Formula to calculate the last day of the subsequent month

Hi - I am trying to create a formula in CR9 that will take a date field and translate it to the last day of the subsequent month.  For example, I have a date of today, 2/3/2009.  I need it to print on the report 3/31/2009.  I have made some progress to get me the 1st day of the subsequent month, but I need it to be the last day of the subsequent month.
The formula I am have currently is:
DateSerial(Year({Name.JOIN_DATE}), Month({Name.JOIN_DATE}) + 1, 0)+1
this will give me 3/1/2009, but I need 3/31/2009.
Any help appreciated. 

Hi Joe,
You can use the following logic which also takes into account the extra day in a leap year.  You will need 5 formulas for this:
First create a formula that calculates current month, call it @Current Month MM
Next create another formula called @Current Month Start Date which will give you the beginning of the month.
totext(Date (year(currentdate),tonumber({@Current Month MM}) ,1 ))
Next create another formula called @Current Year yyyy
Next, create a formula called @DaysofMonth with the following logic:
if tonumber({@Current Year yyyy}) mod 4 = 0 then
choose(month(date({@Current Month Start Date})),31,29,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31) else
choose(month(date({@Current Month Start Date})),31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31)
Lastly create a formula called @Ending Date of Month
totext(Date (year(currentdate),tonumber({@Current Month MM}) ,{@DaysOfMonth} ))
I hope this information proves useful.
Zack H.
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  • How to get the last day of the next month?

    Hi all.
    I need to get the last day of the next month. E.g. if the date is 20.03.2008 I need to get 30.04.2008.
    Is there any FM for it?
    TIA, Nikolai.

    hi Nikolai,
    pls. have a look athe following piece of code:
    PARAMETERS : p_date TYPE sy-datum.
    DATA : gv_res TYPE sy-datum.
    *   DAYS              = '0'
       months            = '2'
       start_date        = p_date
       result_date       = gv_res.
    ==> Now you have (gv_res) 2 months later as today
    gv_res+6(2) = '01'. ==> gv_res is first day of next-next month
    gv_res = gv_res - 1. ==> gv_res is last day of next month
    hope this helps

  • How to get the last day of the payroll period

    Hi all,
    I need to get the last day of the payroll period e.g. last day of Jan 2007 is 31 Jan 2007. Can anyone suggest as to how to get it?

    T549S contains the payroll periods with pay date.  T549Q contains the begin and end dates of the payroll period.
    You can select from the appropriate table (or from both depending on your given data) to get the end date of the period.
    Hope that helps.

  • How to get the last day of the previous month

    Hello Team,
    If  my input date is today , then i need to find out the last day of the previous month for the same.
    Can someone help me  to find out .. how can this be done.

    Try the below code.
         // get a calendar object
        GregorianCalendar calendar = new GregorianCalendar();
        // convert the year and month to integers
        int yearInt = Integer.parseInt(year);
        int monthInt = Integer.parseInt(month);
         int dayInt = Integer.parseInt(day);
        // adjust the month for a zero based index
        monthInt = monthInt - 1;
        // set the date of the calendar to the date provided
        calendar.set(yearInt, monthInt, dayInt);
        int day = calendar.getActualMaximum(GregorianCalendar.DAY_OF_MONTH);
        return Integer.toString(day);

  • BIP eBusiness Suite Dates - How to include the last day of the month?

    How can I get my report to include the last day of the month 'without' forcing my users to enter the non-intuitive first of the next month as a parm?
    I have a report that will generally be run for a month but can be run for any pair of dates representing the first and last date to be included in the report.
    When we pass the dates from Oracle Apps to the report it is truncating the date to midnight. This results in the last date entered 'NOT' being included in the report as the second date is marked as "midnight". When I attempt to simply add "=1" to the end date it fails due to formatting issues in apps (only). I have gotten this to work on our Enterprise edition server that we use for testing (only) but it fails in our apps environment.
    In APPs we input the date in the format "01-AUG-2007", and this is how it shows in the parm line before the report is submitted as well as in the "View Details" after the report is executed:
    However it is odd in that we in the "View Log" entry it shows the date formatted as "2007/08/01 00:00:00":
    Even odder is that under diagnostics, "View XML" the date is formatted third way as: "2007/08/01 00:00:00.0" (note it now includes tenths of a second):
    This of course makes it difficult to perform conversions and calculations on the date in the SQL.
    Is APPs doing some sort of 'timestamp' conversion?
    How can I get my report to include the last day of the month 'without' forcing my users to enter the non-intuitive first of the next month as a parm?
    Any feedback is appreciated,

    No. The problem/error occurs long before the data is formatted into xml for presentation to the format template.
    The error occurs in the SQL in the 'data' template when I attempt to add a day to the date. It either does not like the implicit conversion with the "+1" and then the use of the "between" with another date or if I attempt to manually convert it has problems with the format mask.

  • Need to find the last day of the previous month

    hi folks,
    the code goes like this...
    data: xt247 type t247,
          monthn(30) type c,
          monthnumber type i,
          bforwardmonth type i.
    call function 'RP_LAST_DAY_OF_MONTHS'
        day_in            = s_date
        last_day_of_month = e_date.
    write: 'The last day of the month', e_date.
    select single * from t247 into xt247
            where spras = sy-langu
              and mnr = e_date+4(2).
    monthnumber = xt247-mnr.
    write:' The month number', monthnumber.
    determine the previous month.
    bforwardmonth = monthnumber - 1.
    From here I need to determine the last day of the previous month How can I do?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi all,
    here's the shortest solution:
    REPORT z123.
    PARAMETERS p_datum LIKE sy-datum DEFAULT sy-datum.
    DATA ultimo  LIKE sy-datum.
    <b>ultimo = p_datum - p_datum+6(2).</b>
    WRITE: / p_datum, 20 ultimo COLOR 2.
    it's not my solution :
    it's from <a href="">Andrew_</a>
    regards Andreas

  • The last day of the month when the report is run

    I am working on custom outbound idocs for FICO module through INTERFACE Program  the third party sytem needs <b> "The last day of the month when the report is run"</b> so is there any sytem field or standard SAP Sytem Table field which can give me that value.plz let me know ASAP.
    Other wise should i develop  custom logic.

    Try this way.
    PARAMETERS: p_bldat LIKE bsis-bldat .
      DATA: v_end_date LIKE sy-datum.
          day_in            = sy-datum
          last_day_of_month = v_end_date
          day_in_no_date    = 1
          OTHERS            = 2.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
      p_bldat = v_end_date.

  • Object date - how to get the last day of the month?

    hi all,
    I have a date object in which I would like to get the last day of the month. any idea?
    eg AUG=31
    Feb = 28 (depends if a leap year)

    Use java.util.Calendar
    Add 1 month to the day.
    Set the day of month to be 1.
    Subtract 1 day.
    Now you are on the last day of the month you wanted.

  • How can I find the last day of the current month

    Is it possible to get the last day of the month in reports. Suppose I enter JUL in one of the text field. Now in reports I want to show that JUL contains 31 days. How can I retrieve the last day of the month.
    Any ideas?

    The first (and fast) solution I think is this:
    There is a function MONTH(CURRENT_DATE) that returns the number of the month of the current date.
    Now, you could use CASE WHEN expressions to determine the number of days returned since you now how many days does every month have.
    For instance, you could do:
    PD. This is faster that use OR expressions like 1 or 3 or 5 because you dont have to try every option.
    Hope it helps...but maybe there is another way more automatic.
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  • Generating the last day of the week

    HI All,
    I have the Year value (for eg 2002, 2006) and the week number value in the year ( for eg : 32, 52) . Based on this information, how can I get the last day of the particular week.
    for eg What is the last day of the week - 2002,32
    Any pointer would be great.
    Thanks and Regards

    Or try this:
    SQL> WITH t AS
         (SELECT 2006 YEAR, 1 week
            FROM DUAL
          UNION ALL
          SELECT 2002 YEAR, 32 week
            FROM DUAL
          UNION ALL
          SELECT 2005 YEAR, 52 week
            FROM DUAL
          UNION ALL
          SELECT 2006 YEAR, 52 week
            FROM DUAL)
              WHEN TO_CHAR (TRUNC (TO_DATE (YEAR, 'RR'), 'RR'), 'IW') != 1
                 THEN TRUNC (TRUNC (TO_DATE (YEAR, 'RR'), 'RR') + 7, 'IW')
              ELSE TRUNC (TRUNC (TO_DATE (YEAR, 'RR'), 'RR'), 'IW')
           + 6 + (week - 1) * 7 LAST_DAY
      FROM t
                                                  YEAR                                               WEEK LAST_DAY
                                                  2006                                                  1 08-JAN-06
                                                  2002                                                 32 11-AUG-02
                                                  2005                                                 52 01-JAN-06
                                                  2006                                                 52 31-DEZ-06
    4 rows selected.

  • How to get the last day of the week?

    i can get the calender week number for any given date using
    SELECT to_char(to_date('04/04/2011','MM/DD/YYYY'),'WW') FROM dual
    can any body tell me, how to get the last day of that week ?
    and the answer should be 04/08/2011(8th april )
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    Hi, San,
    Here's one way:
    WITH     sample_data     AS
         SELECT  DATE '2011-04-04'     AS dt
         FROM     dual
    SELECT  dt
    ,     TO_CHAR (dt, 'WW')     AS week_num
    ,     NEXT_DAY ( dt - 1
               , TO_CHAR ( TRUNC (dt, 'YEAR') - 1
                      , 'Day'
               )          AS end_o_week
    FROM     sample_data;Another way is to use date arrithmetic:
    WITH     sample_data     AS
         SELECT  DATE '2011-04-09'     AS dt
         FROM     dual
    SELECT  dt
    ,     TO_CHAR (dt, 'WW')     AS week_num
    ,     TRUNC (dt, 'YEAR')
          + (7 * CEIL ( (dt - (TRUNC (dt, 'YEAR') - 1))
                / 7
          - 1               AS using_date_arithmetic
    FROM     sample_data;

  • How do I set a recurring event for the last day of the month on iphone 4s calendar?

    I want to set a recurring event for the last day of every month - regardless of the date/number of days in the month. I'd prefer not to have to use an app to do this.

    You can do this using the custom repeat in iCal. You'll need two events to cover the second and fourth Mondays.
    Create the event on the second Monday of the month. In Repeat select Custom... > Frequency: Monthly > On the: second Monday.
    Do the same for the Fourth Monday.
    Best wishes
    John M

  • How can I know the last day of the subscription of...

    How do I know when will be the last day of my subscription of the month?
    I just purchased a subscription, it starts immediately. When will be the last day? 3/25?
    Since the setting page shows me that my next payment will due on 3/23, so I got confused.

    Please specify what you mean by last manager?
    If you mean, previous manager:
    You can try something like this...
    --Test Data
    CREATE TABLE emp_manager
    empid NUMBER,
    manager NUMBER,
    start_date DATE,
    end_date DATE
    INSERT INTO emp_manager values (100,200,'1-JAN-00','31-DEC-05');
    INSERT INTO emp_manager values (100,202,'1-JAN-06','31-DEC-10');
    INSERT INTO emp_manager values (100,204,'1-JAN-11',null);
    --Generalized SQL for getting the previous managers
    SELECT manager FROM
    SELECT manager, ((COUNT(*) OVER (PARTITION BY empid))-ROWNUM) morder
    FROM emp_manager
    WHERE empid = 100 --Pass EMP ID here
    ORDER BY start_date DESC)
    WHERE morder = 1; --Pass 0 for current manager and 1 for previous manager and 2 for manager before previous manager and so on..Results:
           202Hope it helps..
    Edited by: Rakesh Desai on Mar 28, 2011 3:12 PM

  • Function to get the last day of the current month

    Hi friends
    Now I need to know a function to get the last day of a month. I had between my notes that function but I do not find it and I think you can give the answer faster.
    Joel Pérez
    DBA Oracle

    I know emoticons are a bit naff but in the absence of a UBB markup to indicate humourous intent they do serve to indicate a joke. This is useful in a purely verbal domain like these forums, especially given that many participants don't have English as their first lanaguage and so often miss the wordplay.
    Cheers, APC

  • How to get the last day of the current open fiscal period?

    hi folks,
         I  have to display the last date of the current open fiscal period in the selection screen. Its just a display only.
          if there is any function module vailable for getting that period, kindly suggest me?
    thanks in advance,

    date = sy-datum
    version = c_version
    period = l_period
    year = l_fiscal_year
    period_in_not_valid = 1
    period_not_assigned = 2
    version_undefined = 3
    OTHERS = 4.
    If not use GM_GET_FISCAL_YEAR
    BUKRS = '1000' " Company Code
    DATE = SY-DATUM " Date to find fiscal year for
    CURRM = w_currm " Current Fiscal Month
    CURRY = w_curry " Current Fiscal Year
    PREVM = w_prevm " Previous Fiscal Month
    PREVY = w_prevy. " Previous Fiscal Year

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