Final Cut Pro Only makes 30 second video

I promise I'm am not normally this challenged. I am a new user of video editing software of any kind. I have made it through to the final step.
I cannot make a final video any longer than 30 seconds. No matter how long the sequence is, when I export to quick time, windows media or any other format the resulting video is always 30 seconds. I have gone through all of the settings and read everything I can find. Help!

Limit Capture Now shouldn't have an effect on the length of your renders. As Jerry said, make sure you have no ins and outs marked, make sure you don't have a specific clip in the timeline selected and you should be good to go,
As for the WMF files, if you are using the demo version of Flip For Mac, then it will only do 30 second exports until you pay for it and register.

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  • I have the current Mac Pro the entry level with the default specification and i feel some slow performance when applying after effects on my videos using final cut pro and also rendering a video takes long time ? what upgrades do you guys suggest?

    i have the current Mac Pro the entry level with the default configuration   and i feel lack of  performance when applying after effects on my videos using final cut pro and also rendering a video takes long time ? what upgrades do you guys suggest i could do on my Mac Pro ?

    256GB SSD  it shipped with will run low and one of the things to watch.
    Default memory is 12GB  also something to think about.
    D500 and FCP-X 10.1+
    Five models of 2013 Mac Pro running Resolve, FCPX, After Effects, Photoshop, and Aperture

  • I have final cut pro x. i edited a video that was shot with an 5d cannon. when i was done editing i exported the video. it shows in hd on quiktime. when i upload it to youtube it is much more blurry. am i doing somthing wrong???

    i have final cut pro x. i edited a video that was shot with an 5d cannon. when i was done editing i exported the video. it shows in hd on quiktime. when i upload it to youtube it is much more blurry. am i doing somthing wrong???

    kushyton wrote:
    it shows in hd on quiktime. when i upload it to youtube it is much more blurry. am i doing somthing wrong???
    In QT, if you open the Inspector, what is the format? Post a screen shot of the info.
    Did you try one of the Video Share presets?
    If you've got high quality material to work with, uploading to YT or another video service should produce good results. They will re-encode whatever you give them.  So as s long as you give them a sufficiently high quality file to start – and assuming it's h.264 – you should be good.

  • Final Cut Pro X export troubles: exports video with only half the audio.

    Ever since I updated Final Cut Pro X, I've been having problems exporting. I either get error messages or the audio doesn't fully export. When I tried exporting a master file to my desktop, I got a message saying “error occurred when creating frame” then lists the frame number. Someone suggested copying the project file and pasting it into a new project. I did that, and it exported without the error popping up; but halfway through the video, the audio disappears, and does so in the same spot it disappeared in a previous youtube export before I tried the copy/paste method. I don't have the original footage; I'm making color correction changes to an edit; so I'm not sure if the second half of the video is somehow corrupted, don't know how to check that, and not sure what to do if it is.
    Another suggestion given to me was to delete the event my footage is in, then create a new event, re-upload all the footage into that one, and relink my project files to it. He also said don't delete my event and project folder at the same time, which I'm not even sure how you simultaneously delete two things on a laptop. I don't understand how this method would work though, since deleting the event makes my project disappear since it has nothing to link to. I'm scared to try this method since I don't want to lose my work; I really don't want to color correct it all over again.
    Is there any way to successfully export the file suitable for youtube posting, or is this a bug in the system they haven't fixed yet?

    Just turned off background rendering.
    I'm not certain what you mean for specs in a specific point in the video, but here are the specs for the entire edit I initially received:
    Dimensions: 1920 X 1080
    Codecs: H.264, AAC, Timecode
    2 Audio Channels
    Total bit rate: 12,083
    Size: 951,735,770 bytes (951.7 MB on disk)
    Here are the specs for the exported video that has the audio issue:
    Dimensions: 1920 X 1080
    Codecs: H.264, AAC, Timecode
    2 Audio Channels
    Total bit rate: 12,274
    Size: 966,817,082 bytes (966.8 MB on disk)
    The video is 10:28 minutes long and the audio leaves at 5:57.
    If that wasn't what you were looking for, just let me know. I'm not very good with technical stuff sometimes so may have misunderstood.
    Is there something I should have done to the piece before I began color correcting it, like transcoding?

  • Final Cut Pro exports very low quality video to DVD

    I tried exporting a timeline to a DVD from Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 today. Every clip in the timeline was 1080x1920, but the DVD export menu insisted (without offering an option to change settings) that Final Cut export at 720x480. The Blu-Ray menu offers 1080x1920 exporting, though. Is there any way to get the app to export to DVDs at 1080x1920?

    Yes, you can create an AVCHD Disc which is basically Blu-ray quality on a cheapo standard DVD.
    Select Share>Blu-ray and in the window that opens make sure the Output Device is your DVD burner, not the hard drive.
    Note that you will only get about 35 minutes at the highest quality.
    If your video is longer the data rate will be reduced but should still produce good quality hi-def up to an hour or so.
    You must play the DVD in a Blu-ray player. It will not work in a normal DVD player.

  • Practicing using Final Cut Pro only on iBook via External Drive. Possible?

    Before upgrading to a more powerful system I'd like to install FCS2 on an external drive and practice using only Final Cut Pro on my iBook (ok to laugh) My iBook specs: G4, 14", 1.42GHz, 1GB RAM, 10.4.9, 1024x768 display, 60GB. I do not plan on playing around with the other programs that are included in the suite. ie. Motion and Soundtrack pro etc. (They most likely would not work on my lil iBook.) I know in principle you are not supposed to put software on an external drive but I'm wondering if this temporary setup is even viable. I plan on using this set up for a couple months as I make my way through BASIC Final Cut Pro tutorials and to do a small practice run with a 5 minute miniDV project. I need time (about two months) to cobble money together before I upgrade to a more powerful system. Is this even possible? If so, what capacity/brand external drive should I be considering? I will also be using the external drive for media after I upgrade my system. Thanks to everyone. These posts are extremely helpful.
      Mac OS X (10.4.9)  
      Mac OS X (10.4.1)  

    hi there
    you wont be able to install FCP to the external HDD as it wont let you, it has to be installed to the actual HDD in the machine as it uses the core system, core video, core animation, and core sound to work, you can install all the extra content on a ext HDD but not the actual application.
    hope this helps

  • IMovie - Final Cut Pro ? Same Quality DV Video?

    I would like to know if iMovie and Final Cut Pro have the same ".dv" quality in producing a movie.
    Is there any 'loss' in the digital video quality if you use iMovie?
    Can I get professional results equal to Final Cut Pro .. without all the bells and whistles?

    You can't see any difference between DV material edited with iMovie, Final Cut Express, or Final Cut Pro. There is no "loss" in the digital quality if you use iMovie.

  • Is it usefull to buy Final Cut Pro X for making music video's or not?

    Right now I'm using iMovie 11. I can put the audio an the video togheter and stuff but thats kinda it... So if I wan't to use more effects and stuff should I buy this?

    I think FCPX is very good for short-form work like music videos, and definitely a big upgrade to iMovie. Additionally, the interface is similar so you'd have less of a learning curve.
    There's a ton of hidden power though, and you probably would need to follow some tutorials and/or read instructional material in order to really be able to use the software efficiently, and understand what it has to offer. Many people have given high praise to Ripple Training; there's also some free training available at: that can get your feet wet, so to speak. And I know Mr. Wolsky is working on a book that would be great to have, once it comes out.
    At the moment, there are still a bunch of bugs that need to be ironed out, which you can read about on this forum. If you are willing to deal with a beta-quality product that has lots of potential, I'd say go for it. The most important thing to remember is to have a way of backing up your projects so that in the event you are hit with the worst of the bugs, you can still recover work.

  • Final Cut Pro Quitting Unexpectedly When Exporting Video

    Currently running Final Cut Pro version 6.0.6. Never really had a problem with anything. I am trying to export a video I edited of a show which is around 2hr. 30mins. In the past, I've exported this type of file and never had any problems, just took a little bit of time. Currently trying to export at the size of 1280x720 and when I do, Final Cut begins to export, gives me an estimated time, gets to about 9% and then quits. No reason why? I have never had this before on any of my machines. I currently have about 50GB of hardrive space free, so I am really not sure why. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

    and you can export sections til you find the problem clip.
    You might also try creating a new sequence with the same settings, and copy everything from the problem sequence. This will sometimes resolve this kind of issue.
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  • Since upgrading to Mavericks, Final Cut Pro X has challenges uploading videos to You Tube

    Since upgrading to Mavericks OS X, when I upload a video from Final Cut Pro to You Tube it takes several tries to upload. The error message is: "Unable to share video to You Tube, Network Connection Timed Out (or Lost.(" On average it takes at least four tries. This absolutlely did not happen before the Mavericks upgrade. Any help would be appreicated.

    Typically people who run old OS versions hold on to them because certain software versions are most stable on that OS. (Or because their hardware doesn't support later versions.) And they are loath to try and do anything to disturb that eco system – accepting the fact that they are running a system that is no longer supported by the manufacturer and often the applications' developers.. For whatever reason, you disturbed that eco system by reinstalling the OS..
    Final Cut didn't upgrade itself. It's just that the version you had that was "running like a dream" is no longer available from the App Store…for your OS.
    If you want some ways out, either: restore the app from your system backup; upgrade your OS to at least Mountain Lion and you may he able to download an older version of Final Cut; or create a separate bootable volume and install a later OS that will support 10.1.x.

  • Why can't I install Final Cut Pro X on my second computer?

    I've bought and downloaded final cut on my main computer, but my second one (both iMacs!) can't download - App Store says I have to buy before I can download. By the way, before I upgraded to Mavericks, final cut was available for download. I did, however, not download it - thought it would be best to upgrade the OS first. Bummer.
    What to do?

    log-in with your AppStore account on your 2nd Mac .......
    most probably, the OS update cleared some cookies ....

  • Why does Final Cut Pro X speed up my video that I imported?

    I have been having this problem off and on during my time using Final Cut since the summer of 2011 and it bugs me sometimes not know why the video always is retimed at a different speed once I import it to an event. I even tried to drag the file in and it still does the same thing. You might be asking "How do you know the video is faster?" Well, I record videos for my band and we do somewhat like music videos and we take shots of us playing our instruments while singing to the song. Anyways, what I do is try to sync up the song that we recorded to the video. But, this time once I tried it, the audio/video of the imported video was sped up compared to the song. I am very confused as to what to do. We reall need help because the deadline for the video is today and we need to have it ready. Thank you to anyone who replies and we hope that you can help us! Have a great day.

    The sync function allows you to sync a piece of separate audio to a video file with a scratch audio track. It uses the waveforms of the sound to sync this up. It will not do any speed changes necessary though.
    Multicam allows you to sync multiple takes or camera shots or angle together with a single auudio track. You can sync based on a number of different criteria.
    P.S. What's the original audio sample rate of your master recording? The Nikon should be shooting in 48k and that's what your playback track should be as well.

  • Gradient Center Title Bar in Final Cut Pro X - make vertically wider?

    I am using the gradient center title bar. Can I make it vertically wider? I see a control to make it wider, but that only works horizontally..

    This Title was designed in Motion. The vertical size of the bar is not published as a control to be available in FCPX. You would have to open a copy of the Title in Motion (If you have it) and modify it there.

  • Final Cut Pro X and glitches in 1080p HD video

    When I use final cut pro X, the HD 1080p video I upload is extremely glitchy (video does not play smooth, audio issues). When I play these files in Quicktime, the glitches do not appear and the video runs smoothly. I have 16gb of RAM, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 OSX 10.8.2.
    Has anyone had these issues before? If so, what can I do to fix it? Upgrades, etc?

    iSkySoft is horrible. This has not been converted to a suitable format. The media needs to be QuickTime using a production codec like one of the ProRes codecs. If you're going to using 264 it needs to be H.264. The video should NEVER have compressed audio for production. It should be uncompressed Linear PCM and should be the video sample rate standard for 48k not the CD standard 44.1. The frame rate shouldn't be 59.93 but 59.94.
    If you only have the .mts files not the whole folder structure, you should use either ClipWrap or Media Converter to rewrap to QuickTime.

  • Get Videos (vhs) into final cut pro 5

    I wonderd if theres any way of me linking up my video player to final cut pro 5 to get my videos onto my hard drive to watch etc. or any other way of getting my videos on there?

    You need an Analog/Digital convertor.
    If your Handycam has RCA inputs, you can connect the VCR to the Handycam, a firewire cable from your Handycam to the computer, and capture as an uncontrolled device.
    If your Handycam can't do A/D conversion, you'll need to buy an A/D convertor. This one will work:
    although if you're going to do alot of it and your VHS tapes are old (the tracking isn't great), it'd be worth the extra $$ to get this one:

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