Highlight row on mouseover

Selecting a radiobutton and Clicking the Submit button highlights the selected row.
But when I mouseover the highlighted row, the color changes due to the mouseover stuff defined in the Alternating Row Colors template.
How can I disable all the mouseover stuff?

The row color changes as you mouseover the rows. As you say, the color is defined in the "Background color for current row" on the Row Highlighting section on the Report Template
My question was: How do I suppress this mouseover stuff from being generated on the report region? The mouseover code seems to be hardcoded by the HTML DB engine, I didnt see a way to suppress it on the Report Templage page.

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  • Classic report - Highlight row

    APEX 4.2.1
    With all the latest and greatest dynamic action and jQuery goodness in 4.2.1, what is the easiest, declarative way to highlight rows in a classic report region (Generic Column Template) based on data condition using values on the row, using #COL# notation? e.g. If SAL > 1000 and DEPT = Marketing, highlight row in red or some such.
    In prior versions, this involved copying the Generic Column Template to one used just by this report and use the (up to 4) Column Templates with a PL/SQL expression.

    Custom report templates are okay if your needs are straightforward. But you said it already, there are only four different flavors to chose from.
    Here is a solution that'll work on all pages if once installed and can be extended to a multitude of visual attributes. Only an example that you may want to adapt to your liking.
    Edit Page, "CSS, Inline", or via Shared Components > CSS files
    td.color1 {background-color:#9F9} /* Table cell gets colored in light green  */
    td.color2 {background-color:#FF9} /* Table cell gets colored in light yellow */
    td.color3 {background-color:#F99} /* Table cell gets colored in light red    */
    /** and so forth, followed by as many declarations as you need... */Page Template, "Function and Global Variable Declaration":
    /** Change the visual appearance of your classic report as you like after it's rendered */
    function customClassicReportDisplay(){
      /** Transfer the color class from the text to the table cell */
      $('td span.color1').closest('td').addClass('color1');
      $('td span.color2').closest('td').addClass('color2');
      $('td span.color3').closest('td').addClass('color3');
      // and so forth, followed by as many declarations as you need...
    }This jQuery code can be simplified, especially the handling of many lines for many colors can still be compacted, which makes it more difficult to understand though.
    Page Template, "Execute when Page Loads":
    /** Perform the function on Page Load */
    /** Perform the function after Partial Page Rendering */
    $('form').bind('apexafterrefresh', function(){
    });Here comes the trick. In the SQL statement, you wrap a <span> HTML tag with a different class declaration around each value that you want to color.
    SELECT '<span class="color' || case when some_value > 100 then '2' else null end || '">' || some_value       || '</span>' AS some_value
         , '<span class="color' || decode(some_other_value, 'too much', '3', NULL)   || '">' || some_other_value || '</span>' AS some_other_value
         , '<span class="color' || case when last_value between  0 and  10 then '1'
                                        when last_value between 11 and  50 then '2'
                                        when last_value between 51 and 100 then '3'
                                        else null end                                || '">' || last_value       || '</span>' AS last_value
      FROM ...This obviously makes the SQL a bit more complicated but in my opinion, I think this is a data driven topic and therefore just fine. Hence you say "depending on value ranges I want to change something" - and that belongs to SQL. WHAT you want to do (here: change color) is then up to your JS and CSS declaration. If you shift the SQL code into a view it's better to maintain and won't get spoiled by non-savvy third party developers...
    I know that's not what you originally asked for, because there is no #COL# notation, but for me it's the most flexible solution I can think of under APEX.

  • Highlight row in standard report based on value in column...

    I am trying to highlight rows of a standard report based on the value of the column TICKET_TYPE.
    I have been following the post: Highlighting a ROw in a tablular form based on a column in the row
    but having difficulty. I receive the following error:
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 34: PLS-00201: identifier 'SHRIMP' must be declared ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    ERR-1025 Error processing PLSQL expression. SHRIMP = 'SHRIMP'
    My report query is:
    select T.TRIP_ID,
    T.TRIP_ID trip_show,
    T.TRIP_ID trip_select,
    o.ticket_type ticket_type
    from TRIPS T, one_ticket_type o
    where t.dea_permit_id = :G_DEA_PERMIT_ID and t.trip_id = o.trip_id
    I have created a new template called one-ticket-highlight.
    row tempate 1 = <td #ALIGNMENT# headers="#COLUMN_HEADER#" class="t14data" style="background:red">#COLUMN_VALUE#</td>
    row template 1 condition = use based on pl/sql expression
    row template 1 expression = #TICKET_TYPE# = 'SHRIMP' (**** I have also tried without the quote)
    any thoughts? thanks!!
    Edited by: KEH813 on May 25, 2010 11:10 AM

    You can achive the same using javascript without changing the page template.
    here is the code for the same
    .myclass{ background-color:red;text-align:center}
    <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.js "></script>
       $("td [headers='DEPTNO']").each( function(i){
           if($(this).html() == $v('P8_DEPTNO'))  //value of the textfield
               ele = $("td [headers='ENAME']").eq(i)
               ele.removeClass('t20data');   //i'm using theme 20 so t20data .. u need to change this part

  • Highlight Rows/Fields in Inetractive Report

    What is the best way to conditionally highlight rows/field in an Interactive Report? I don't want to create filters that the users can see/turn off

    Hello Bob,
    Before you have to think about what happens (or should happen) if a user creates his own highlighting. That will interfere with the highlighting you created....
    But you can set highlighting for a field in the select statement:
             WHEN UNIT_PRICE < 200 THEN
             '<span style="display:block;width:30px;background-color:red;color:darkgreen;">'
             || unit_price
             || '</span>'
             ELSE to_char(unit_price)
             END UNIT_PRICE,
    from      "DEMO_ORDER_ITEMS" "DEMO_ORDER_ITEMS"But remember that the outcome of your query now changed. If you sort upon UNIT_PRICE the <span> tag also is taken into consideration.
    You can reward this reply by marking it as either Helpful or Correct ;-)

  • IR highlight row error

    I have two columns in IR
    - Amount to be paid
    - Paid amount
    I would like to highlight rows that have remain amount =0
    so I created a Compute column Name Remain Amount = Amount to be paid - Paid amount
    and created highlight condition where Remain Amount = 0
    but I catched the error when apply the condition
    ORA-20001: get_dbms_sql_cursor error ORA-00904: "Remain Amount null(null)": invalid identifier
    Please help me out.

    Is it possible that one or more of your records doesn't have a value in one/both of the fields? Try using NVL(columnname, 0) to ensure that any nulls are converted to 0 (zero)

  • Highlight row

    i'm using the "Background color for current row" property in the report template to define the background color of rows when the mouse is over it. is there a way to define the color of the font for the highlighted row also?
    thanks in advance,

    See the same example
    Modifiying the FG color is not a builtin feature, but you can piggyback on the code generated by the background color feature.
    Add the following to the region footer to override the generated code
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var rowStyleHoverFG = new Array(15);
    function row_mouse_over404667826284618949(rowNode,currentRowNum) {
                    rowActive = 'Y';
                    for( var j = 0; j < rowNode.childNodes.length; j++ ) {
                        if (rowNode.childNodes[j].tagName=='TD') {               
                            rowStyleHover[currentRowNum] = rowNode.childNodes[j].style.backgroundColor;
                            rowStyleHoverFG[currentRowNum] = rowNode.childNodes[j].style.color;
                            rowNode.childNodes[j].style.backgroundColor = '#ffffc1';
                            rowNode.childNodes[j].style.color = 'green';
                function row_mouse_out404667826284618949(rowNode,currentRowNum) {
                    rowActive = 'N';
                    for( var j = 0; j < rowNode.childNodes.length; j++ ) {
                        if (rowNode.childNodes[j].tagName=='TD') {               
                            rowNode.childNodes[j].style.backgroundColor = rowStyleHover[currentRowNum];
                            rowNode.childNodes[j].style.color = rowStyleHoverFG[currentRowNum];
    </script>Change the green color to anything you want.
    Hopefully this becomes a standard feature in the next release so we wont have to hack into it like this.
    Hope this helps.

  • About highlight row

    Hi all,
    I tried to highlight rows in my report.
    <[email protected]:position() mod 2=0?> <xsl:attribute name="background-color" xdofo:ctx="incontext">lightgray</xsl: attribute><?end if?>
    But I found if I use this in the default template(using report wizard), it doesn't affect any rows.No any highlight.
    If I added this code in the table that I created by hand or using table wizard, it works well.I can see gray highlight in every second row.
    I made this two templates exactly same, but the first one didn't work.I tried to copy the code to a table which is created by myself, it works.
    Is it a bug or something else?Any suggestions and answers are welcome.I really appreciate it.

    Yes Dude,
    even i faced some issue like this,
    I think its not bug, due to wrong formatting in the table which we could not see in RTF file,
    that is not working,
    even i did it newly and i got it correct :).
    It has been made so simple for people who are not tech-savy.

  • How to highlight rows in the following code.

      I am using the following logic to display 2 lists at a time.
    I want to highlight the last 2 rows of both the lists that I am displaying.how to do it.
    Kindly help.
    TYPE-POOLS : slis.
    TABLES : mara,
    SELECT-OPTIONS : mat FOR mara-matnr.
    DATA : BEGIN OF itab OCCURS 0,
    matnr LIKE mara-matnr,
    maktx LIKE makt-maktx,
    matkl LIKE mara-matkl,
    mtart LIKE mara-mtart,
    END OF itab.
    DATA : BEGIN OF itab1 OCCURS 0,
    mtart LIKE mara-mtart,
    count TYPE i,
    END OF itab1.
    DATA : BEGIN OF itab1_col OCCURS 0,
    mtart LIKE mara-mtart,
    count TYPE i,
    END OF itab1_col.
    DATA : t_fcat1 TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
    t_fcat2 TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
    wa_fcat TYPE slis_fieldcat_alv,
    t_eve TYPE slis_t_event,
    wa_eve TYPE slis_alv_event,
    t_layout TYPE slis_layout_alv.
    DATA : v_repid LIKE sy-repid,
    t_mat LIKE mara-matnr.
    DEFINE create_fcat.
    clear wa_fcat.
    wa_fcat-fieldname = &1.
    wa_fcat-seltext_l = &2.
    wa_fcat-outputlen = &3.
    append wa_fcat to t_fcat1.
    PERFORM get_data.
    PERFORM dis_data.
    *& Form get_data
    FORM get_data.
    SELECT amatnr bmaktx amtart amatkl INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE itab
    FROM mara AS a INNER JOIN makt AS b ON
    amatnr = bmatnr
    WHERE a~matnr IN mat.
    LOOP AT itab.
    itab1-mtart = itab-mtart.
    itab1-count = 1.
    APPEND itab1.
    SORT itab1 BY mtart.
    LOOP AT itab1.
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING itab1 TO itab1_col.
    COLLECT itab1_col.
    ENDFORM. "get_data
    *& Form dis_data
    FORM dis_data.
    v_repid = sy-repid.
    i_callback_program = v_repid.
    REFRESH t_fcat1.
    CLEAR t_fcat1.
    REFRESH t_eve.
    wa_eve-name = 'TOP_OF_PAGE'.
    wa_eve-form = 'TOP_OF_PAGE1'.
    APPEND wa_eve TO t_eve.
    'MATNR' 'Material' '10',
    'MAKTX' 'Material Description' '40',
    'MTART' 'Type' '10',
    'MATKL' 'Group' '10'.
    is_layout = t_layout
    it_fieldcat = t_fcat1
    i_tabname = 'ITAB'
    it_events = t_eve
    t_outtab = itab.
    REFRESH t_fcat1.
    CLEAR t_fcat1.
    REFRESH t_eve.
    wa_eve-name = 'TOP_OF_PAGE'.
    wa_eve-form = 'TOP_OF_PAGE2'.
    APPEND wa_eve TO t_eve.
    'MTART' 'Type' '10',
    'COUNT' 'Total' '5'.
    is_layout = t_layout
    it_fieldcat = t_fcat1
    i_tabname = 'ITAB1_COL'
    it_events = t_eve
    t_outtab = itab1_col.
    ENDFORM. "dis_data
    *& Form top_of_page1
    FORM top_of_page1.
    WRITE:/ 'First Block'.
    ENDFORM. "top_of_page
    *& Form top_of_page2
    FORM top_of_page2.
    WRITE /5 'Second Block'.
    ENDFORM. "top_of_page

    Hi Renu,
    U Can use this FORM
      WRITE : / 'User Name  : ', sy-uname.
      WRITE : / 'System ID  : ', sy-sysid.
      WRITE : / 'Client     : ', sy-mandt.
      WRITE : / 'System Date: ', sy-datum.
      WRITE : / 'System Time: ', sy-uzeit.
    U can make changes accordingly
    Rohit G

  • Left Group style report highlight row issue

    I have a Left group style report that I need rows highlighted for sub-total lines in the report. I have coded it with the following in a fiield after the for each of the report
    <[email protected]:PERF_NON_PERF='Sub-Total'?><xsl:attribute name="background-color" xdofo:ctx="incontext">yellow</xsl:attribute><?end if?>It highlights MOST of the row but ends up missing the last few columns. The page setup has been set to landscape to maximize the amount of data being displayed.
    I can send along sample data and rtf file if needed, just seems rather... Weird...
    Any help would be welcome..
    Thank you,
    Tony Miller
    Dallas, TX

    Bump.. Anybody have an idea on how to have highlight for entire row of a landscape based report?
    Thank you,
    Tony Miller
    Dallas, TX

  • How can i use the highlight row to select the row on a report

    The row is highlighted as I move the mouse how can I select this row without having to make a column a text link.
    thanks in advance

    Try this out.
    Create or alter a report template. In the 'Before Each Row' section paste:
    <tr onMouseOver="cOn(this);" onMouseOut="cOut(this);">
    In the 'After Each Row' section paste:
    In the report page definition click on the page attributes and navigate to the HTML Header section. Paste the following script into this section:
    <script language="JavaScript1.2">
    function cOn(td){
    if(document.getElementById||(document.all && !(document.getElementById))){
    function cOut(td){
    if(document.getElementById||(document.all && !(document.getElementById))){
    In the report region navigate to the 'Layout and Pagination' section and select the report template you altered above.
    Now the report row will get highlighted when you mouse over. If you want to change colors, edit the color attributes in the javascript.
    Kiran Akkiraju

  • Highlight row in report?

    I have a SSRS report which displays hundred of rows. I was wondering if there is anyway i can highlight the rows so that i can easily know on which row i am while accessing the report.
    Any thoughts?

    Hi Sanjeev,
    If I understand your question correctly, you want to alternate the color of every other row so that you can easily tell which row you are on as you visually scan across a page.  If so, this is how I do it:
    Click anywhere on your tablix so that the grey border boxes appear showing the frame of your table.
    Click on the grey border box to the left of the row that you wish to have alternate row color.  This should outline a bold box around every cell in the row.
    Press the F4 key to bring up your properties pane.
    Go to the Background color property of in the property pane and click on the little down arrow showing a color pallette.
    Click on Expression and enter an expression similar to the following:
    =iif(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2 = 1, "Khaki","White")
    The above expression will cause every other row in your output to be Khaki or White
    Of course, if your request is to dynamically highlight your row as you mouse over it in the browser, then I don't think there is a way you can do this in SSRS.
    Good luck!

  • Highlight Rows and particular columns in table

    My requirement is that I should highlight n (can be any integer value) rows of a table and in each of these rows there are m (1,2,3 or 4 depending on the conditions) columns (All drop downs) that need to be highlighted.
    What I did is as follows:
    1. Made the table multi select and highlighted the rows by using
       This allowed me to highlight the row.
    2. To highlight the column, I used :
    This allows me to highlight the column .
    The problem I am facing is that when both these lines of code are  executed one after the other, the row is shown as selected but this selection overrides the color of the column. The column is then shown in the same color as the rest of the row.
    Can someone suggest a way in which I can both highlight the row and also have the required column(s) of this row in an entirely different color.
    i am using NWDS Version: 7.02.06
    Edited by: Himanshu K on Aug 10, 2011 12:23 PM

    Closin as the requirement has changed

  • Highlight Row on Tabular Form

    I would like to be able to highlight a row of data on a tabular form based on a certain data column. I have found many posts on here that reference standard reports but is there a way to highlight an entire row of data based on some criteria for a tabular form?

    Hi all.
    I do everything like it is described in this thread, but it doesn't works! Please, help me to find out the reason.
    So, I have tabular form. I have copied Report Template called "Standard" and renamed it.
    Then I modified it by adding Column Template 2:
    <td bgColor=886666 #ALIGNMENT# headers="#COLUMN_HEADER_NAME#" class="data">#COLUMN_VALUE#</td>
    In Column Template 2 condition I have chosen 'Used Based on PL/SQL expression'.
    Column Template 2 Expression is:
    '#CNT1#' = '1'
    (CNT1 is the name of data column).
    Column Template 1 I leaved as it was in standard template.
    Template of report is : 'Reports region'
    Report template is : 'Template_that_I_modified_from_standard'
    When I run the page, I see all the rows, but no highlighting insead of the condition is true for several rows.
    Please, help me.

  • Highlight row in a multi-row block; disable cursor to go to individual item

    We need to highlight the entire row in the multi-row screen for record selection by the user. But, in Oracle Forms, it keeps blinking in one of the items.
    Pl. suggest some solution.

    in the wehn-item_new-instance trigger,
    if :poplist = 'specificvalue' then
    Set_Item_Instance_Property('textitem', CURRENT_RECORD,
    Set_Item_Instance_Property('textitem', CURRENT_RECORD,
    end if;

  • Highlighting Rows

    In Mail, the software automatically highlights what are related messages. Is there a way to do something similar in numbers? Perhaps based upon common text within a cell? This would make identification of those similar items in the spreadsheet all appear to have the same color. Yes, there is a way to do conditional formating but it would appear to only be for a single cell and not the entire row. I could of course do it by "hand" but I would prefer to have the software do this at the time of data entry.
    Thanks, Steve H

    Oops, it appears that after Xmas meal my ideas aren't ^perfectly clear.
    As you see, the page 65 offers a conditional formatting which apply only to cells.
    We may use a workaround.
    Tableau 1 is a 'normal' table with an header row.
    I just set its background to none.
    Behind it is Tableau 2 which contains a single column and an header row.
    In its cell A1 I entered the formula:
    =IF(ISERROR(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(),1,,,"Tableau 1"))),"",IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("chien",INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(),2,,,"Tableau 1")))),""," "))
    The last string contains a 'no_break space' (alt + space).
    I selected every cells of Tableau 2 and applied the rule:
    set background to pink if the cell contains a 'no_break space'
    The result is what you asked for.
    If you look carefully, you will see that Tableau 2 contains one more row than Tableau 1 . This is to check that the formula behaves correctly with such case.
    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE jeudi 25 décembre 2008 21:21:37)

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