Blackberry apps full version(serial key or no key)

VR+ full:
High quality voice recordings
Whether you want to podcast, record a voice note, lecture, or a meeting, VR+ is the app for that.
Select the quality of a recording from the lowest to highest depending on your needs.
Email your voice memos for playback on any Mac, PC, or mobile
Send the recordings on the go. MP3 format makes the sending and listening easy.
Share in social networks
Share your voice notes with friends on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and
Version 1.8 full (no key)
Xplayer full:
Watch fullscreen videos and listen to live music on BlackBerry!
A perfect music and video player for BlackBerry. Relax on the beach and shuffle songs from your playlist or play your favorite videos and music on the go. Add all your MP3 songs to Mobiola xPlayer and party it up! Supports every popular audio and video format: mp3, m4a, avi, mp4, 3gp, wma, amr, mid, wav, aac, WMV. Create, Edit, Sort, Shuffle your own playlists. Search through all your multimedia files. Works via all types of connection - BIS, BES, Wi-Fi and direct TCP.
Live radio stations
Explore 100+ predefined radio stations of all genres: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Hiphop & RNB, world, pop.
Listen to podcasts
Listen to podcasts on BlackBerry to stay tuned for the latest business, sport, music, showbiz, and entertainment events from live news and add your own podcasts as well! Subscription for new podcasts is available via RIM Push.
New! Dropbox integration
Playback of Dropbox mp3 files. You can add files to xPlayer playlist, manage playlist with Dropbox files.
Version full (no key)
will post the download link
All standard file operations
Copy, Move, Rename, Delete, New Folder and Send as Email. In addition, recursive Copy, Move and Delete operations are supported.
Manage your Zip archives
Open and browse Zip archives the same as you would folders. Extract all of the contents, or select and extract just a subset. Create new archives or add to existing ones.
Select multiple files and folders simultaneously
Select multiple files and folders at the same time. Do any file operation on the selected items, including compressing them into a Zip archive or sending as email.
Search for files and folders
Search for files in a single folder or across multiple folders, even recursively. Specify whether to search on whole words only or to use case sensitivity. Select files in the search results and perform any file operation. And File Manager Pro is blazingly fast, searching 1000's of files in seconds.
View as thumbnails
View your files as thumbnails, specifying small, medium or large images. Control the showing of labels from none, one or two line display.
Launch files in Documents to Go
Click on a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any file with a native format program, and File Manager Pro will open it automatically in its application. Click on any media file — audio, video or image — and have it launched in your media application.
Integrated Text Editor
Edit any file opened as text with the integrated Text Editor. Includes Find & Replace with options for case sensitivity and word only matching, Spell Checking (trackball devices only), multiple Zoom levels and more.
Enhanced shortcut support
Quick access to many of the common operations, including file list sorting, list navigation, searching, zooming, Favorites and more!
Fast access with the Favorites list
Avoid tedious folder navigation by using the Favorites list to quickly access frequently used files or deeply nested folders. Jump directly to your destination with a single click.
Sort and view files your way
Sort files by Name, Size, Type or Date, in either Ascending or Descending order. Specify the display of file information, and control the viewing of hidden files.
Localized user interface
File Manager Pro is localized in English and Spanish, allowing users to utilize the application in their native language.
Modify file attributes
View file and folder properties, and assign the Read-Only and Hidden attributes.
Intuitive user interface
File Manager Pro conforms to the BlackBerry user interface guidelines, so that it works just like all of your built-in BlackBerry applications. There's no learning curve, and from the moment you open the application you'll be productive. No non-standard or unfriendly user interface to frustrate you.
Unsurpassed performance
Fully designed to give uncompromising performance. Fast file and folder navigation while still providing quick application load time. Open and browse folders containing 1000's of files with virtually no performance penalty. File Manager Pro is the fastest way to browse and work with your files — even faster than the built-in Media application!
Support for the BlackBerry touch screens
Get the most from your touch screen BlackBerry. File Manager Pro supports the Torch (9800) and Storm, with features such as double and triple tap selections, multi-touch selections, and swiping for fast scrolling.
Version update 1.7 with serial key active

ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter - view the backup file. IPD full version
These programs convert the backup file of BB to other formats. ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter is a tool that can convert the file. IDP (BlackBerry backup) emails, contacts, SMS messages, PIN messages, AutoText entries, calendar events, phone hot list entries, memos, phone call logs and tasks to any of Which of the following formats: PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, TXT, DOC, MDB, XLS, CSV ...

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  • As good will gesture, we can help you with the upgrade for PSE 13. We would request you to place the order for Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 as an upgrade and then we will provide you the full version serial number for the same product against the new upgra

    I RECIVED AN EMAIL FROM ADOBE AS  :  As good will gesture, we can help you with the upgrade for PSE 13. We would request you to place the order for Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 as an upgrade and then we will provide you the full version serial number for the same product against the new upgrade order"  IS THIS UPGRADE FREE AND WHAT SHOULD I DO, HOW CAN I HAVE THIS UPGRADE?

    Compare with on-line stores. The full version is often cheaper than Adobe's upgrade price.
    See this example from Amazon, but check pricing in your own region. &pf_rd_s=desktop-1&pf_rd_r=0F1GED9546928YP3PHC0&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=1970559082&pf_rd_i=d esktop

  • Lightroom: upgrade from trial to full version, how to enter license key?

    I installed Lightroom from Creative Cloud (CC) trial on Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit. The version is LR 5.6. I do not want CC, so I purchased the full version of LR on DVD. I was going to reinstall LR from the DVD, but see that it is only version 5.2. I have already done a fair amount of work with the trial LR 5.6 and am worried about losing the catalog that I have created.
    So I thought I could apply the full version license key to the trial install, but there is no place to do that within LR. When I bring up the CC master application it shows that I have 5 days left with LR, but still has no way to apply a license key.
    I had a very long and frustrating chat session with tech support. In the end I was advised to uninstall the trial, then install the full version. I might be able to download LR 5.6 full and simply install that.
    So let me summarize my questions:
    Is there any way to apply the license key for standalone full version of LR to the trial version that was installed using CC?
    If I uninstall trial version, will I be able to install LR 5.6 download and apply license key?
    If I cannot install from download and instead have to install from purchased DVD, will version 5.2 be able to import the existing catalog? Will subsequent upgrade(s) to 5.6 go smoothly?
    What about the catalog? Will the existing catalog simply be found during a new installation? Or do I have to manually import?
    I've found the community help in the LR forum to be very good - and that is why I am abandoning ACDSee after many years Thank you all for your help.

    You should just uninstall what you have installed for LR 5.x, now, then download and install the LR 5.6 update from the Adobe Updates page, and enter your standalone serial number, and things should pick up where you left off. 
    You might want to go into LR’s preferences (if LR is still opening for you) and see where the catalog (.lrcat) file actually resides on your computer in case you have a problem and have to double-click on that .lrcat file to open your catalog, but my experience is that nothing will seem different after you’ve installed the new version other than the version number will be newer.  The preferences, catalog, and pictures are somewhere different than where the program is installed so uninstalling and reinstalling shouldn’t affect any of it.
    LR 5.6 update is here:
    FYI, the CC-LR is licensed by logging into CC, the standalone version is licensed by entering a serial number.  That is why you have to uninstall the CC_licensed version and install the non-CC-licensed version.
    It also probably wouldn’t mess anything up to install LR 5.2 from the DVD, but then you’d have to turn around and immediately download the LR 5.6 update, anyway, and it would waste time, so why not start with the latest update.  The update is a fully function program, not a patch to an existing program.  It’ll either find your existing licensing information if you’ve already entered the serial number or ask for a serial number if it doesn’t find anything—which sounds like your situation.

  • Logic Studio 2.0 purchased off Ebay... came with Logic Express 9 upgrade instead of full version, serial works to unlock registration but seems wrong and perhaps a loophole.  What should I do?

    I purchased what was advertised as a Full Version of Logic Studio 2 off ebay.  It ended up being Logic Studio Pro 2 Upgrade and came with a copy of Logic Express 9 upgrade which did unlock the installation.  I didn't realize it was the upgrade version til I saw the sticker in the upright corner of the box post installation.  I feel like this is a loophole and not a legitimate installation now.    Is this legit or should I acquire a full copy of Logic Express?  The seller continously tells me that it's 100% legal and legit, etc..  I have already demanded he should send me or reimburse me enough to acquire a legitimate copy of Logic Express that supports the upgrade.  Am I right in doing so?  Or is it okay to use the Logic Express 9 upgrade copy to upgrade to Logic Studio Pro 2?  Doesn't seem right.  I'm very confused and would love some advice.  Thank you in advance.

    The Logic Express 9 upgrade package requires you should own Logic Express 8 Full.... for that to be a legal use of the Logic Express 9 upgrade serial which then you could use to register LP9/Logic Studio 2.0 upgrade package using the LS2.0 upgrade serial..
    This is an apparent loophole, in my opinion, that is being exploited by the seller....
    However, when in any doubt with anything regarding possible legal issues... contact Apple directly and ask them for their advice/opinion on the matter.

  • BlackBerry App World Version not working on BB Style

    Just before Christmas I download the newest version of BB app world. Version 3.1.056. As soon as it was done I wanted to check it out.
    I started the app, went through some of the required entries and then got to the legal page where you need to agree or disagree. Well of course I agreed.
    The paged said please wait (Hour glass) and voila I'm back at the agreement page. Humm, okay let's agree again, and again, and again, and again. Well it appears my clicking of agree doesn't register as an "AGREE" so I think the update didn't work right.
    Delete the app and download it again, and again and again, and still unable to get pass the legal agreement page. Okay lets email BlackBerry support for help. weeks later I have no reply.
    I'm am hoping someone on this support forum can help.
    Currently I have no App world loaded on my phone and I'm looking for an older version to download for now so I can download apps.
    Any help would be great.

    More info:
    BlackBerry Style 9670 on the Bell CDMA network. Phone activated for 9 Months. Most up-to-date OS 6.0 Bundle 864

  • Why won't an in app full version education app transfer to multiple devices?

    I have upgraded an education app to a full paid version on 1 ipad air and now this app will not transfer to multiple devices through itunes.  All ipads are all under the same apple ID.  I have even clicked restore backup  using the backup from the ipad that it was originally downloaded onto but only the free locked version keeps coming up.  I have even deleted the free version but the game is still locked.  I have checked the apple account and I can see the purchase.  Computer is authorised etc.  I have never had this issue before.  Hope there is a simple solution. Thanks so much

    Contact Apple as advised in the message you got.

  • I just purchased the upgrade from trial to full version. It does not work. It asks for my orginal serial key and when I paste in the trial key it says invalid??

    Downloaded trial and then purchased the activate the full version option. The activation keys don't work. It wants an 'original' key. When I use the trial key it rejects it as invalid! Have I just been robbed of 75 quid?

    You know, I had seen your similar post in other forum with same issue. This itself is confusing for other participants including myself to keep track of forum discussion regarding same issue.
    It would be nice if you keep your issue in proper forum in one place, less confusion for others.
    Corky02 said better than I did yesterday. I am not quite sure why or what impresssion that you'd easily upgrade from try-out app into full-license. For many people are aware that what it means or what does this having to do with upgrading qualification with any applications. Why did you think you would get to upgrade that easily from trail try out app to licensed one?
    I don't think the Apple's ads are misleading. I just think you got yourself confused. Sorry I can't help you. IF I am Apple employee, I would love to help you and get this resolved for you. I am just one of those participants helping others.
    Once again, I am sorry that you get your view all wrong and lead into thinking that you are entitled to do so. But you need to understand that once if you had purchased a full license app from try-out app. Most people know what does that mean with try out app for the first time. And most people know that if they wish to purchase an application, this means purchasing a boxed (or electronic downloaded file) from Apple retail store (or online store). Plus, new venue at Apple offering Mac App store. I think that is a little confusion for some people who are not familiar with the difference.
    I do believe that if you purchase from Mac App store, it doesn't require to put in license serial number. I think it is a different approach for some reason. I had bought some other Mac apps (not Aperture) from Mac App store few times. I haven't purchased Aperture updated version straight from Mac App store online. I bought mine from Apple retail store in Canada in person.
    I still don't understand why you still think Apple is misleading you all the way. I don't think it is. In case if you haven't notice... there is way for you to get in touch with Apple called Apple Support Express Lane. Give it a try.

  • HT201272 Where do I get the serial number and product key for the version of AutoCAD LT for Mac that I bought from the ITunes store?

    Where do I get the serial number and product key for the version of AutoCAD LT for Mac that I bought from the ITunes store?

    The iTunes Store doesn't sell software for the Mac. I presume you mean the Mac App Store. To the best of my knowledge, no software sold in the Mac App Store has serial numbers nor product keys. For what reason do you think you need them?

  • Aperture crash - where to download full version

    I transfered my Aperture from a different computer and now it is not working at all anymore. When I log in my apple account it shows the serial number of my Aperture but no download available.
    Where can I download a full Version of Aperture 2.1.1.
    Thanks foryour help

    simple apps are easy to transfer
    Pro apps are very complex and is NOT recommended to transfer as there are files all over the place and using multiple framework systems
    also most of the apps (FCS or Logic) ARE HUGE! multiple DVDs
    Aperture is good in that there is a downloadable trial that is fully upgradeable to a full version as long as you have a full serial number
    don't know why you can't download the software but it is there at
    just put in your full version serial
    also there is no need to install the older version (v1) to be able to upgrade to (V2) as apple is making full version installers for upgrade versions which makes it easy to upgrade a new system (Ya Apple)

  • How to update from Windows 8.1 Eval to Full version ?

    Hi All,
    I have a issue. I had installed the Windows 8.1 Eval 90 days edition. I need to update this to Full version by entering the product key.
    But how ever it is not accepting it. Is there any other way of updating from Windows 8.1 Eval to full without loosing data ?

    Hi Guys,
    Thank you. 
    I have decided to wipe out and do a fresh installation. For time being i have altered the OS files which is not recommended to avoid automatic restart for every one hour using the below.

  • Buying LR4 full version ?

    Hi - I have an old MAC which is not compatible with LR5 (OS10.6.8), I have downloaded the LR4 trial version and want to buy the full version (serial number). However, Adobe only seem to offer LR5 via their website. Anyone help ? Thanks

    that's correct.  adobe no longer offers lr 4 for sale.

  • CS5 Full Version Update Issue

    Originally, my CS5 was an update from CS4.  When this CS5 was installed as an "update", it appeared to install properly.  However, further updates to this install returned "error in downloading update", with a indication that "This serial number is not for a qualifying product."  Adobe's solution was to issue me a "full version" serial number.  CS5 s/n was deactivated, CS5 was uninstalled, PC was rebooted and the new "full version" was installed. Further updates still returned "serial number not for a qualifying product."  Solution??? 

    Yes, I told you that they sent you here because they perceived your questions to be a technical question about an unsupported version.  You need to present it as an installation issue, not a technical one.
    Only CS6 and higher are still supported.  You are three or four versions behind in the eyes of Adobe, and they only support technical issues in versions that are currently being sold.  Yours is not a technical issue, but an installation issue.
    The forums are precisely for technical issues in older versions.  We are not here to teach Photoshop step by step as you insinuate.  But we have now established yours is not a technical issue.  We cannot help with Customer Service issues at all, as opposed to Adobe Tech Support issues.
    Your screen shot DOES NOT show the destination I would be taken to if I follow ALL THE STEPS in my post.
    This is where I just landed:
    If this link doesn't work any longer, then Adobe has changed it and there's nothing I can do about it. Sorry.

  • My Adobe CS6 full version is no longer appearing as a full version and my serial key doesn't seem to work...

    I don't know where this would go but my question is I've had my FULL copy of Adobe CS 6 for about a year now, and over the last month Adobe has been asking me for my serial number, because it's trying to say it's not a full version when it is. When I enter the number in, it says it is invalid. Can someone help me and provide answers to my questions?

    coxorangepippin wrote:
    The message that comes up when I click on "TomTom Home Install" is "You cannot open Home Install because Power PC applications are no longer supported." Does this mean that the TomTom, which is absolutely vital to my life - well, not literally but you know what I mean - can no longer be used with my MacBook Pro?
    What that means is that is can't be used with Lion 10.7.  PowerPC was the chip Apple used up until 2006 when they switched to Intel.  At that point, they created the Rosetta emulator to allow for PPC support for 5 years.  They finally dropped the support with the release of Lion.  It will only work with OS X 10.6 or earlier.  The other option is to purchase a new GPS, which can be had for $100 for a decent one.

  • Help? PSE 9 - was a full version, now the serial on my adobe account is registered as "Beta"?

    I have a bit of a frustrating situation - I received a full copy of Photoshop Elements 9 (for Mac) with a printer 2 years ago, installed it and used it on and off without problem for a year or so. Brilliant.
    Earlier this year, running out of disk space, I had a clean-up of my machine to free up some space and as part of that I uninstalled PSE9.
    I now need to reinstall PSE9, but I've lost the serial number (was printed on a slip of paper with the software bundled with the printer).  So, first attempt was to recover the installed app from the Mac "Time Machine" backup from before my cleanup.  I was able to recover the PSE folder/app, but it wouldn't launch - I'm guessing there are some other system files I need or something (I'm primarily a PC user, and I suspect there are "Program Files" equivalents to consider)...
    Anyway, with that not working, I tried reinstalling from the CD (hoping there may be a "repair installation" option of some kind - but there wasnt).  So I went through the regsitration, through the adobe id login & halted once more at the serial key screen.
    After several attempts to recover from backup, uninstall, install, reinstall, (throw mac out of window....!!!) I eventually logged into, and found to my delight that my serial number for PSE9 was accessible in my account - excellent!  So I joyfully entered that into the installation screen and .... NO!!  "error: serial number is not valid for this product".
    Frustrated at this point I contacted Adobe chat help, who (cutting another long 45 minute story short) advised that the serial number in my account was for a "beta" version of PSE9. ...even though the disc and original serial (decomposing in landfill somewhere now...!) I have is for a full version.  I have used it as I said and it is definitely not "beta" or a trial!!!!
    I noticed also that my account registration date was showing as 2nd November 2012 (i.e. that same day), despite me having originally registered with my original product installation almost 2 years prior on 12/12/2010 (I have the welcome "Your Adobe Membership" email in my GMail still).
    So with hindsight now, I'm wondering if by trying to reinstall PSE yesterday and logging in with my adobe id, my account and/or my serial number from 2010 has been overwritten with a new account(?) and "temporary" serial number?  That's all I can think of, and now I have no way of recovering my serial number! (bundled with the printer, the serial number came on a printed piece of paper, which 2 years on, I've lost)
    This is quite a specific sequence of events, I realise, but has anybody else experienced this, and if so, is there any way I can recover my original serial number (without of course paying for another licence? Or putting my wellies on & digging through the local refuse tip!!).
    Thanks to anyone who has read to here, and thanks in advance to anyone who can offer any advice!

    Just an update - I'm now attempting to do a full system restore from the time machine back to before I ununstalled PSE9.
    Wish me luck....!
    (meanwhile, downloading Gimp 2.8 on my PC to see if I can do what I need with that in the meantime!!)

  • I have the adobe cloud 9.99/ month photography package i downloaded lightroom 5.4, it told me it was a trial version, and i'm now at the end of the trial and it won't let me download the full version and i don't have a serial number

    i have the adobe cloud 9.99/ month photography package i downloaded lightroom 5.4, it told me it was a trial version, and i'm now at the end of the trial and it won't let me download the full version and i don't have a serial number. also, when i click buy, i get an error message saying, "application not found."

    There are two different LR’s, one with a serial-number licensing and one with a CC-signin license.
    You should uninstall the serial-number LR you have installed, then
    Quit the CC Desktop application,
    Restart the CC Desktop application—this will rescan what you have installed and not see LR,
    LR will now be on the CC Desktiop apps list, so install that.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Installed Jam Pack but see no new loops in Garageband loop browser. Why not?

    I successfully installed Jam Pack but don't see new loops in Garageband loop browser. Is there some extra step I'm supposed to do? Before, I had about 57 Rock/Blues loops, and I still have just that. I had 14 instruments under All Drums, and guess wh

  • Zoom item renderer out of scroller boundaries

    Hi everyone, hoping someone has the easy Answer.  I want to have an item renderer that can zoomIn and display outside the scroller boundaries for which it resides in.  I have Scroller  set depth property =1 | Datagroup (tile layout) depth=2 | custom

  • Can i resize comments in Numbers?

    This seems such a simple thing to want to do but I can't seem to do it. Can anyone advise whether it is possible please. At the moment my huge comments are covering portions of the spreadsheet which I need to see in printed form.

  • SAP Script  - resize window / paragraph

    Hello Gurus, I have two problems related to sap script. ( ver 4.6c) I have copied the original order confirmation form from 000 client in diff.languages like FR/DE/EN ( these forms are used by diff. offices in diff. location ) now we have to create a

  • How to bypass/simulate RoleOwner Approvel?

    Hi, I have a WF(workflow) where in am displaying a form to select a role(s) and fetch the role owners, sends role assignment for approval. Once RoleOwner approves, then i am doing user view checkin. Now the problem is, checkin operation internally tr