C150 demo lab - help required on straightforward issue

Hi all
I am new to IronPort administration, and am trying to set up a C150 in a demo/lab environment.
I have the C150 up and running and able to reach the internet via port 80 (able to update the AsyncOS, for example).
However I do not have mail traffic flowing through the appliance, which would obviously enable me to demonstrate the filtering, reporting capabilities and so on. The mail doesn't need to be live or genuine - simply traffic to demonstrate/learn the features.
I don't have any email infrastructure, and wondered how I can easily generate the required SMTP traffic?
A suggestion made by a colleague was to create the traditional infrastructure using Exchange on VMware. Is there any other way to achieve the simulation of email?
Any help gratefully recieved!

After I did some self-generated SMTP traffic to our demo unit, I actually set the MX record for my personal domains at the appliance. I figured it was the only way I was going to get a real scenario with the IronPort appliance during the demo period without interfering with our existing environment. Even though I get far less email to my domains than my employer gets, I was convinced that the appliance worked as well as IronPort claimed.

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    you can not copy function as i know. you should create a new one and copy code from the existing function to new function and modify code for the new requirement. this will be mush easier.

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    I think I'm beyond having things explained to me now. I just required some straightforward intstructions in words of one or two syllables to help me set up my calendar simultaneously in Outlook 2011, Entourage 2008, iCal and in iCloud or Mobile me so that they all show exactly the same events without duplications or ommissions. I am in despair as everytime I mend one calendar the others seem to fall apart due to something to do with the order of syncing or switching on/off certain actions. I am lost in a round robin of calendars some of which can contain up to 4 copies of the same event whilst omitting other events. The reason I need all formats to speak to each other is because I run a MacBook with Snow Leopard and a MacBook Pro with Lion in the UK, then have to rely only on Google and a white MacBook with Snow Leopard when in Burma where internet is ultra-rudimentary and cannot be used ad infinitum as we can in the UK. My mail server has been mac.com/mobile me which I suppose is now iCloud. Help!!!!!

    First of all, neither Outlook nor Entourage are supposed to support iCloud syncing.  MS does not support it, yet.  So forget that.  As far as I know, Entourage will creat an iCal calendar called Entourage in iCal.  That will sync to an iPhone/iPad (except the new iPad as far as I can tell).  It does not seem to sync to iCloud.  So basically until MS supports CalDev, you are not going to do what you want.
    In Outlook, syncing will take all your catagories in Outlook and creat individual calendars for each catagory.  That is cool but you will also have a calendar group called Entourge (from Entourage) so there will be duplicates.  I found in Outlook that I ended up with the Entourage calendar plus all the Outlook events as duplicates.
    I don't use Outlook because of that.  You can run Entourage and all of Office 2008 side by side with Office 2011.  That would be the best solution.  Pick the email client you want and forget about the other one.
    When you set up syncing in your client of choice, choose to replace everything in iCal (it that is what you want) with the info from that client.  After that it will sync or at least should.
    It's not much help but until MS makes some fixes, the process is broken.

  • Urgent help required: Query regarding LC Variables

    Hi All
    Sometime earlier I was working on a performance issue raised by a customer. It was shell script that was taking almost 8-9 hrs to complete. During my research I came across a fact that there were some variables which were not set, the LC variables were impacting the sort funnel operations because of which the script was taking a long time to execute.
    I asked them to export the following commands, after which the program went on smoothly and finished in a couple of mins:
    export LC_COLLATE=en_US.ISO8859-1
    export LC_MESSAGES=C
    export LC_MONETARY=en_US.ISO8859-1
    export LC_MONETARY=en_US.ISO8859-1
    export HZ=100
    export LC_CTYPE=en_US.ISO8859-1
    export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
    Later I did recover that setting the LC_COLLATE to C, is not helping and the program was again taking a lot of time. Few questions that I want to ask are:
    1. Can someone please tell me, what each of these variable mean and how these values make a difference.
    2. When I exported LC_COLLATE=en_US.ISO8859-1, it worked fine, but when i tried with the defalut value LC_COLLATE=C, then why the program didnt work.
    As this issue is still going on, hence I would request All to provide their valuable inputs and let me know as much as possible.
    Appreciate your help in this regard.
    Hi All
    A new development in this regard. The customer has send us a screen shot in which they were trying to export the locale variable using the commands which I have pasted above. I can see in the screen shot that while exporting LC_COLLATE and LC_TYPE, they get a message that ""ksh: export: couldn't set locale correctly"".
    Request everyone to please give their inputs as it's a bit urgent.
    Thanks for all the help in advance.
    Some help required please...
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    Controls the behavior of character handling functions.
    Specifies date and time formats, including month names, days of the week, and common full and abbreviated representations.
    Specifies monetary formats, including the currency symbol for the locale, thousands separator, sign position, the number of fractional digits, and so forth.
    Specifies the decimal delimiter (or radix character), the thousands separator, and the grouping.
    Specifies a collation order and regular expression definition for the locale.
    Specifies the language in which the localized messages are written, and affirmative and negative responses of the locale (yes and no strings and expressions).
    You can use command
    # locale -k LC_CTYPE
    to see more detail about each type.

  • Help required with ADFS 3.0 client certificate authentication

    I am currently working on integrating ADFS 3.o for Single Sign On to some 3rd party services along with PKI solution. The basic requirement is that I should be able to choose client authentication certificate as an authentication method in ADFS and then
    federate user credentials to 3rd party trust for single-sign-on.
    I had done this successfully with ADFS 2.0 and that setup is working fine. I have the setup as ADFS 3.0 client authentication method enabled. When I open browser to logon, the ADFS 3.0 page displays a message as "Select a certificate that you want to
    use for authentication. If you cancel the operation, please close your browser and try again." but the certificates are not displayed for selection.
    The certificates are valid and have valid chaining to CA. Could someone help me resolve this issue?
    -Chinmaya Karve

    Hi Yan,
    Thanks for your response. I have gone through the posts that you have suggested, and my setup looks pretty much as expected.
    So, as I mentioned earlier, I have 2 parallel setups with 3rd party service(SalesForce). Once of them is running ADFS 2.0 and another one has ADFS 3.0. I can logon to the third-party services, from both the setups using username/format. I can logon to SF
    using client authentication certificate from ADFS 2.0 setup, but from the same client machine, when I try to logon SF via ADFS 3.0, the browser just does not pick up any certificate. The page just shows message of "Select a certificate that you want to use
    for authentication. If you cancel the operation, please close your browser and try again.".
    I have checked the browser, and it has the right certificates. Also, the same browser/machine is used to logon to SF through ADFS 2.0 via client certificate, which works just fine !
    I am really confused now, as to whose issue this really is...
    Just to confirm, I am using Certificate Authentication from ADFS 3.0 Authentication Methods for both Intranet and Extranet.
    Any suggestion or inputs where I could have gone wrong in the setup?

  • Help required: Cannot open pdf using Jasper Report in Weblogic workshop 9.2

    This message was accepted by the [email protected] mailing list. Hi ,
    I am new to jasper reports and I am using them in Java Page Flow in bea workshop 9.2
    In one of my action methods
    ServletOutputStream servletOutputStream = getResponse().getOutputStream();
    InputStream reportStream = getServlet().getServletConfig().getServletContext().getResourceAsStream("/classic.jasper");
    JasperRunManager.runReportToPdfStream(reportStream, servletOutputStream, new HashMap() ,connection);
    When I invoke this action method from another page on click of submit , the pdf file opens fine for the first time( first submit) , and then if I click on submit again, it fails to open the pdf with the error message ,
    There was an error opening this document . This file cannot be found.
    Please help me resolve the issue, its urgent.
    Thanx in advance

    Thanks for the reply David. The problem we're having is that when you are in Workshop, there is the option, under the "File" menu to "Refresh" (F5) You sometimes need to do this to refresh your workspace. I'm sorry, I'm not a developer, so I don't know the details behind what that actually does, other than it "refreshes the workspace" so we can pick up the changes made and checked into subversion.
    Without performing this step, you don't always build from the latest and greatest code.
    The problem we're facing is that it seems that you need to be in Workshop to perform this step. There is a scripted way to do the refresh, but it requires you to open Workshop and run the script. What we're trying to accomplish is a truly scripted solution. All the other steps in the build process can be performed without opening Workshop, but because we can't figure out a way to do this one piece, we cannot have an automated build process.
    - Brian

  • Help required please. "Itunes can not read the contents of my iphone"

    Greetings all,
    I know this question has been asked before and I apologize for asking again but all the solutions provided don't seam to work for me, can anyone help me please.
    I am receving the message: "Itunes can not read the contents of the iPhone. Go to the summary tab In iPhone Preferences and click restore torestore this Iphone to factory settings".
    Now a little about my iphone, Itunes and my laptop and what steps i havealready tried.
    I have an iPhone 4 running software 5.0
    My itunes version is
    I know these are not the most up to date versions but I have had this issue for almost 3 months now and updating the software back then was the first step I tried. I don’t believe updating to the latest will fix this issue as updating the last two times did nothing.
    Every so often after starting Itunes, The program will stop responding and will require the three finger death kill (CTRL, ALT, DELETE) to open task manager to end the task of Itunes. Once it shuts down, I restart the iTunes and it runs smoothly, apart from not reading my iPhone.
    When I run a diagnostic in itunes under the help tab, I get these fail messages:
    Network Connectivity test: Secure link to Itunes store fail
    Device connectivity test: Under support services: Itunes helper is not running. And under ports: No iPod, iPhone or iPad found.
    Device Sync test: No iPod touch, iPhone or iPad found.
    *See below for full diagnostic report*
    I have restored back to factory settings twice.
    I have shut down and restarted both my iPhone and laptop.
    I am running Windows 7 32-bit on my laptop.
    I am using ZoneAlarm as my fire wall, and have been disabling it when syncing my iPhone to prevent other error messages.
    The iPhone is plugged into a genuine Iphone USB cable and is plugged into a USB port not a USB hub on my laptop, I have tried plugging it into all 4 USB ports and this issue still persist. The Cable is less then 5 months old, is not frayed or damaged in any way, have also borrowed 2 other cables from friends and still the same issue.
    The iPhone does not even come up in windows explorer as a digital camera.
    The iPhone is NOT jailbroken
    I do not live close to a so called genius bar, however I have made the journey to them on 3 separate occasions last year when I first received my iPhone for a different issue, the so called genius's could not fix the problem so they just gave me a new (refurbished) iPhone, which did not extend my warranty. I will not be taking the iPhone back to them as I believe they can not resolve many issues, this is why I am reaching out to the power of the people in the wider apple community.
    I have read in other forums about ifunbox and other programs for jail broken iPhones to isolate folders “iTunesDB” and "iTunesCDB" and delete them. If this is the issue is there a way to access these files through windows explorer as my iphone is not jailbroken.
    I hope I have provided enough information and someone can help me fix this issue. If I have left anything out, please let me know. I thank everyone in advance for your patience and support.
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
    Hewlett-Packard HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
    QuickTime not available
    FairPlay 1.13.35
    Apple Application Support 2.1.5
    iPod Updater Library 10.0d2
    CD Driver
    CD Driver DLL
    Apple Mobile Device
    Apple Mobile Device Driver
    Bonjour (333.10)
    Gracenote SDK
    Gracenote MusicID
    Gracenote Submit
    Gracenote DSP
    iTunes Serial Number 001BAD14XXXXEA78
    Current user is an administrator.
    The current local date and time is 2011-11-16 10:04:53.
    iTunes is not running in safe mode.
    WebKit accelerated compositing is enabled.
    HDCP is supported.
    Core Media is supported.
    Video Display Information
    NVIDIA, NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M 
    **** External Plug-ins Information ****
    No external plug-ins installed.
    The drive H: Vodafone  USB SCSI CD-ROM Rev  USB is a USB 1 device.
    **** Network Connectivity Tests ****
    Network Adapter Information
    Adapter Name:    {97524DB0-B9DC-41DB-8AFA-0CE6938F7C95}
    Description:    PC
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    DHCP Enabled:    No
    DHCP Server:   
    Lease Obtained:    Thu Jan 01 11:00:00 1970
    Lease Expires:    Thu Jan 01 11:00:00 1970
    DNS Servers:
    Adapter Name:    {BFF0456E-DE42-4FEF-B1FA-1EA1C5EDEE42}
    Description:    Vodafone Mobile Broadband Network Adapter (ZTE)
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    DHCP Enabled:    No
    DHCP Server:   
    Lease Obtained:    Thu Jan 01 11:00:00 1970
    Lease Expires:    Thu Jan 01 11:00:00 1970
    DNS Servers:   
    Adapter Name:    {D5511FFD-0CA8-4F62-B3CA-E90384FFCD03}
    Description:    Broadcom 43225 802.11b/g/n
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    DHCP Enabled:    Yes
    DHCP Server:   
    Lease Obtained:    Thu Jan 01 11:00:00 1970
    Lease Expires:    Thu Jan 01 11:00:00 1970
    DNS Servers:   
    Active Connection:    PC
    Connected:    Yes
    Online:        Yes
    Using Modem:    Yes
    Using LAN:    No
    Using Proxy:    No
    SSL 3.0 Support:    Enabled
    TLS 1.0 Support:    Enabled
    Firewall Information
    Windows Firewall is on.
    iTunes is NOT enabled in Windows Firewall.
    ZoneAlarm Firewall is installed.
    Connection attempt to Apple web site was successful.
    Connection attempt to browsing iTunes Store was successful.
    Connection attempt to purchasing from iTunes Store was successful.
    Connection attempt to iPhone activation server was successful.
    Connection attempt to firmware update server was unsuccessful.
    The network connection timed out.
    Connection attempt to Gracenote server was successful.
    Last successful iTunes Store access was 2011-11-16 09:59:57.
    **** CD/DVD Drive Tests ****
    LowerFilters: Afc (,
    UpperFilters: GEARAspiWDM (,
    F: hp CDDVDW TS-L633N, Rev 0300
    Drive is empty.
    **** Device Connectivity Tests ****
    iPodService is currently running.
    iTunesHelper is currently not running.
    Apple Mobile Device service is currently running.
    Universal Serial Bus Controllers:
    Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 3B34.  Device is working properly.
    Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 3B3C.  Device is working properly.
    FireWire (IEEE 1394) Host Controllers:
    1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller.  Device is working properly.
    Most Recent Devices Not Currently Connected:
    iPhone 4 (GSM) running firmware version 5.0
    Serial Number:    85107XQLA4S
    **** Device Sync Tests ****
    No iPod, iPhone, or iPad found.
    < Edited By Host >

    Hi AM_Kidd.
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have done a complete uninstall and re install of iTunes and all related apple programs from my laptop through control panel, add remove programs and also by going through program files and deleting all tracers of any left over folders remove programs may have missed.
    My apologies for forgetting to add this in my original post.
    Thanks again

  • Please help me in this issue "rebate \management"

    Dear all,
    I have a problem, please kindly help me on my issue.
    For the rebate process, my client requires for their customers once the time period is over he dont want to raise the credit memo reuqest on the behalf of credit memo client want to replace the goods at free of cost to their customers.
    Kindly help me in this issue
    rama murthy.g

    img-s&D - billing- rebates-rebateagreement type .in the rebate agreement control settings ,in the final settlement field ,u put free of goods sales document type
    if useful give me rewards

  • Help required in creation of Dictionary table dynamically

    Hello All,
    I have created DDIC table created dynamically.
    But what i require is! the dictionary table which i have created should be under the package name as given by the customer.
    I have seen in FM DDIF_TABL_PUT  the parameter dd02v-APPLCLASS is the write parameter to create the table under the required package. This field is of length char 4 only.
    Normally the package name will be greater than char4 and also it happend in my case that the package name is more than char4.
    Now i am unable to create the table dynamically under the specified pacakage of the customer
    How can i solve this problem?
    Can any one help me in this issue?

    Hi Lakshman,
    Thank you for your reply,
    I have used the FM which you have mentioned but i didn't work. I mean when i see the attributes of the table, package is still empty.
    Can you help me to solve the problem.
    *     WI_DELETE_TADIR_ENTRY                = ' '
    *     WI_REMOVE_REPAIR_FLAG                = ' '
    *     WI_SET_REPAIR_FLAG                   = ' '
    *     WI_TEST_MODUS                        = 'X'
          wi_tadir_pgmid                       = 'R3TR'
          wi_tadir_object                      = 'TABL'
          wi_tadir_obj_name                    = lv_objname
    *     WI_TADIR_KORRNUM                     = ' '
    *     WI_TADIR_SRCSYSTEM                   = ' '
    *     WI_TADIR_AUTHOR                      = ' '
         wi_tadir_devclass                    = 'ZV/HF/PLANNING'
    *     WI_TADIR_MASTERLANG                  = ' '
    *     WI_TADIR_CPROJECT                    = ' '
    *     WI_TADIR_VERSID                      = ' '
    *     WI_REMOVE_GENFLAG                    = ' '
    *     WI_SET_GENFLAG                       = ' '
    *     WI_READ_ONLY                         = ' '
    *     IV_SET_EDTFLAG                       = ' '
    *     NEW_GTADIR_ENTRY                     =
    *     NEW_TADIR_ENTRY                      =
         tadir_entry_not_existing             = 1
         tadir_entry_ill_type                 = 2
         no_systemname                        = 3
         no_systemtype                        = 4
         original_system_conflict             = 5
         object_reserved_for_devclass         = 6
         object_exists_global                 = 7
         object_exists_local                  = 8
         object_is_distributed                = 9
         obj_specification_not_unique         = 10
         no_authorization_to_delete           = 11
         devclass_not_existing                = 12
         simultanious_set_remove_repair       = 13
         order_missing                        = 14
         no_modification_of_head_syst         = 15
         pgmid_object_not_allowed             = 16
         masterlanguage_not_specified         = 17
         devclass_not_specified               = 18
         specify_owner_unique                 = 19
         loc_priv_objs_no_repair              = 20
         gtadir_not_reached                   = 21
         object_locked_for_order              = 22
         change_of_class_not_allowed          = 23
         no_change_from_sap_to_tmp            = 24
         OTHERS                               = 25
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
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  • Help require with installing Adobe Acrobat onto my Macbook Pro Retina.

    Help require with installing Adobe Acrobat onto my Macbook Pro Retina.
    I have successfully installed all of my creative cloud apps with the exception being acrobat.
    I cannot print from Indesign to PDF.
    I have unistalled, reinstalled and still no Adobe Acrobat.
    I now have to go back to Windows 8 and create the PDF's there.
    Any one know how to get around this issue?
    Thanks in advance

    OSX has effectively killed the ability to print to pdf, (print to pdf eliminates most of the "Rich features" of current pdf).
    Export from InDesign, always, excpet for the 1% of the time where you know why print to pdf would produce a better result.

  • Plz help me solving following issues

    Hi SD experts,
    Plz help me solving following issues
    1) What do you mean by POD(proof of delivery) what is the use of pod? What are the con figuration you done in your project?
    2) When I am punching order after entering data like material No and quantity system should pop-up a screen of delivery date and status and invoice data and details, How can we configure this?
    3) Client requirement is he want horizon period in days format. but standard sap system It's in months format(gray mode). how can we change months to days?
    4) Quotation has been created for product-D, 10 quantities, sales order is created with reference to the quotation, system copies 10 quantities in sales order. How do you restrict in sales order end user should not change quantities, system should not allow for changes by en user?
    5)  when i creating the sales order the system show error "No customer master record exist for sold to party". How to rectify it?
    suitable solutions will be rewarded
    thansx & regards

    Proof of delivery (POD) is an instrument involved in business processes in which an invoice is issued only after the customer has confirmed the delivery's arrival. In addition to the proof of delivery itself, you can also record the POD date, POD time, the actual quantity that arrived and the reason for possible differences in quantities. This is especially important for deliveries where the delivery quantity varies because of the nature of the goods or for which the exact delivery quantity is unknown from the start.
    You are now in a position to issue an accurate invoice based on the customer's confirmation of goods received. You no longer need to create credit memos. The reasons for deviation that occur most frequently in "real world" scenarios such as stock shrinkage, theft, certain characteristics of goods (volatility, for example), and transportation damage are recorded and analyzed in the system. This analysis is especially valuable when you are negotiating with forwarding agents, vendors, or customers, since all deviations can be reflected
    With regards

  • Every time I open Firefox another page of Firefox opens that has adds. What can you do to help me fix this issue?

    When I boot up Firefox, my default web browser, Firefox appears and then it loads another page of Firefox that has adds. How can you help me with this issue?

    This unwanted page opens as a second tab, or as a second window? The usual cause of this problem is a bad add-on. Here's my suggested procedure for tracking down and removing bad add-ons. I know it seems long, but it's not that bad.
    (1) Open the Windows '''Control Panel''', Uninstall a Program. After the list loads, click the "Installed on" column heading to group the infections, I mean, additions, by date. This can help in smoking out undisclosed bundle items that snuck in with some software you agreed to install. ''Don't be fooled by seemingly innocent or important names if you do not remember choosing to install them.'' Take out as much trash as possible here.
    (2) Open Firefox's '''Add-ons page''' using either:
    * Ctrl+Shift+a
    * "3-bar" menu button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons
    * in the Windows "Run" dialog, type or paste <br><code>firefox.exe "about:addons"</code>
    In the left column, click '''Plugins'''. Set nonessential and unrecognized plugins to "Never Activate".
    In the left column, click '''Extensions'''. Then, if in doubt, disable (or Remove, if possible) unrecognized and unwanted extensions. (Note: you might not be able to manually Disable extensions in Safe Mode because they are disabled automatically.)
    Often a link will appear above at least one disabled extension to restart Firefox. You can complete your work on the tab and click one of the links as the last step.
    Any improvement?
    (3) You can search for remaining issues with the '''scanning/cleaning tools''' listed in our support article: [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware]]. These on-demand scanners are free and take considerable time to run. If they finish quickly and especially if they require payment, you may have a serious infection. I suggest the specialized forums listed in the article in that case.

  • Help Required :Excel Upload Into Oracle Table Using PLSQL Procedure/Package

    Please Help , Urgent Help Needed.
    Requirement is to Upload Excel file Into Oracle Table Using PLSQL Procedure/Package.
    Case's are :
    1. Excel File is On Users/ Client PC.
    2. Application is on Remote Server(Oracle Forms D2k).
    3. User Is Using Application Using Terminal Server LogIn.
    4. So If User Will Use to GET_FILE_NAME() function of D2K to Get Excel File , D2k Will Try to pick File from That Remote Server(Bcs User Logind from Terminal Server Option).
    5. Cannot Use Util_File Package Or Oracle Directory to Place That File on Server.
    6. we are Using Oracle 8.7
    So Need Some PL/SQL Package or Fuction/ Procedure to Upload Excel file on User's Pc to Oracle Table.
    Please Guide me wd some Code. or with Some Pl/SQL Package, or With SOme Hint. Or any Link ....
    Jus help to Sort This Issue ........
    you can also write me on :
    [email protected], [email protected]

    I also Tried to Use This
    But How can i Use SQLLDR Command In Stored Procedure.
    Well IN SQL*PlUS it is successfull but in Stored Procedure /Package ,PL/SQL does not recognise the OS commands.
    So now my Question How can I recognise the SQLLDR Commnad in Stored Procedure.

  • Help Required:How Upload Excel file Into Oracle Table Using PLSQL Procedure

    Please Help , Urgent Help Needed.
    Requirement is to Upload Excel file Into Oracle Table Using PLSQL Procedure/Package.
    Case's are :
    1. Excel File is On Users/ Client PC.
    2. Application is on Remote Server(Oracle Forms D2k).
    3. User Is Using Application Using Terminal Server LogIn.
    4. So If User Will Use to GET_FILE_NAME() function of D2K to Get Excel File , D2k Will Try to pick File from That Remote Server(Bcs User Logind from Terminal Server Option).
    5. Cannot Use Util_File Package Or Oracle Directory to Place That File on Server.
    6. we are Using Oracle 8.7
    So Need Some PL/SQL Package or Fuction/ Procedure to Upload Excel file on User's Pc to Oracle Table.
    Please Guide me wd some Code. or with Some Pl/SQL Package, or With SOme Hint. Or any Link ....
    Jus help to Sort This Issue ........
    you can also write me on :
    [email protected], [email protected]

    TEXT_IO is a PL/SQL package available only in Forms (you'll want to post in the Forms forum for more information). It is not available in a stored procedure in the database (where the equivalent package is UTL_FILE).
    If the Terminal Server machine and the database machine do not have access to the file system on the client machine, no application running on either machine will have access to the file. Barring exceptional setups (like the FTP server on the client machine), your applications are not going to have more access to the client machine than the operating system does.
    If you map the client drives from the Terminal Server box, there is the potential for your Forms application to access those files. If you want the files to be accessible to a stored procedure in the database, you'll need to move the files somewhere the database can access them.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Hyperlink to a FTP address

    I would like to create a hyperlink to a ftp site to have access to files. This does not appear to be possible. When the url is created it inserts http:// in the beginning of the address. In order for the link to work it needs ftp:// at the beginning.

  • Firefox doesn't display the upper part of my screen, to I can't navigate!

    When I updated to version 4, the screen is so large that no navigation tools are visible. To exit firefox, I have to go to task manager to shut it down

  • Running Quicktime Plugin for IE as Non-Admin User

    I'm trying to run quicktime 7.4 in a student computer lab. All logins are "User" group, non admin accounts. I cannot get the quicktime plugin for IE to work. Any embedded quicktime files on web pages just show the dreaded "Quicktime Question Mark". A

  • Importing Existing Stamps into Acrobat 9

    Does anyone know how to load up an existing list of stamps into Acrobat 9? I know how to create and edit stamps. What I am trying to achieve is to simply cut and paste an esiting folder containing custom stamps into a new installation of acrobat 9. P

  • DNG Converter Only Converts Part of .CR2 File

    I have tried converting in Photoshop CS4, Lightroom 2.6 and through the DNG Converter, but all have the same result. The image was taken with a Canon 7D, copied to the computer (running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit), converted to DNG with the original R