How can i take off itunes 11???

How can I down grade from Itunes 11????
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Download iTunes 10.7 and use Pacifist to install that iTunes

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  • How can i take off a credit card from my apple id

    How can i take off my credit card from my apple id

    go to iTunes
    open iTunes Store
    scroll down to settings>Account
    enter the password
    edit the credit card no (delete it)
    click finish

  • How can I take off FINAL DRAFT written in diagonal in the middle of every pages of my document.

    How can I take off FINAL DRAFT written in diagonal in the middle of every pages of my document.

    Then ask whoever sent it to you to remove it and create a new PDF.
    There is one thing you can check first and that’s layers in the PDF. Perhaps whoever created it put that on a top layer and you can just turn it off.

  • How can you take off the volume limit?, How can you take off the volume limit?

    How can you take off the volume  limit on iPod touch ?

    Which "volume limit" do you mean?
    All iPods have a volume limit feature that you can set yourself and on your iPod, go into Settings/Music/Volume Limit. There, you can set the volume limit to maximum, which is the same as turning it off.
    However, if you mean the EU (European Union) volume restriction, on all iPods sold inside the EU, you cannot turn that off.

  • HT2534 how can i take off my credit card information off my itunes account

    How do i take off my credit card information, cause my credit card was stolen...

    The message is telling you to add a valid payment method. Yo can purchase and redeem an iTunes gift card if yo want. It appears you have a negative balance and owe money.

  • How can i take off the camara icon from de lock screen

    On the lock screen i see the camara icon, how can i take it off from the lock screen?

    It cannot be removed from the locked screen.  To open the camera, if you are using iOS 5.1, swipe the camera icon upwards.
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  • How can you take off credit card of you account?

    I can't take this off how can I take this credit card off my account?

    You can still remove a credit card from an account on an iPhone
    just open the App Store
    select featured
    scroll to the bottom and select "Account: accountnamehere"
    now you can proceed to edit your information

  • How can I take off the permit to my itunes if my laptop is broken?

    I just wanna remove the permit to my old laptop, which is broken, I have 4 more but, I don´t wanna waste one in one pc dead. please, some solution, Apple need to create a site to manage all 5 accounts to give or take off permits online.

    SImple open the bookmark properties and erase the name, to open the bookmark properties:
    *Go to '''Bookmarks''' >> '''Show all bookmarks''' >> or press '''Ctrl+Shift+B ''' click on the bookmark to see the properties.
    *Go to bookmark page click on the blue star to see the properties or Press Ctrl+D

  • How can I take off my messages from my iPhone without deleting them

    I want to take off my messages from my iPhone 4, but I don't want to delete them.  Is there a way to take them off and save them somewhere.

    You can do it, but you need another library signed in to iTunes match. That second library shouldn't have any local files stored.
    Delete the entry from that second library and it will ask you to confirm that you want to remove the file from the cloud. Confirm that you do.
    Now, as long as you don't delete the file from your main library it will have an iCloud status of "removed" and won't be in the cloud or try add it again.
    However, if you sign out of match on that computer and then sign in again it will then re-add it to the cloud, so this isn't a method to use if you tend to turn match on and off much.
    I have had the Beatles Mono albums in my main library, but not in the cloud, for a while now without any problems.

  • How can i take off my master card from my payment methods on my apple account

    my mastercard seems to be declined so i cant make any purchases but i also cant update any apps or download any free apps is there any way i can take off my mastervard from my payment methods?

    You can add an iTunes gift card, then remove the credit card. But, I'm afraid you're still gonna have to contact iTunes support to re-enable your account:

  • How can I turn off itunes match on my phone without losing all my playlists?

    I have itunes match but want to keep all my music on my iPhone because I travel and don't always have access to the internet.  I upgrades to ios8 and now it seems if I turn off iTunes Match in my phone it get rid of all my playlists.  How can I stop that from happening.  I want my music, and playlist on my phone.

    To keep playlists on the phone, create them on the phone
    To keep music on the phone, download the tracks before turning off Match.
    But turning off Match isn't really necessary. Just turn off Show all music in the music app settings, or do not attempt to play a track that has a cloud icon (i.E. isn't downloaded).

  • How can i turn off itunes match completely on my computer???

    I know you can turn it off on the phone, but i have no idea how to do it on itunes itself on my computer. Anybody know?

    found it. Thank you very much

  • Help 'How can i take off iDVD 08 and reinstall iDVD 05'

    Hi all,
    I tried to install iDVD 08 on my little old G4 (1Ghz) with a ATi Rage Pro (16Mb) Graphics card. And well to my disappointment iDVD 08 does not support it ;( So now i want to take iDVD 08 off, and delete it and reinstall iDVD 05 from install DVD...
    How can i do this i have tried numerous of times to install iDVD 05 and now it keeps crashing - well it just does not even load!! :(( Help!!

    I gotta be fair that's so weird and so helpful to - like you i set up another user and by amazement it worked - sir you are amazing good hack - just wondering if i copied the pref's over would it also work as default ?? Surely those wonderful people at Apple could do a quick fix for us old iLife 05 users who have G4 and G5 macs with small graphic cards... we need our old iLife (iDVD 05) back just a quick fix - pretty please lol

  • How can I take off icloud storage??

    Well I click 5gb for free by accident and now it takes off five gb and I dont want that because I have a 8gb and nowi can't download any music because I don't have any room!

    Just go to Settings>iCloud and turn off all iCloud items, including the iCloud backup in Settings>iCloud>Storage and backup

  • HT204406 How can I turn off iTunes match on my mac

    I want to disable iTunes Match on my Macbook Pro?   How do I do that?
    The main reason is bc I just want to sync all of  my music to my iPad and not have to download it from the cloud one song at a time on my iPad.

    jrhuff -
    Open iTunes
    At the top menu select "Store"
    Scroll down to "Turn off iTunes Match" (I've already turned mine off so it shows " Turn on iTunes Match") If your's is on, it will say, "Turn off iTunes Match"

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