Adding E2500 as second router but it won't let me change IP address

I've been looking all over for some posts on this, to no avail. So that's why new post.
Was using E2500 router for my mom's router (so I could install a Roku).  All went well, until a couple of months ago, it just sponaneously stopped working. (Go figure.) To make a long story short, I ended up reinstalling the firmware and then when it failed again, I bought her another router to get her up and going. I figured, I'll use the e2500 to add it to my own network to extend the coverage etc.
I understand that I need to log onto the router just PC to router to reconfigure:  disable DHCP and set IP address to Yes, i have read many posts in the KB; particularly of use was the one on cascading routers.  I'm going LAN to LAN, and basically just want to make the e2500 into an access point that I can both plug into and use wirelessly. (I will be running cable through my basement from one end of the house to the other.)
I should note that I turn off my Wifi on my laptop (Win 7) so as to not pick up the signal from my main router (E3000) and of course I disconnect from LAN.  Also I have done a factory reset on the e2500 (30 30 30 rule). (Although, when I get logged on, it somehow remembers the name I gave it when it was at my Mom's....weird, no matter how many times I do it.)
First of all, every time I log onto the router, it makes me re-upload the firmware (and wait and wait) every time. OK.
I log onto the e2500, just PC to router, after it prompts me to upgrade the firmware, I'm in.  On one of these rounds, I turned off DHCP, and that seems to "stick".  HOWEVER, when I change the IP address to  and/or change the router name to the name I want, when I click Save, it just takes me out to the logon again.  And it doesn't save the new IP address or name, which I see when I go to the page to verify. 
OK so I'll keep the old name, just let me change that one digit in the IP address.  No go.  
I've spent so much time on this, both here and at my mom's.  This router has been very difficult to work with.  What should I do?  Thanks for any and all help.
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as soon as you turn off dhcp then your pc can't get served an ip anymore. So, two choices, set your pc to a static ip before you start or set the ip of the router then turn off dhcp on the router and then connect it to the main router so it will serve your pc an ip from the main router. but from all the other issues you mentioned it sounds like it may be a bad router at this point. maybe it got a power hit or something?

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