server support? If No, would there be any difference in the functionality?
    How does CHAT functionality works?
    Please educate in above scenarios to get a better understanding.
    Your help will be highly appreciated.
    Best wishes
    Raghu ram

    Do you make any effort to search for your answers before you post your questions?  ERMS is the email response system
    The 2nd post on this board - Documentation for Interaction Center (IC) WebClient
    There is tons of stuff here to answer your questions as well as show you the configuration.  You need a 3rd party CTI solution to do chat that you will read about in the blog.
    SAP Notes
    759923 Frequently Asked Questions about IC WebClient
    940882 Frequently Asked Questions about ERMS
    882653 Frequently Asked Questions about Agent Inbox
    1114557 SAP CRM 2007 Internet Browser Releases
    1118231 Supported user interfaces for SAP CRM
    981710 Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
    1144511 Blank screen when starting CRM WebClient or IC WebClient
    1115493 CRM Web UI: Mandatory SICF services for CRM framework
    992848 Mandatory ICF nodes for CRM WebClient UI Framework
    IC WebClient Consultant Cookbook for CRM 2005
    Online Documentation
    Online Knowledge Products
    Blog: How to Configure Contact Center Simulator User Interface (CCSUI)
    Blog: What is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • XMDSD 2.1 SR01 additional functionalities

    Hi experts (Siva, Karthik, Larissa, etc...)
    Questions for xMDSD2.1 SR01:
    Is it possible to install xMDSD2,1 SR01 and xMAM3.0 for the same user? Or can the Signature capture component be deployed using Netweaver Admin within the same installation sequence for that user for xMDSD2.1? I 've worked in xMDSD2.0, xMDSD2.1 SR00 and SR01 and have not seen any of this functionalities, although they're coming for next xMDSD3.0 version and NW7.1. Is it possible to implement this with current landscape?
    MI Client 7.0 SP12
    DB2E 8.2.4
    Creme 3.27b
    MI Server 7.0 SP12
    ECC 6.0
    HW: Intermec 761 128RAM (num keypad)
    I'm currently on a project which has two mayor gaps for xMDSD2.1 SR01 in MI7.0 SP12. signature capture for xMDSD 2.1 (gif file attached to DSD_DELIV SyncBO and uploaded to Backend ECC6.0) and Printout archiving (this means, convert invoice report to PDF and upload it as binary file to MI Server and then extracted from MI to Backend IXOS archiving solution).

    Hi Frank,
    as larissa said, in MAM it is working pretty much like that: the data for signature and order is send to the backend, there it is taken and stored into IXOS for example. I do not see the problem here in such - but as you say, you would like to have it as a backup solution, I think you would like to see this like:
    not save the data only into SmartSync, but save it as well somewhere else and while the App crashes and SmartSync is not working, we have a least a backup. If this is the case, well, the text solution delivered may not be that performant, but it does not really happen that often to be absolutely condernd about it. On the other hand: at the end I do not see really another way to do that. Save the Order information in a textfile and the signature as well and in case of crash, read both informations from the stored location - pretty much like they do it (without the signature actually).
    Because SmartSync can not send images or BLOPS or how you may call it, the solution for this is pretty much like you already mentioned it: MAM splits the picture in parts, sends them to the backend and there it is stitched together again.
    If you need additional help on the custom development of the signature component, please contact me by mail, there I can explain you how you could implement it and so on.

  • Query Functionalities affected after Java patch application 20

    Hi ,
    We applied Java Patch 20 to our Development System.After this application we are getting Error in running the Bookmarks,error while creating complex formula and the functionalities like Back to Start,Back one Navigational Step are not working properly in BI 7.0 Queries.
    Thanks & Regards,

    We have run with this patch for a long time now and have never encountered an issue like this.
    Are you using JInitiator or the Java Plugin (recommended)?
    Have you tried clearing the JAR cache on the client? Your FMB's also might be corrupted somehow - have you tried rebuilding them on a Developer Suite with the exact same patch level as the Application Server?
    You could also try the new super-merge patch 7703734, which supersedes the previous super-merge 7482020, and see if that helps in any way.
    If that doesn't help, you should log an SR on Metalink and get Support to help you solving this.
    Hope this helps,

  • [SOLVED]no pos1 and end button functionalities in ZSH-shell

    Hi guys,
    I am wondering how I can configure zsh so that it can support position1 and end button functionalities. What I want is, for example:
    when I type something, or navigate through my folder structures and recognize that there is a typo at the beginning or in the middle, I want to be able to jump to the first character or to the last character once I, for instance, corrected the typo etc...?
    Is this possible?
    Last edited by Archie_Enthusiasm (2010-12-12 14:59:32)

    I have the following in my .zshrc
    # bindkey
    bindkey -e
    bindkey "\e[3~" delete-char
    # Home- und End-Keys.
    bindkey '\e[1~' beginning-of-line
    bindkey '\e[4~' end-of-line
    what are `\e[1~` and `le[4~`? My .zshrc configuration was working pretty fine on my previous linux systems (ubuntu, opensuse, fedora etc..)
    Why should they be coded differently? Can someone please explain this specific syntax?
    Very interestingly - my laptop keyboard has an extra numlock => There is a fn button (for changing the function of a button) => therefore I have
    - Pos 1 on 7 within the numlock
    - End on 1 within the numlock
    But when I turn off the numlock, I can jump to the beginning and end of the line by using 1 and 7 consequently. But I have two more extra buttons only for this pos1 and end purposes. I want to activate those buttons. And I do not know which code they have
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    hi guys, I am trying to make a report and i included a HTML footer in the report for signatues ,now i have a value in the same page i want it to be included in the report besides the "rceptionest Signautre"it can be ??can i include a value from the p

  • Error on testing connection in IDT

    Hello, I got a BI 4.1 SP03 over SBO. Connection is to MS SQL 12. got a strange error while trying to create measure inside IDT, after a while that evertyhing was working fine. Continued the 'investigation'  and found out the connection in the BO to t

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  • Put query iresults n tables and columns

    hello , i have this query and should display but i need it to be in a cells like rows and columns . just like a ecxel spread sheet but only in html. here is the code. what do i have to add to make this happen? thanks in adv <cfquery name="GetCompanie