Display data from multiple document Libraries in List View Webpart

Hi All,
I want to display data from multiple document libraries into one list view webpart(custom i have created)
I went through the following link http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ramg/archive/2009/04/22/implementing-a-simple-cross-site-collection-list-view-webpart.aspx
but it tells to display only from one document library.
My motive behind displaying data in the list view webpart is to achieve the functionality of Check In ,Check Out and other OOB features.
With Regards,
Jaskaran Singh

As there is no such OOTB feature, a workaround is to create a visual web part to gather items from libraries and implement functionalities like Check in, Check out files
in different libraries.
The links below will provide more details:
Create Visual Web Parts in SharePoint
A demo about displaying list items in visual web part:
About the Check In and Check Out:
How to Check In a document programmatically
SPFile.CheckIn method
and SPFile.CheckOut method
Best regards
Patrick Liang
TechNet Community Support

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    did you search the forum? You will find a lot of threads handling the problem of Excel file access.
    In short: you need to use ActiveX (the RGT also uses ActiveX under the hood)!
    Best regards,
    CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2014SP1 on WinXP+Win7+cRIO
    Kudos are welcome

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  • Displaying data from an XMl in horizontal list

    Ok so here's the skinny:
    I have this flex app that works fine
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx="
    layout="absolute" width="100%"
    <mx:Style source="source.css"/>
    <mx:Image x="15" y="4" source="images/title.jpg"
    width="210" height="65"/>
    <mx:Image source="images/title1.jpg" id="image1"
    horizontalAlign="right" verticalAlign="top" top="3" width="784"
    height="58" x="241"/>
    <mx:XML id="tempXML" source="
    http://development.company.net/interface.php?username=user&amp;password=pass&amp;customer= customer&amp;action=showopen&amp;operation=defects&amp;format=xml&amp;critcal=both"
    <mx:XMLListCollection id="defectXMLList"
    source="{tempXML.defect}" />
    <mx:DataGrid id="dataGrid" dataProvider="{defectXMLList}"
    width="1024" rowCount="{defectXMLList.length + 1}" x="0" y="62"
    borderThickness="2" borderColor="#fda600" themeColor="#fda600"
    alternatingItemColors="[#fda600, #ffffff]" cornerRadius="0"
    color="#000000" borderStyle="none" alpha="0.73">
    <mx:DataGridColumn id="assetCol" dataField="asset"
    headerText="Asset:" />
    <mx:DataGridColumn id="componentCol"
    dataField="component" headerText="Component:" />
    <mx:DataGridColumn id="conditionCol"
    dataField="condition" headerText="Condition:" />
    <mx:DataGridColumn id="ffdCol" dataField="ffd"
    headerText="FFD:" />
    <mx:DataGridColumn id="inspidCol" dataField="inspid"
    headerText="Inspection ID:" />
    <mx:DataGridColumn id="mileageCol" dataField="mileage"
    headerText="Mileage:" />
    However they now want to just display the asset and not in a
    data grid but as a horizontal list and I have tried and tried to
    look for an effective example of this and how to make it work.
    I have tried Horizontal List, Vertical List, HBox, and VBox
    but all I want the thing to do for now is to just display data
    any help would be great

    HorizontalList is what you're looking for. But that alone
    won't do. You'll need to write a custom renderer.
    Search in the Flex Build helper for how to implement custom
    renderer. Essentially, each row that you see in the grid would be
    passed to each element in the horizontal list and you can use any
    <mxml> or actionscript based component as renderer.
    here are some of the topics that will get you started:
    Using Item Renderers and Item Editors
    Working with item renderers

  • How do I disable check-in/check-out on a SP2013 query that is pulling from multiple document libraries

    Some of the document libraries I am using need to have publishing enabled and some do not. But the query (for most recently updated documents in the site) shouldn't let the user check-out any documents (only see them in read-only mode).

    Is the query in search? Could you provide a screen shot about it ?
    Did users click view library button to check out document? Could you provide more details about it?
    Dean Wang
    TechNet Community Support
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    [email protected]

  • Updating data from multiple rows in a table view

    so far in my OAF programming, I have always selected one particular row from a table and saved from it. Now I have a requirement where in my table, fields from more than one row shall have to be updated.
    Can anyone please let me know how to accomplish this.

    Hi Prince,
    currently I am selecting one row from the table and rendering a region at the top of the table and capturing the user entered data with the following code:
    ViewObjectVOImpl vo = getViewObjectVO1();
    Row CurrentRow = vo.getCurrentRow();
    //After this I perform the checks like user entered value is not null or check input as per business logic.
    if(CurrentRow.getAttribute("attributeName") ==null){
    //Add what message you want to display
    //Add other business logic.
    After making all the checks, i commit it.
    Now in my new page I am capturing the user input in the table itself like an excel sheet. Suppose there are ten rows in my advanced table on my page, and each row has one editable field. I have one save button at the bottom of the table.
    Now on clicking the save button I have to capture the user input, check whether there is any null value and if all the entered data is correct then only I should commit it.
    Can you please let me know how we can accomplish that.

  • How can I take data from multiple pages documents and put them into a numbers table?

    I produce invoices in pages, with dates, invoice numbers, references and amounts due. I want to take all this data from multiple documents and transfeer it to a single numbers table. Is this possible and if so, how do I do it. I know I can do it the other way round with mail merge but I can't figure out how to do it this way round?

    The data is spread throughout a pages document in specific areas here's a copy of an invoice for you to have a look at.

  • Move data from multiple Tables to a Single Table & Convert the list to ALV.

    My aim is to get the list of Materials with their descriptions, with MRP Controller, with Unrestriced Qty. & the Reorder Qty. So, I have to fetch the data from different tables. But finally I am not able to copy or move the fetched data from multiple tables into the single final table.
    Also tell me how to convert this list into ALV.
    Below is the program code.
    *& Report  Y_REORDER_REPORT
    tables : marc,makt, mard.
    DATA: Begin of i_final occurs 0,
            matnr type marc-matnr,
            maktx type makt-maktx,
            DISPO type marc-DISPO,
            MINBE type marc-MINBE,
            LABST type mard-LABST,
          end of i_final.
    DATA: Begin of i_marc occurs 0,
           matnr type marc-matnr,
           DISPO type marc-DISPO,
           MINBE type marc-MINBE,
          end of i_marc.
    DATA: Begin of i_makt occurs 0,
           matnr type makt-matnr,
           maktx type makt-maktx,
          end of i_makt.
    DATA: Begin of i_mard occurs 0,
           matnr type mard-matnr,
           LABST type mard-LABST,
          end of i_mard.
    SELECT  matnr
            minbe from marc
            into corresponding fields of table i_marc
            where dispo EQ 'STR'.
    WRITE: /10  'Material',
            75  'MRP',
            80  'Reorder Qty.'.
    LOOP at i_marc.
    Write: /10  i_marc-matnr,
            75  i_marc-dispo,
            80  i_marc-minbe.
    write: /.
    SELECT  matnr
            MAKTX from makt
            into corresponding fields of table i_makt
            for all entries in i_marc
            where matnr = i_marc-matnr.
    LOOP at i_makt.
    Write: /10 i_makt-matnr,
            30 i_makt-maktx.
    SELECT  matnr
            LABST from mard
            into corresponding fields of table i_mard
            for all entries in i_marc
            where matnr = i_marc-matnr.
    LOOP at i_mard.
    Write: /10 i_mard-matnr,
            30 I_MARD-LGORT,
            40 i_mard-labst.
    move  i_mard-matnr to i_final-matnr.
    move  i_marc-dispo to i_final-dispo.
    move  i_marc-minbe to i_final-minbe.
    move  i_makt-maktx to i_final-maktx.
    move  i_mard-labst to i_final-labst.
    WRITE: /10  'Material',
            30  'Material Desc.',
            75  'MRP',
            80  'Reorder Qty.',
            105 'Current Stock'.
    LOOP at i_final.
    Write: /10  i_final-matnr,
            30  i_final-maktx,
            75  i_final-dispo,
            80  i_final-minbe,
            105 i_final-labst.
    *LOOP at i_mard.
    *Write: /10  i_mard-matnr,
           30  i_makt-maktx,
           75  i_marc-dispo,
           80  i_marc-minbe,
           105 i_mard-labst.

    Change like this,
    SELECT matnr
    labst FROM mard
    WHERE matnr = i_marc-matnr.
    LOOP AT i_mard.
       WRITE: /10 i_mard-matnr,
       30 i_mard-lgort,
       40 i_mard-labst.
    LOOP AT i_marc.
       READ TABLE i_mard WITH KEY matnr =  i_marc-matnr.
       READ TABLE i_makt WITH KEY matnr =  i_marc-matnr.
       MOVE i_mard-matnr TO i_final-matnr.
       MOVE i_marc-dispo TO i_final-dispo.
       MOVE i_marc-minbe TO i_final-minbe.
       MOVE i_makt-maktx TO i_final-maktx.
       MOVE i_mard-labst TO i_final-labst.
       APPEND i_final.
    WRITE: /10 'Material',
    30 'Material Desc.',
    75 'MRP',
    80 'Reorder Qty.',
    105 'Current Stock'.

  • Fastest way to get data from Multiple lists across multiple site collections

    I need to get data from multiple lists which spread across 20 site collections and need to show it as list view.
    I have searched on internet about this and got some info like options would be to use search core APIs or BCS . I can't use search because I want real time data. Not sure of any other ways.
    if anybody can provide ideas it would be help.

    Might LINQ be an option for you?  Using
    LINQPad and the
    SharePoint Connector, you should be able to write a query that'll retrieve this data, from which you can tabulate it.  I'm not sure how you'd be able to automate this any further so that it's then imported in as list.
    For something more specific, I used a third party tool called the
    Lightning Tools Lightning Conductor, which is essence a powerful content roll-up tool.  In one of my solutions, I created a calculated column that gave an order / ranking on each item, so that when lists were combined, they'd still have some form of
    order.  The web part is also fairly customisable and has always proven a useful tool.
    Hope that helps.
    Steven Andrews
    SharePoint Business Analyst: LiveNation Entertainment
    Blog: baron72.wordpress.com
    Twitter: Follow @backpackerd00d
    My Wiki Articles:
    CodePlex Corner Series
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  • Display new items in document libraries on hompage

    I have created several document libraries and added documents to each one. How do I show new items added to the document libraries on the homepage of the subsite>

    You've had a few suggestions in your post here
    Have you any budget to spend?  If so, I'd suggest looking at the Lighning Tools Lightning Conductor Web Part.  This'll allow you to combine multiple libraries into one.  You can then set a date filter to show the most recent 3/4 days of documents
    Steven Andrews
    SharePoint Business Analyst: LiveNation Entertainment
    Blog: baron72.wordpress.com
    Twitter: Follow @backpackerd00d
    My Wiki Articles:
    CodePlex Corner Series
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  • How to submit data from multiple Input Ports in single SUBMIT button  click

    I am in SPS8.
    What exactly steps I need to perform to submit data from multiple Input Ports.
    I couldn't able to submit One input Form and one Input Table to BAPI data service in single SUBMIT button click.
    I debugged the VC application in SPS8.
    While debugging, I found that when I click the SUBMIT button in the Input Form, Only data in that Input
    form are being passed to the BAPI, But not the Table Form data.
    If I click on the SUBMIT button in another Input Table, Only data from that table is being passed to the BAPI, but not the Input form data.
    Essentially I need to submit both of them in one SUBMIT button.

    From the word document that you sent to me the steps you are missing to map the appropriate information into the BAPI is first you are not mapping all data rows into the table input port. To do this double click on the input table view and change your selection mode from single to multiple. Then when you click on your link between the BAPI and your input table you will see a new option appears under data mapping "Mapping Scope" select All Data Rows.
    That's the first part of the problem to get the BAPI to recognize both the inputs coming from the form and the table eliminate the submit button from the form. Drag and drop a link from the output port of the table view to the Input port of the BAPI. Double click on the link between the BAPI and the table view and open the expressions editor for the two fields:
    1/ Automatic Source
    On the hierarchical folder structure on the right expand expand the Data Fields node to find the fields from the form and map them accordingly.
    Now when you hit the submit button on your table it should pass the BAPI all the parameters from both the form and the table.
    Hope this helps,

  • Walkthrough: Displaying Data from Oracle database in a Windows application.

    This article is intended to illustrate one of the most common business scenarios such as displaying data from Oracle database on a form in a Windows application using DataSet objects and .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle.
    You can read more at http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/john_charles/WalkthroughDisplayingDataOracleWindowsapplication05242007142059PM/WalkthroughDisplayingDataOracleWindowsapplication.aspx
    Enjoy my article.

    this is the code :
    public class TableBean {
    Connection con ;
    Statement ps;
    ResultSet rs;
    private List perInfoAll = new ArrayList();
    public List getperInfoAll() {
    int i = 0;
    con = DriverManager.getConnection("url","root","root");
    ps = con.createStatement();
    rs = ps.executeQuery("select * from user");
    perInfoAll.add(i,new perInfo(rs.getString(1),rs.getString(2),rs.getString(3)));
    catch (Exception e)
    System.out.println("Error Data : " + e.getMessage());
    return perInfoAll;
    public class perInfo {
    String uname;
    String firstName;
    String lastName;
    public perInfo(String firstName,String lastName,String uname) {
    this.uname = uname;
    this.firstName = firstName;
    this.lastName = lastName;
    public String getUname() {
    return uname;
    public String getFirstName() {
    return firstName;
    public String getLastName() {
    return lastName;
    ADF table code:
    <af:table value="#{tableBean.perInfoAll}" var="row"
    binding="#{backing_Display.table1}" id="table1">
    <af:column sortable="false" headerText=""
    <af:outputText value="#{row.firstName"/>//---> Jdeveloper 11g doesn't allow me to use this.. it says firstName is an unknown property..
    Please tell me is this the way to do it.. or is it a must to use the DataCollection from the data controls panel...

  • Simple example of a combobox displaying data from a CF datasource

    Can anyone point me to a simple example of a Flex 3 combobox that displays data from a ColdFusion datasource?  I cannot seem to find a simple example.  As always, thanks!

    Thanks for the response, but the example you provided is more complex than I need.  For example, I have a simple table accessed through ColdFusion.  The table has one filed with 7 records.  I need a flex page to display that data in DataGrid, ComboBox and List controls.  The Datagrid displays the 7 records but the ComboBox and List are blank.  How do I get the values from the database to display in the BomboBox and List controls?
    Below is my code:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"
            import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
            import mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent;
            import mx.rpc.remoting.RemoteObject;
             private var currentIndex:int = 0;
            private var _key:Object;
            public function get key():Object
                    return this._key;
            public function set key(key:Object):void
                    this._key = key;
             private function initComponent():void
             public function refreshList(event:Event):void
            private function getRoles_result(event:ResultEvent):void
                    this.roleList.dataProvider = event.result as ArrayCollection;
                     this.roleList.selectedIndex = this.currentIndex;
                <mx:method name="getRoles" result="getRoles_result(event)" />
       <mx:Canvas width="100%" height="100%" x="0" y="0">
            <mx:DataGrid id="roleList"
                x="10" y="10">
                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="vchar_role" headerText="Role" />
            <mx:ComboBox x="10" y="160" id="rolesComboBox" dataProvider="{roleList.selectedIndex}"/>
            <mx:List x="120" y="10" id="rolesList" dataProvider="{roleList.selectedIndex}"/>

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