BSP code to open new page in new window after button click

Hi expert,
I have a requirement to write a BSP code to open new page in new window after button click. I have done the same for opening in same window but not for opening in new window.
Can you please help me out with the code in which the page opens in new window and the menubar & Addressbar is displayed in hide mode.

To add more with Anubhav...
                          onClientClick = " 'pop.htm' ) "
You can create a pop.htm page, and call the same in another page using the above code.
Refer standard BSP examples, SBSPEXT_HTMLB, SBSPEXT_PHTMLB, SBSPEXT_XHTMLB. You can run the default.htm pages and see what way you want to design your BSP.

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  • Opening OA page in new java script window from ProcessRequest method

    I wish to open new OA page in new java script window.
    Code is
    javascript:var help_win =,'help_win',
    'resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=yes,width=600,height=500'); help_win.focus();
    strHelpDesk is the url of the requested new OA page .. How can we open that page in new window from processRequest .. I can't assign this code in pages's attribute ... The new Oa page should be opened whenever , control goes in Processrequest ... Do we have such command ? can we use pagecontext.redirectImmediately..or any other command ..
    thx in advance

    Yes, you can, what you need to do is
    add a raw text bean in your page.
    Attach this raw text bean to a transient attribute (column) of VO
    populate this column with your javascript function which will open a new window and inlcude its call here
    now whenyour page will render and process request is called ur javascript function is triggered and a new window will be opened.I guess i am clear!

  • When I click a link to open the page in new tab, it open the new page beside my page.

    After I update FireFox to version 3.6.8, I could not open the new page in the last tab, it always opens the new page in beside the tab.
    Mmm…I could not make sure the new page or new tab I said is the same with you…?? (I use Chinese version so that I don’t know if it’s the same or not…)
    A window could open several pages with different tabs, and I could click different tab to different page, right?
    If I right clicked a link to open the page to “new tab” in the same window, the new tab opened in the last tab of my window.
    But after I update FireFox to version 3.6.8 and I click a link to open the page to “new tab” in the same windoe, the new tab will open beside my page. (Mmm…Open on right of my page.)
    I would like the “new tab” open to the last tab in my window, not “beside” the tab I used. How could I change the setting??)
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == After I update FireFox to 3.6.8

    That feature isn't new to 3.6.8, it was changed in 3.6.
    Type '''about:config''' in the URL bar and hit Enter.
    ''If you see the warning, you can confirm that you want to access that page.''
    Filter = '''browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent'''
    Double-click that preference to change the value to '''''false'''''

  • Open a new page  in new window programatically.

    Hi all,
    I am able to open the new page in new window by setup (setting up the distination URI and and target fram as balnk), my requirememet is to do it programatically, from CO i have to call the new page on some conditions, how can i achive this?

    You can open a new page in new window programmatilcally like this :
    for this we have created a Static Styled Text Bean of Id item1
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.* ;
    public void processRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processRequest(pageContext, webBean);
    OAStaticStyledTextBean ost = (OAStaticStyledTextBean)webBean.findChildRecursive("item1") ;
    ost.setLabel("Click here for my website");
    } Ajay
    Edited by: Ajay3107 on Jul 19, 2010 9:53 PM

  • Creating new page with new parent tab

    Does this happen to anyone else? When I try to create a new page that will have a new parent tab and standard tab in a 2-level tab setup, it never seems to work right. I end up having to dele the new parent tab and standard tab I created while creating the new page. Then once the page is created, I go into Shared Components -> Tabs, and create a new Parent Tab and assign it to this new page. Seems like a crazy way to have to do it.
    I know this sounds crazy and it is hard to explain the issue, but anyone who has had this problem with creating a new page with new 2-level tabs will understand what I am talking about.
    Can anyone point me to an explanation on how this should be done? I know I must be missing something.

    I've recently had to muck around with the 2 level tabs aswell. There are some things making this rather difficult indeed.
    What i'd do when creating a new page you want to have under a new tab, but also with a new parent tab, is to create it with only a new STANDARD tab. Don't create a new parent tabset. All parent tabs are in the same tabset, and if you create a new tabset you'll effectively see only this new parent tab + tab on the page you created.
    So unless you want the page to be on an absolutely new set of tabs, you'll probably just want the page to be on a new top-level tab with under that a new standard tab. Like so:
    <NEW PARENT> | parent 1 | parent 3 | parent 4
    <NEW TAB> |
    To achiece this, you'll need a new standard tab set. You can create this when creating the page. The standard tab set is the set used for you lower level tabs, so obviously we do need a new one.
    As for the parent set which you can choose upon page creation, choose the already existing parent tab set. This set contains all your already existing parent tabs, and you wish to add one for display.
    When you finish creating the page and run it, you'll see that the standard (lower level) tab is there, and is set to active, but your parent tab is not there.
    Go to Shared Components > Tabs. Select the "Manage Tabs" tab there. You can notice your new set there, but notice the striped outline of it. This tab has no parent tab for it! And this is the problem with tab creation in 2-level tabs: you can make a new STANDARD tab and tabset, and define a parent tab set OR create a NEW tab set with tab. Both options fail us: what we want is a NEW parent tab in an existing parent tab set!
    So to fix our problem, from the manage tabs tab click on "Manage Parent Tabs", found on the right hand side of the screen in the region "Parent Tab Tasks".
    This'll bring you to a magical new tab within the tab components. It's a mystery to me why it has to be hidden like this, and makes it a real pain to use. On this page you can manage your parent tabs (the only place to do so actually...). Here you'll see there is no parent tab for your page (again), but here you can create a new parent tab from the right hand menu "Parent Tab Tasks" > "Create New Parent Tab". Enter a label, and choose your existing parent tab set as parent tab set. Don't create a new set. As for target, refer to your new page again.
    However, we are not done yet. You are returned to the "Parent Tab Management" page. You new parent tab will be shown there, but when you run your page, the parent tab will not be set active yet.
    To fix that, go back to the "Parent Tab Management". Select your parent tab so you go to it's details. Firstly, give it a new sequence number, otherwise it'll be shared with one (the parent tabs are created with sequence nr 10, so most probably on a shared position with your first parent tab).
    Then turn your eyes on the "Current on Standard TabSet" list item. It'll have an option selected, but take a good look: it'll be the same name as your parent tab. From the options, select your new Standard tab set (the lower level set) which holds your new page. Then apply your changes and run your page: both your parent and standard tab will be there and highlighted. Yay!

  • Firefox freezes when I load new pages into new tabs. This started a few weeks ago after I downloaded the latest update to firefox, currently running 7.0.1

    After installing the latest update to Firefox a couple of weeks ago, loading new pages into new tabs takes a very very long time IF the page loads at all. I usually have to close the original tab to get the new tabs to load their pages. Sometimes I have to close all Firefox windows and start over to get the page I want to load.
    This only started after downloading and installing this new update. I had no problem with new pages/tabs with previous versions.
    I have rebooted, run full scans with Spyware Doctor, Malwarebytes and McAfee without solving the problem.

    and ''John99'' reply down the chosen solution.
    thank you

  • New Pages is double spacing after enter again- can't find the area in inspector that allows you to change paragraph

    New Pages is double spacing after enter again- can't find the area in inspector that allows you to change paragraph

    The "new" Pages is missing just about everything.
    Your best best is to go back to the old Pages (mavericks puts in in your applications folder in IWorks.
    Apple told me that based on input from users they will add back some missing features back but I suspect that will take a long time if ever.
    They (Apple) say they created a new Pages to make it work seamlessly on various devices.
    But in doing so they've dumbed down the programs to where they're nearly useless.
    Any new users who don't know what "old" Pages could do will probably be satisfied.
    But those of us who use this program to do real publishing should send feed back to Apple.
    Apple has decided that we are "heavy" users and not representative of the majority of their customers.
    That's why I suspect that putting back the features in Pages will not be top priority.
    But just in case they really do read the feedback send them your opinions and feature requirements and just maybe if enough people squawk they'll at least put the old Pages back in the App Store (it's gone now).
    One possibility crossed my mind. If the new OS Yosemite can mirror devices, perhaps we'll be able to mirror the old pages on to our IOS devices than you could have the full capability of Pages and the connivence of an IPad or IPhone.
    Wouldn't that be awesome?
    At least in the presentation, it looked like it could work, we'll see.

  • How can I display a new scene in JavaFX 2.2? For example after button click

    how to display new scene after button click in the main window, I want the main window and the new scene are in one stage. thx

    You can change the scene by calling stage.setScene(new Scene(newContentParent));
    I don't think you are quite asking for a complete scene change though as you "want the main window and the scene in one stage". The main window is a stage (as Stage extends Window). And a given stage can only contain one scene at a time (though you can swap it out by calling setScene as described earlier).
    What I think you are really asking for how can you replace some content part of the active Scene on the Stage. To do that you can set a layout manager like a HBox or a BorderPane as the root of your scene, then change out the content of the layout manager. For example:
    final BorderPane layout = new BorderPane();
    layout.setCenter(new Label("Dogbert");
    final Button nav = new Button("Next");
    nav.setOnAction(new EventHandler<ActionEvent>() {
      @Override public void handle(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
        layout.setCenter(new Label("Dilbert"));       
    });In the above short sample code, if you wanted to change the scene rather than the a pane, then you would call stage.setScene rather than layout.setCenter.
    There is a complete executable example with multiple content panes and some styling here:

  • Progress bar after button click ------ code included . need help

    this is my code. i want the progress bar to move after i click the OK button but its not working. Need help urgently.
    public class LoggenGUI extends JFrame implements ActionListener{
    private JButton btnOk;
    private JProgressBar current;
    public LoggenGUI() {
    // this.setSize(300,300);
    this.btnOk = new JButton("Ok");
    // associating action event listener to it
    this.current = new JProgressBar(0,2000);
    }// end constructor
    public void iterate(){ 
    while(this.num < 2000){
    }catch(InterruptedException e)
    this.num= this.num + 200;
    if(this.num >= 2000)
    this.prgrBar = new ProgressBar();
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt){
    Object source = evt.getSource();
    if(source == this.btnOk){    this.iterate();    }
    } // end class

    You keep posting this question every day. Do you
    think you are going to get a different answer each
    time you posted it without reading what others have
    told you to do!"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." --- A. Einstein

  • How do I open a page in new window using af:commandLink?

    I have a requirement where I need to open the page in a new window on clicking the af:commandLink.
    I could use af:goLink, but I cannot as I have to invoke the URL using http POST method. If I use af:goLink, all the parameters will be displayed in the URL. I do not want that.
    I have the below code for the commandLink:
    <af:commandLink text="Open new window" id="cl199bk"
    useWindow="true" windowHeight="400"
    windowWidth="800" immediate="true"/>
    When I click the commandLink, the page gets opened but in the same window. I have the below controlflow-case in my taskflow:
    <control-flow-case id="__71">
    <from-outcome id="__133">dialog:openNewWindow</from-outcome>
    <to-activity-id id="__72">openNewWindow</to-activity-id>
    Please let me know what to do to have the page opened in new window/tab.
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Frank,
    I tried that too and the page always opened in the same page even with dialog:action set and useWindow set to true. I had the navigation rule in adfc-config as well.
    I got it done using the url-view activity.
    I have created a new bounded task flow with the url-view activity as the default activity. I called this new task flow from the actionListener bean method on commandLink. Set the new task flow to url-invoke-allowed.
    I have my parameters set in the url-view activity. With this the parameters are not shown in the URL.
    That did the trick for me.

  • Opening OA page in new window with parameters

    Hi all,
    Hi need to open a new page in a new window with some parameters to be passed to that page.
    Here is the code i have written.
    But i am not sure how to pass parameter in java script string
    String userid = new Integer(pageContext.getUserId()).toString();
    OAButtonBean go = (OAButtonBean) webBean.findChildRecursive("go");
    String url1 = "javascript:openWindow(top,'OA.jsp?page=/aos/oracle/apps/per/payslip/webui/AGSBPaySlipPG&userid={@userid}, null, {width:750, height:550},false, null, null);void(0);";

    hi mani,
    I didn't got wat u meant by binding the attribute.
    I tried another way.
    I had a OAButtonBean GO
    I have 2 messagechoices one for month and another for year
    So in page A in month it shows Jan in starting (till Dec) and in year it shows 2006 as per the picklist view attribute. Also I have attached the VO and view attribute for both the messagechoices.
    Now in the setDestination of the GO button i have url of my pageB with retainAM=Y and target frame as _blank.
    So i select "Oct" from messageChoice and year as 2006 and click GO but still when it goes to pageB and when i try System.out.println(<the view object attribute value>)
    i get "Jan" instead of "Oct". Below is the code in pageB i am using to get the value of the month from VO
    MonthVOImpl monthVO = (MonthVOImpl)pslip.getMonthVO();
    //pslip is AM object
    RowSetIterator monthrowsetiterator = monthVO.findRowSetIterator("monthvo");
    if (monthrowsetiterator == null)
    monthrowsetiterator = monthVO.createRowSetIterator("monthvo");
    // monthrowsetiterator.reset(); I NEED TO COMMENT THIS OUT - RIGHT ??
    MonthVORowImpl monthrow = (MonthVORowImpl);
    String month = monthrow.getMonth().toString();
    So how do i resolve this issue. I thought that retaining the AM will take care of the value which i am selecting in the messagechoice in pageA.
    Any ideaz??

  • Open Dynamic Page in New Window after Submission

    I need to open a "success" dynamic page in a new window when redirected from a form in Portal The go('<url>'); method does not appear to allow opening the page in a new window. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, in advance.

    on the 'Submit' onclick event add some JavaScript code: = '_blank';

  • How do I get new pages in new tabs to automatically go the same setting as my home page? Google is my home page, and I want the opening in new tabs to default to Google also.

    Whenever I open a new tab, I want the new page to open to the same setting as my Home Page (in my case, Google). Instead it takes me to Bing. Even my Home Page reverts to Bing after I've set it to Google.

    The default New Tab in Firefox is a blank page and there is no built-in option to change that.
    *CTRL+left-click the Home icon will open a new tab to your set home page.
    **See -->
    *This Add-on will open a new tab when clicking the new tab "+" icon (or when clicking New Tab from the menu) to whatever page you set in the options for the add-on:
    **'''''New TabURL''''':
    '''If this reply solves your problem, please click "Solved It" next to this reply when <u>signed-in</u> to the forum.'''

  • Hyperlink + ctrl click opens the page in new tab in my website. it should open it in the same window of my website

    When i do a ctrl+hyperlink click in my website running in firefox, it opens up in a new tab, I dont want the ctrl+hyperlink click to open in new tab or new window. It should open in the same browser. (works as required in IE 7)
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened

    Ctrl+left click on a link or bookmark will open in a new tab. That is a standard Firefox keyboard shortcut. Middle-click will do the same (Middle-click = press the scroll wheel). On the following page, scroll down to "Web Navigation" or Find (Ctrl+F), enter "Ctrl+lef" (without quotation marks) in the Find box. Read the footnote 4 about how to change from background tab to foreground tab.
    To open a link or bookmark in the currently active tab, simply click on the link or bookmark. Your current tab will be over-written with the new link or bookmark.
    The following page shows the shortcuts for IE7. Click "Working with tabs". It shows Ctrl+click will "Open links in a new tab in the background" and on the next line, it shows CTRL+SHIFT+click will "Open links in a new tab in the foreground".
    Maybe you have installed something to change the shortcuts on your installation?
    <u>'''''Other Issues''''': to correct security/stability issues</u>
    <u>'''Update Java'''</u>: your version; current version (<u>important security update 04-15-2010</u>)
    ''(Windows users: Do the manual update; very easy.)''
    See: '''[ Updating Java]'''
    Do the update with Firefox closed

  • Can Firefox open one page in same window?I could do that few days ago,and now all of a sudden it open new page in new tab or new window.What can I do?Thank you

    Whenever I search something on Google and try to open it,it opens in a new tab or new window.I always could open it in the same tab. Can you help me?

    On the search results page, you can try changing the setting beside '''Results Window''' via the gear icon on the top right corner of the page. Please also see the '''Note''' on the bottom.

Maybe you are looking for

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    had problems with computer and had to unistall firefox, now trying to reinstall and its says to reboot firefox did not unistall correctly rebooted it did not work, cant find where it went to, not in add/remove or on the sidebar

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    I have Firefox 3. and thought I was updating as prompted by the advice on my screen when I pulled up Firefox. The screen said: Install now and I did. I now have both versions of Firefox on my iMac. I would like to uninstall Firefox 3 as it pops up wh

  • Subscription Renewed - Still Cannot Use Photoshop..

    I renewed my month-by-month subscription to use Photoshop and paid yesterday morning. My Adobe "Manage Plans" page showed that I would have to wait up to 24 hours for my payment to go through. It has been over 24 hours since, the payment shows up on