Blue Line on imported images

Hi there
Anyone know why FCPX has added a blue line across imported images and music?  How do I get rid of it?  The line does not display in the viewer though.

Hi Tom
Thank you for the information. I don't recall checking the keyword option. Can this be undone? Also what is the best way to import several photos? Does importing the folder create issues?

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  • I scanned an old image using my Epson NX515 printer, used GIMP to make some minor repairs on the image and printed it out.  I noticed there were a number of evenly spaced thin blue lines across the image, approximately six of them.

    I scanned an old image using my Epson NX515 printer, used GIMP to make some minor repairs on the image and printed it out.  I noticed there were a number of evenly spaced thin blue lines across the image, approximately six of them. I opened & printed the image on my PC using PAINT.NET.  No lines appeared. I sent the image to my daughter. She printed it and found no lines. I printed the image using Seahorse on my Mac and the lines still appeared. I used basically the same print settings on Mac and PC.

    maahes wrote:
    did so now, only now I'm getting a slightly different error: could not find udevd no such file or directory. I checked both grub.cfg's and my mkinitcpio.conf and there's no listing for udevd ....which I've never heard of, so I assumed it was a typo?
    For clarification: udev is in the mkinitcpio.
    I'm not sure whether I yet have a good intuition for how you have your machine set up, but I suspect you need to include a cryptdevice flag to the kernel in your grub config. The file isn't found because the kernel doesn't know your root directory needs decrypting first.
    My setup is an LVM over LUKS over LVM sandwich. To boot into my system, the grub.cfg contains the line:
    linux /vmlinuz-linux root=/dev/mapper/cryptvg-root cryptdevice=/dev/mapper/vg-crypt:root rootfstype=ext4 pcie_aspm=force acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor i915.i915_enable_rc6=1 i915.i915_enable_fbc=1 i915.lvds_downclock=1 ro
    Now, most of those flags don't have anything to do with your problem, but note the cryptdevice. It tells the kernel it's dealing with an encrypted filesystem sitting in a logical volume called crypt on a volume group called vg. The bit after the colon tells the kernel to associate this encrypted filesystem with /dev/mapper/root.
    As for how to fix your system, I'm afraid I still feel a bit fuzzy about how your LVM and encrypted layers relate to each other, whether you have LVM over LUKS, or LUKS over LVM, or something else. Was there a particular how-to that you followed?

  • Blue Line on imported stills

    I am exporting still image JPEGS from Lightroom and importing them into Final Cut Pro x. I am exporting them all using the same settings and importing them all the same.
    In the events viewer some of the still images have a blue line towards the top of the each thumbnail.
    What does that blue line indicate?

    That it has a keyword applied. Probably imported in a folder.

  • How do I get rid of the Blue line around an image that is a link that only happens after a click?

    This is not the standard link problem. I have already put in: a img { border : none; }
    That took care of not having a blue border around the image all the time.
    My problem is that when I actually click on the image, it flashes with a red outline then turns bright blue and stays there untill I click off the image. Then it turns normal.
    I have gone through the CSS and put (border: none) on everything I can think of. These images are in the sidebar, stacked vertically. Each is a link to a page and they are all doing the same thing.
    I hope someone can help me solve this problem.
    Thanks, Alice

    a {
       outline: 0;

  • Getting lines in imported images

    When I import dng photos into Lightroom I am getting lines through the photos.  This is only happening with my iMac 27.  The same photos imported into Lightroom on my HP Windows 8.1 Pro PC don't have any issues.  I've searched the community and didn't get any hits on my search words.

    Bad raw file data - if same card, then perhaps reader is the problem. If same reader, then maybe ram..

  • Blue cast on imported images

    For some reason, Aperture appears to be applying an adjustment when importing photos from my iPhone 4. An example is shown below.
    I have not altered any settings since my last import with normal results. Could the Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update be the culprit? (The images import into Lightroom without this change being applied).

    If the images have been edited on your iPhone, you should see this in the Adjustment panel in Aperture, when you select the image:
    The adjustment brick "iOS Edits" should be enabled, and you may see the name of the filter applied.
    You should be able to remove the filter by disabling the brick.

  • Importing Images in Flash CS 5?

    Hello ! I want to make a  slidshow presentation for my project, and i am using Adobe Flash Pro CS5 for this purpose. I am new to Flash Pro CS5 and I have been referring to Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training: from all those videos i found to my interest was Creating a Slideshow Project. So on one of the video it shows how to create a guide lines and import images and editing them one by one. Please download the video, but i am having trouble understanding it.
    My question is :
    1)Which template is he using , is it Animation, Presentation, Action Script 3.0 or Flash Lite 4
    2)Import Images and Distribute to Layers.  (*Video starting from 1:22, how did he do it, i tried Distributing to Layers after selecting 14 images and i end up with error. "Could not complete operation because of unknown error.)
    Could someone enlighten me, how its done. I am getting late for my project. Here is the link.

    Hello Desktopuser
    the stage he is using appears to be a normal stage with no transitions that I can see. You have the option when starting a new project to use a "Simple" or "Advanced" template that have built in AS 3.0 controls to control the way the movie performs. Both of these have built in instructions on how to use them with the images basically going into a pre determined MC (movie Clip). You would place your images into this MC and put each image into its appropriate frame.
    as for importing the images, not sure why your getting that particular could not complete message but my guess is that the images you are using may not be optimized for useage for Flash. meaning you may need to save them in a jpg, gif, png, etc.. format from photoshop and then import them into Flash. Make sure the files aren't huge in size as well. Not sure how many images your bringing in either so you may want to take care if your bringing in more then say 20 at one time.
    hope it helps some

  • How can I turn off the 2 blue lines running vertically in my image in Photoshop?

    How can I turn off the 2 blue lines running vertically through my image in Photoshop? I want to save my work but do not know if these lines will persist in the saved image.

    normfb wrote:
    I assume the Rulers are showing. In that case, to get rid of each line use the Move tool to straddle the line and drag it whence it came. I really didn't need to add this comment but it is the first time in years I have had a chance to use the word "whence".
    Is this a guide I see before me? Doeth it conspire to confuseth mine eyes with sapphire lines that afoul my worthy parchment, and draw my quill from its righteous path? Be gone foul guide from whence thou cometh.  Verily, forsooth, and hey nonny nonny.

  • Need to get rid of blue line under image

    I've created a table with a row and three columns also I've placed splitted a button into three pieces and placed left portion in 1st column and right portion in last column and I've placed a piece of background image with repeat-x in middle column. I need to link the button used javascript to rollover the button with another three piece of buttons, so I've linked the whole with <a> tag and given "border=0" for <img> tag, now I get a blue bar (seems linked) under the background images that I've used in the middle column, could you please help me to get rid of the blue line.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for the response. Below is my code. What I exactly need is to link the whlole button instead of only the text "Buy Now". The mean time I dont want to use <img src="" border=0"> for the middle column since the text "Buy Now" should be dynamic and can be changed, so that I've used a background image instead of a <img> tag.
    <div id="subdiv6">
                        <!-- Start of Div6 -->
                            <a href="javascript:void(0)" onmouseover="ShiftTo('subdiv7')">
                                <table width="100" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
                        <td align="left" valign="top"><img src="images/butoverl.png" border="0" width="16" height="45" /></td>
                        <td align="center" valign="middle" background="images/butovermid.png" class="proddemo">BUY NOW</td>
                        <td align="left" valign="top"><img src="images/butoverr.png" border="0" width="16" height="45" /></td>
                        <!-- End of Div6 -->
                    <div id="subdiv7">
                        <!-- Start of Div7 -->
                            <a href="javascript:void(0)" onmouseout="ShiftTo('subdiv6')">
                                <table width="100" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
                        <td align="left" valign="top"><img src="images/butl.png" border="0" width="16" height="45" /></td>
                        <td align="center" valign="middle" background="images/butmid.png" class="proddemo">BUY NOW</td>
                        <td align="left" valign="top"><img src="images/butr.png" border="0" width="16" height="45" /></td>
                        <!-- End of Div7 -->

  • Why the White Lines around imported Photoshop Images

    Working in CS6, importing native Photoshop images into an Illustrator gradient.  Certain imported Photoshop images, with transparent background, produce white lines bordering the images.   The white lines stand out against the AI gradient.  The whites lines are not visable on screen.  They came out in the commercially printed product.  The overall AI document, with PS images placed and linked, was save to a PDF.  It was then printed from the PDF. The PDF, as viewed on screen, does not show the white lines either.  Why and how do the white border lines (the box surrounding the image) appear?

    First I would recommend making sure there are indeed »no pixels« there in Photoshop – applying the Layer Style Stroke can help locate stray, semitransparent pixels.
    Other than that I am afraid your print service provider may not have provided optimal output.
    What print process was employed anyway?
    It looks like flattening effects, but those should simply not be visible in print.
    They happen when exporting X1 or X3 pdfs, which disallow transparency, so in creating the pdf the psd files that have transparency are flattened with whatever background and often broken up into smaller parts.
    That way a whole mess of fragmentary images can be created, as one can see when one opens such a pdf in Illustrator.
    One can avoid that by creating X4 pdfs, which do allow transparency, but if those can be processed by the printer is another question.
    But this issue might be more suitable to the Illustrator or pdf Fora.

  • Removing the blue line around a linked image  in IE

    I've got a "bookmark this page" button that I can't get the
    blue line off of. I got it out in firefox by giving the image a
    style with the color of the background but the success didn't
    transfer over to IE. I tried using the hotspot tool and linking it
    that way but it didn't work. It just reloaded the page. Any
    suggestions? (thanks in advance for not being a jack *** to a
    newbie) Much appreciated. > button is on the top of the right

    Adding the border="0" will cause your pages not to validate
    in a strict
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!)
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    Tutorials & Resources
    "TC2112" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:g01t0i$d0c$[email protected]..
    > Hello,
    > You can use CSS to stop browsers from using the default
    image link border.
    > a img {border:none;}
    > This prevents the border on all image links in the page,
    or if using a
    > stylesheet, all image links on the pages.
    > (vesus adding border="0" to every image on every page)
    > Take care,
    > Tim
    > "grlovelidge" <[email protected]> wrote
    in message
    > news:g01rbp$b90$[email protected]..
    >> I've got a "bookmark this page" button that I can't
    get the blue line off
    >> of.
    >> I got it out in firefox by giving the image a style
    with the color of the
    >> background but the success didn't transfer over to
    IE. I tried using the
    >> hotspot tool and linking it that way but it didn't
    work. It just
    >> reloaded the
    >> page. Any suggestions? (thanks in advance for not
    being a jack *** to a
    >> newbie) Much appreciated.
    >> > button is on the top of
    the right column.

  • Automatically have motion trace a line drawing over an imported image?

    I was wondering if there is any way for motion to automatically follow the path of a line of a drawing that I imported from photoshop so that I could make this image appear to draw on? It would seem sensible that the program have some way of selecting a particular color (the way you can do that in photoshop) and then create a line path out of that to replace the imported image so write on effects or anything else could then be applied. Anyone have thoughts on this?

    It'd be nice, but there currently isn't a way to turn a bitmap into a path... you can key a color, but that's about it...

  • My iPhone 4 camera images have blue lines on them. Anyone else?

    My iPhone 4 camera images have blue lines on them. Anyone else have this?

    My iPhone 4 camera images have blue lines on them. Anyone else have this?

  • Blue line around active boxes disappears, cannot figure out why....

    Hi ... hope you can help me with this, it's a minor irritation but it's driving me nuts. I'm writing a report that has several boxes with imported graphics in it.
    The active boxes have a light blue line around it, with tiny clear boxes in the corners and side mid-points. I can drag any of those tiny boxes to resize the image, or use the metrics inspector to enter the dimensions numerically. But sometimes, when I make the boxes larger, the blue line around the active box disappears.
    Those blue lines lining the active box are useful for aligning the graphics boxes, so it would be nice if they stopped disappearing on me.
    Anyone know why that happens?
    new to iWorks

    I don't have any troubles selecting and aligning text boxes and graphics since I stopped sending them all the way to the back (arrange menu/send to back). There are times when you want them back there but most of the time you don't. Pages uses layers and one of the layers is the default text layer. Anything behind this text layer is difficult to select.
    You can select items behind the text layer by clicking in the area outside the margins and drag the pointer over to the graphic without releasing the mouse. If you use the 'send backward' command the object still remains easy to select.
    Some objects that have transparent areas (PDF's created from eps files for example) can only be selected by the click and drag method described above or by carefully positioning the pointer over a black or colored area until the pointer turns from a cursor to a pointer.

  • Horizontal Blue Lines

    Hey all,
    I have a problem that I tackled a LONG time ago and cant
    remember why it is happening or how I fixed it. I used the PSD2FLA
    plugin to import my images into Flash. It works marvelously. BUt I
    just used it for a file that I am working with, and it was imported
    into flash with horizontal blue lines over each of the layers. Like
    I said this has happened before, but I cant remember how I overcame
    it then... maybe something in my prefs? Any help would be
    appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

    I have used PSD3FLA before and don't remember what the
    watermark is for some reason - but it sounds
    like it may be you need to re-activate it? Try PSD2FLA's
    website - i remember something like this
    happening to me at one time.
    Chris Georgenes
    Adobe Community Expert
    Ken Bruggeman wrote:
    > Hi Chris, thank you for getting back to me. I am using
    PS CS2 and FLA 8
    > Pro....But that is GREAT to know about FLA CS3... It was
    fine yesterday, when i
    > was importing images into FLA, but for some reason is
    acting up now... I wrote
    > horizontal, but I meant diagonal stripes.... Something
    must have happened in my
    > prefs I just cant figure out what.... each layer has the
    diagonal blue
    > stripes...

Maybe you are looking for

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    hi I was wondering whether it's ok to use my imac's drive as an external hd for my new macbook. You see, my imac had some trouble with the power supply and i decided not to fix it. Instead, I took out the drive and put it in a case so to use as an ex

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    I need to dump some files generated by utl_file package in a separate m/c not in the db server.For that I tried using utl_file_dir='*' and mapped the specified directory in the db server. but its failing as show below.. ORA-29283: invalid file operat

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    Hi,I have a problem.I have a JTree with nodes that are composed of an Icon and a JTextArea.The horizontal line corresponding to the node positions itself at the middle of the node(that is in the middle of the text) and I want it to be positioned at t