Full screen mode broken in Aperture since Lion update?

Just been testing and it seems Lion or something has messed up Full Screen mode in Aperture. Any one else getting the same?

I click top right icon or hit 'F' and it eventually loads to the browser window but the dock is on top. I scroll with 'V' to get to desired view. Usually a beachball for 10 secs.
Leaving full screen mode using 'F' goes to black screen and just hangs or shows normal mode which then fades and goes back to black. Hitting Esc to get out gives me a black screen and nothing happens too.
Only way out is to use scroll left gesture on Magic mouse to get back to desktop. have to quit Aperture to get back to normal mode.
And repeat...

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  • Full screen mode not working in Mountain Lion

    I'm using the new Retina Macbook Pro. The full screen mode to preview pictures and movies is not working; the dock still remains open when the full screen is open. I have to manually hide the dock by pressing command + D and do the same to open the dock again. This doesnt seem to an OS issue because my Macbook Air, which is also running Mountain Lion is doing just fine. I can preview a picture and the dock automatically hides.
    Has anyone experienced the same issue? What is the fix for this problem?

    Bingo! Problem solved. I didn't realize that you could "right click" the mouse over the "resize" icon in full screen mode. When I did that I found I was in the tiny postcard mode. Selecting "full screen" got me back to where I used to be..enjoying the tv shows in full screen mode. Kinda of weird. Choosing "full screen" from the menu bar didn't make the show full "pictured" though I was in full screen mode. But while in the full screen mode, I could right-click and choose "full screen" and there I be, watching a show in "full pictured". Learned something new.

  • Full screen mode - Issue with Aperture freezing

    Hi I have an issue with Aperture 3 freezing if I send an image to a plug-in or external editor while in full screen dual display mode. I have to exit full screen mode first and then send to photoshop/external plugin.
    It is not a huge deal and a simple workaround but if I forget to do it Aperture will freeze and I will have to force quit the application.
    Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.

    Just send a comment to Apple via "Aperture→Provide Aperture Feedback".
    IME, both full-screen mode and dual-display mode have some rough edges. (I don't expect any improvements until OS 10.7, which is widely reported to include a full re-design of full-screen mode.)

  • IPhoto can't see items added to Aperture since Lion update

    lots of Lion issues so the actually issue may be much deeper...but.  since i udpated to Lion, Iphoto doesn't recognize any photos, folders or projects added to Aperture since the date i upgraded to Lion.  I'm talking about the "show aperture library" option.  any ideas?  thanks in advance.

    the only app i know of to view the aperture library is when i sync my iphone in itunes.  and surprise, under the photo syncing tab, it is the same issue.  i see my entire aperture library, but none of the photo or projects i've added to aperture since the date of my lion update.  is lion storing photos in a new location possibly?  thanks

  • Any 3rd party utilities that fix full screen mode for multi-monitor users?

    I am a multi-monitor user.  As multi-monitor users know, full screen mode is basically useless since if you try to go full screen on one monitor, it causes the other monitor to go blank and become unusable (at least with most programs).  Are there any 3rd party utitilities or fixes for this?

    Spaces, which is what this functionality stems from, was limited in that it used your entire setup and switched all of the screens over; space to space. I never used spaces because I always had multiple monitors and I was always working with multiple apps simultaneously that I wanted to be able to reference while working on the others.
    Now they call Spaces, "mission control" and changed the appearance of it, but the functionality remained the same, each workstation comprised all of your monitors, and would switch over all of them when switching to a new "Desktop".
    Fullscreen apps wrongly assumes that it can take the functionality of the afformentioned MS/Spaces and use it for one app, negating the whole idea of why someone would have multiple screens (real estate to work with other applications).
    If they stop considering multiple monitors as one Workspace, they can then make it so they are asynchronous "tablets" instead of one conjoined entity.
    So, you say people have been asking about this for 2 years, I've been asking for this for 5!
    The issue here is, the only answer is to not use it. Making Mission Control and Fullscreen apps completely ignored by people like us, where I could be using both functions to glide around my work station and three monitors, mixing and matching which apps I want to be viewed on each separate monitor, to perform one single task; together.
    It would actually reward people who wanted to utilize Thunderbolt technology and have more then one monitor.
    There is no telling why apple chose to push out something that would only support the casual user, with one display, but the only direct way to let apple know that we feel limited by the OS is to send feedback. Even though it seems that we are powerless in this situation, I hope that they do consider how to make this function better.

  • Aperture in full screen mode seems to crash MacBook Pro with Retina

    To anyone who has an idea;
    I have a brand new (couple months old) 15" MacBook Pro w Retina (16GB RAM, 2.3GHz i7) and I can repeatedly crash it just by running Aperture in a full screen mode and flipping through the photos (I have 21000+ photos and I was cleaning them so it required a lot of flipping back and forth, deleting but no editing). It appears as if it was running out of RAM and not releasing it back. I have all the latest updates installed (always) and I know this is not related to my machine since within the first week of having it I noticed a dent on my screen and Apple sent me a brand new machine. I could replicate this behaviour on both machines.
    To mitigate the restarts, I use FreeMemory Pro app set at "freeing" RAM once it drops to 4GB but if I push the Aperture too fast (and I do not mean major editing but just simply going through many photos in full screen mode, viewing them), I still crash it.
    I was wondering if there is anyone else with something similar and if you have any tips. I have reported it to Apple.

    I'm having exactly the same hard- and software configuration like you, Gordito73 - up to date of course as well. Aperture continues to crash after it really seams to run out of memory while editing lots of photos with many different effects. -.-

  • Why does Aperture implement full screen mode differently to other Apple software?

    Yes I know I always was pretty thick, and things haven't improved as senility draws nigh, but I have not yet found a way to run Aperture as I would like to.
    What I want to do is to run the NON full-screen interface in a manner that occupies the whole screen. This would have two benefits:
    1. It would proved larger images, since the lower border of the application would cover the dock.
    2. It would enable a more efficient conversion between Aperture and related non full-screen programs such as finder, scanner software, etc. In the modern OSX fashion, one would simply swipe from one to the other.
    Yes, I do know how to run in Aperture's full-screen mode, and I use it a lot, but the work I'm doing right now demands frequent trips back to the browser interface, and I want it bigger, better.
    Please tell me I'm missing something fundamental.
    Of course, it might just be sorted in an up-coming version of Aperture.
    Thanks for reading this and hopefully, for your tolerance.

    Perhaps I'm missing something here - so if this answer is wrong - apologies in advance
    Try clicking the 'Plus' button top left of the Aperture window. (This is the same button that would be green in a Finder window)
    Press it again to revert to the previous non full window view

  • Aperture 3.1 - Love Full Screen Mode, Hate The System Lock-Ups

    Hi Guys,
    I don't know if I'm the only person encountering this issue but Aperture 3 is driving me nuts. While I absolutely love the program and the full-screen mode, what I hate is the frequent lock-ups that force me to completely restart my iMac. Having the application lock-up is highly annoying but at least in "normal" mode I could kill the application from the Dock or Activity Monitor. However, when I'm operating in full-screen mode then I can't switch out of the application and seem to have no option but to completely restart my computer. This problem, which I first started experiencing with version 3.0 but which does seem to have been addressed in version 3.1, is happening so often that I'm afraid now to even use full-screen mode.
    This problem only, to my memory, seems to happen when making adjustments but it does not seem to matter which adjustment. In the most recent occurrence the lock-up happened when I cancelled the application of a Crop by clicking the X icon on the Crop HUD.
    Does anyone know either a) what might be causing the lock-ups, or b) how I can kill Aperture without having to completely restart my computer?

    You could also set up SPACES to see if that works when lock up occurs in full screen
    Apple Icon > System Preference > Desktop & Screen Saver > Hot corners
    I have bottom left set to spaces
    Then drop the mouse to bottom left, 4 windows appear, drag aperture to a seperate window and run there, you desktop is in a different space and can be accessed by bottom left of screen mouse movement (if the mouse works when A3 locks up)

  • Why can I no longer watch music videos in full screen mode via a playlist in the music app since upgrading to ios7?

    Since upgrading to ios7 my iPhone 4S no longer allows me to watch music videos in full screen mode when I select the clips via a playlist from the music app.
    It's now more necessary than before to use the music app rather than the video app to select music videos to play.  That's because the video app doesn't list music videos by artist any more. And also because the fast forward and rewind buttons on headphones remote no longer work on videos.
    How do I watch full screen videos when rotating my iphone now shows my music library rather than showing the video itself?

    I do not think it is a problem to play videos in the full screen mode using the video app.  It should work just fine, it does work ok for me  on iphone 5.  The original question was to play music videos in the music app.  Music videos and videos are two different things - I am not sure why but they are.
    The problem here is that the music app supports lists and the video app does not.  I just looked at the ios7 video app and while my few test videos are shown in it, the lists they were in (in iTunes) are nowhere to be found.  There is no lists in the video app - period - which is as it was before. 
    The video app plays videos and music videos in the full screen mode no problem but if you have a few hundreds or more of such videos you will have hard time finding the one you want to play.  There is simply no way to categorize or group videos.  The old good folders/directories are, I guess, too simple for Apple.  It is just too bad that for years on end the world's leader in S/W development did not offer anything to categorize videos.
    You have lists, albums, etc., for music, you have albums for pictures but you have absolutely nothing for videos.  And this is and has been the Apple's state-of-the art solution for this problem - simply insist that the problem does not exist.  Actually it is getting worse.  Not only there is nothing to categorize or group videos but now the only way it could be done (by marking videos as music videos and using the music app) results in a mini playback area. 
    Soon this OS will be able to cook dinner for your but grouping videos... no way.
    What is happening here???  

  • In Lion, Safari pages hang in full screen mode.  If you exit full screen mode, the next page you intended to view appears.

    In Lion, Safari pages hang in full screen mode.  If you exit full screen mode, the next page you intended to view appears.
    This happens nearly every time I use Safari.  I will be clicking on links, when it appears to hang.  By exiting full screen mode, upon minimizing the next page I was intending to view appears.  This does not happen on all websites, but many that I visit.

    Here's a stupid question, but I'm sure I'm not the only one - how exactly DO you minimize the safari fullscreen mode??  I keep reading about orange or yellow tabs which don't exist, at least on my 27 iMac. Control m doesn't work either. I wish Apple would have a basic 3 or 4 page instruction manual on this. Unless there are major bugs still.  By the way, this is only one of many problems I'm having with Safari.  Occasionally the tool bar just dissappears. And, don't get me started about how the dock in Lion simply stopped accepting some icons, including Firefox. None of these problems happened when I first installed Lion. Each upgrade seems to have more bugs, not less.

  • Full screen mode in Mountain Lion

    Hello everybody!
    I am experiencing certain problems with full screen mode in mountain lion 10.8.2 freshly installed (not upgraded over Lion or ML 10.8.x) on Macbook Pro 13 mid 2010 model. Whenever i open an application which supports full screen mode, it opens on my desktop so I have to enter into full screen mode. When I quit the application and reopen it, it again opens on my desktop then I have to again enter into full screen mode. What I want is that all apps open in full screen mode if they support like, calendar, mail, safari, notes, reeder, itunes, app store and so on.
    What could be the problem that is preventing my apps to start automatically in full screen mode?
    I would appreciate any kind of help from anyone of you.

    Go to System Preferences > General and untick Close windows when quitting an application

  • Aperture 3 - Full screen mode "stuck"

    Apologies if this subject is being discussed elsewhere; all I've found are a few orphaned threads with no answers.
    The problem: when I toggle into full-screen mode (for, say a single image) I cannot exit. The only way to get out of it is to quit Aperture.
    This has persisted for a few weeks now and is making the program almost unusable. Any thoughts/advice?
    Thank you,

    Trashing the prefs worked like a charm. Thanks for the quick and almost painless solution.

  • Aperture screwing with brightness in full screen mode

    For some reason whenever I go into full screen mode Aperture keeps adjusting the brightness of my images. Every time I do anything it first looks "normal" then the brightness gets jacked up a few percentage points. When I turn on the Loupe, the image shown inside the loupe is darker (as it should be) as this odd "auto brightness" effect doesn't show up there. When not in full screen mode this doesn't happen. Saving the photo results in the correct image as well. So long story short this is only happening in full screen mode.
    I tried disabling the "On screen proofing" but it doesn't seem to have an effect. This is driving me nuts because I have no way to see the ACTUAL image until I save it! Thanks for any ideas you may have.

    Another update: I changed my external display to "default" in ColorSync Profiles as recommended in another thread, still have the same problem.
    I have now noticed that this phenomenon only occurs when the image being displayed on screen has to be scaled down to fit - so apparently there is something going on with Aperture's image preview being created on the fly?

  • Issue with Aperture full screen mode on HD 5870

    I have a very strange problem with Aperture, which may be linked to the HD 5870 and it's probably faulty drivers and would be very grateful if somebody with the same hardware could try this out if he/she can replicate this behavior:
    I have a brand new 6-core with the 5870 optional card using a dual display setup (ACD 23" and NEC PA241W).
    Whenever I enter full screen mode and activate the brushes, the image on the full screen monitor is reduced in size to about 70% of the full screen resolution. This also gets triggered, when I use the HUD display ("H" key) and lock the floating window on the browser display.
    It's a bit hard to describe, but anybody with the same or similar setup, please try this:
    - enter full screen mode in Aperture by hitting "F"
    - press "H" and lock the window using the small slider in the upper right corner
    - activate any of the quick brushes, like dodge or burn
    Is your image, which is displayed full screen on the main monitor, getting smaller in size or is it starting to flicker a bit, getting darker? If yes, we have a universal bug here.
    I could narrow the problem down in a sense, that it does not matter if either screen is hooked up using the DVI or the Mini-Display-Port. It also happens when I switch the main screen over to the other, so it's (fortunately) not a problem of my new NEC display, the ACD shows the same behavior.
    My best guess right now is some kind of bug in Aperture combined with a faulty driver of the HD 5870.
    Any help here is greatly appreciated.

    People have said that Aperture library benefits from, and should not be, on the boot drive, and placing on SSD or alternate drive, maybe RAID 0 in some cases.
    64-bit kernel mode helps overcome some of the limitations and obstacles when working with large data sets, which is why I always kept data off the system and placed on RAID 0 which does improve system responsiveness.
    If you have already done that and taken steps to optimize your storage layout hard to imagine it is a graphic driver.
    And I would limit removing caches to just Aperture's own, though can't hurt to clean out the system's, that is something that SuperDuper will do if you use it, as it doesn't copy those and just skips caches and temp files best rebuilt (but does not touch user caches).
    And a touch of Disk Warrior just for good preventative maintenance measure of course.

  • How to show up "Photo Tour Bar" in full screen mode under Aperture 2?

    Mine is a MBA with Aperture 2.
    I am unable to show up the photo tour bar in full screen mode>
    What should I do to get the photo tour bar on the top of my full screen mode?
    Camera Canon 40D.

    Hi 153957,
    Thanks for the response.
    I could see the film strip on the bottom ok in Browser plus viewer mode.
    When I go to viewer screen the full screen mode and I could not see the Photo tool bar-sorry I spelt it "Tour" in my question.
    Now I realised that the Photo Tool bar only appear when I move the cursor to the top of the screen.
    However in full screen mode I am unable to bring my inspector! Is that possible?

Maybe you are looking for

  • New iMac with Lion, crashes, constant sound and menus open/instantly close

    Hi, I have a 4 days old iMac. This evening I was copying some files from an external HDD to the Mac´s internal. When I came back the screen was off, pressed the space bar to turn it on...and the sound it does when a file copy is complete sounds const

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    Hi all I am now really stumped.  Here is the situation  ac adaptor plugged in mouse freezes UNTIL I plug in WIRED and working lan cable. if I unplug the lan cable from the router the mouse cursor freezes. NOW that would be strange enough BUT if I unp

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