Date and Time in Active Directory

How to update date and time from internet in active directory server ?

Hey Hadi.Balaghi,
You do this from the command line by using W32TM command
Example: "w32tm /config / /syncfromflags:manual" (it's will be updated from server time).
I've provided you a link that explains in simple amazing on any subject time update, it also presents an example.
I recommend you watch the video and learn
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  • File names with last changed Date and time in a directory

    Hi All.
    I need to get all filename, last changed date, last changed time in a directory. Is there any function module for this?

    if the directory is in any application server try to use this code
    >  DATA: wa_file TYPE zdpp_file_read.
    >  DATA: nomefile(75).
    >  DATA: ext_chek(3).
    >DATA: BEGIN OF wa_file,
    >        dirname     TYPE DIRNAME_AL11, " name of directory
    >        name        TYPE FILENAME_AL11," name of entry
    >        type(10)    TYPE c,            " type of entry.
    >        len(8)      TYPE p,            " length in bytes.
    >        owner(8)    TYPE c,            " owner of the entry.
    >        mtime(6)    TYPE p,            " last, sec since 1970
    >        mode(9)     TYPE c,            " like "rwx-r-x--x": prot. mode
    >        useable(1)  TYPE c,
    >        subrc(4)    TYPE c,
    >        errno(3)    TYPE c,
    >        errmsg(40)  TYPE c,
    >        mod_date    TYPE d,
    >        mod_time(8) TYPE c,            " hh:mm:ss
    >        seen(1)     TYPE c,
    >        changed(1)  TYPE c,
    >      END OF file.
    >  data: files like wa_file occurs 0 with header line.
    >       EXPORTING
    >            client           = sy-mandt
    >            logical_filename = logpath
    >            operating_system = sy-opsys
    >       IMPORTING
    >            file_name        = path
    >       EXCEPTIONS
    >            file_not_found   = 1
    >            OTHERS           = 2.
    >  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    >    RAISE file_not_found.
    >  ENDIF.
    >  DATA: last_path TYPE i.
    >  DO.
    >    last_path = strlen( path ).
    >    last_path = last_path - 1.
    >    IF pathlast_path(1) = '/' or pathlast_path(1) = '\'.
    >      EXIT.
    >    ELSE.
    >      CLEAR path+last_path(1).
    >    ENDIF.
    >  ENDDO.
    >  MOVE extension TO ext_chek.
    >  TRANSLATE ext_chek TO UPPER CASE.
    >  nomefile = '*'.
    >      ID 'ERRNO'  FIELD wa_file-errno
    >      ID 'ERRMSG' FIELD wa_file-errmsg.
    >                          ID 'FILE'   FIELD nomefile
    >                          ID 'ERRNO'  FIELD wa_file-errno
    >                          ID 'ERRMSG' FIELD wa_file-errmsg.
    >  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    >    RAISE wrong_directory.
    >  ELSE.
    >    DO.
    >      CLEAR wa_file.
    >      CALL 'C_DIR_READ_NEXT'
    >        ID 'TYPE'   FIELD wa_file-type
    >        ID 'NAME'   FIELD wa_file-name
    >        ID 'MTIME'  FIELD wa_file-mtime
    >        ID 'ERRNO'  FIELD wa_file-errno
    >        ID 'ERRMSG' FIELD wa_file-errmsg.
    >      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    >        EXIT.
    >      ENDIF.
    >        PERFORM p6_to_date_time_tz(rstr0400) USING wa_file-mtime
    >                                                   wa_file-mod_time
    >                                                   wa_file-mod_date.
    >      MOVE path TO wa_file-dirname.
    >      APPEND wa_file TO files.
    >    ENDDO.
    >  ENDIF.
    >      ID 'ERRNO'  FIELD wa_file-errno
    >      ID 'ERRMSG' FIELD wa_file-errmsg.

  • Date selection will not print properly when using Microsoft Date and Time Picker Control 6.0 in Excel 2010

    I have created a field input worksheet in which the user identifies start and end dates for training sessions, using the Date and Time Picker Active X Control.  It works fine on-screen, but when the worksheets are printed, the dates that were selected
    using the date picker calendar print out in an unreadable, huge font.  The large font also appears in the print preview mode.  I've tried modifying various properties in design mode, but nothing that I have tried will correct the problem. 
    Any ideas?

    The DTPicker seems to have some bugs in it when used on a worksheet. I have overcome the above by setting the size properties to the same size as a cell and the Linked cell property to the
    cell under the DTPicker. (Even setting the Linked cell had problems with an error message referring to the Check box property to be set to true so I just set it to true and inserted the linked cell and set the checkbox property back to
    Then the VBA code below that Hides the DTPicker after a date is selected and unhides the DTPicker when the linked cell with the date is selected. The code is for 2 DTPickers so you will need to edit to suit your requirements.
    Caveat: If the DTPicker is visible then you can't hide it by selecting the same date again. If this occurs then it is a multi step operation. First select another date and the DTPicker will hide, then click on another cell then back on the cell with
    the date to unhide the DTPicker and then select the correct date.
    Hope it helps and feel free to get back to me with any questions etc.
    Private Sub DTPicker1_Change()
        Me.DTPicker1.Visible = False
    End Sub
    Private Sub DTPicker2_Change()
        Me.DTPicker2.Visible = False
    End Sub
    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
        Select Case Target.Address
            Case "$E$5"     'This is the linked cell for DTPicker1
                Me.DTPicker1.Visible = True
            Case "$E$13"    'This is the linked cell for DTPicker2
                Me.DTPicker2.Visible = True
        End Select
    End Sub
    Regards, OssieMac

  • Date and Time Sync at boot for Active Directory/Open Directory Authenticati

    All the macs in my school district are set to automatically sync their time with a network time server. They do not do this unless the system preference is opened. This poses a problem as all our users must authenticate against an Active Directory and an Open Directory server. If the time is out of sync they can not login, and therefore can not fix the time. I must then login in with a local admin account set the time and then the network account can login. I have tried using direct IP addresses for the NTP server. That doesn't work either. I have adjusted the tolerance of the AD server to accept a large discrepancy in time (did not work). Set the users to be mobile accounst (local home folders), did not work. The only fix will be to ensure that the time does sync at boot, before login. Is there a way to force the computer to sync at boot to a given NTP server, prior to the login window appearing?

    I have come up with my own solution for this issue. It is a two part solution. We found that the computers are experiencing time drift and that after they get out of sync by 5 minutes they can no longer login. One would think that the setting in the Date and Time system preference to automatically synchronize the time would take care of this. That however is not the case that check mark does not affect the ntp service at all. It merely eliminates the need to click a button when entering the system preference. How did we discover this? well that is part of the solution. We used webmin ( to look at the ntp configuration. No matter what changes we made with the Date & Time preferences nothing changed in the system ntp settings. So on to the solution: Install webmin, and configure the ntp protocol manually to sync at your desired interval (I did hourly). This stops time drift. Next create a startup item and associated plist to force time sync at boot (be sure to loop it as different machines initialize their network cards slower). I have made ours available for download ( I hope this helps others. We have found that this works fairly well.

  • User login report in Active Directory for specific date and time

    I want to get User login report in Active Directory for specific date and time e.g user logged in at15-01-2015 from 8:00am to 4:00pm
    Is any query, script or any tool available?
    Waiting for reply please

    You can identify the last logon date and time using my script here:
    If you would like to get back in time and see when the user did a logon / logoff then you need to have auditing enabled. Once done, you can records from Security log in the event viewer:
    I have started a Wiki about how to track logon / logoff and it can help too:
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  • Date and Time in Sender File Adapter Target Directory

    Hi there,
    is there a way of using Date and Time from XI to the Target Directory naming? To use variable substitution some fields of the message had to contain that date and time information, which is not our case.
    For filename you can use "add time stamp" option, but and for target directory?
    Thanks and regards,

    > <i>Do you have further information on how to perform
    > this with shell commands?</i>
    > >> You need to write a shell script. This script will
    > add the date/time stamp into the folder in the target
    > system. This shell script is executed from the File
    > adapter. So once the file is written into the target
    > directory, then it will rename the directory.
    Hi there, Moorthy
    We've tried to write that shell script that you mentioned, but now we have a few doubts on how to make it create the proper directory.
    In the file adapter, my target directory is "/%var1%/%var2%/", where %var1% and %var2% are variable substitutions, referencing data which comes from the payload. Now, I need the shell script to append "/<Year>/<Month>/" in the target directory. But where to archive the script? If it stays in the root directory, than how to make it create "/<Year>/<Month>/" folders inside a directory which is variable (/%var1%/%var2%/)?
    Is there a way of passing %var1% and %var2% as parameters for the shell script?
    Thanks a lot,

  • I "restored" my Apple TV and now it is 37 hours into the step, "activating the date and time"? I am stuck.

    My Apple TV stopped working while watching a Netflix show and the light on the box started blinking. It seemed like all I could do was "restore" which I did. Then in the process of restarting the Apple TV it said "activating the date and time".It has been stuck on this spot ever since (2 days). Everytime I turn the Apple TV back on to see where it is, it is still on this step. As for my choices on what I would call the main screen, I can either go to "Settings" or "Computers". All the numerous choices available (Netflix, Podcasts, NBA, MLB, You Tube, etc, etc) are not available..not even on the screen. This Apple TV box is pretty much useless at this point. Any advice??

        1.    You might try restarting the Apple TV by removing ALL the cables for 30 seconds.
        2.    Also try restarting the router.
        3.    If the problem persists, try a restore, you may want to try the previous procedures several times before doing this.

  • Show active current date and time in a Form continuously

    I am use Oracle Form 10.1.2 in Windows 2000.
    Can we show an active current date and time in a Form continuously?
    Perhaps in the main menu form.
    So the user can see the moving time, instantly when the time change (withour pushing F5 for refreshing the form)
    23-Sep-2006 06:00
    -- one minute later will show
    23-Sep-2006 06:01
    -- one minute later will show
    23-Sep-2006 06:02
    -- and so on
    Any help is appreciated.
    Many thanks,

    Here is a quick, untested suggestion that sketches out one way of approaching this.
    If you only require updates every 60 seconds, you can use the TIMER built-in to create a repeating timer with a sixty-second delay. Each time the timer expires, update a text item to reflect the current time (obtained by selecting SYSDATE from DUAL on the database.)
    If the time is to be updated precisely when the minute changes, use two timers -- the same one described above, and a one-shot. Before you create either timer, run the following query:
       SELECT 60-TO_NUMBER(TO_CHAR(SYSDATE, 'ss')) FROM DUALThis will give the number of seconds remaining until the minute changes. Use this value to set the duration of the one-shot timer. When it expires, create the repeating sixty-second timer.
    There is a good possibility that this method will not be terribly precise, depending on factors like server resources, user load and network distance. A more network-friendly approach would be to use a JavaBean that relies on the PC's system timer to track the passage of time, and calculates server time based on the observed time difference between PC & server.
    Hope this helps,
    Eric Adamson
    Lansing, Michigan

  • Automatic changing of activity start date and time of planned orders in SAP

    Hello experts,
    I have a requirement that in the transaction /SAPAPO/SEQ1 for the list of planned orders what ever we get in the sap we have to swap the activity start date and time for two planned orders which we select automatically. For this I have found the BADI "/SAPAPO/SEQ_VISUAL01".
    Now i am able to identify the two selected planned orders inside the BADI method SEQGRID_TOOLBAR_OKCODE_HANDLE.
    Now my requirement is i have to swap the start date and time for these two planned orders automatically i.e. through BAPI or any FM.
    Any idea of any BAPI or FM to change the details of the planned order.

    Hi Sanath,
    Please check this BAPI BAPI_MOSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI3.  This Bapi has the provision of chaning Planned Order & Production Order Data. Also, you can explore more info on available bapis in the T-code 'BAPI'.
    Thank you,
    Santosh KB.

  • Stuck on "activating date and time" Apple Support Community "tips" work. Help me.

    I have tried all the "tips" on this forum to no avail. I am stuck with my Apple TV on "activating date and time" without end. I have Restarted it, Restored it, hooked it directly to my known-to-be-working moden with an ethercable, I have pressed (on the remote) the Menu and 'back' buttons simultaneously, I have pressed the Menu and 'down' buttons simultaneously, all for 6+ seconds. There are no "broken" chains or "complete" chains in view. Does anyone 'out there' have any productive, step-by-step intsructions???

    Being unable to set date and time is a problem most likely caused by being unable to connect to the time server over the internet, it is unlikely to be an issue with the Apple TV. You should probably be looking at your router settings etc, have you tried restarting the router.

  • Activation:  setting date and time:

    Setting up my new apple tv and activation is stuck on setting up data and time.  I have tried everything from restore to reset to restart.  Even had support team on the phone.  Any known solutions?

    If you are using ethernet  cable connection to your LAN, and you are running 5.1 software, you can try disconnecting the cable and connect to your router using wifi network.  There is a bug in 5.1 that causes problems with certain routers.  The bug is fixed in 5.1.1, so you can plug the ethernet cable back in after the update.

  • My iMessage and Facetime won't activate, says waiting for activation. All photos and contacts are restored, using email and wifi only, no service. Only issue is date and time will not automatically set.

    My iMessage and Facetime won't activate, says waiting for activation. All photos and contacts are restored, using email and wifi only, no service. Only issue is date and time will not automatically set.

    Howdy eewebe13,
    So you have no cellular service but are on Wi-Fi yet iMessage and Facetime are waiting for activation.
    Please step through this article for that scenario.
    If you get an error when trying to activate iMessage or FaceTime - Apple Support
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.

  • Trying to connect apple tv brand new and the screen says 'activating' setting date and time indefinately

    just trying to connect to apple tv for the first time and the screen just stays at 'activating' setting time and date and wont let me sign in to itunes sharing until the date and time thing is fulfilled.  any thoughts on troubleshooting this issue?  thanks

    Hi I had same problems and couldn't understand most of the solutions on offer as I'm a bit of a Luddite. The problem seems to be getting ATV to register your network time and date details following the upgrade of software. I use a wireless connection at home and my firewall was blocking the ATV from obtaining this information. Instead of changing router settings, firmware etc (which is beyond me) I solved it this way:
    1. Rather than use my existing wireless connection I connected the ATV to my iPhone personal hotspot (iPhone has 3G connection). It may be another network could also be effective.
    2. ATV connected via the iPhone no problem apparently got the network time and date settings ok.
    3. The previous ATV functionality was restored.
    3. I then disconnected from my iPhone hotspot and re-connected to my main wireless connection. All worked fine.
    It seems what you need to do is side-step the router firewall problem. Hope it works for others.

  • Having problem with the apple tv, because it still setting date and time and dont finish w the activation

    having problem with the apple tv, because it still setting date and time and dont finish w the activation

    That means it is having trouble connecting to the network. Make sure location is set correctly. Go to settings - general - network and ensure DNS is set to automatic. Check that your router is up to date. If on wifi try Ethernet.

  • Apple Remote Desktop - how to change the date and time server ip address?

    Our imacs keep getting out of synch with our Windows Active Directory server and when they do, users can no longer log into the imacs. The imacs this morning were more than 5 minutes fast, for example.
    So, we have changed the date and time server on one of our imacs to our internal time server and that works fine. Now I would like to update all of the other imacs using a unix command in ARD. Can anyone tell me how to send this change? For this message, let's say our internal time server is

    Not a problem. There are a number of other system and network setup commands that you might find useful at some time. From within the Remote Desktop Admin in the Send Unix Command window type:
    networksetup -help
    systemsetup -help
    That will give you lists of the commands, including the one I posted above, with their basic syntax. They're handy to know.

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