About the Zen Touch power adapte

I bought a Zen Touch off Ebay and realized after I bought it, that it didn't come with a power adapter! It does come with a USB cable and they said you can charge it via computer. My question is: Is there any power adapter that can fit the zen touch? Can i just buy it at wal-mart? Or is there another product that has the same tip as the zen touch?

Here is a link to buy a brand-new AC power adapter. You can also buy replacement batteries from this site. Bookmark it!?http://store.l-f-l.com/cgi-bin/cp-ap...f=TESA3-050500?Cheers!?Sesquash

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  • Zen Micro Power Adapter w/ the ZenMicro Pho

    Well I bought a Zen MicroPhoto and unfortunatley it does not come with a hard travel-case nor a wall power adapter.. but, I purchased a Zen Micro before and thankfully have those accessories with me.. however, I wonder, can I use the Zen Micro power adapter with my ZenMicro photo The connection is the same, but I still am worried if something is different..
    Any insight would be greatly appericated,
    Thanks in advance!

    Yes, this is perfectly fine. Creative sells the same power adapter separately for the MicroPhoto. I use my Micro's. It gives more juice in a smaller period of time than the USB connection.

  • Does Zen micro power adapter charge Zen Vision

    i tied the good old power adapter on my Vision M but it seemed to charge it...a little...but then it didn't do anything so i'm wondering if i just need to try it again or does it not work period...

    i just happened to look in the instruction manual that came with the VM and it says absolutely nothing about NOT powering it through the AC adapter that was previously provided with the Zen Micro, not that i'm gonna lose sleep over it but why can't that power adapter charge the vision M?

  • A Petition to ask Creative to update the firmware of the Zen Touch to Include EAX capabiliti

    <SPAN>Hi. I have been looking for a new hard dri've MP3 player and am thinking about getting the Zen Touch. But I was unhappy that creative removed the EAX functions that were in their other players. I will be sending this to creative to show them that people do like EAX in the player. If you would like to help me with this you can post and leave your name. Thanks! This was taken off of the creative Zen Extra?s website describing EAX: <SPAN>Customize Your Audio Playback with Innovati've EAX? Technologies Advanced EQ lets you customize your music playback with Equalizer presets or set your own using the 4-band custom equalizer Smart Volume Management? adjusts the playback volume of all the tracks on your playlist so they will remain at the same level without you reaching for the volume control between songs! Time Scaling speeds up or slows down an audio track with no distortion Sleep Timer and Wake to Music Feature Environmental Effects simulate audio environments such as "Concert Hall" or "Arena" Spatialization Effects expand your soundstage
    <SPAN>See here: http://eax.creative.com/nomad/ To go to the EAX website to learn some more.
    <SPAN>If you look HERE on the little flash demo you can see in the LCD screen of the touch that this picture of the touch HAS EAX. If the touch had EAX and creative removed it just before selling it then it must be easy to put back in.
    <FONT color=#3300cc><SPAN>Update:
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    <FONT face="Times New Roman" color=#0000ff size=3>Hi everyone.
    <SPAN>So I just went through all through posts to see how many names we have, and it turns out that there was much more discution than I thought there was. With all the names from the thread and from what UT-king has added we have ~556~ names. Its less than what I thought it was, but its still really good.
    <SPAN>The thread has been read 6795 times, has been posted on 36 times, and has a 5 star rating.
    <SPAN>Thanks every one for helping me with this !
    <FONT face="Times New Roman" color=#0000ff size=3>Here is the post that has the signatures that UT-King has collected. <SPAN><FONT face="Times New Roman" color=#0000ff size=3>http://forums.americas.creative.com/creativelabs/board/message?board.id=dap&message.id=4732#M4732<FONT face="Times New Roman" color=#0000ff size=3> <SPAN>You will need to scroll down a bit as it is the 5th post on that page
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    Spetznaz24 wrote:
    <FONT face=Verdana size=>I agree, Creative needs to put the EAX function back and allow for it to be USB MASS Storage Device without drivers,
    <FONT face=Verdana size=>Sergey K.<FONT face=Verdana size=>
    I agree with the EAX Function back, and also the USB MASS Storage Device.dzyl-

  • Is The Zen Touch Sensitive To Moti

    I notice that everytime I use the Zen Touch in my car, or when I'm walking the player either locks up, randomly selects tracks, or just don't act right. But when I have it placed in one place, it plays just fine. Is this common with the Zen Touch? If so, is there anything that can be done about it's Thanks.

    I only have the lock button engaged when I'm in my car, or walking with the player, while I'm playing audio tracks. I use the pause/play button a lot also. That's when the problem begins.

  • Is the Zen Touch Compatible with Yahoo Music Unlimite

    i'm hoping to sign up for what looks like a pretty decent service at an acceptable price point. however i don't see the zen touch (mine is 20gb) on the list of compatible 'windows plays for sure' devices. i know the micro is.
    anyone know what the status is of the zen touch and if there is anything i can do about it if current software is not compatible? thanks!!

    cohenfi've wrote:
    it was easier to be patient before yahoo's $5 per month announcement!!
    thanks all....
    It's just a marketing <strike>scam</strike> scheme by Creative to force you to upgrade to the Zen Micro, or the upcoming Creative Zen 20GB.
    First they tell us an update for Xtra & Touch by 2nd quarter? Then delay it until god knows when... disappointing really

  • Is there lead in the Mag Safe power adapter's cord/cable?

    I was just wondering if there is lead in the Mag Safe power adapter's cord/cable specifically, and if there is any in apple's cords/cables in general. I couldn't find anywhere to email apple about it.

    I don't have specific information, but the power adapter is certified for use in the EU, and the EU has very strict lead-free requirements. Chances are the printed circuit board inside the power adapter also is manufactured with lead-free solder. Bismuth can be substituted for lead, though the resulting amalgam will have a higher melting point, so is harder to work with and increases assembly costs a little bit. Despite economic incentive to use lead, responsible manufacturing can avoid it.
    There are probably much more significant exposure risks in your environment than the cord on your MacBook charger. If your home is over 20 years old and has copper pipes, chances are they were sweated together with lead bearing solder. Also, old faucets often contain lead in their parts.
    Even if the cord did contain lead, it isn't likely to ablate into your environment; avoid chewing on the cord, and don't allow children or pets to chew the cord either.

  • What cause the ZEN Touch 2 to freeze?

    I've (finally) received my ZEN Touch 2 with GPS two days ago, and it truly is a fantastic MP3 Player. But guess what? Today, for the first time, it really did froze, using the N64oid emulator. When the ZEN is lagging, I'm simply waiting, and it work like a charm a few seconds later. But now, it was completely frozen. Touch Screen, Power button... Tried connecting to computer, no reaction.
    So in a bad mood, I tried reseting the unit, which I'm obviously not suposed to do often, I had a hard time. First, the reset hole is way too tiny!? Even with a paper clip or a pencil mine, this is ridiculously hard!? First, I even used the wrong hole, I though this was the reset hole, so yeah, the paper clip got inside the ZEN... Truly awesome. After all, I managed to remove it.
    And then, seemed like I got it, ZEN resetted, when I thought it was completely screwed, only two days after I received it!
    It seems to work correctly, now. Needless to saw I deleted the data, application and ROMs of N64oid, the right way (Along with PSXoid, which I haven't tested, but is probably similar.). When I first tried Super Mario 64, it was playable, at an OK speed. But today, I tried others ROMs, like Donkey Kong 64, or Tony Hawks Pro Skater, without a doubt, that was asking too much from the ZEN, since I couldn't pass the main menu.
    So now I really hope my ZEN will last,?Creative. I'm in Quebec, got it from California. Needed to ship it to Plattsburgh by Amazon.com, and to be fowarded to my house, since you unfortunately do not ship to Canada.
    I still have a one year warrantee, but undestand me, I?absolutely wouldn't want to ship it to Creative?in?the US, then get it shipped back to Plattsburgh, and then to my home. That'll cost me hell (Again)!
    Alright,?I'll?now like to know what cause the ZEN Touch 2 to freeze? In my case, that was the emulator that was too advanced for the ZEN (And since it doesn't support multi-touch, it's hardly playable without a USB keyboard or gamepad (Possible?), or Wiimote). ?I don't have applications running?in the backgroung, only one at a time.
    How can I avoid my ZEN to freeze again?
    Oh yes, one more question. Why when I start some applications, it instantly shut ("The application [...] (process com [...] has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.") ? How can I fix this?
    Thanks for the reply.

    )?Thanks for the reply.
    I unistalled many 3rd Party APPs (Only /3 were booting, anyways), and I can already see a huge difference with the fluidity of the menu. It's also turning on faster.
    I already uninstalled N64oid, but kept the others 2D emulators, never had a problem with them, they run without lagging.
    What's odd, however, I downloaded Firefox from ZiiO Space, ran it, and the ZEN went pretty much crazy; black screen, I tried to get back to the menu, pressing buttons and all that, and then the ZEN vibrated like hell, perhaps because I pressed the buttons a lot of time. I finally made it, without resetting, but that was freaking scary. Oo
    Uninstalled Firefox. I find it strange that I downloaded it from ZiiO Space, and that it doesn't work like normal.
    I'll try to be more careful while downloading APPs, if I can.
    I appreciate the reply.

  • I've decided to go with the Zen Touch. Any advi

    hey guys, through all the research, i've decided to go with the zen touch 20gb (unless i find out what price the 40 will be sold at). Anyway, I'm planning on getting one by the end of the week. Anyone have any advice on first things to do? are there any upgrades or downloads i should get right off the bat? by any chance are there any nuances that the player has that it would be important to know? any common problems that there is a way of avoiding? any information would be great. im getting it from amazon.com for 99, well that is unless i can find an actual store that actually carries it, which im sure i wont. im excited...thanks guys.

    Since the player is very new, there havn't been any updates for the firmware, if that's what you're wondering. I personally don't own a Touch, rather, I have an Xtra, but basically just follow the instructions on the installation manual (usually tells you to charge the device for x amount of hours, how to connect the device to your computer, install the included software, etc).
    The only thing that is notable about the Touch is that when you first get it, the touchpad takes a while to get used to... or so I've heard.
    Oh, and someone found the 40GB version at http://www.ecost.com/ecost/ecsplash/...asp?dpno=65048
    Dunno if this is for real or not though

  • The ZEN Touch Fix... Buy an IPOD.

    Let?s compare ZEN Touch and Apple IPOD.
    ? Does IPod have plenty of accessories from third party suppliers like Bose ? YES
    ? Does Zen Touch have plenty of accessories ?. NO.
    ? Does the all the Zen Touch features like the ability to use it as an external file share work? NO.
    ? Does Creative Lie, Lie, Lie and ignore their faithful customers? YES
    ? Do the Zen Touch owners have a clue as to when their firmware upgrade announced last October will be out? NO
    This looks good for Apple and IPod.
    Not to good for Creative. This is what happens when you are successful. You screw faithful customers.
    Guess what. I am no longer a faithful customer and I have been one since their first 8 bit sound blaster card.
    Last but not least. Don?t forget DO NOT TO BUY CREATIVE. I will be sure to share this feeling to anyone who will listen. If I see someone buying a Creative product I will let them know their on their own if there is trouble. It?s better to buy a non creative product?..
    Ticked off Zen Touch owner.

    JK23 wrote:
    Be patient. You shouldn't hold Creative to statements released by CNET. Even if Creative itself announced anticipating the release of new firmware by a certain date, it is a goal, not a firm promise. One should always buy a product for its current capabilities, not what it might do in the future.
    With all due respect, a lot of people say the same thing as you said (I do when talking about motherboard and CPU tech with people who want to know what to buy), but they aren't seeing the "big picture." Promises of features to come should ALWAYS be treated with skepticism, especially if you hear rumor or speculation about missed release dates for things such as firmware updates. However, the truth of the matter is that a pattern of events such as announcing an anticipated date of release, failing to make it happen on said date, and no update put forth by any form of pr, are potential indicators of problems within the company. Just how extensi've those problems are cannot be determined until more concrete proof is established, but the fact that such indicators are noticeable should serve as a warning sign to buyers (new and returning alike).
    Creative must be very careful in this area as the DAP/MP3 player market has the potential to reach a far, far wider and varied range of customers, many of whom have never bought a Creative product of any kind in the past. Too many problems, and it could become a spotlight casting a negati've light on Creative's entire collection of products, whether or not they are experiencing the same sort of product release and support problems as the Zen / MuVo lines have.

  • Questions about the Zen TO

    i am planning to buy the zen touch because its cheap and a good value, but however, the lack of accessories scares me a little. Will creative design a case especially for it, because its really not comfortable taking it out and putting it back in with the included case, creative needs to make a case that allows users to use the touch without taking it out. I heard creative is going to release a brand new firmware for the touch, i really think the folks at creative need to bring back the eax feature, the calendar just like the old zen xtra.
    Here are my questions though,
    If i buy the fm wired remote for the touch, will that activate the eax function,
    also is there any docks availible for the zen touch, i read somewhere that the belkin dock for dell dj is compatible with the touch, i just want to confirm with the creative staff that this is compatible so it doesnt destroy my touch when i buy it.
    Thanks for any replies,

    The FM Wired Remote will not activate EAX on the Zen Touch. This has to be incorporated directly into the player and it is not at this time. I do not have any information on new cases however I will pass your case suggestion on. I also cannot guarantee anything about 3rd party adaptors made for other products.

  • Why is the Zen Touch.

    I just wanted know know one thing, WHY DID YOU GUYS MAKE THE SMALLER ONES BETTER THAN THIS?!?!?! I own a 40gb creative zen touch and a friend of mine has a smaller 5gb one with exactly everything the touch has except the touch pad on the smaller one is better (liek the design you guys decided to choose) and having radio, as well as having the mic thing where you can record anything without using your computer. For example you can record important meetings in case you miss something out during the meeting without have a microphone connected to the computer to record. (if you dont know what i mean well i mean you just have the mp3 and you put the record function on during a conversation and you can listen to it afterwards instead of using a regular computer with a microphone at home...)
    Anyway my whole point is why make the smaller ones better than the bigger ones? 20-40gb is very nice but why make some smaller ones better and more options to work with? Is it because the Zen Touch's are older and the smaller ones are newer?
    This makes me want to get a refund now and get a Zen Vision or whatever can do Radio/Music/Pictures/videos/mic recording/lots of size (20gb or 40gb).
    Basically this sounds like a media source player but i have no idea since the things are so big and can barely fit in a pocket.
    Please respond in advance and thank you for your time.
    EDIT: I forgot to ask, why is the Zen Touch so thick?Message Edited by Someguy0 on 0-23-2006 :53 PM

    The reason (I speculate) that the Zen Touch doesn't have all the features that the Zen Micro has is because it is a much older player. It was made before Creative started putting FM radio adn Microphones in all their players.
    And it is so thick because of the 24 hour battery, which takes up a good part of the player.

  • Is the Zen Touch 2 compatible with micro SDHC?

    The specifications page on the creative website showed that the Zen Touch 2 was compatible with micro SD cards, but now I'm wondering if it's compatible with the micro SDHC?
    In advance thanks,

    I know this was posted some time ago... But I thought I would add the page where Creative tells us which micro sdhc cards (and card class) they would like us to use:

  • Is the Zen Touch Mac Compatib

    My Cousin has an iMac and i'm visiting him and I was wondering if I could transfer tunes from his computer to my Zen Touch. Also, is the zen touch like the ipod where it will only support syncing with one computer. Where it makes you delete everything on the device before setting up another partnership.

    > we dont take kindly to apples round here...u know if it
    > dont got a usb port then it work wrk either...i know it
    > sounds stupid but i've seen apple computers without usb
    > ports...wat were they thinking
    Duh -- probably the same thing the _PC_ makers were thinking back before USB was invented!
    I agree -- your childish anti-Mac rant _does_ sound stupid.
    Thanks for sharing ;-/

  • Whatever happened to the Zen Touch EAX Petiti

    I saw it a while back and now it doesn't seem to be anywhere. Was there any word on what is going to happen? Is Creative considering it's

    Dear Justin,
    The Zen Touch 40GB does not have EAX effects and we do not know when the
    firmware update will be released.
    Please, keep checking on our website or register your email address so
    that we can notify you when new updates becomes available.
    We appreciate your interest.
    Please retain all the previous correspondence when replying to this
    Best Regards
    Direct Sales
    Creative Labs Americas
    "Get Creative"Message Edited by Jason-CL on 02-8-2005 02:35 AM

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