Full screen mode bug in Safari?

In Safari, running in full screen mode, if a link opens a file (eg an Excel workbook), sometimes the Excel (non full screen) window will open over the top of the Safari full screen window. When that happens it's impossible to get access to the Excel window, as clicking on it will jump to the desktop "space" (where the window should have opened?). The only way out of the problem is to move to the Safari full screen "space" and take Safari out of full screen mode using the button in the top right corner (Esc doesn't work in this case). After that I can access both Safari and the Excel window no problem.
This doesn't always happen, but it has happened enough times to be annoying, and also happens with other apps (eg Preview), not just Excel.
Anyone else had the same problem?

It is a bug. If you start to search for something with the Safari not in full screen mode the history and predictive search functionality is there. If you then expand the application window to full screen it the search field will continue to work as expected. However, if you open the application and first expand it to full screen view before using the search field it will not work properly; the history will be inaccessable and the predictive search will fail.  In order to restore functionality, hit 'control+command+F' to return to non-full-screen mode, type something in the search field or access your search history via the hour glass and then return to full screnn mode. The search field will now function normally again. This is definitely a bug and this behavior explains why the search seems to be fixed at times, and broken at others.

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  • Full Screen Mode Bug

    When I go to full screen mode it won't allow me to return to another view mode. I have to restart LR to use the program. Any solutions?

    On further investifgation there are more problems with the render engine on safari. This is with both running from the home screen and in the app. Safari has trouble loading iFrames, it also doesn't load the updated style sheet on the first load, you have to refresh it. Did the render engine change with the update of IOS 5? The bugs are starting to mount, anyone else experiencing trouble? I saw that one of my cohorts is haveing the same issues except for the iframe issue. This seems to be hit or miss.

  • Full Screen Mode in IPAD Safari Browser

    Good Afternoon,
    Is there anyway to put the IPAD Safari Browser into a full screen mode ?  In Internet Explorer pressing the F11 key does this.

    On the iPad tapping the Safari icon in the Dock should automatically have Safari pages load full screen.
    If you are referring to the Safari for Mac, you need a third party add on.

  • YouTube constantly restarting in full screen mode.

    I am having an issue with YouTube constantly stopping and restarting when in full screen mode.  Using Safari and whatever I am watching only runs for a few seconds before restarting.

    If your issue is only in Safari, you should post in the Safari forum area. 
    If your issues is occuring in all browsers, it's YouTube's problem.  You need to post in their forum area or contact their tech support. 

  • In Lion, Safari pages hang in full screen mode.  If you exit full screen mode, the next page you intended to view appears.

    In Lion, Safari pages hang in full screen mode.  If you exit full screen mode, the next page you intended to view appears.
    This happens nearly every time I use Safari.  I will be clicking on links, when it appears to hang.  By exiting full screen mode, upon minimizing the next page I was intending to view appears.  This does not happen on all websites, but many that I visit.

    Here's a stupid question, but I'm sure I'm not the only one - how exactly DO you minimize the safari fullscreen mode??  I keep reading about orange or yellow tabs which don't exist, at least on my 27 iMac. Control m doesn't work either. I wish Apple would have a basic 3 or 4 page instruction manual on this. Unless there are major bugs still.  By the way, this is only one of many problems I'm having with Safari.  Occasionally the tool bar just dissappears. And, don't get me started about how the dock in Lion simply stopped accepting some icons, including Firefox. None of these problems happened when I first installed Lion. Each upgrade seems to have more bugs, not less.

  • Why does Safari not automatically open in full screen mode?

    In Yosemite, if I'm in full screen mode, then I close my browser (completely quitting, not just closing the window), then re-open Safari, I am not in full screen mode. The browser corners are pulled to the maximum screen size but I am not in full screen mode.
    Does anyone know a solution to this? Is this a bug or a "feature?"

    I have never used Span before, but inspired by your post, I tried it.
    My results are the same as yours in non-fullscreen mode, but different in full screen mode.
    When I press "F", image 2 appears on monitor A (as you said), but briefly I see image 1 on monitor C, then it blacks out.  Pressing "F" again reveals the two images in their original positions.
    If I select a block of images, but not all the columns of images on monitor B, the images are somewhat randomly assigned to A and C.  When I press F, the images on C move to A, and C blanks out to black.
    Now I know why I have never used Span I think!
    What is the purpose of this thing?! 

  • How can I get Safari to default to NOT be in full screen mode?

    I have looked in Preferences but don't see any such option.  I know that once I am in a session that I can go to View->Exit Full Screen, but I want the default when I open a session to not be full screen.  Would appreciate any and all help.

    Quit Safari while holding down the option key. Relaunch. Your home page, or an empty window, should open, depending on your preferences.
    If in full-screen mode, exit. If not in full-screen mode, enter. Quit and relaunch without holding any keys. You should get the same window in the same state as when you quit. Does that happen?

  • In Full Screen mode Safari only opens new tabs?

    Safari 5.1 has a preference that lets you set whether or not targeted links open into new tabs or new windows.
    In regular screen mode, this preference works as expected.
    In Full Screen mode (Lion), this preference seems to be ignored, and Safari always opens targeted links into new tabs.
    Is there a preference I'm missing to set this behavior for Full Screen mode?
    The reason I ask is that I would love to use the swipe gesture to switch between different web pages I have open, and so far Safari only seems to use gestures in Full Screen mode to switch between windows, not tabs.

    Hi there i tried... I think prey locked my computer..:(
    Infact i know it did because i just got out...after making changes in prey ...**** that is one **** of a program...
    Im across the bay... Its cold tonight. :).

  • Safari will not open in full screen mode

    After installing the 3-1-14 update from the Apps Store, Safari will not open in full screen mode when I click the double arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. If I try the View>Enter Full Screen it still will not open full screen. Prior to this update, everything was fine. I know the info on the update says it deals with iTunes and iBooks, but after installing it my problems began.
    I am running the Mavericks (all updates installed) on an Mac mini (late 2013 edition), 16GB RAM.
    Any suggestions?

    Please disregard my question. The issue disappeared after a cold boot. Thanks.

  • When I go into full screen mode in Safari 5.1 on LION it switches to a new Space, making my other displays useless. Anyone else annoyed that Apple has completely left out those with multiple displays?

    I had a fear that this was going to be the case, but you can't have two full screen apps open in two different displays. At least that's how Safari fullscreen works. When switching over to full screen mode in safari, it automatically creats a new space, turns on four finger gesture to swipe through full screen apps which I had turned off in place of App Switcher.
    I don't use spaces because of the lack of support for using spaces with multiple displays. I would use spaces and mission control if I had control of each display's mission control separately.
    The fix would be to unlink the displays so they can scroll through full screen apps by themselves. I want this feature so I can mix and match the full screen apps on my three different displays. I see this beneficial for more people with multiple displays. in the future when thunderbolt display links, people will want better support too.
    I know I would use spaces and mission control more if I could have this ability. I'd be interested to know people's opinion.

    No no, if you read what I said, it would be that each individual display would be customizable to the user. The way you have it, it sounds like your second display will be dedicated to scrolling through fullscreen apps not allowing you to do it on the home screen. This is silly because with my concept, you could do that, by dragging apps to fullscreen in your second display, but if you want you could tell another display to scroll through fullscreen apps (independently) if you wanted. Each display will have it's own mission control with it's own set of desktops. I also can see how some people would still want them linked together, so this could just be a little check box made in mission control prefs to "link" or "unlink" desktops with link checked by default.
    With your solution you're limited to your setup. but what if the person has three or four displays? Well then your solution would limit them to one dedicated display that scrolls through fullscreen apps where mine lets a person customize their desktops depending on their preference and setup.
    further example: if you have safari, address book and mail in one display, you could still have ichat, PS and Illustrator in your second, and a text editor, FTP Client and iTunes in your third. Then you would mix and match these apps but it would promote the use of mulitple displays as well as benefit people with three or more, which thunderbolt, Cinema Display and Pro computers support.

  • My safari window is disappearing in non full screen mode OSX Lion

    Hi Guys,
    I seem to have the following problem. not sure exactly how it started as my wife was using the mac at the time (she says she just dragged the safari to different desktop via mission control) but now the situation is as follows:
    When I hit safari icon it switches on (I can see the little light dot underneath the icon and after right click I can see names of windows that are opened) however I can only see the Safari menu at the top but no window. If I scroll to the right or left to different desktops it's not there, the same goes if I double tap to see the Mission Control mode it's not there...
    I so far figured out that once the Safari menu is visible on top of the screen I can go to View>Enter Full Screen and then Safari will come back into the full screen mode but once I unclick the full screen button in right top corner the whole window just swoops into the right top corner and it's nowhere to be found again.
    I have rebooted and it's still the same - I can only get the full screen mode or none. it's very weird. Anyone's got any suggestions?

    Thank you,
    That's not it -  Hot corners are not active, it's more like when you normally click the full screen on/off button (the two arrows facing each other) the transition happens with gray apple background and it moves either to or from full screen but here the background comes on and the window just goes into the corner and it's gone. Then when in Safari menu I go View>Enter Full Screen the window comes back exactly the same way: from top right corner into the whole screen.
    Like I can only use Safai in Full Screen mode..

  • Safari Full Screen Mode not full screen

    In full screen mode in Safari 7 I cannot hide the tool bar.  Hide toolbar is greyed out. This used to be possible in the previous version of Safari.  Is there a way round this?
    Curiously most of the toolbar can disappear in non full screen mode.

    Hmm, i think i phrased original question badly, i am looking for auto-hide to be featured in normal window mode as well as fullscreen, and whatever else designers and programmers can dream up and not execute poorly.
    I have now disabled all EXTENSIONS and removed all 3rd party bars (google, sharethis, never used nayway;) and as my suspicions confirmed Safari is running much better. I was very suspicious of this when it was added as it seemed like trying to match Firefox, which I also gave up some time ago in place of Chrome as my second browser, although I use Safari for 90%. The extensions i think causes freezing when i had Parallels running a Windows VM at the same time and also other times when not.
    The extensions is a bit stupid in my opinion as any niggling, minor feature of a website should be addresses to the website rather than the browser. Where adverts are concerned, well, just use the web less or more specifically!
    I think I'm fine with Toolbar/URL-search and bookmark bar, its great - simple and not intrusive. I believe EXTENSIONS introduction gave me some sort of weird mental outlook and would urge Apple to be more careful in bringing in different types of features unnecessarily.

  • Safari 6.0.1 Truncates URLs in Non Full Screen Mode

    I just applied the Java removal patch that Apple released and I noticed that all URLs now get truncated to subdomain.domain.extension. For example, if I go to store.apple.com/us my URL bar only shows store.apple.com. If I go to full screen mode it shows store.apple.com/us. The trailing "/us" is gray, not black, but it shows. This is occurring with all of the sites I visit.
    I created a new user and logged on with the newly created user's profile and attempted the same test. The results were exactly the same.
    What can I do to see the entire URL in window mode?
    Windowed mode:
    Full screen mode:

    I have had the new Safari for less than 1/2 hour and I'm already switching to Google Chrome. The new Safari not only grays out URLs inexplicably, but also, and this is SUPER annoying, when I click on a link on Facebook, it takes me out of FB to the link, but grays out the "back" arrow so I can't even return to where I was on FB. ***?

  • A white line in the bottom of Safari when in full screen mode

    I'm running 10.9.2 but I've had this issue since I got my MacBook Pro (2012 retina display), When I launch Safari it isnt there, but when I switch tabs or open the tabs card-like viewer thing it appears and it's really annoying and I have to get out of full screen mode and back in for it to go away.

    Here's a pic..

  • (Chrome Like) Auto-Hide Tab bar in Safari Full Screen mode

    Is there a plugin or some other way to auto hide the tab bar in Safari fullscreen mode like the way Chrome does?
    This is the only thing stopping me from using Safari, it's way smoother than Chrome and feels much more native to Lion, but the fact the tab bar just keeps hanging there is annoying.
    I tried the Cmd+I method mentioned in the community, but it only works when you're only opening one tab, if you open several tabs, the tab bar will show up again. It also comes back up once you exit Full Screen mode.
    Thanks for your help !

    Hello myzzzl, this is normal behavior in full screen mode, you can set the [http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.fullscreen.autohide browser.fullscreen.autohide] in about:config to False, to change that, but if you do that tabs and location bar is enabled in full screen mode.
    wait if another contributor/helper give you a code which I don't know.
    thank you

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