Asset balance transfer is showing blank in AW01N

One user created asset under wrong asset class and one month depreciation was posted of that wrong asset. in the month of september. Now user has created new asset under proper asset class and made balance transfer from wrong asset to newly created asset through ABUMN in month of October i.e, period 7. In ABUMN we have transfered to New Asset  field. After successful balance transfer old asset become deactivated and balance has come to new asset but through AW01N I cannot see the balance which is showing blank under planned value, posted values. Even new asset's first acquisition on date and Acquistion Year is showing as blank.
How it can be rectified ?

Hi Srinivasa,
during balance transfer through ABUMN I used old asset number in Asset Field, Document date, posting date, asset value date and under Transfer to tab I put new asset number in New Asset Field - Mster data - Asset Class - Company Code/Asst Number and made tick on subnumber and simulated finally. Accounting document generated properly. Even through FS10N I can see GL balance also against this asset number. But if I go through AS02 or AS03 or AW01N it is showing as blank. No values are showing. I think I made mistake in ABUMN, instead of putting value under Existing Asset field I wrongly used New asset. As a result I cannot see the date under "First Acquisition on" and ""Acquisition Year". What should I do ? Should I cancel the asset again and create new asset and transfer again or any other procedure . Becasue if First Acquisition on date and Acquisition Year appear in asset master against this new asset, automatically value will in Aw01n.

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  • Asset balance transfer from common profit center to other

    When we uploaded the asset balances we use common profit centers and we want to change it to correct one now.
    We cannot do manual entries since it is a reconciliation account. Please let us know how do we transfer the balances.
    it is very urgent.

    U cannot change the assets once it is created.u can transfer the assets to new asset class(also to new cost center) without doing any manual uploads.postings have to be done repostings again.
    The Tcode is AUMN.
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  • Asset balance transfer -1kei

    When we are transfering the balances in Assets in Profit center using 1KEI ,a balance of 1000 is transfered to a particular profitcenter for an asset balancesheet account for period 1.But actually when i goto 2KEE or GLPCT table the amount is rs 3000 but in KE5Z it shows 1000.Even in 2KEE if double click that amount it still shows me rs 1000 for period 1.
    Then again in period 2 transfering the balances in Assets in Profit center using 1KEI ,a balance of 1000 is transfered to same profitcenter for the  asset balancesheet account for period 1.But in 2KEE it shows as -3000 and if i double click that amount it shows 1000.Where from are the values is updated GLPCT table.I cant find this values 3000 in period 1 or -3000 in period in KE5Z.How does the table GLPCA get updated.

    GLPCT tabel is a totals table and it shows summarised total of the transaction. You need to see line item table GLPCA or line item report KE5Z.
    Trust this helps much!

  • Planned depreciation not showing in the AW01n for current FY

    Hi Experts,
    I have an issue on Planned Depreciation and the issue as below.
    I have created an Asset with Dep.start date is 10.05.2011 and my Fiscal year is Jan- Dec with 445 posting periods. I have posted Acquisition with the value of 10,000 through F-90. When i check the Asset Explorer through AW01n its not showing Planned deprecation in the Posted Values tab and in Comparisons tab its showing the Dep. from 2012 onwards till useful life and here in 2012 its showing the dep.value from May to Dec only, and also its not showing Dep.value for 2011 year ( showing blank).
    If i post the acquistion in 2010, its showing the depreciation from 2011 onwards and also for 2010 year its not showing any planned deprecation.
    In Dep. calculation it means  % of dep. and every thing is ok. ( its showing the values as per the % stated in dep.key)
    I have posted the same scenario to another company code and its showing planned deprecation for 2011 year.
    May i know the missed config settings to view planned depreciation.
    kindly provide your valuable solution

    When i click the Dep. calculation its showing as below
    Type     To Period         Period Factor     Percentage     Curr.APC
    N                 164             0.45055                     0                 0
    N                 364             0.54945                 0.125               45,000
    thanks & regards,

  • PS report does not equal to asset balance report

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    We have this problem where PS report S_ALR_87013557 is showing higher amount than the Asset Balances report S_ALR_87011964.
    Have checked on the transactions and found out that some postings are not yet settled to asset that is why the amount is different. However, there are instances that settlement has been done to Asset but it did not reflect to Asset Balances report. Is there a way or report so that I can further check on discrepancy?
    Also, is there any existing report where I can view all postings made to WBS element or even project definition?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Ahmed,
    Thanks for your response.
    Receiver in settlement rule is  fixed asset, but some did not have WBS in asset master, maybe this is the reason.
    Have checked report S_ALR_87013558, though I'm not sure what is Commitment column all about?
    Can any one help the purpose of the commitment column and in what scenario it will reflect to actual column?
    Appreciate any inputs on this. Thank you.

  • Opening and closing balance difference is showing from 2010 to 2011 F.year

    Dear All,
    Opening and closing balance difference is showing for Main Cash(Cash in h)
    End of fiscal year 2010 closing Balance 85,451,909.70
    Opening Balance 2011 is showing as 85,450,909.70  
    Rs 1000 difference is coming.
    Please suggest if any Note is there?

    Somes after year end for audit / management adjustment entries postings done with previous year.
    Execute N no of times Balance carry forward T.Code: FAGLGVTR  until you get your closing balances & opening balances are the same. it is not harm to execute again & again.
    up to 4.7EE for balance transfer you can use T.Code:F.16 from ECC 5 / 6 use tcode for balance transfer FAGLGVTR
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  • Report S_ALR_87012000 Asset Register does not show correct values sums

    I've taken a look at S_ALR_87012000 transaction - Asset Register (Italy) after an Assets Data transfer and something strange happens:
    1-  the sum of column Depreciation for year is not correct. It is a little bit strange because the single assets depreciation for year is correct. The same problem is in report S_ALR_87011990  - Asset history sheet
    2- if I put  an asset number range or the asset class in the report selection screen the report does not show some of the assets included in the range or in the asset class.
    Could you explain me why? Is there some program bug?
    Thanks in advance

    If you are executing the reports for previous / future years - execute them as of last day of the fiscal year
    The execution for current year can have any date of the fiscal year for report execution
    BR,Ajay M

  • Error in report S_ALR_87011964 [Asset Balances]

    I am facing an issue with asset balance report generated through S_ALR_87011964.
    Issue details
    Asset Value - 10,000 US$
    Life - 10 Yrs
    Method - Straight line method
    Date of purchase - 01.01.2008
    Depn per annum - 1,000 US$
    While i run the report as on 31-Dec-2008 Accumulated balance generated through S_ALR_87011964 and GL account balance report from FBL3N is matching perfectly. US$ 1000 in both the reports.
    But when i run the report S_ALR_87011964 and FBL3N amount captured in S_ALR_87011964  is half of the Amount posted in GL accounts
    Accumulated Depn posted(report through FBL3N all the relevant GL accounts are included)as on 31-3-2009 = US$ 1,300 US$ 1000+300(as on 31st Dec 08 + depn till march 2009)
    Where as accumulated depn as per S_ALR_87011964 report = US$ 1,150. US$ 1000+150(as on 31st Dec 08 + depn till march 2009).
    Planned depn as per AW01N is US$ 100 Per month.
    How can i solve this issue,
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    When you click on the button All selections select then the option current book value.
    The report is a simulation in the most cases the values are the same but with some depreciation keys not.
    When it is for a periodical postings depreciation area do then first the periodical posting run
    ASKB - APC Values Posting

  • Asset Balances Report

    Dear All,
    In the asset balances report listed below, how can I show the cost center in the report itself.
    S_ALR_87011963 - ... by Asset Number
    S_ALR_87011964 - ... by Asset Class
    S_ALR_87011965 - ... by Business Area
    S_ALR_87011966 - ... by Cost Center
    S_ALR_87011967 - ... by Plant
    S_ALR_87011968 - ... by Location
    S_ALR_87011969 - ... by Asset Super Number
    S_ALR_87011970 - ... by Worklist
    I tried to execute the reports but when you change the layout the cost center column/set is not available in the list.
    But if you check the asset master data in AS03, the cost center field was indicated under the time-dependent tab.
    Kindly advise on how I can show the cost center in these reports.

    Hi Ellicec
    This should help you.

  • Asset Balances not matching with G.L accounts

    we some issue in asset accounting, the asset balances is not matching with g.l accounts, there are some amount which is updated in asset but it is not updated in G.Laccounts,
    how to match the asset balances with g.l accounts , when i run the ABST2 it showing the difference amount , how to adjust this amount in the G.l account

    You need to pass some manual entries through OASV.
    Values appear in asset reports are coming from AS91.
    Entries passed through OASV are update in gl accounts.
    Before passing the entries please check the values.
    Hope this will clear.

  • Add report assignment to AR01 (Asset Balances)?

    AR01-Asset Balances can be drilled-down to Asset Explorer (AW01N) via report interface/assignment.  Can we add report assignment AS03 to report AR01?
    For reports developed using Report Painter/Writer, we cannot change SAP-delivered reports/report groups but we can add report assignment to them.  Any feedback is appreciated.

    Hi Rashmi
    1) If you are in the output list of RABEST_ALV01,  press the Button u201Cchange layoutu201D (CTRL F8). On the right you have a pool of u201Chidden fieldsu201D. Put this fields to the left and you have this columns in the output list.
    2) If the field (column) that you want is not in the standard you can use note 335065. In the note is  described the way how you can put the field in the include CI_REPRABEST of the structure FIAA_SALVTAB_RABEST.          
    (This is for all ALV-Reports expect  RASIMU* and RAKOPL*).  You can take all fields from ANLAV (ANLA, ANLU und ANLZ).    
    Therefore it works for ANLA-ANLUE.                                                                               
    Additionally you can use the SORT functionality of the SAP List Viewer on the output list                                                                               
    If you want to SORT in a certain manner directly after starting the  report, you can create a LAYOUT which stores the SORT information.
    Have a nice weekend

  • Asset Balances report to include retired assets

    We added custom fields into the standard Asset Balances report (AR01).  It works fine as it shows the real time asset balances.  But the report does not include retired/sold assets. 
    Can the selection parameters of Asset Balances be changed to include assets that have been sold/retired (ANEK-TCode: ABAON)?

    Run the report in the past or sellect other AM non BALANCES reports.

  • GSBER field not registered when posting under tx. OASV for balance transfer

    Dear gurus,
    We are facing a problem when using OASV transaction for balances transfer in our fixed assets reconciliation accounts, because even we enter "GSBER - Business Area" field in the corresponding positions the system does not register it if we definetively post the document.
    We are working on a SAP_APPL SAPKH60006.
    Does anybody know how to solve this problem?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Lidia Fernández
    P.D. HELP we are to do the transfer on our productive system this very saturday!!!!
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    Hi I tested this in our 4.6 and in ECC6 in both cases it update the BA.
    An other option you can use the transaction ABF1.
    Fill in
    Deb pst key 70  asset rec account and trand type 100
    second screen
    Ammount + BA (dont fill in an asset number
    Cred pst key 75  asset rec account and trand type 100
    Cred pst 50 offset account (div between aquasition and depreciation)
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  • T-code for Asset balances

    Dear All ,
    Can somebody tell me what is the <b>t-code for Asset balances</b> . Actually I want to do the BDC recording for that .
    Thanks in advance

      You can Go to SAP Menu..
    Go to SAP Menu: Accounting -> Financial accounting -> Fixed assets -> Information system -> Reports on Asset Accounting -> Asset Balances -> Balance Lists -> Asset Balances -> by Asset Class
    Transaction Code:  S_ALR_87011964
    The Asset Balances report can be run using various report options.  The report is designed to allow for reporting of Asset Balances such as Acquisition Costs, Accumulated Depreciation, and Net Book Value.  It normally would be used to show a balance for a specified Cost Center or Asset Class.
    The report can be run using the following options:
    • by asset number
    • by asset class
    • by cost center
    • by location
    Reward Points and Close the Thread..

  • Balance Transfer

    I have a query about the balance transfer. we have a G/L Account 2045440. It has some balance in it. I want to make that balance to zero, meaning to move the balance from one account to another account.  I know that we can make a journal posting in FB50 and move it but one of my colleague said that we need to make a Goods Movement as we need to go according to material and plant stuff.
    work i made till now:
    1) I pulled the Balance Amount of the G/L Account from T-Code FS10N for Fiscal Year 2007.
    2) I pulled all the related postings and the corresponding materials from T-Code SE16 and Table BSEG. I found that there are materials more than 500 and like 30000 postings.
    My Colleague told me that we need to do the Goods Movement from Inventory Account to Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Account, but for that we need to create a sales order and rest of the things. can you please tell the corresponding Movement Types involved.
    I am trying to understand the scenario but can someone help me in this regard.
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            shriya mathur

    baller4life wrote:
    Don't count on Chase to give you a high enough limit to do a bt. They are notorious for giving low limits on Slate for some reason.Always consider the source.  People applying for BT cards tend to have high utilization.  High utilization will restrict the limit that one qualifies for as well as APR. buttercup0427 wrote:
    What are my chances of getting a CL high enough to combine balances?
    We can't tell you that.  However, you need to keep utilization on the card you intend to use for BT'ing.  If you need $X to cover the balances then you'll need quite a bit more than $X to keep its utilization in check.  That is, unless you intend to pay off $X within a few months. Keep in mind that the general advice is do not exceed 30%.  You could probably push it to 50% for a short period of time.  Short term high utilization generally isn't an issue but prologned high utilization can lead to adverse action. buttercup0427 wrote:
    How quickly does an inquiry show up on a credit report anyway?
    Immediately. buttercup0427 wrote:
    I'm in No Cal. Which bureau would Chase pull from?
    Google the Credit Pulls Database but keep in mind that multiple pulls are always a possiblity.

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