How do I add multiple contacts to a group?

How do I add multiple contacts to a group on my Ipad?

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  • How can I add multiple contacts to a text message on a droid bionic

    How can I add multiple contacts to a text message on a droid bionic?

    I was thinking that if he wanted to create multiple keyframes he might be creating a repeated effect rather than manipulating values that are shot specific - like creating an oscillation or some repeated step effect.  If he was creating keyframes specific to his content he'd probably not look for a way to do it "quickly" since each keyframe would require manipulation of specific values. 
    So my thought was to generate the series of keyframes on a dummy clip created for this specific purpose, copy the clip, paste attributes (maybe turn off "Scale Attribute Times") and add bunches of keyframes at once. 
    Still, you're right, it's tough to divine the intent of someone very new to FCP.  His question could be based on a misunderstanding about the use of keyframes.

  • How do I add multiple contacts in a category in mail

    How do I add multiple contacts in a category in mail so I don't have to add them one at a time when I receive an email with multiple recipients in the CC?
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  • How do I add another contact to a group on a text message

    How do I add another contact to a group that has already been used on a text message ?

    just make a new one. you cant add to a group. It's really sending the texts out as separate messages. the only thing they have in common is the actual message that is being sent out

  • How can I add facebook contacts in a group in ios 6

    Hi I need to know how can I add facebook contacts in a group in ios 6 without getting them in my contact list, thanks.

    They are automatically put in a group called Facebook, and your other contacts in another group...if synced from a Mac, they will be labled From My Mac. In the contacts app you can chose what groups are visible: Contacts>Groups...add or remove the check by touching the group.

  • How do I add a Contact to a Group?

    I can't figure out how to add a contact to a group on the phone?  Is there a way to do this?

    The D2 contacts application doesn't support the "groups" feature that google contacts uses. The contacts feature on the D2 has been customized by Motorola and lacks this feature.

  • How do I add ipad contacts to icloud group

    how do I add older contacts on ipad to the icloud group, so data will sync with icloud.

    iCloud: Create a group and add contacts to it
     Cheers, Tom

  • How can I add a contact to a group on my iPhone?

    How do I add a contact to an existing group on my iPhone?

    Should not be a problem. If you have set up your
    groups in Address Book, they will sync over to your
    iPhone. If you view All Contacts, you should have a
    tab in the upper left corner which shows Groups. You
    hit that, it takes you back to your Group List. Pick
    the Group you want to view and this takes you to a
    list of contacts within that group. Then in the
    upper right corner hit the + key and add your
    contact. When you sync back up, your contact should
    appear in your Address Book under all Contacts and
    under the assigned group.
    Hope this helps.
    OS X (10.4.10)  
      Mac OS X (10.4.10)  
    This only solves half the problem. If you have created a NEW contact from a Google Map lookup, you cannot assign it to a group on the iPhone. You have to wait until you sync back up with Address Book, assign that contact to a group, then sync again. I have pulled a lot of new contacts through the Google Map function (which is amazing BTW) but I have yet to find a way to assign the new contact to a group. Any ideas?

  • How can I add a contact to a group on my iPad Air or IPhone 6?

    I'm away from my computer for a while and was trying to add a contact to a group on my iPad/iPhone. I don't want to download another app to handle this simple task. All my mobile devices are up-to-date and have plenty of memory. I tried logging into iCloud on a non-Safari browser but the contact list wouldn't download so I could work on it. Did I miss a link somewhere inside of the Contact edit where I could just add to a group? Thanks for any help you can give me.

    You are not doing anything wrong. The feature that you need is totally lacking in the built in Mail app on the iPad.
    There are a couple of third party mail apps that will let you do this ... MailShot and Group Email with Attachments. You can check them out in the App Store.

  • How do you add multiple emails to iCal group?

    By using Edit Distribution List, I can specify which of several email addresses for one contact should be mailed as part of a Group.  But what if I want to include more than one of the email addresses that is included in a contact (for example, both the husband and wife)?  How do I do that?

    I did figure this out, sort of, by adding a tab character to the beginning of each email address in my text file. Contact then let me import it, and I could select the field for the email address. So I've imported my list as a group of 700+ emails.
    BUT now when I try and add that Group in the To: or Cc: or Bcc: fields in mail, it just disappears when I type it.
    Any idea what's up with that?

  • How can I add multiple addresses to a group within address book?

    I realize you can add in addresses by going to 'Message' then 'add Sender to Address Book,' but what I'm interested in doing is within Apple Mail, adding multiple addresses into a specific group within address book. I've tried to do this using mail scripts but keep getting an error.
    Is it possible to do this?

    So far, FWIW all I've got is individual AddToAddressBook, then in AB itself, drag and drop one by one from the main list into the desired group.

  • Import multiple contacts into a group from an email message

    I have received an email from which I wish to import the additional contacts into my address book.
    I used to be able to drag/drop them into my address book all at once, but can't any more.
    I have also tried drag/drop into a Numbers file to try to convert to a csv and then import, but it copied all the addresses into a single field and I couldn't get them to separate.
    UGH.  How can I import multiple contacts into a group in my address book from an email message?

    That is a few too many to do one at a time.
    Send Apple feedback. They won't answer, but at least will know there is a problem. If enough people send feedback, it may get the problem solved sooner.

  • How do I add multiple addresses/contacts in an email tread to my contact list without having to enter each at a time?

    How do I add multiple addresses/contacts in an email tread to my contact list without having to enter each at a time? I have AppleScript but don't see "add address" in any of the boxes/drop-downs. 

    Sorry, but Address Book does not allow you to select more than one email address to send to in a group. There's really no reason why people need multiple copies of a message, anyway; they have the option of forwarding email to another email address of theirs.

  • How can if add multiple addresses into Contacts

    In OS 10.9.5 how can if add multiple addresses from from a tab separated file into contacts.
    I have a txt file with fields separated by tab and each and each record terminated a return,
    Importing using file>import tries to put all the data onto a single card

    Contacts – Import/Export

  • How do you add multiple addresses from Mail to Address Book at once?

    So let's say I receive an email to myself and 50 other recipients and I want to add those other recipients to my address book. Do I seriously have to go through and select "Add to Address Book" on each of the fifty contacts?! Tried doing a shift click which will highlight all contacts, but then when you right-click to get the "add to address book option" it only displays one single contact at the top of the menu. I know there is a way to add select and add multiple contacts to address book at once because I figured out how to do it once a long time ago and I still have the 67 card group to prove it. I just can't remember how I did it!!! Didn't think it'd be such a hard feature to re-discover. Would love some help on this! Thanks.

    there is no built-in way to do this. the only way i know is by using Mail Scripts
    it has a script "Add addresses" that does just what you want.

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