2 MACs - Can I use .mac to sync POP emails from MAIL when traveling

I use Yahoo Business (POP) email with the MAC MAIL software. I use a PowerBook G4 at home and just got a new iBook G4 for travel. I want to set up the travel computer and MAIL to receive and send mail while on the road. 2 Questions:
1) In a perfect world: I want to sync the emails (both sent and received) I worked with on the road with my home computer so I don't have to re-do the work I just did on the road. Can I use .mac to sync my mailbox folders before downloading the messages at home or will this corrupt the library file and make me rebuild my folders every time? I know I can set up the MAIL account to leave the received message on the server for my home computer to download, but this causes a lot more work!
2) If (1) is not possible, how can I capture the files I sent on the road to my home computer SENT folder? I save all sent messages at home.

Via the .Mac website, you can have .Mac check the POP account's incoming mail server to download received messages from the POP account to your .Mac account's Inbox mailbox.
In the interim, send a change of email address to all contacts providing your .Mac email address and start sending messages with your .Mac account.
When creating a .Mac account in Mail - Drafts, Sent, Trash and Junk messages are stored on the server by default along with received messages. If you want to keep all these mailboxes/messages synchronized with Mail on both Macs, make sure these settings for the account are the same with Mail on both Macs.

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    I appreciate that, but it will still list the printer in your local location if things are set up properly and if it is you can print, if it isn't you can't, but you should be able to print it as a pdf, transfer the file to your local computer and print it from their.

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    The MobileMe sync function is for a MobileMe account only.
    I wasn't aware that ActiveSync allowed for syncing with non-Exchange accounts.
    You can have MobileMe check the incoming mail server for a POP account, or you can have your POP account forwarded to your MobileMe account or email address. The problem with this is when replying to or forwarding a message received from another account, the message will be sent from your MobileMe account.
    The Mail.app on your Mac includes a Reply To field for entering a different email address to appear as the email address to be used by a recipient when replying to a received message from another account, but the iPhone's Mail client does not include a Reply To field for the message header. With the Mail.app, I believe this muse be entered manually for each message.

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    With the introduction of iCloud, Apple has discontinued its "@mac.com" addresses support and has switched to Users using "@me.com" suffixes.  To utilize this you will need to setup an iCloud account with a new Apple ID. And Apple discontinued iChat and has switched to Messages.app, using Apple ID's.
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    Go step by step and check.
    1. Start up in Safe Mode.
    2. Backup your computer.
    3. Empty Trash.
    4. Re-index Macintosh HD.
        This will take a while. Wait until it is finished.
        System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy
    5.Try OmniDiskSweeper. This will show the storage size details of the items.
       Select Macintosh HD and click  “Sweep Selected Drive” at the bottom.
       Be careful. Delete only the files that can be safely  deleted. If you are not sure about any file, don’t touch it.

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    no ios is ARM based and all IOS devices have ARM cpu's
    osx is x86 based (and older version are also powerPc based)
    an os made for a cpu type can't run on another type of cpu

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    On all your personal Macs.

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    I have downloaded for 12 hours initial installation on one mac for mavericks, and all installed successfully. Rather than download again for another mac, can I use the same download and copy on to the other mac..and if yes, where will I find it?

    All you need to do is go to System Preferences > App Store and uncheck the automatic install of updates box, then download the Mavericks installer, and copy to a flash drive.  You will need a flash drive of 8 G B or more since the installer is around 5.3 GB.  The installer will be in Finder > Applications.  You can then copy that flash drive installer to the Applications folders in all the Macs you have that are capable of running Mavericks, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5842.
    When the installer runs, the last step in the installtion is for the installer to erase itself.  So makng a copy before the installer runs is essential if you want to avoid redownloading.
    Installing from the same installer does not cause problems for Macs on the same network.

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    I have recently moved from Thunderbird to SeaMonkey - much better and up to date with the latest Mozilla code.
    See my SeaMonkey page at: http://links.zero.eu.org/seamonkey/
    For PPC - download the latest SeaMonkey-ppc from:
    For Intel - download normal SeaMonkey from:
    Old versions of Thunderbird can be found here:
    The latest Thunderbird for PPC is 3.1.20.

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    Using Time Machine, or any other such program, to transfer Adobe software from one machine to another works probably less than five percent of the time. Uninstall from your new machine. Run the cleaner tool (do a search for Cleaner Tool on this site if you don't know what it is). Then reinstall properly from original media or downloads.

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    Yes you can use an 85W adapter with a MacBook that requires a 60W adapter. Not an issue.

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