Help on Date Picker

Hi All,
Is there any date pciket UI element available . I am not able to see any in type of UI elements avaiable in my NWDS.

Hi Friend,
Binding the input field to an attribute of date type will automatically bring in the date picker and the standard validations for that. So, you needn't worry about it. In case you need to have your own date format and your custom validations over it, then I am afraid you would have to bind this input field with a string type attribute and have a dateNavigator UI element as popup on click of a button next to input field to browse for date, but it would unnecessarily be an overhead on performance of the application.
Tushar S

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  • Charts appear in front of date picker, help messages, developer buttons

    In Apex 4.1, with Internet Explorer, if we have charts on the form, objects like date-pickers, help text, etc. appear behind the chart. They pop up (or drop down) in front of the chart's region, but behind the chart. So if I have a search criteria region at the top, and a chart region below it, if the chart is displayed, and the user clicks on the date picker, then the date picker pops up, but any portion of it that should overlap with the chart itself is hidden behind the chart, so the users cannot click on a date later in the month.
    Also, if there is help text provided for an item in the search criteria region, then the help text pop-up box appears partially or completely behind the chart (though in front of the chart's region.
    You can also see this with the developer's buttons at the bottom of the screen - they stay in front of the regions, but behind any chart.
    Is there a way to fix this?
    I can get around the date picker if I choose the Classic Date Picker, but I don't know how to get around the other items.

    Maybe it is just because there is no space enough to display both month and year. Is it possible to increase the width of the calendar box ?

  • Date Picker Translate Help

    We've been using jQuery date pickers long before APEX used them as standard so have our own way of implementing them, that being said it shouldn't have any effect on what I'm trying to do.
    I have an application (APEX 4.2.1) that is used in a number of different languages. We don't use the APEX date picker and instead display dates as text fields, add a specific class to them and attributes as required. The class is picked up in javascript and the field is converted to a jQuery UI date picker with the attributes controlling certain behaviour (date restrictions etc.) This works fine and the date picker is translated to the different languages without a problem.
    Now I have a page in which fields defined by the user are displayed along side APEX fields. To do this I'm using apex_item and generating items on the page based on settings controlled by the user in another part of the application. The APEX items are displayed followed by custom items using apex_item. Again, this works fine and I've used it many times before.
    The problem I have is when a user creates a custom field which is a date picker and the date picker is translated.
    If the user is viewing the page in Norwegian then for an APEX field the date picker is shown in Norwegian and if they select May 1st then 1-Mai-2013 is returned to the field. The value of this field is 1-Mai-2013 when the page is submitted, but somehow the value is saved in the database correctly and when the database is queried the date is saved as 01-MAY-2013. For a custom field the value is saved in the database as 1-Mai-2013 and when this is then viewed by a user in English the page errors with not a valid month.
    My questions are:
    - How does APEX save a translated date field? How does 1-Mai-2013 become a proper date? If I try to save this in the database, unsurprisingly I get an invalid month error.
    - How can I use apex_item to have a date picker that is translated? apex_item.date_popup can't be used as this doesn't use the jQuery date picker. Perhaps this is a setting in jQuery UI to translate the date back? One solution is to use dd/mm/yyyy format, but I really don't want to do this.
    Many thanks for your help. If you need any more info let me know.

    Hi Mike
    Thanks for the reply. When I said that it's saved as 01-MAY-2013, I was aware that it wasn't actually saved as this and is stored as a date. My point was that as a user I had entered the text 1-Mai-2013 on the screen and somehow it was changed to a date which when queried in the database was returned correctly as 01-MAY-2013. Showing that somehow it had been translated correctly from Norwegian. Even if I were to save my custom field value in a date column in the database, I would get an error as it would be trying to insert 1-Mai-2013 into a date column which isn't of the correct format. I think the problem can be resolved if I can convert the text in my custom field into a date.
    I've been able to find a possible solution, but I'm having problems implementing this.
    If I run
    select to_date('03-Okt-2013','DD-Mon-YYYY','nls_date_language=NORWEGIAN') from dual;
    this returns the correct date in the correct format (03-OCT-2013), which could be saved in my table and the problem would be resolved. I know what language is being used in my APEX session so I've used the following code to my procedure:
              WHEN 'no' THEN v_value := to_date(v_value,'DD-Mon-YYYY','nls_date_language=NORWEGIAN');
              WHEN 'sv' THEN v_value := to_date(v_value,'DD-Mon-YYYY','nls_date_language=SWEDISH');
              WHEN 'pl' THEN v_value := to_date(v_value,'DD-Mon-YYYY','nls_date_language=POLISH');
              ELSE v_value := to_date(v_value,'DD-Mon-YYYY');
              END CASE;
    I've tested this through SQL*Plus and it works perfectly. The dates are always converted from Norwegian to English (the default for the database) DD-MON-YYYY.
    However, when I run the same code through APEX it doesn't work. The date is still stored as Norwegian. If I enter 10-Mai-2013 in the field that is exactly what is stored in the database. I've even added debug to make sure it's running the right bit of code and it is.
    Why would this code work in SQL but not through an APEX session? And is there anything I can do to resolve this?!
    Many thanks

  • Date Picker - need help

    there is a cool date picker i downloaded from, it looks good and easy to handle,
    but i would like to add some feautes like pop-up comments for dates, change size of the picker and so on.
    there is something a source code on their site, but i couldn't get it.
    i would really appreciate help from anyone. please write to [email protected] or reply to topic. all the information on
    thanks in advance

    That doesnt appear to be a java applet, or class for that matter. Its PHP and JavaScript combined.

  • Date Picker Incorrect time! URGENT HELP NEEDED

    We have an application. In the application when you click a date picker the time is an hour forward. Where does the date picker get its time from?
    We have alot of date pickers and we are not wanting to set them by a query.
    The OS the machine application server is on is the correct time.
    Even if I create an item and select sysdate from dual the time is correct.
    Please help.

    From the SQL Reference manual:
    "The difference between this function and LOCALTIMESTAMP is that CURRENT_TIMESTAMP returns a TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE value while LOCALTIMESTAMP returns a TIMESTAMP value."
    In your query, you're chopping off the timezone of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP (as it's of data type TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE).
    Perform these two queries in SQL Commands:
    select current_timstamp from dual;
    select localtimestamp from dual;I'll bet you a million dollars that the query against LOCALTIMESTAMP is off by one hour from what you expect.

  • Problem with Date Picker Item

    I'm using APEX and I have a problem with the Date Picker. I can't select any day of the second week of the month (it happens for all months).
    Someone know if there are any reason (and how can I solve it) or is an APEX bug?
    Thank you!

    Hi Chimanzee,
    try for : source value
    hope this helps.

  • Date picker not working correctly.

    Hi all,
    I have a strange prob in webdynpro.
    I am using Date picker. But once i read it, the value is one day less than that i give.
    For eg, i give <b>06/25/2006</b>.. but it reads as <b>06/24/2006</b>.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance

    Open an OSS message (BC-WD-JAV-RUN).

  • Date picker,first day/last day of month

    Hi All
    i have two items on my page
    both of them are defined as date picker (dd/mm/yyyy)
    i want that the form_date will contain allways the first day of the month the the user is picking
    example suppose that the user picks in the :p80_from_date : '20/07/2009'
    then the date suppose to be '01/07/2009'
    if the user picking :p80_last_date '01/08/2009' the date suppose to be '31/08/2009' .
    i've tried to do it with computation with no success.
    i rather that after the user is picking the date he will see that the default is always the first date.
    how shall i do it ?
    thanks in advanced

    Hello Naama,
    Now you are actually raising a new issue of date validation, which should pertains to every date field on your application.
    >> the problem is that the function is not returning Boolean
    It seems to me that you are mixing Computations and Validations. The first can set the value of an item; the second can raise an application error and include options of using a function that returns Boolean or an error text.
    The problem in your specific case is that you need to validate the date prior to using it in your Computation, however the APEX engine fires Computations before Validations. The solution might be to use a PL/SQL process with a firing point of “On Submit – Before Computations and Validations”.
    As I mentioned before, date validation should apply to all your application date items. Personally, I’m using a client side validation, fired by an onblur event, to give the user a “fair warning”. The following code matches your date format, and I’m using it in a Right-To-Left application (In the example it includes Hebrew error messages that can be changed to any text in any language you need). This function can deal with a fully formatted date string (e.g. 31/01/2010) or a string of numbers representing the date (e.g. 31012010).
    function dateValidation(pThis){
      var monthDays = [00,31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31];
      var date_len = pThis.value.length;
      if (date_len == 0){  // Date field is empty
        return true;       // or an error alert if date is mandatory
      if (date_len == 10) {
        pThis.value = pThis.value.substr(0,2)+pThis.value.substr(3,2)+pThis.value.substr(6,4);
      else {
        if (date_len != 8) {
          alert('DD/MM/YYYY התאריך חייב לכלול 8 ספרות במבנה');
          return false;
      var DD = parseInt(trimLead0(pThis.value.substr(0,2)));
      if (DD < 1) {
        alert('מספר הימים אינו חוקי');
        return false;
      var YYYY = parseInt(pThis.value.substr(4,4));
      if (YYYY < 1900 || YYYY > 2050){
         alert('טווח השנים המוכר 1900-2050');
         return false;
      var MM = parseInt(trimLead0(pThis.value.substr(2,2)));
      // Checking for leap year if MM=02
      if (MM == 2) {
        var leap = (((YYYY % 4 == 0) && ( (!(YYYY % 100 == 0)) || (YYYY % 400 == 0))) ?1:0);
        if ((leap && DD > 29) || (!leap && DD > 28)) {
          alert('מספר הימים בפברואר אינו חוקי');
          return false;
      else {
        if (DD > monthDays[MM]) {
          alert('מספר הימים בחודש זה אינו חוקי');
          return false;
      if (DD < 10) { DD = '0'+DD; }
      if (MM < 10) { MM = '0'+MM; }
      pThis.value = DD+'/'+MM+'/'+YYYY;
      return true;
    function trimLead0(str) {
       return str.replace(/^0*/g,"");
    }Best Practice stipulates that client side validation is not enough and you should use server side validations. In your specific case, if an end user tricked the client side validation he/she deserves to receive a system error message. Still, if you want to prevent it, you need to add some PL/SQL code that validates the input date before you use it in your Computation.
    &diams; Please remember to mark appropriate posts as correct/helpful. For the long run, it will benefit us all.
    &diams; Author of Oracle Application Express 3.2 – The Essentials and More

  • Inserting a Value into otherTable using an App. Proc. from a Date Picker

    I'm trying to call an Application Process that will insert an Attribute of a Row, into another table, after selecting a date from a Date Picker cell.
    I don't know why this shouldn't be possible. I think I've got all of my "Ducks in a Row", so to speak,
    but the Value that is being inserted into the other table is this:.. [object HTMLTableCellElement]
    (Ultimately, I'd like my Application Process to include Page element values with the insert as well, but I'm trying to handle one problem at a time)
    Here's a list of all the steps I've covered:
    1. I've Created an Application Process, (popDevices). The Process Point is "On-Demand". The Type is "PL/SQL Anonymous Block".
    The Process is defined as such:
    Insert into P_DEVICES
    ) values
    2. I've Included the Javascript in the Page HTML Header.
    The Javascript is written as such: (minus the tags)
    function popDevices(PART_NO)
    var get = new htmldb_Get(null,$x('pFlowId').value,'APPLICATION_PROCESS=popDevices',0);
    gReturn = get.get();
    get = null;
    3. I've included the following in the "Element Attributes" field of the Date-Picker Item (Date_Delivered).
    The Region Type is "SQL Query (Updatable Report)"
    A. A row does get inserted into the other (P_Devices) table,
    But the value of the Attribute from the Page Region is not valid.
    The Inserted value is this: [object HTMLTableCellElement]
    B. I have tried Every conceivable combination of characters in the "Element Attributes" field, such as:
    ...(PART_NO), (#PART_NO#), (||PART_NO||), (+PART_NO+)
    C. The Javascript in the Page HTML Header appears to be correct, since I have written it this same way for other applications without any problems.
    D. If this simply cannot be done by referencing the "onChange" Javascript from the "Element Attributes" field,
    Then can you help me to write the code into the Select statement of the region.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    This may not be the most direct approach to the solution. But, none the less, it is a solution.
    For those other novices, like myself, I hope this can be useful at some point in your development:
    A. To Insert into another tablle values derived from both; Page Item (i.e. P153_x) and Attributes of a Row in an Updatable Report from which I have selected the Date-Picker.
    B. I want the insert to occur automatically after the user Selects the date from the Date-Picker.
    1. I usea Javascript prompt window to prompt for information and store the information in Pre-Created Page Items.
    This is the Javascript as I've entered it into the Page HTML Header region: (Minus the Tags)
    function received_javaprompt () {
    var Serial_Number = prompt("Enter the Serial Number");
    var Bldg_Id = prompt("Enter the Bldg_Id");
    var Clst_Id = prompt("Enter the Clst_Id");
    $x('P153_SERIAL_NO').value = Serial_Number;
    $x('P153_BLDG_ID').value = Bldg_Id;
    $x('P153_CLST_ID').value = Clst_Id;
    2. I needed to identify the (Manufacturer and Part_No) Column Attribute in the Row from which I selected the Date-Picker.
    A. To do this, I enumerated the Columns in the order they were listed in the Select Statement of the region (Click on the Region Definition Tab).
    B. Then (Click on the Report Attributes Tab). Count, In the numerical order which these columns are selected, ONLY the columns that are Editable.
    C. When I counted down as far as the Column I wanted to capture the value of, Then I made a mental note of that number and used it in the following (2) Javascripts (findMaker and findModel).
    3. findMaker (Minus the tags)
    function findMaker (pThis) {
    var vRow ='_')+1);
    var Maker = html_GetElement('f15_'+vRow).value
    $x('P153_MAKER').value = Maker;
    4. findModel (Minus the tags)
    function findModel (pThis) {
    var vRow ='_')+1);
    var Model = html_GetElement('f16_'+vRow).value
    $x('P153_MODEL').value = Model;
    5. I added one more Javascript, to the Page HTML Header, that references the Application Process which will Insert the values into the "Other" table:
    function popDevices(P153_SERIAL_NO,P153_BLDG_ID,P153_CLST_ID,P153_MAKER,P153_MODEL)
    var get = new htmldb_Get(null,$x('pFlowId').value,'APPLICATION_PROCESS=popDevices',0);
    gReturn = get.get();
    get = null;
    6. I added the "onChange" process to the Element Attributes field of the Table item which utilizes the Date-Picker:
    A. Click on the Report Attributes Tab of the Region.
    B. Click on the Edit icon of the column which utilized the Date-Picker
    C. I added this "onChange" reference to the Element Attributes field, which is found in the Tabular Form section.
    7. The Application Process which inserts the collected data into the table is as follows:
    (Name= popDevices: Process Point= On-Demand: Type= PL/SQL Anonymous Block)
    Insert into P_DEVICES
    ) values
    Well, I hope this may help someone else like me.
    I usually arrive at my solutions by getting help here on the Discussion Forum and also Google. Google inevitably points me to a previous Apex Discussion Forum session.
    Edited by: garyNboston on Mar 15, 2010 10:55 AM

  • Date picker in OBIEE

    I would like to use Date Picker on the OBIEE Dashboard. Is there any standard control/mechanism that I can put to use ?

    hi....can you explain it a little more???
    i created 2 dashboards prompts. from 2 dummy collums
    i set CAST ( NULL AS DATE ) and CAST ( '11/12/2008' AS DATE ),i choose calendar and i set 2 presentation variables,start and end
    in my reports i creates a single collumn(measure column from fact table) QTY where i want to se the quantity of the specified period of time.
    i set in the function...
    FILTER(fact.QTY USING (CALENDAR_DIM.CALENDAR_DATE BETWEEN '@{start}{04/01/2007}' AND '@{end}{06/01/2007}'))
    (i did that because i want to have 2 colums of qty in order to represent 2 qts of 2 different periods.
    i made a simple test only with one period but the result was...
    Κατάσταση: HY000. Κωδικός: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error code: 1843, message: ORA-01843: not a valid month at OCI call OCIStmtExecute: select T622.KATHGORIA_ID_DESC as c1, sum(T525.QTY) as c2, T409.CALENDAR_DATE as c3 from DWADM.PRODUCT_DIM T622, DWADM.CALENDAR_DIM T409, DWADM.FACT2007 T525 where ( T409.CALENDAR_DATE = T525.CAL_DATE and T525.PRD_SK = T622.PRODUCT_SK and T409.CALENDAR_DATE between '04/01/2007' and '06/01/2007' ) group by T409.CALENDAR_DATE, T622.KATHGORIA_ID_DESC order by c1, c3. [nQSError: 17011] SQL statement execution failed. (HY000)
    any help???
    i manage to do my scenario with dropdown list but it is not what i want.
    the one tha o notice is that the field from the calendar is acceptin the dates onlu in format of yyyy-MM-dd.

  • How to Change UI element from input Field to Date Picker

    Hi All,
    One Custom View is created in which we are pulling some fields from a custom context node created using the value Node.
    For one of the field which is already an input field we need to convert it to date picker.
    in the GET_P_METHOD
    WHEN 'fieldType'.
    rv_value = cl_bsp_dlc_view_descriptor=>field_type_radio.
    WHEN 'radioCols'.
    rv_value = '1'.
    We can change the attribute to clbsp_dlc_view_descriptor_ and bring
    checkbox,radiobutton,hyperlink and all but not finding anything for Date picker.
    Can anyone suggest a method by which we can convert a UI element to Date Picker.
    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

    The technical data type for that field should be DATS then input help will automatically come.
    Also in get_m method of that attribute should have
      metadata = cl_crm_uiu_bt_date_tools=>get_m_date( ir_model_binding  = me
                                                      iv_attribute_path = attribute_path ).

  • Read only Text Field for a Date Picker?? (how to)

    We have BPM Object presentations where we need to accept date values and the presentation puts Date Picker by default. But the text box associated with the date picker is editable. Is there a way so that I can make it non-editable so that i can enforce the data entry via date picker only (a typical use case)?
    Thanks in advance,

    In the BPM Object's Presentation editor for the presentation, click the date field. On the right, click the "Properties" tab. Change the field's "Editable" property for this presentation from the default ("Yes") to "No". This only effects this one presentation.
    Hope this helps,

  • Dynamic Action On Date Picker

    I need help with understanding dynamic actions. I have two date pickers, I want the value of the first date picker to be the minimum date of the second date picker. To achieve this I have a hidden item whose value I want to reflect the selected date in the required format. In the dynamic action on the date picker I have no condition, and the true action is set to execute the following pl/sql code
    :P200220000_Y_MIN_DT := TO_CHAR(TO_DATE(:P200220000_Y_STR, 'DD-MON-YYYY'), 'YYYYMMDDHH24MI');. The items to submit field contains both the first date picker and the hidden item.
    The "P200220000_Y_MIN_DT" is now passed into the minimum date field of the second date picker. The problem is when the date is changed the hidden item does not get the value until the page is refreshed.
    Am I doing something wrong or just have not mastered the use of dynamic action or are my colleagues right use AJX call backs not dynamic actions.

    Hi Aderemi,
    first of all as already explained, the min/max values are already used on the server side when the necessary code for the date picker is rendered. When you changed the referenced values in the browser, these values will not change the behavior of the client side date picker widget. But when you submit the page, the new min/max values will be used by the date picker validation check on the server.
    To over the client side date picker display issue, you could directly call the date picker JavaScript code and pass in the new min/max values. Have a look at
    So for example you could have a dynamic action of type "Execute JavaScript code" which executes the following Javascript code.
    apex.jQuery('#P200220000_MY_DATE_PICKER').datepicker("option", "minDate", "-1m");I think that should work. Note: I haven't tested if that really works and it's also some kind of unsupported, because it uses the underlaying jQueryUI APIs the APEX date picker is using. This could change in the future and would invalidate your code.
    My Blog:
    APEX 4.0 Plug-Ins:

  • Default value of date picker not showing in sql query

    I have a tabular form page with a query similar to the following:
    select emp_name, salary from emp_table where trunc(hire_date)=trunc(to_date(:P42_START_DATE))
    where P42_START_DATE is the name of a date picker item.
    I set the source type of the date picker to be "Only when current value in session state is null" and the value to be "select trunc(next_day(sysdate,'MON')-7) from dual;" - basically the monday of the current week. I set the sequence of the date picker to be 5, and the sequence of the region to be 10. Now, when I open this page, no data gets pulled. I checked the page source, and the value of the date picker input is being set to "17-NOV-2008", but it somehow isn't reflected in the sql query.
    Data does get retrieved if I manually set the date in the date picker, but I'd like it to default to the monday of the current week. What am I doing wrong?

    nope, still same problem.
    I used javascript alerts to help debug, and here might be some useful information.
    The computation to set the value of :P42_START_DATE is set to run "before header", but when I put this following javascript in the header:
    <script language="javascript">
    var c = $v('P42_START_DATE');
    the alert box is blank (ie :P42_START_DATE is empty). Putting the same exact script in the footer gives 24-Nov-2008 in the alert box. Now, the SQL query is run sometime after the first alert and before the second alert, I believe. Why would the value of :P42_START_DATE not be getting set at the correct time?
    P42_START_DATE is a date picker item that belongs to the region SCHEDULE (which is where the sql query is). I set the sequence of the region to 10, and the sequence of the date picker and computation to be 5 and 6. Even so, does this mean that the sql query is executing before the call to the computation, because the region needs to be created before any items can be created that belong to the region?

  • How to Resize the default date picker calendar

    Hello Experts,
    SAP CRM web UI shows a date picker as follows for populating fields of type date.
    We noticed a strange issue that for months like January 2015 , the width of the date picker is lesser than what is shown for November 2014.
    As you can see in the following snapshot , the dropdown icon of the second field is hidden when the month shown is November 2014.
    This an issue because of the different sizes shown for different months , users would have to move mouse pointer when they to move to next months by clicking on the next arrow icon.
    Any tricks to fix the width of the date picker will be really appreciated.

    Hi Praveen,
    You can try following tricks -
    1. Go to SE80, search for BSP Application = 'thtmlb_styles'
    2. under Pages with Flow Logic  - we have one CSS file called "thtmlb_core_stand.css"
    3. In this file try changing width of method call ' #thtmlb-calendar-container ' to 150px  like shown below.
    #thtmlb-calendar-container {
         display:                none;
         position:               absolute;
         width:                  150px;
    hope it helps.
    Best Regards,
    Sandeep Kumar B

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