Every other line of print is cut off on my Photosmart C4750

I have recently replaced and aligned new cartridges on my Photosmart C4750. I am printing directly from computer to printer via USB. The last two items I have printed are being cutt off every other line of print, on either the top or bottom of the printed pages. Any ideas?

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I noticed your post about the printing problems you are having and would like to offer you my suggestion. First of all, print using a different program to see if the issue is only within one program. If you see the issue happening no matter where you print from, run the HP Print and Scan Doctor if you're running a Windows OS.
Also, try a copy to see if there are cut offs with them as well!
Please let me know what happened and include your OS and programs you have tried printing from.
Help to find which Operating System you are running:
Which Windows Operating System am I running?
Mac OS X: How Do I Find Which Mac OS X Version Is on My Computer?
Hope to hear from you soon I hope my post was helpful.
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  • Not printing every other line

    I have a HO OfficeJet Pro 8500.
    All catridges are HP.
    The printer is printing every other line (leaving every other line blank).
    Please help.
    George [Personal Information Removed]

    Sorry that you are having a problem with the print quality. 
    See if you can print a self-test page or status report. Let me know if the same things happens. 
    Have you cleaned the print heads?
    Make a copy of a document, and see if you still get every other line printing. 
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  • [SOLVED]How would I highlight every other line in ZSH output?

    komrad_toast wrote:
    Hello everyone I have the following function in ZSH (it is part of a larger help file i've created called @help):
    function mykeys #== Lists all dwm keybindings in a nice, formatted manner. Used in @help
    echo ""
    gawk 'BEGIN { printf("\33[1;7;32m%-18s\33[34m%-50s\n\33[0m"," Key"," Binding"," Description") }'
    grep "//#" $HOME/code/dwm/config.h | awk -F "//#" '{print $2}' | column -ts :
    echo ""
    This function greps my dwm config.h for comments related to my keybindings and displays them in an easily readable manner.
    The comments are in the following format for easy finding/parsing:
    //#Mod+i:Increments number of windows in master area
    The output of this function looks like this:
    I was wondering if there was a way to 'highlight' every other line in this with a different background color (preferrably a light shade of grey) for even easier readability. Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advaced!
    I seem to have  solved my own problem. For anyone interested in the solution, it was just a little awk scripting. I changed the function to the following:
    function mykeys #== Lists all dwm keybindings in a nice, formatted manner. Used in @help
    echo ""
    gawk 'BEGIN { printf("\33[1;7;32m%-18s\33[34m%-50s\n\33[0m"," Key"," Binding"," Description") }'
    _LINES=$(grep "//#" $HOME/code/dwm/config.h | awk -F "//#" '{print $2}' | column -ts :)
    echo $_LINES | gawk '{
    if (FNR % 2 == 0)
    echo ""
    The first gawk statement just prints the titles for the different columns in the screenshot, done mainly with escape sequences. Then I'm setting _LINES equal to the formatted comments from my config.h file. _LINES is then piped to the second gawk statement which uses the builtin FNR variable (which is set to the current record number of the file that you are parsing) to figure out if the line number is even or not. If it is, it sets the background color to a lighter grey, prints the entire record, then resets the color and prints a new line. Voila! Pretty nifty what a little gawk can do.
    Now if only i could get the background color to extend to the end of the column...
    edit: duh, simple fix for that to. Just change to %s in the first printf of the if/else statement to %-67s
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    Thanks for that!
    After your suggestion i revised the function to this:
    function mykeys #== Lists all dwm keybindings in a nice, formatted manner. Used in @help
    gawk -F'[#:]' '
    BEGIN {
    printf("\n\33[1;7;32m%-21s\33[34m%-52s\n\33[0m"," Key"," Binding"," Description")
    if ((FNR % 2) == 0)
    printf("\033[0;2;40m %-21s%-51s\033[0m\n",$2,$3)
    printf(" %-21s%-50s\n",$2,$3)
    END {
    }' $HOME/code/dwm/config.h
    This could actually go in my aliases file now, but i think it's fine as a function. Thanks again
    EDIT: The only caveat now is that if any two of the lines in config.h that have '//#' on them contain lines WITHOUT '#//' on them between them it throws off the highlighting. This is why:
    FNR is an awk built-in that represents the current record number in the current file. I am using it as if every record in the file will contain '//#', obviously not every record will. So if line 100 in my config.h is
    { MODKEY, XK_i, incnmaster, {.i = +1 } }, //#Mod+i:Increments number of windows in master area
    then it will be highlighted, because it matches the pattern ('/\/\/#') and is an even line number. But if line 101 does not contain a comment that matches the pattern, and line 102 does, then you will see two highlighted rows right next to eachother in the final output. I do not know a way around this.
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  • IBooks Author in-line tables are being cut off

    iBooks Author in-line tables are being cut off at the bottom of a column, instead of flowing to the next column, or moving the entire table. 
    The entire point of marking a table as in-line, is to get it to move as text is inteserted before it.  But when that happens, nothing makes sure the table remains visible.  When the top of the table gets pushed to a new column, it reappears intact, but when half the table won't fit, it just disappears below the bottom margin.
    How can I prevent that?

    Actually I just did.  I gave up on this long ago, but with your reply I found a way to make it work.  It seems strange, but it works half way.
    First draw a text box, then inside of the text box, put your table.  Make the text box In-line.  If you add rows to your table, you need to make the text box bigger yourself, as it won't grow automatically.  When you type in front of the text box, when it won't fit on the column or page, the entire box is moved to the next column or page.  That is the half that works.
    The half that doesn't work, is that when part of the table won't fit, it would have been nice if the non-fitting portion was moved to the next column or page, with a new header row.  Maybe with time, Apple will fix that. 
    But at least it won't cut off half the table this way.

  • Line item reduces the cut off value -asset accouning

    SAP Guru's
    while transfering the asset form one company code to another i am getting a error that "Line item reduces the cut- off value by 609.22"
    plz tell me what is it and what to do?

    check cut-off value / percentage in your depr.-key
    in <b>all</b> depr.-areas
    and have a look here:

  • Error Message   " Line items reduce the cut-off value by 262,499 "

    Hi, User was doing selling the assets and while posting the document in FB05 , user is getting this message that  "Line items reduce the cut-off value by  262499 "
    Msg No. AA632.
    why this message is coming and the exact meaning of this error.

    Please see the OSS note
    93033 and 935995
    Thanks & Regards

  • New B209a has poor printing on every third line. Prints pictures ok.

    new B209a has poor printing on every third line. Prints pictures ok .Have all new ink and ran alingment and print head cleaning

    Sorry that you are having a problem printing documents. Try to print a self test page or printer status report from the printer itself, and see if you get the same results. 
    Also try to make a copy of a document, and see if the poor printing continues. 
    Have you MANUALLY cleaned the print head? If you can take the print head out, clean with lint free cloth and water. 
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  • HP Designjet T520 Printing A3 cuts off at bottom

    HP Designjet T520 Printing A3 cuts off at bottom When we plot something with AutoCad, and then print Portrait, it all prints fine except the bottom edge is slightly cut off. The paper we are using is A3, and the printer and Autocad settings is A3. Any ideas? WINDOWS 7 - NO ERROR MESSAGES

    This very same issue is affecting me with T520.This happens with vertical A4 and A3, and till now I've not yet found a solution. To be sure to be within printer margins I've set the drawing actual margins on all the four sides to be 1.8 cm from paper sheets borders.But as alway I get the bottom border cut, while the upper border seems shifted downward and it's placed at 3,0 cm from the upper border of the paper. BUTif I set the page to be ORIZONTAL in the application, choose the orizontal page format etc the printout is perfectly aligned.  To me this seems a weird issue.Experienced this issue using Archicad 16, Illustrator and Indisign. On OSX, from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. These are my printer details:Nome prodotto HP Designjet T520 24inNumero modello prodotto CQ890A     Versione firmware AXP2CN1437AR 

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    Hi All,
    We configured network printer  in production system,print out cut off right hand side
    user giving print out e-recruiting web based system.i had made all changes in SPAD.
    It seems to apply some SAP note Can anyone suggest me please.
    Thanks in advance
    Jalandar Reddy

    One note, addressing same problem as you have: 1226913.
    Do not ask for points.*
    Read the "Rules of Engagament"
    Thanks & Regards,
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  • Line items reduce the cut-off value by

    Can anyone please let me know how to solve this issue. This is very critical. we get this error during posting revaluation amount in transaction code ABAW.
    Line items reduce the cut-off value by 931.97
    Message no. AA 632
    Asset affected: 000000278578-0005
    The book value of the asset is below the the cut-off value in the amount of 931.97.
    Check your entries for the amount, transaction type and cut-off value specifications, such as memo value, scrap value or cut-off value percentage rate.
    Really appreciate your help...

    check cut-off value / percentage in your depr.-key
    in <b>all</b> depr.-areas
    and have a look here:

  • How to read a text file and only output every other line?

    I am just writing a program that reads a file but outputs only every other line. Any ideas...please? thanks

    I'd start with something like this and expand on it as you go:
    File file = <whatever>;
    BufferedReader in = null;
    try {
        in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(file));
        int i = -1;
        for (String line = null; (line = in.readLine()) != null; ) {
            if ((++i % 2) == 0) {
    } catch (IOException e) {
    } finally {
        if (in != null) {
            try {
            } catch (IOException e) {

  • IPhone 5s, every other line in the screen is black

    I have an iPhone 5s, and without any apparent reason, every other line of about the bottom 8 lines (near the home button) are black. One black and one kind of reflects what other lines are showing more to the middle of the screen.
    How can I fix this?

    CHeck on this https://www.apple.com/la/ then contact apple support and ask them if there is a nearby apple service center in the area atleast

  • Highlighting every other line

    I have a group in my report displaying information.  I would like to design the report to highlight every other line of information.  How can I do this?

    To highlight the altenative lines you can enable background color for the section altenatively. For this right click on the group section and go to section expert and select color tab and check the background color and write the condition like this
    if groupnumber mod 2=0 then

  • How do I "space after" every other line?

    I am trying to set up a listing of names and dollars like this...
    dollar amount
    dollar amount
    dollar amount
    dollar amount
    After the dollar amount I need to it have a space of 0.625, I am creating this list as text which I have converted from a table. Right now I have to just click on the line a and manual hit the "space After" option to put the 0.625 spacing in there. Is there a way to do this all at once because there will be at least 300 names every time I do this? So i need to be able to have the spacing on every other line...

    I use a body text style with Space Before and have a Bullets_FirstLine style with space before. I have the Next Style of BulletsFirstLine as as Bullets, which does not have any Space Before. This means that I can automatically apply the styles to the bullets when either typing directly or, more frequenty by highlighting all the paragraphs to be bulleted and right clicking on BulletsFirstLine and selecting "Apply Style then Next Style". I cannot remember the exact wording - I don't have InDesign open at the moment.

  • Print border cut off

    Hello, I just got a Pixma Pro 10 yesterday and after several hours figuring stuff out (downloading the right software, etc) as my cd/dvd drive is not working. I finally was able to print a test print.
    My issue is that after I made a print, on one side of the print the border is cut off, there's like only a hair's width of a border on the left side, I'm printing in Landscape orientation if that helps. . So only three sides have the white border. I used Canon's Print Studio Pro as well as printing from Lightroom. Printing from Lightroom left a bit more border on the left side but not much. 
    I spent hours up trying to figure out how to fix it but to no avail. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. 
    iMac running Yosemite 

    First, you must not let the printer set anything.  Turn off every bit off control it has.  You can do this with the Canon My Printer under the Printer Settings tab.  Do you know how?  I will guess, yes, for now but if you don't get back to me.
    Second, you need to have your photo editor (like Photoshop) handle all the settings and color matching.  You know how to do this? I prefer Photoshop and I use AdobeRGB color space.
    And lastly, it is essential you get some settings on your monitor that somewhat matches what the printer is printing.  Your printer may be doing exactly what you are telling it to do and you have no idea it is, because your monitor is so far off.  If you don't do this step, you can forget the other steps.  However, there are only a few things that you need to be concerned with. You don't need any fancy extra add-ins to do this.  No additional software or gadgets, etc.
    Most people set their monitors too bright.
    You must get the gray-scale very close.  You need to get the brightness very close and you need the contrast very close.
    After you do these things you can make adjustments to your prints by just looking at your screen.  Because you know the monitor and printer are on the same level.  One more point, you can NOT get a printer to print every color exactly the way you saw it.  It isn't possible as all colors and adjustments effect all others.  My goal is to get the skin tones right.  That is what people notice most. Remember you are dealing with two different disciplines here.  One is colored light and the other is colored dyes.  They are not the same thing.
    All the Canon photo printers I have ever seen have a warm/magenta cast.  Canon engineers must prefer this look.  It can not be changed.  You need to "fix" it in post.
    Make sure you have the correct ICC profiles and you are using Canon brand ink and paper until you get good with the printer.  Very, very important, otherwise you don't know if the printer is doing exactly what you are telling it to or not.
    Important is, use the USB connection until everything is right.  You are just adding another issue when you try to set up the printing and the wireless all at the same time.  Just like using Canon branded products until it is a go.  Use a real printer USB cable.  Not just any old USB cable. Get everything right before you explore.
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    Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 EX APO, Photoshop CS6, ACR 9, Lightroom 6

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  • Panic message restart grey and black screen

    WOONT RE BOOT OR START Computer froze and after manual power down and restart, grey and black screen appeared with a message to hold powwer button down to power off and then hold power button again to restart. I did and got same screen and message. "

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    Hi All, For the documentation in BPS there is an easy way of getting the object list, ie, from the Object overview in transaction BPS0. Is there a similiar way to do the same in BI Integrated Planning.Is there one table which will give the list of ob

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