Can't unmount a hard drive

Since I use Leopard, Once I plugin a Firewire harddrive, it is not possible to unmount it unless I reboot the computer.
Tried to repair permissions, tryed to rebuild Directory tried… tried…
Drives (several) mount/unmount normally on my other computers (G4 Panther).
Has anyone seen this?
Thanks for your help.
OSX10.5.2, MacBook Pro 2,5GHz.

Yes, it says the disk is in use. The only way to unmount is to reboot the computer. Problem occurs on several FW drives.
When I try to repair with Disk Utility, it just hangs. Disk Warrior, Drive Genius can't find a problem. But, strangely, Drive Genius doesn't even allow to rebuild/repair the internal drive and DiskWarrior won't allow me to look at it either. If I try to repair it with Disk Utility, it does not work (hangs). If I also try to repair with Disk Utility once booted from the installation CD system, same thing. Doesn't get past a certain point and hangs.
Seems to me all this is related to the internal drive, even though some FW drives can mount/unmount without problem.
All external FW drives have been checked and/or fixed with another computer (G4/OSX10.3.9) and function perfectly with it. Not on Macbook Pro/Leopard.
Any help someone. After reading some posts it seems related to the same "unknown" problem…

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  • How can I erase my hard drive if the Installer can't find it?

    Our iBook, 10.3.9, was pretty reliable for 5 years, but it started to work slower the past days (maybe thru too little free space or too many programs open at the same time), so we restarted a lot.. until it didn't restart but came up with the question mark; then with a black screen/white letters asking for a login. But what is my login? I only know my admin password.
    I ran DiskUtility and repaired the permissions and wanted to repair the disk as well, but it said (in red letters): unable, could not unmount disk.
    I tried Archive and Install, but it stopped halfway and said there was an error, try again later. I didn't try again, but managed to save most of my documents to another iBook (10.4.3) thru FireWire Target mode.
    Then I was ready for Erase & Install.
    When I first got this iBook, I had a big accident and had to erase and install, at which time an Apple tech person advised me to first install 10.1 and then 10.2 ('cause this iBook was first made with 10.1, it had 10.2 when I bought it). So this morning I put my 10.1 install CD in and selected Disk Utility to Erase the hard drive. This was recommended in another thread to erase all faulty blocks on a computer. I must say the hard drive itself (below the '27 GB OSX' thing with the triangle in front of it) was already greyed out, but I selected this triangle thing and said erase.
    Then I went back into the Installer but... it can't find any hard drive to install OSX on. It shows just one blank space...
    The strangest thing is that one time this morning when I opened the iBook, it started up just like normal! But it worked too slow, it wasn't fine, so I restarted and then the problems came back just the same. Now I'm back atthe black screen with white letters. It makes me think though that not all is lost with this computer, which my family hopes with me.
    What can I do???
    ibook   Mac OS X (10.3.7)  

    ask as many questions as necessary! I know it is a confusing situation.
    Your profile lists OS X 10.3.7.
    I believe I upgraded last year to 10.3.9.
    Do you have a Full Retail Version of Panther available for re-install?
    What OS version(s) do you have a full retail version for?
    For 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3.2.
    Do you have an OS currently installed on your computer?
    I don't know...
    This morning I had set my mind to do the Erase & Install. I inserted the 10.1 disk, opened DUtility and selected "Erase" from the tablist. At that point the hard drive under the top-triangle was already grey I believe. I selected the top line, or the grey line, am not sure which was last. The computer started to spin. I can't tell if it erased anything at that point. But I know that once the computer stopped spinning its operationwheel, I quit DU and went on trying to install, but then there was no installation disc available. There was just a blanc field.
    There was nothing else to do but restart, and at that point the computer opened up with a desktop like normal. I know it sounds crazy.
    But it didn't work well. I could open a jpg-file in "Preview", but went in "Mail" and it took forever to open a message, at which point I restarted.
    And since then, the normal desktop hasn't shown up anymore.
    Whenever I restart, I keep getting stuck at 1. a flashing icon with the picture of a globe, which changes into
    2. the question-mark, then
    3. the window "Mac OS" with the blue stripe, filling up almost all the way and then
    3. a black screen with white letters. If I type something and press return, it asks for password. If I type anything and press return, it says 'login incorrect', and then I see a new screen with "Darwin/BSD (X-3.local) (console)..... next line: "login: "
    I don't know what my login could be.
    I have since started up from the 10.3 CD, but also only saw a blank field where there should be an icon of my hard drive. (at 'select destination').
    Since my post, I used my Apple Hardware Test-CD, and that gave a pass. It said "No device found" for AirPort and Mass Storage. "Device found" for Modem and "Passed" for Logic Board, Memory and VideoRAM.
    In any case, what I want to do is still to Erase & Install, because something seems to be very wrong and my stuff is safely backed up.
    Looking forward to your answer. Thanks a lot.
    ibook   Mac OS X (10.3.7)  

  • Manual unmount Firewire hard drives before shutdown

    I'm having shutdown problems again possibly due to my new firewire hard drive, the firewire driver supplied by OS X, or some combination thereof.
    The issue is if I don't manually unmount my Firewire hard drive, the MacBook Pro does not ever properly shutdown and just spends its time doing the "spinning sun ray". If I manually unmount the firewire hard drives (by dragging to trash, for example) then there is no shutdown problem. Why should this be a problem at all? I don't understand. Why can't the shutdown command also unmount Firewire hard drives consistently?
    My set up:
    MacBook Pro <--> LaCie 120Gb firewire <--> Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus 500GB
    I also saw this article: tml
    Any times on how to solve this problem so that I can go to the shutdown command without first having to manually unmount the Firewire hard drives? Thanks!

    Frank Canzolino wrote:
    Thanks for reporting back, the idea was just a theory that I had never tried before. I do know that Macs will have difficulty shutting down if the state of a network is changed during to shutdown, say pulling the ethernet cable. Firewire has been implemented as a network port (actually a while ago).
    Yeah, I've known Firewire was implemented as a network port a long time ago. The strange thing is that I'm not using the Firewire port as a network device AND it has also been deactivated. It was deleting the port that seemed to have helped it.

  • Can not get external hard drives to connect to my computer 17" Mac book Pro 10.7.5

    can not get external hard drives to connect to my computer I am using a 17" Mac book Pro 10.7.5.
    I have 2 iomegas and 1 LaCie. Changed cables. I can feel the external hard drives running and
    I can hear them running but I can not get them on the computer any more. They did work at one time.
    Can any one PLEASE help?

    Nothing appear on my desktop. 
    I did Repair and Verify the HDDs in Disk Utility>First Aid from the
    Utilites App about a dozen times ans they all said everything was good
    except for the last time there were erors found and I ran the
    Disk Utility from the Start Up Disk and the repairs were made and everything
    was subposed to te good and still Nothing on the desk top.

  • Time Capsule can't backup external hard drives connected to it. Got that.

    Hello Apple Support Communities! This is my first post. Hope this finds you all well My first year as an Apple user. I bought a 2-Tb TC and am running my first backup to my MacBook as I write this.
    Problem statement: TC can't backup external hard drives connected directly to it, but the ones connected to the Macs that are connected wirelessly to it. Duly noted. However, the Spotlight will reindex the hard drives connected to the Mac and that will take hours; the whole backup will take days. Thus, excluding the hard drives at "System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy tab" will probably help reduce the time of backup, or just ejecting them will do too. That itself has not proven effective coz it's still taking forever (50Gb in 2 days, still going).
    1) Do I wait until my first backup to my MacBook's internal hard drive is done before I connect my hard drives to my MacBook and attempt another backup? If yes, how do I go about the excessive time Spotlight reindexing takes if I intend to backup my hard drives connected to my MacBook?
    2) Is there any other way of speeding up the first-time backup?
    *Note: All versions of OS and firmwares are up-to-date. TC is connected to an external wireless router. TC is intended to be used as backup device and / or file server only.
    P/S: Apologee if this has already been discussed before, thus, a link to previous discussion thread would highly be appreciated)
    - Shook Hashem, Malaysia.

    How do I backup the externel hard drives connected to my MB. I was under the impression that that has already been done, because I've read it somewhere in a discussion that said it's done automatically unless I exclude it from a backup, which I didn't. So it's supposed to backup the external hard drivestoo because I had them connected to my MB the entire time during the backups.
    By default an external drive is excluded.. the list is odd.. if I plug a drive into the mac.. it immediately is listed as excluded.
    This is not the list of included.. this is the list of excluded.. remove it from the excluded list to include it.
    It is kind of reverse polish notation in backups.
    If I want to enter the Time Machine, should I enter it with the TM turned on or off?
    Not sure what the question means. If you use the star wars display and want to recover files then use TM off.. but read up pondini.. how to do restore etc.
    15A in particular on the how to use TM.
    When do I uplug the ethernet and use the wireless connection instead?
    Once you have finished the main backup you can go back to wireless. The incremental backups are mostly very small.

  • Can not fine external hard drive for time machine sence lion was installed

    I can not fine external hard drive for time machine sence lion was installed, it don't reconise it at all.

    I have a Mac Mini (late 2009) and I have an iomega 1TB external hard drive connected to my mini via firewire and usb (usb allows me to use the usb ports on the external 1TB drive to daisy chain other devices).  Since I installed Lion, my Time Machine  and this 1TB drive (and its partitions) is finicky.  Sometimes it is mounted and sometimes it is not.   This issue has only surfaced post Snow Leopard and in the Lion era. I am not the first to say this but the whole reason I went Mac was b/c of Vista.  I am beginning to think that Lion is the new Vista.  Sorry for the latter, just venting... b/c this ain't the first issue with Lion.

  • Can I use one hard drive for two computers?  Newbie here.

    Newbie here.
    I currently use Time Machine for my iMac (Intel)
    I've been using my Macbook Pro (Intel) a lot lately and would like to back it up from time to time as well.
    Can I simply attach the external hard drive to my Macbook Pro and set up Time Machine?
    Can use the external hard drive for both machines?
    Will Time Machine recognized that my Macbook Pro is a separate computer and set up a separate folder on the external hard drive automatically?

    you can use the drive for as many Macs as you like, just make sure it's big enough. Time Machine will create separate folders for your Macs and will "know" which one you're using.

  • How can I remove the hard drive from an iMac g4 before recycling it?

    How can I remove the hard drive from an iMac g4 before recycling it?

    There are take-apart guides online.  For example
    However, you can also consider securely erasing the hard drive instead.  You can do this using a Mac OS X installation disc with a version that your iMac G4 can boot from the optical drive.  If this is a viable option, please post back (include Mac OS X version on installation disc).

  • Hello, I have two questions on time capsule  I can only have it on my external hd files and free up my internal memory to my mac  I can use an external hard drive, in my case a lacie rugged as shared memory for my two computers

    Hello, I have two questions on time capsule  I can only have it on my external hd files and free up my internal memory to my mac  I can use an external hard drive, in my case a lacie rugged as shared memory for my two computers

    I have a mackbook pro and an iMac if I buy a time capsule 2tb airport, I can use it with time machine and what would be the best way to use it.
    There is no particular setup required for TM.. both computers will create their own backup sparsebundle which is like a virtual disk.. Pondini explains the whole thing if you read the reference I gave you.
    and how to use time capsule airport whit other external hd to use my old lacie airport with the new time capsule
    Up to you.. you can plug the external drive into the TC and enjoy really slow file transfers or you can plug it into your computer and use it as external drive.. which is faster than the TC.. and TM can include it in the backup.
    Again everything is explained in the reference.. you are not reading it.

  • Time Machine can't copy my hard drive

    Time Machine can't copy my hard drive, it says that it can't complete the safety copy because an error occured when files were copied to the safety copy. Does anyone recognise this problem? All I could find in System notifications about Time Machine is this: "localhost kernel[0]: Security policy loaded: Safety net for Time Machine (TMSafetyNet)"

    John Galt wrote:
    ... Are you unable to select the external HD as a backup device?
    pres92 wrote:
    that's the problem -- my hard drive ("startup disk) is not listed, so I can't select it.
    The reason is that the startup volume is not a valid selection for its own Time Machine backup.
    The only drive listed is the Time Machine external drive.  Obviously, I don't want to back up the time machine drive.
    By default, a Time Machine backup volume is excluded from being backed up.
    The appearance you describe is correct, otherwise I'm completely misunderstanding your problem.

  • Laptop no longer can mount my external hard drive

    After updating to Mavericks, my laptop no longer can mount my external hard drive. What on earth is going on here and how can I fix this?

    The drive is spinning and I was using it the night before I updated my macbook. It is viewable in disk utility but not in finder, and attempts to mount it are thwarted. The problem is literally coincident with updating the mavericks. When I click verify it didn't appear to have any problems but I will retry when I am back at home and report the findings.
    It is a Toshiba 1GB external hard drive and has adequate power. Lights are on, etc.
    I have not checked on another computer as do not have one available, but that will be my next step.

  • Windows 7 Install - Can't find my hard-drive!

    Hi guys, i'm hoping someone can help. I've recently bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite pro L650 (PSK1KA-02D01E) running Windows 7 After a few weeks, things started to get really slow. Then I woke up one morning to discover it stuck on the first screen when I turn it on.
    I thought I had a virus, so then decided to do a full re-format and re-install windows. After I formatted the correct partition, I went to install Windows 7 again Only for it to say "windows could not detect a disc drive" it asks me to install drivers for the hard-drive, which I can't seem to find.
    it's a sata hard-drive (TOSHIBA MK6465GSX) I think is the model number. I can not find the hard-drive drivers anywhere. The other strange thing, is every now and then, it finds the hard-drive, but states that windows can not install onto that drive (even when I format it, try to add a partition and so forth) I have been into bios, I don't really know a great deal of what I am looking at, but it sometimes states my hard-drive is there, and other times it does not.
    I am so desperate to get this fixed. Does anyone have any ideas? I live pretty remotely so taking it back and getting it fixed is not ideal.. but maybe necessary.
    Thanks in anticipation..
    - Gavin.

    It sounds like the hard drive is dying.  The Win7 install shouldn't need a driver for the drive.

  • Can you use external hard drives with the HP Omni 10 5600US

    Since this a Windows tablet, can you use external hard drives with the HP Omni 10 5600US?
    I know there is a micro-sd reader for additional storage but can you use the usb for external hard drives like a regular pc?
    I tried looking at the spec's for this tablet and it said the usb port was host only. I'm not sure what that means exactly.

    Yes you can.  You'll need to purchase a USB OTG (on-the-go) cable.  I recommend using a drive that has its own power supply but I've successfully used small USB powered drives also.

  • Can I partition my hard drive to hold Windows 8 (Beta), instead of Windows 7, and can I do this with an external CD drive?

    I have a late 2008 Macbook Pro with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion installed, but my CD drive inside my computer is damaged*, and it's far cheaper to buy an external CD drive than to repair it entirely. Before I do either, I would like some grasp of whether or not it's worth my time and money, as I've yet to order the external drive or make a genius bar appointment.
    Also, the reason I'm choosing Windows 8 (Beta) is because it's free.
    *I dropped my computer once two years ago. I haven't even used my CD drive until recently when trying to install Windows 8. I assume the drop was the issue. I've used compressed air to remove dirt/dust as well as resetting the PRAM multiple times and nothing seems to work, but I'm not worried about it.
    Thank you.

    Can I partition my hard drive to hold Windows 8 (Beta), instead of Windows 7, and can I do this with an external CD drive?
    No and No.
    1: Apple only supports Windows 7 at this time in BootCamp (direct install into a bootable partition) because Win 8 is in Beta and no Mac hardware drivers are available yet from Apple for Windows 8.
    2: You can't install Windows from a external cd drive into BootCamp, it has to be a internal one far as I know, perhaps a USB will work I don't know.
    1: You can download and install Windows 8 Beta into a the free virtual machine software called VirtualBox, which Windows 8 will run in a window in OS X. This is better as it's still in Beta and Windows Beta releases will expire. Plus Windows 8 is a pain in the behind and you will want to be able to have VirtualBox or OS X be able to regain control over the computer.
    Windows in BootCamp or Virtual Machine?

  • I think my PB G4 is dead, what can I do with hard drive?

    I'm convinced my Powerbook G4 17" 1.5GHz OS 10.4 (let's call him "Mr. Dead") has died...maybe you can verify my diagnosis near the bottom.  Since I think he's dead, but I think the hard drive might be fine, I'd like advice on what I can do with the hard drive (for recovering data & looking at how I had the old system setup).
    RESOURCES:  I have a new Macbook Pro on order ("MBP"), and access to 2 Powerbook G4 17" 1.67GHz, one running 10.4, the other 10.5.  The G4 10.4 is an sometimes-used system (let's call him "Useful"), and the G4 10.5 is one that's freshly-installed but no one is using currently (let's call him "Idle").
    I thought of 2 basic options here.  Bear in mind I'm not a hardware guy.  I've installed RAM, that's it.  Though I expect I can manage to follow online instructions on how to pull a hard drive from a Powerbook.  My main worry is buying the wrong thing, which I think would be easy to do, since I don't know much about hardware tinkering.
    SOLUTION 1) Put Dead's hard drive into a Firewire enclosure, then he can at least be a data drive to pull stuff off of.  Would I also be able to boot off of his install?  What do I need to know to buy the right enclosure?  Does anyone recommend any?
    SOLUTION 2)  Put Dead's hard drive into one of the other Powerbooks, perhaps only temporarily.  Then I can boot it, look at it, put that Powerbook into Firewire Target Disk Mode, etc.  Will that work?  Is it hard?  Are there any issues with the dissimilarities between Dead and the other Powerbooks (the other 2 are faster chips, and one is already at 10.5)?
    Are there pros/cons to solution 1 vs 2?
    DIAGNOSIS:  Why I think Dead has died:
    He's been acting weird the past 2 days or so, freezing, requiring hard shutdowns.  Then Monday, he wouldn't boot...what I could most often get out of it, after resetting the PMU, is to get the POST to give me 3 beeps (bad RAM).  But I've tried the RAM modules from Dead in the other Powerbooks, and the RAM is fine. 
    Every once in a while it ALMOST acts like it wants to boot...I get a chime, or a chime with a burst of static, but even then, the hard drive then quiets down, the screen stays black, it goes silent, and the system remains dormant.

    My recollection is the bad memory slot issue only affected the 1.5 and 1.67ghz PowerBooks with 15-inch displays. However, BGreg's suggestion of RAM swapping should reveal if it somehow affected a few 17s.
    Every once in a while it ALMOST acts like it wants to boot...I get a chime, or a chime with a burst of static, but even then, the hard drive then quiets down, the screen stays black, it goes silent, and the system remains dormant.
    That does sound like a dead hard drive but my 17-inch 1Ghz has, like almost every other PowerBook, a dead PRAM battery and they are nearly impossible to find other than as "used/pulled." Sounds like buying used chewing gum to me!
    If I let the main battery (which is an original Apple replacement and still good) run down the computer will not start from the A/C adaptor alone. If I hit the start button when the main battery is flat, I get similar noises that you describe but it goes nowhere. If I walk away, leaving the charger plugged in, the computer will boot 5-10 minutes later.
    So if your are living with a dead main battery and we accept that nearly every PowerBook has a defunct backup (PRAM) battery, you won;t get far without replacing the battery. Apple no longer sells PB batteries so that throws you into the third-party pool where not all batteries are created equal.
    If you want to get an new main battery, I'd try these guys first as they are an established Mac equipment vendor with excellent customer service:
    Pricey for a pre-2006 machine that may have a dead hard drive.
    One old trick is to turn off the computer, remove the main battery and leave the PB on the A/C unit for 24-48 hours, then reinstall the main battery and try booting. The theory: the backup battery is rechargeable and there is the off-chance that it will get "pumped up" enough during that it will help with the next boot. It's a good step in that the only cost to you is 24-48 hours of time.

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