Can't access HTML code in Eloqua

I want to enhance the functionality and looks and mobile email template. For that I am trying to access HTML Editor to modify HTML code. How can I edit HTML codes in Eloqua10?

Hello Hammad,
When it comes to email mobile templates, the feature that makes them a mobile template is the CSS code that can be accessed by going to the toolbox as demonstrated below:
What this means to you is the following:
While you cannot access the full source code of this email -- because it is a templated email and not an html uploaded email, you have two options to customize it:
1) You can delete ALL the contents that come with the template -- the default image and text, and then add your contents to it.
2) You can upload an email and use the css code that appears in the screenshot above.
Hope this helps.

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    I have a BSP Page with input as date.
    Can i have html code for date select options (SEARCH HELP)

    Please find the sample code below.
          <htmlb:inputField id        = "dd"
                            width     = "45%"
                            type      = "DATE"
                            showHelp  = "X" <- Search help
                            alignment = "CENTER"
                            maxlength = "10"
                            disabled  = "TRUE"
                            value     = "<%= w_FROMDATE %>" />
          <htmlb:inputField id        = "dd"
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                            type      = "DATE"
                            showHelp  = "X"
                            alignment = "CENTER"
                            maxlength = "10"
                            disabled  = "TRUE"                      
    value     = "<%= w_TODATE %>" />

  • How can I write HTML code in this forums

    Sorry but I didn't know where to post this thread.....
    How can I write HTML code in this forums?

    Every piece of code in your post should be wrapped with the forum tags [ code] and [ /code], without the blanks.
    In case of the &lt;a> tag, that is not enough. In this case, you have several options. The most elegant one is to use the entity name for the less-then sign - & lt; - without any spaces. Other options is to add a space between the less-then and the ‘a’ character (and make a note of it) or change the less-then character with a left bracket one.
    When posting code, you should always use the forum preview option, just to make sure the forum software “understood” your code correctly.
    Hope this helps,

  • Can you embed HTML code into a Captivate project?

    Hi there.
    Is it possible to embed HTML code into a project? I can't find any options to do it. I'm using Captivate 7.

    Yes I am talking about the play button when the course launches.  If you modify the index.html to look like this, the course will automatically play instead of showing the play button.
    function initializeCP()
                    function cpInit()
                                    document.body.innerHTML = "
                    if((typeof InitAppPackager !== "undefined") && (typeof InitAppPackager === "function"))
    The part in read is the command that I add to the index to make it autoplay.

  • Can i embed html code into my email signature

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    Are you referring to use of content within a content ?
    You can use any composition or panel to achieve this, but if you are referring to use html content to another html content , then you would need to work out with the code and combine them and then insert on page so that both html functions properly.

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    I have some text and images composed in a yahoo group.  I need to cut and paste it into an html box on MYSPACE.  I've already tried checking Yahoo's "View html Source" box.  Nothing appears.  I also tried clicking on my imac "View Source" in the tool bar, pasted the code into the html box but only got code, not text and images. 
    Is this something that can't be done unless you are an html code wiz?

    I don't use Myspace, but if you're given an HTML box to fill in, it will almost certainly show as code until you submit it, and then, if the code is correct, it should display your layout correctly as text and images on the new page.
    Note that images may not transfer correctly unless their source tags contain absolute references - eg "" should be fine, but "../images/image1.jpg" will not work.

  • Can i write Html code inside JSP method???

    hi i am newbie to jsp and servlets. i am working on a project where i have to use same html code for two conditions in jsp. my question is can i write that html code inside any method in jsp?? and then can i call that method within that if and else scope. can anyone help me with this??

    I don't think that does what you think it does.
    void renderStateSelect(String default) { %>Creates a method with that signature and an open brace...
    <select name="state"> puts:
    out.println("<select name=\"state\">");
    into the _jspService method
    // logic to loop thru states
    %>Puts the loop logic after the brace opening up the method renderStateSelect
    in the _jspService method
    %>Closes the renderStateSelect method.
    So if I do this:
    void renderStateSelect(String def) { %>
    <select name="state">
    // logic to loop thru states
    <% renderStateSelect("none"); %>
    </html>The html output is:
    <select name="state">
    </html> The 'renderStateSelect method does not render the state select. The _jspService method does, in place where the HTML is written in the JSP file.  As another look, the translated servlet looks like this:
    package org.apache.jsp;
    public final class IsThisOk_jsp extends org.apache.jasper.runtime.HttpJspBase
        implements org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspSourceDependent {
    void renderStateSelect(String def) {
    // logic to loop thru states
      public void _jspService(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
            throws, ServletException {
        try {
          out.write("<select name=\"state\">\r\n");
          out.write(" \r\nHello<br/>\r\n");
          out.write("\r\nEverybody\r\n</body>\r\n</html>\r\n ");
    }See. Any plain HTML code you put outside of the <%! %> tags is converted to out.printlns inside the _jspService method (in place where they occured in the JSP, not where the method you want to do the rendering is called...)
    So unless I completely misunderstood your intent here, this apprach does not work.

  • How can I edit HTML code that was previously inserted?

    Inserting HTML code is easy enough - Object -> Insert HTML...
    But editing the code does not seem possible. It seems that it's necessary to delete the HTML object and reinsert it to make a change. What am I missing?

    Right click. I'm on my phone, but an option like "Edit HTML..." should be among the choices when an HTML embed object is selected.

  • Adobe Muse: how to access HTML code inserted?

    Hi everyone,
    do you know how to edit HTML code already inserted in an Adobe Muse template?
    This code is for analytics purpose.

    This forum is actually about the Cloud, not about using individual programs
    Once your program downloads and installs with no errors, you need the program forum
    If you start at the Forums Index
    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe product(s) you use
    Click the "down arrow" symbol on the right (where it says ALL FORUMS) to open the drop down list and scroll for program questions

  • How can I access t-code SOLAR_LIBRARY (Solution/Application)?

    I have found in multiple places that configuration guides for CRM 2006 are now in Solution Manager.
    I found several documentation in SAP Help that tells you to look into solution manager as follows:
    Choose Solutions/Application -> Basic Configuration -> Configuration Structures -> ...
    What I've learned diggin on internate is that Solutions/Application is a t-code called SOLAR_LIBRARY. When I try to access this t-code in my Solution Manager system I get a message T-code for internal SAP use.
    My question is how can I get access to this configuration guides that are referenced in several places on the SAP Help portal?
    Your help will be greatly appreciated...

    Hi Amando,
    the transaction Solar_Library is only used SAP-internally. To access configuration guides, you need to launch transaction Solar02, select your project, select the node "Configuration" and the tab "Structure". Via the button "Change Configuration Structure" you can launch the maintenance transaction for configuration structures. Select "Business Process Repository" as source and launch the F4 selection help. You can copy complete configuration structure in your project.
    Best regards,

  • How can i obtain HTML code

    I need obtain the source code of one webpage (the page is
    Until now, i obtained the source code of pages with the function module SCMS_HTTP_GET_WITH_URL, but this page return the code 404 (Not found). The esception is: Access error HTTP: IF_HTTP_CLIENT->RECEIVE 1 ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED
    How can i obtain the source code of this page? Exists other function module o class for this?
    Best regards and, thanks!

    amy be
    1. the site was down when you called.
    2. your ICM was down.
    3. some authentication is required from your environment to call internet (proxy) which is missing in your call.
    Exists other function module o class for this?
    you can use cl_http_client class for the same

  • Can't access verification code on phone

    I'm trying to update my phone and it's asking for a verification code which has been sent to a phone number that is not mine. How do I get this code to access my phone?

    Thanks for responding, @paulheu.
    @jcobe Hi. Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions.
    When did it start to happen? Try to check if there's an update for your phone's system apps: 
    Let us know how it will go.

  • Can't access SQLJ code inside EJB

    I am able to create EJB , call functions.
    Unfortunately i get an error
    Profile not found ,
    SQL state 46130.
    Any idea what is wrong ?

    I guess i know your problem.
    After you have deployed, perhaps you have not loaded the SQLJ related SER files into the JServer. So, this is what you do from command line in the alient.
    loadjava USERNAME/PASSWORD@SID -resolve myPackage\*.ser
    Now run your EJB client code.

  • Tutorial Request: How to use / access HTML in FC?
    Looking for a step by step to place HTML in a container, iframe, or whatever will work, to access HTML code.
    this is what I'm looknig for: 
    "while it is possible to use a subset of HTML with Flash "
    I have a Website that  is HTML
    Several pages of that HTML site need to be accessed from the Flash site built using FC.
    What is the procedure to make the HTML site Linked, or look like it's part of the FC website?
    Can FC use iframes or the equivelent of?
    I can build a site using HTML that can have Flash Placeholders.
    "What is Flash Catalyst? Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™ CS5 software is an approachable new interaction design tool. Transform Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and Fireworks® artwork into expressive, fully interactive projects without writing code, and leverage the reach and consistency of the Adobe Flash Platform."
    Flash catalyst, unlike XDP6 web generation, is all about generating Flash not HTML, so while it is possible to use a subset of HTML with Flash you should really not be trying to use a Flash generation tool as though it were generating HTML like the Xara software.

    Do you mean system-related access keys or custom-related...????

  • How do i add html code to my muse site? I want pintrest to verify my site.

    how do i add html code to my muse site? I want pintrest to verify my site.

    There are multiple ways in which you can add the HTML code to your site. Few methods are :-
    1) Copy your HTML code, In Muse -> Select Objects-> Insert HTML . Paste your HTML code on the page.  Please reer to this screenshot :-
    2) If you want to add the HTML code in the Head section of your page, Go to Page Properties-> Metadata-> HTML for <Head> .    Please refer to this screenshot :-
    Hope this helps
    Rohit Nair

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