Barcode in Oracle 10g Reports

I want to print the barcode based on the serial number stored in the database.
I tried downloading tools but it is working fine.
Kindly help me in this regard.

one way is to have the barcode font at the server and then you can embedd this font to your pdf. Have a look at Note 210318.1 and Note 207711.1 in metalink to see, how to embedd/subset a font.
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  • Use css file in oracle 10g report builder

    hi every one
    i am using oracle 10g report buidler. i want control paramform by usign css file.
    any body have idea how can i use css file in oracle report builder 10g and how can i modify it's path and i how can i manage any css class on a perticular field.

    Thanks Billy.
    Yes you are right.
    Here why I discarded that option is,
    I may get the source files with changing layouts.
    My Actual scenario is as follows.
    Initially we developped all the things using PL/SQL packages. Its working fine.
    But as per the inputs we received from requirements group, the file structure changes dynamically. and we would able to consider those new columns also. We should be able to changes the rules dynamically.
    Lets say, we doing fullouter join on Src_A and Src_B. on columns col1_A and col1_B.
    Now the requirement changes in a way that, the join should be done on Src_A and Src_C. on columns col1_A and col_C.
    For this I need to define a new package.
    Instead of that, I would like to do everything dynamically based on configuration parameters given as input.
    Thank you,
    Gowtham Sen

  • How to embed/show an image file (.jpeg or .jpg or .png) into a Oracle 10g report file (.rdf)

    Hi All,
    Morning , have an urgent requirement and need some guidance regards this.
    we are currently having an existing Oracle 10g reports file (.rdf)  lets say with name : Testing1.rdf .
    The report output is getting generated in a pdf format . it opens up in a pdf format..
    Now we want to embed an image file lets say : (logo.jpeg or logo.gif  ) into the report run time the image from the image file should show up in the report output.
    Could someone please help as to how this could be achieved..and what approach we could follow for this...
    with regards
    Thanks as always !!

    Hi All,
    Morning ...just a follow up question to this original post : embedding the image files at runtime into an Oracle Report..
    We were able to achieve this by entering the folder location where the image files are place on the server in the REPORTS_PATH env variable in the file.
    Then we update this filename like file1.jpg into a table and from there we fetch this in the Oracle Reports data model directly.
    for The layout field we select the option as Image.
    All this works fine..
    Issue : The resolution of the embedded image in the generated report output is very low ...means the image appears there but it is not very clearly visible there any way we could improve the IMAGE RESOLUTION in the report output....?????
    With regards

  • Showing Oracle 10g reports in Dashboard?

    Oracle Business Intelligence Release on Windows 2003 EE R2
    Oracle 10gR1 on Windows 2003 EE R2
    We have to show Oracle Reports 10i in Oracle Busines Publisher.
    Resolving failure:
    Conversion of current reports to "xdo" and placing them to Reports directory was successful but each report has to be additionally edited (originally was invalid). Beside that editing, conversion generated a lots of packages because all logic is in reports and not in database (sorry but thi si cost of previous programming techniques) so our database will look like a polygon of naming conventions in package part.... And at the end if we accept all connection with source report is lost so any change to original Oracle report has to be separatelly managed in BI. After mentioned facts we decide this is not acceptable.
    So now we as how to place direct link to original Oracle 10g Reports, which should be placed in Dashboards. Any thoughts on this or any additional suggestion is more then welcome...
    Damir Vadas

    1) when generating a report you can use a "save in directory" method. Refer to your helpfiles, how to do it
    2) copy the question in the report-forum, if 1) didn't help you

  • Regarding T Bar in Oracle 10g Reports

         We have the requirement to generate line graph report to meet the following requirement.
         The graph must be draw 4 horizontal lines.
         In these 4 lines, two lines displayed in the top and two lines in the bottom.
    The bottom two horizontal lines should be drawn along with vertical lines(T bars ) for      every x values.
         This graph is actually a combination graph which have both horizontal lines and T Bars.
         We have been recommended to use Oracle 10G Report builder to build this kind of report.
         We tried all the option available in the reporting tool, we could not able to represent T bars.     
         Is it possible to generate report with T bars using Oracle 10G
    reporting tool.
    Thanks & Regards,

    I am calling report though hyperlink from one report to another report.
    i have report state master with state_code,state_name column and i create hyperlink on state code that will call city report to show all city of selected state. hyperlink path as below\\\tims\Reports\Source\STATE_mas.jsp&desformat=htmlcss&destype=cache&userid=xyz/xyz@hello

  • Printing Oracle 10g Reports in Line Matrix Printers

    I encountered problem when printing a generated report in Oracle 10g Reports to a Line Printer. When the report is in PDF format, the fonts when printed on line printers become scattered and the orientation of the report rotates 90 degrees. If I use HTMLCSS format, the pages are not of fixed size. Please help me.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Setup CUPS Printing Environment in Linux / Unix (on many modern Linux systems, CUPS is the default Printing System at the moment). The details of setup / build of CUPS is beyond the scope of this article. For details, please visit CUPS sites and documentation :
    The setup of CUPS is complete for our purposes, once you are able to print PDF documents directly from unix shell as follows :
    $ PRINTER=yourprinter
    $ export PRINTER
    $ lp test.pdf
    $ lpr test.pdf
    * The "yourprinter" above should be substituted with the name of your printer queue defined in CUPS and "test.pdf" is any pdf document available on this server.
    2. In, set the following parameter and restart the Report Server:
    3. Setup PDF functionality (including Font Subsetting / Embedding etc) to display the output as required in PDF format. To check this, run the report with the option "...destype=cache&desformat=PDF...".
    4. Run the report with parameters "...&desformat=PDF&destype=printer&desname=yourprinter&...."
    This way, Reports Server generates a PDF file in cache and sends it to CUPS printer queue, ie the "desformat=pdf" option is no longer ignored with "destype=printer".

  • Oracle 10g Reports Server - problem authenticating against DB

    I have a problem with Oracle 10g Reports server authenticating against an Oracle RDBMS.
    When I try to run reports, an authentication form screen is presented, with the password field empty (the URL in explorer that loads this page contains the username and DB instance, but is missing the password) and the following error message:
    REP-51018: Need database user authentication
    When the password is entered into the empty field in the form and submitted, another 2 authentication errors are given.
    REP-51018: Need database user authentication
    REP-12545: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist
    When the URL in the browser location field is manually altered to include the DB password, the reports are authenticated fine.
    Any ideas which config file I should be looking in?
    Any pointers would, of course, be much appreciated.

    Hello, i finally have discovered what was happening, it has to be with the way FreeBSD passes the password field. By default FreeBSD passes the password field with a '*' while Oracle Linux (and Red Hat clones) expect an 'x' to look into shadow maps (Linux uses the '*' character in the password file to not allow login to that user).
    To solve it the password field served by the NIS server must be substituted, which is accomplished with nsswitch.conf and adding a line to the /etc/password file on the NIS Client, so the final files will look this way:
    # nsswitch.conf (compat directive allows us to use the '+' sintaxis in /etc/passwd file)
    passwd files compat
    # /etc/passwd (just add at the end of file)

  • Oracle 10g reports migration to Oracle 11g migration

    I have migrated oracle 10g reports to Oracle 11g reports and generated REP file. But when we execute REP file using RWRUN.EXE I am getting below error.
    ERR REP-50125: rwbuilder.conf:java.lang.NullPointerException
    ERR java.lang.NullPointerException
    to avoid this I tried below work arround which was posted in "" URL. but not success.
    1. Go to C:\Oracle\Middleware\asinst_1\config\FRComponent\frcommon\tools\admin
    2. Make a backup of the file 'cauprefs.ora'
    3. Open up the file in a text editor:
    --In the file, look for:
    Reports.PluggableDataSourceFactories =
    --Replace the value to: Reports.PluggableDataSourceFactories = ()
    4. Save the file and try running Reports Builder again. Data Model should open up without crashing.
    Could you please help me to resolve this issue.

    When I use rwrun.bat report is not invoking i use below command line. I am executing rwrun.bat from C:\Oracle\Middleware\asinst_1\config\reports\bin path.
    rwrun.bat report="C:\Program Files\prnsrv\advices\01\bcacuchq.rep" userid=dbuserid/[email protected] desformat=pdf DESTYPE=file DESNAME="c:\temp\test.pdf" TRACEFILE="C:\TEMP\test.LOG" PRM_BRCH_CODE=781 PRM_PROD_CODE=BC PRM_PROD_REF_ID=BC11100142 PRM_ORDER_COL=DELIVERY_MODE PRM_CHQ_RPT=Y
    and log is generating as below
    LOG :
    Report: C:\Program Files\prnsrv\advices\01\bcacuchq.rep
    Logged onto server:
    *** Starting up the JVM ***
    JVM CLASSPATH variable is:
    *** JVM started successfully ***

  • Downloading  of Oracle 10g Reports developer guide

    I have to download Oracle 10g Reports developer guide in pdf format.
    so can you please send me exact URL of it .

    Building Reports:
    Publishing Reports to the Web:

  • Samples template for oracle 10g reports

    I need a oracle 10g reports sample templates were we need to make modifications and use it.
    if any body has the sample templates can share with me or where can i get the sample templates.
    Please advice.

    In your $ORACLE_DEV_HOME/reports/templates, there are many template examples (they are actually all the same, just different colors). I would start with one of those templates and work forward. Make sure to read about templates in the online help, as applying them can override any changes you made to a report. Also read about how inheritence works in templates.

  • Urgent -Oracle 10g - report is getting printed square of no of copies

    Hi All,
    I am printing oracle 10g report from form using server side printer. If I specify the number of copies to 1 then it prints 1 copy of report. but if I specify 2 then it prints 4 copies of the report.
    It prints square of no of copies.
    Pl. give me some pointer to resolve this issue.
    Thanks in Advance

    This is a known problem and documented in the note :
    Note 316849.1 With 'destype=printer' and 'copies=n', 'n*n' Copies of Report Output are Printed
    A workaround is suggested in this note.

  • Can a Oracle 10g Report be run from a plsql database package?

    We have a requirement to generate a pdf report file from plsql database package. I want to know if it is possible to run a Oracle 10g Report from PL/SQL package/procedure in database? If so, can you provide an example?
    Thanks in advance.
    Vishnu Nekkanti

    Hi Alex,
    When I try to create the procedure event_driven_report mentioned in Doc ID 199743.1. I am getting below errors. Thoughts? Am I missing some thing?
    2/14 PL/SQL: Item ignored
    2/14 PLS-00201: identifier 'SRW_PARAMLIST' must be declared
    3/14 PL/SQL: Item ignored
    3/14 PLS-00201: identifier 'SRW.JOB_IDENT' must be declared
    5/5 PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    5/5 PLS-00320: the declaration of the type of this expression is
    incomplete or malformed
    6/5 PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    6/23 PLS-00320: the declaration of the type of this expression is
    incomplete or malformed
    7/5 PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    7/23 PLS-00320: the declaration of the type of this expression is
    incomplete or malformed
    8/5 PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    8/23 PLS-00320: the declaration of the type of this expression is
    incomplete or malformed
    9/5 PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    9/23 PLS-00320: the declaration of the type of this expression is
    incomplete or malformed
    10/5 PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    10/23 PLS-00320: the declaration of the type of this expression is
    incomplete or malformed
    11/5 PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    11/23 PLS-00320: the declaration of the type of this expression is
    incomplete or malformed
    12/5 PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    12/23 PLS-00320: the declaration of the type of this expression is
    incomplete or malformed
    Vishnu Nekkanti

  • Download evaluation version of oracle 10g report builder

    can anyone tell me how to download evaluation version of oracle 10g report builder for free.

    You can download Developer Suite here :

  • Reports Requirements using R12 and Oracle 10g Reports

    Hi All,
    Looking forward to some valuable inputs to propose a technical solution in R12 using 10g Reports Developer.
    Requirements are :
    1. Report output should be in Excel Format. ( Is this possible without XML Publisher using 10g Reports only )
    2. Report Parameters to have multi selection criteria. ( Is this possible in 10g Reports and Oracle Apps, Report Manager responsibility ?)

    1. Report output should be in Excel Format. ( Is this possible without XML Publisher using 10g Reports only )
    Yes, Reports can create output in Excel - but XML Publisher offers better and easier options.
    2. Report Parameters to have multi selection criteria. ...
    Pl explain what you mean by multi selection criteria.

  • Oracle 10g  Report Server is Not Starting Up?

    I have installed Oracle 10g Developer Suite ( and OS is Windows 2003 Server R2 SP2 32-Bit, i have run this Command rwserver server = server name start for starting up my report server,it show error message REP-56105: Engine {0} died with error:* and report server status is shutdown.
    Please Advice,
    Thank You

    1) Please post the version of Reports and the OS because some problems could be version specific and OS specific
    2) Enable tracing
    And uncomment "trace" element. It should be like this
    <trace traceOpts="trace_all"/>
    Now we can see the engine trace also in logs directory. That may throw some light about the issue.
    3) Please try the following in conf file
    Comment the url engine element if you are not planning to use url engine
    <!--engine id="rwURLEng" .... /-->
    4) Increase callback timeout for rwEng engine element in conf file
    <engine id="rwEng" class="oracle.reports.engine.EngineImpl" initEngine="1" maxEngine="1" minEngine="0" engLife="50" maxIdle="30" callbackTimeOut="60000">
    Increase callbackTimeOut (make it 1.5 or double or something) and try
    The Oracle Reports Team

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