How can I change the default setting for downloading photos from email?

How can I change the default setting for downloading photos from emails I receive?  It shows the default as Photoshop Elements 4.0 and is not supported by this system.  That was my last computer!!

That has nothing to do with styles nor Pages, it is a System/Printer Driver setting.
You can experiment to see if the Printer Settings stick with your document, but in the past this has not worked.

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  • How do you change the default setting for RTF documents from TextEdit to MS Word

    How do you change the default setting for RTF documents from TextEdit to MS Word, I download forms from the Canadian government and they use RTF as a standard, they are supposed to open as MS Word documents (Yes I have Office for MAC 2011) but when download the document it goes to TextEdit which messes up the form format. I can down load it right click and go "open with" MS Word but how can I get the default chnaged to save this step.

    richr604 wrote:
    Thanks I knew this, I like Safari as I want to keep everything MAC, but if I use Firefox the documents open in MS Word straight away, I was just curious if there was some setting I could change?
    In Firefox > Preferences, click the Applications tab. If RTF is there, use the pulldown menu in the Action column to pick MS Word. If RTF is not there, there are instructions here for how to add file types.

  • How can you change the default setting for the alarm for new events?

    When I create a new Event, it will create an alarm that will activate 15 minutes before the event. I'd like to change the settings so the default setting would be that when I create a new event it will activate 1 day before the actual event. Is it possible to change this? Thanks.

    Greetings, David.
    alarm...activate 1 day before the actual event. Is it possible to change this?
    _Go to iCal > Preferences > General >"Add a default alarm to all new events and invitations"
    _Change the current value from 15 minutes to whatever minute value you like (1440 for 24 hours).
    _Of course this will only affect NEW events. Not those already created.
    _Close the window and your done.
    Hope that helps.

  • How do I change the default setting for font size when emailing?

    I have Firefox 3.6.13. The default now is 10 and I'd like it 12.

    Firefox has no email features, it is just a web browser. Any email settings will be part of the email service that you are using, you will need to contact the support for the email service to see how to change the default font size in emails.

  • How can I change the default application for a content type?

    Running a version of Linux, the default application for PDF files is "Use Document Viewer (default)", which appears to be /usr/bin/evince. I'd much prefer to use /usr/bin/okular; how can I change the default. This question is NOT about how to change the function that is automatically applied when I access a link, in this case "Preview in Firefox", but rather to the default application that I can select when I download a file being viewed in Firefox's previewer.

    This is real progress, a solution to the problem as posted. The command:
    xdg-mime default okularApplication_pdf.desktop application/pdf
    makes okular the default.
    However when I added okular to the choices for applications in:
    * Edit>Preferences>Applications>PDF
    the popup box that appears when I click Download on the preview page changed. The pulldown menu that appears next to "Open with" used to have 3 entries:
    # Document Viewer (default)
    # Acroread
    # Other
    Now it has only 2:
    # Okular (Default)
    # Other
    I'd like it to read
    # Okular (Default)
    # Acroread
    # Other
    How can I control the entries in this pulldown list?
    Also, how can I make the default choice in the popup box be
    * Open With <whatever> , rather than
    * Save File ?

  • How can I change the default page for a book?

    I have a book that contains six pages. One of the pages contains the login portlet while the others contain account specific information that a user can only see if they are logged in. Currently, I have the default page set to the login page.
    I am attempting to write a backing file for the book that will esentially change the default page for the book to be one of the other pages if the user is already logged in. In effect showing a logged in user their account summary page instead of the login portlet.
    I can't seem to find a way to change what page the user is shown with the book and page context classes. I can hide the login page, but this leaves the user looking at a blank page. Unfortunately I can't use entitlements, otherwise this would be easy.
    Does anyone know how to "forward" to another page from a backing file?
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    Got it!
    In your backing file you'll need the following in your handlePostbackData method:
    BookBackingContext bookCtx = BookBackingContext.getBookBackingContext(arg0);

  • How can I change the default program for the external applications editor?

    I have read the on line directions for this and it reads "select a file type in the left pane."   I do not see where this is in the left pane.  All I see in the left pane is "Browser start pages" and a "How do I " Pane.  Nothing with file types.

    Welcome to Adobe Forums.
    In order to change the default program for the external applications editor. Please follow the steps as mentioned below.
    Click on Edit menu then choose preferences.
    Once the preferences dialog box open.
    click on file editors.
    On the Left pane you will find all the file types which you want to edit .
    On the right hand side you will find the editors for that specific file type.
    If you want to add any other application you need to click on + symbol at the top of right pane.
    Select the path of that application which you want to apply.
    clcik on open.
    If you want to make it primay you can click make primary option available at the right hand top. For more detials please check the screenshot below.

  • How can I change the default font for the Text Tool in CS5?

    Does anyone know of a SIMPLE way to change the default font in CS 5. I can't believe how difficult Adobe makes this. I have spent numerous time on the internet trying to solve this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Thanks Charles, I'm not sure where preferences are, I wish photoshop would
    look at this, there should be a simple way to set font preferences. Perhaps
    CS 7 will offer a solution. Thanks for your help
    On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 3:08 PM, charles badland

  • How can I change the default number for a contact when using Siri

    My husband has one mobile for work, one for home, both are in my favorites. When i'd ask Siri to dial his number, it would always ask me which one to use. Recently when calling him Siri asked if I would like to use his work number as the default and I mistakenly agreed. Now Siri never asks which number to dial and always dials the work number. How can I change that? I would like to make the default the home number.

    Thanks all for your responses.
    I tried to "order" Siri to change my husband's default number and whatever syntax I used for my request Siri responded with a web search on how to set favorites.
    So I ended up deleting the work number from my husband's contact information and I used Siri to call him a couple of times. After 24 hours (random time frame) I added his work mobile back to his contact information, but not in the favorites.
    SIri now dials his home number because it's the only one in the favorites.
    I'll add it to the favorites in due course.

  • How can I change the default "Print to File" location from the Mozilla Firefox directory?

    I have looked all over the Internet to find the solution to change the default of the location Firefox create the files created from the Print to File option. I have modified all of the instances of "print_to_filename" as one forum suggested. But, that was unsuccessful.

    Autre façon : Ouvre un nouveau document. Il va être en A4. Dans le menu Fichier--->Format d'impression. Une fenêtre apparaît. Dans la ligne... Taille du papier, tu choisis... Lettre US; tu fais OK. Ensuite tu sauves ce document comme modèle. Menu Fichier----> Enregistrer comme modèle et tu lui donnes le nom, par exemple... USLettre.
    Ensuite, va dans le menu Pages, va dans préférences et dans la fenêtre qui s'ouvre - Préférences générales - tu choisis : Utiliser le modèle... et tu cliques sur Choisir... à droite un peu en bas de Utiliser le.... et là, dans la fenêtre qui va apparaître, tu trouves le modèle que tu viens de faire...USLettre.
    Voilà. Chaque fois que tu vas ouvrir Pages, ce sera USLettre qui sera là par défaut.
    J'espère que ça va te satisfaire.
    Évidemment l'idéal serait de pouvoir changer la template Vierge par une template Vierge US... mais j'ai pas encore réussi.
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  • In PSE 12, how can I change the default folder for scans?

    By default, PSE uses the Windows preferred location for this user.  I have a folder that is easier to access, simply D:\Scans, and I have to enter this manually, as well as removing the default to set up a folder with "today's date" every time I do a scan.  I would like to modify these default settings.  Surely those locations must be held in an installed file somewhere, and so if I can just edit that file I'd be very happy!  All help appreciated.

    I have no suggestion for registry editing or setting files editing, but depending on which version of Windows you have you don't have to stick with C:\Users. Right-click the relevant folder and change the location in the Location tab.
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  • Where can one change the default setting for itune u (ie so that download all is default)

    Where can the defaults for itunes download setting be changed?  I would like it to be download all instead od download the first only.  I don't want to have to open each and change it on a one by one basic.  os is 10.8.4 running on a macbook pro

    Okay after much research and trial I finally figured it out.  When you open up the settings menu at the very top of the list of itune u courses is the default selection by checking this it then becomes the default choice.  You will not see this unless you open the dropbox and go to the top and even then you might think it was just a header.

  • How can I change the default alarm for events in ical?

    How to change default alarm

    I've been curious about this issue as well. I think it would be nice if there were more options to select the default alarm... from within the preferences themselves. Even being able to choose how many days before vs. always figuring out how many minutes are in multiple days.
    While someone has found a method for changing the sound to accompany messages, users are still not able to select the type. I prefer message only (no sound), although I supposed this is the same as the current default minus any sound. I tried blank and "" entries for 'Default alarm sound' in the .plist file with no success (blank reverts back to Basso, and "" just didn't work).
    I wonder if there are some other items that could be listed in the .plist file to offer more choices such as "Default alarm type". Is there a way to figure out what key variables/values iCal uses for? Someone must have figured out that iCal will look in the .plist file for a 'default sound value'. I'm guessing that there are more of these values that could be set by the user.
    A similar question - it would be nice to be able to set the default alarm time for all-day events. I suppose it doesn't matter all that much since 11:45pm probably means I'll just get the message the next morning; I still guess I'd prefer something like 8am though.
    Forgive the novel...

  • How can I change the default behavior for ctrl-Tab?

    I tried to change the behavior of ctrl-Tab from 'Next Tab' to 'Previous Tab' and added 'alt-Tab' for 'Next Tab' in Keyconfig so I can navigate in both directions with one hand. It does not change the behavior of ctrl-Tab.
    I created both these shortcuts in Keyconfig:
    Next Tab
    Previous Tab
    I even tried doing this from the command line with the same result:
    defaults write org.mozilla.firefox NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add "Next Tab" "~Tab"
    defaults write org.mozilla.firefox NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add "Previous Tab" "^Tab"
    I'm not sure why this didn't work but maybe "Tab" is the wrong keyword. I couldn't find any documentation on what it should be. Or possibly "Next Tab" and "Previous Tab" don't work in this case because they are not 'built-in' commands. A third possibility is that it won't work because ctrl-Tab is a built-in shortcut but I can't believe that is why. I was able to change cmd-Q to ^-cmd-Q no problem and that is a default OS X shortcut. I was also able to change other built-in functions' shortcuts, just not this one.
    So what am I doing wrong? Has anybody been able to change this particular shortcut?

    OK I posted a link to this thread on that forum thread but I still think this is general enough that it could be answered in this forum.

  • How can I change the default Country for my account!!!

    Hi, I just move in to U.S. and i'm trying to use the U.S. store but the systems tells me tha my account it's only valid for Venezuela... What can I do???
    thanksin advance  for any help!!!!

    To use the US store you need a US issued credit card and physical address...then go to, on your iPad, Settings > Stores > AppleID > View Apple ID > enter your password > Country/Region and change that to the US.

Maybe you are looking for

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