How do I bring back the open or save dialog box?

In the past when I would open an attachment I could choose open (by hitting OK) or select a radio button for save. I accidentally hit the check box for "do this on every file" then selected save - now every single time I try to open a document it goes straight to the browser task bar download arrow and I have to select the arrow, then select the file to open it. This is a pain. How do I get it back the way it once was? I have even updated Adobe and unintalled/reinstalled with no resolve. (Browsers: Firefox, Windows 7 I think)

Restore point had no resolve.
Also, though it may be a browser issue, it is not contained only to my email. This issue occurs even with opening PDF files not connected to my email.  Any other suggestions? Any way to reset this in Adobe or in Firefox?

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  • How to force the Netscape Browser to open the "Open or Save" dialog box?

    Hi, I tried to force the browser to open the "Open or Save" dailog box for downloading a file.
    response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=\"" + file.getName() + "\"");
    This works fine with IE for all file types( Even though he prompts twice to Open the file directly). but Netscape opens the file directly in the browser with showing any dialog box for text and html files. Anyone knows how to force the netscape in this case or for any file type? Any help will be appreciated.

    any one has the solution for this issue ? I tried the search and I didnt find any answer.
    when your trying to open a pdf file as attachment is seperate window, it works well in IE but in netscape it opens up in the same browser, it doesnt open a seperate window
    res.setContentType( "application/pdf" );
    res.setHeader("Content-Disposition","attachment; filename=\"" + cofcFileName+"\"");

  • CS5 slow to get the 'open' and 'save' dialog box over networked computer.

    I have been having this problem since the suite was installed, but recently has gotten much slower. Any time I click open or save it takes 8-10 seconds just for the dialog box to come up.  CS1 was lightening fast - I know that was ages ago, but I can't help compare the two.  I have the same problem with InDesign and Illustrator. The suite is running on a Windows 7 machine through a home network, accessing files from an XP machine as well as a Buffalo Linkstation.  Once the dialog box comes up, and I double click, the file is pretty quick to appear.  I have researched online and I believe the problem to be somewhere in the network or the settings.  The network is quick, Windows Explorer has no delay in opening or finding files, nor do other programs outside of Creative Suite. I did an experiment to narrow down the problem - I closed Photoshop, unplugged the network cable, and reopened the program.  AMAZING - it was SO FAST to open the dialog box for both opening and saving files!  I then closed Photoshop again, plugged the network cable back in, and opened Photoshop.  It was back to the slow opening of the dialog box.  Everything else in the programs runs fine - no delay when performing operations in any of the Creative Suite - it has to do with the network and how CS is looking for the files.  Can anyone help me, I am so frustrated - this is adding unnecessary time to everything I do and I dread opening and saving any files!!

    Once again - thank you!
    We used to have a network storage device attached to our home network, but it crashed and we replaced it with another model.  A while back I had added it as an item to display in the places bar.  When we removed it from the network, the link on the left side disapeared, so I forgot all about it.  When I read your posting it jogged my memory.  I searched the subject to remember how I had made the change and found this posting from Adobe Community: (its in #6).  I found the original storage device in the places bar, removed it and replaced it with the new device.  I opened Photoshop and Acrobat and both open and save dialog boxes appear as they should - the problem has been resolved!  THANK YOU!

  • In  elements 11 how do i bring back the 'show open files ' panel at the bottom  of the editor

    In elements 11 how do I bring back the show open files panel at the bottom of the editor expert workspace please

    Click the button in the bottom left that says Photo Bin. In the Photo Bin, make sure the drop-down menu is listed as "Show Open Files"

  • Acrobat 9 standard. The adobe inons on my desktop turned white, how can I bring back the normal pdf icons?

    Acrobat 9 standard. The adobe inons on my desktop turned white, how can I bring back the normal pdf icons?

    Please don't post the same question mutliple times!  I have deleted your duplicate post.
    Have you tried a System Restore to a time before the change occurred?

  • How do I get back the 'open new tab' button (+ sign at right end of tabs) in Firefox 4 ?

    How do I get back the 'open new tab' button (+ sign at right end of tabs) in Firefox 4 ? I realize there is a 'new tab' button at the right end of the toolbar but I like the new tab function placed next the tabs ?

    See also:
    *Tools > Options > Privacy > History: "Remember search and form history"
    The "Use custom settings for history" setting allows to see the current history and cookie settings, but selecting that setting doesn't make any changes to history and cookie settings.<br />
    Firefox shows the "Use custom settings for history" setting as an indication that at least one of the history and cookie settings is not the default to make you aware that changes were made.<br />
    If all History settings are default then the custom settings are hidden and you see "Firefox will: (Never) Remember History".<br />

  • How can I bring back the default setting in photshop elements 4.0

    HP Pavilion desktop M7240UK
    Monitor HP vs19 LCD
    Windows XP
    Explorer 8
    Service Pack 3
    Photoshop Elements 4.0
    How can I bring back the default setting in Photoshop elements 4.0
    Thank You

    In the editor? Quit the editor , then restart it while holding down Ctrl+Alt+Shift. Keep holding the keys till you see a window asking if you want to delete the settings file. You do.

  • HT1766 How can I bring back the information from an application that was mistakenly deleted?

    How can I bring back the information from an application that was mistakenly deleted?

    Only if you backed up the phone before that and did not back up after that. App settings and data are part of the backup. But all other data will be set back as well, you can't choose a single app to be restored from the backup.

  • How do I bring back the "Are you sure you want to delete this photo" dialog box in Iphoto.  I accidentally clicked "never ask again" so it never appears.  I want it back.

    How do I bring back the "Are you sure you want to delete this photo" dialog box in Iphoto.  I accidentally clicked "never ask again" so it never appears.  I want it back.

    The following previous discussion may help: Re: Delete Confirmation Warning.  I want back.

  • Open and Save Dialog Box Font Size

    Greetings. Does anyone know how to change the font and icon sizes in Open and Save Dialog boxes in OSX 10.8? Back in Snow Leopard days, the parameters were stored in the users .GlobalPreferences.plist. But they do not appear to be there - or at least I don't recognize them in OSX 10.8. I recently started using a 27 inch Cinema Display, and the fonts are a bit small for me.
    I appreciate any help anyone can offer.

    Good question!  Do submit feedback to Apple.  Maybe if enough of us complain about this fundamental issue, they'll finally listen!

  • Open and Save dialog boxes are sorted reverse alpahbetically by default

    I have a user that experiences the same frustrating experience every time she restarts Apple Mail. All of her open and save dialog boxes in Mail are sorted from Z to A. She can click the name field to change the sort, but it will return to Z-A if she quits and reopens the program. The Finder is set (and stays) at A-Z. Other applications do not exhibit this problem. I am loathe to reset the preferences since that means having to set up accounts again. Restarting the computer and removing user caches made no difference. Any suggestions?  This is an iMac Mid 2008 running Mac OS X 10.6.8.

    I solved my own question through trial and error.
    Just select "None" on the dropdown selector (see screen capture, above) and the Open/Save dialog will revert to the older version.

  • Open and save dialog boxes just show earlier and can't be sorted

    Mountail Lion has new open and save dialog boxes that are displayed in groupings by date and other variables.
    My Photoshop CS5 shows "Previous 7 days", "Earlier", etc. I can no longer adjust this sorting. Often, just the "Earlier" shows and current files are missing from the box. I used the sorting option but can't sort within the list.
    My inDesign files still use the earlier open and save dialog box. Where can I switch between these options?
    Photoshop Open:
    inDesign Open:

    I solved my own question through trial and error.
    Just select "None" on the dropdown selector (see screen capture, above) and the Open/Save dialog will revert to the older version.

  • Clicking a .pdf link does not open .pdf file, it opens a SAVE DIALOG box

    Recently when I click on a .pdf file link I am no longer able to open the file in a adobe reader either within a FIREFOX webpage or open it using the full adobe program. Instead it opens a SAVE dialog box requesting me to save to my harddrive. I am not sure what has happened and am trying to find someone who might know what is going on?

    You can change the action for Portable Document Format (PDF) from Preview in Firefox to use the Adobe Reader or set to Always Ask in "Firefox > Options/Preferences > Applications".
    You can set the pdfjs.disabled pref to true on the <b>about:config</b> page to disable the build-in PDF viewer.
    You can check the value of the plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types pref on the about:config page and remove the application/pdf part if present or reset the pref to the default via the right-click context menu.
    See also:

  • Open and Save Dialog Boxes Appear Briefly then Close

    Open and save dialogs on my MDD 867 flash briefly and then close themselves in my administrator account. All the other accounts are fine. This makes me suspect something in the Library. I just did a wipe and install plus Migration Assistant to no avail--which furthers my suspicion of Library problems.
    Anyone have any suggestions which file(s) could be the culprits?

    More than likely it's a conflict/corrupted amongst the various preference (plist) files. Log into a good admin account, backup the bad account's folder, delete the bad account, selecting the save data option (which is stored in /Users/Deleted Users/ as a disk image), recreate the bad account using the same username/password combo, log out and back into the recreated original account. If the problem's solved, open the saved data dmg file in /Users/Deleted Users/, open the /Library/Preferences/ folder from the saved data, open the current /Users/restored account/Library/Preferences/ folder, and slowly copy plist files from the saved data folder to the current one that don't exist in it. Log out and back in to ensure there's no conflict and things still work correctly. Resolving conflicts or identifying corrupt plist files is a laborious process. Good luck.
    See for more details on this process.

  • Is there a way to bring back the "Open a New Tab" option via right-clicking on the Tab?

    I just upgraded to latest version of Firefox (6.0). Yesterday it informed me that an upgrade to Firefox 5.(something) was available and asked if I wanted to upgrade. I went for it. However, I hadn't used it since then till today. Now when I opened it today it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to version 6.0. Without hesitation, I went for it too.
    While this version looks nice, it feels a bit odd to use it. Previously whenever I wanted to open a new Tab, I right-clicked on any of the Tabs (active tab or any other Tab) and after right-clicking, it had the option to '''''Open a New Tab''''' along with few other options. Now there's no such option. There's the + button to open a new tab, but what if I want to open a link in a new tab by right-clicking on it? Similarly the option to Open in New Window is also missing.
    Is there a way to bring back those previous Tab options/settings? If yes, how?
    P.S. In my bookmark toolbar, when I click on a bookmark icon, it has the same options/settings as it previously had in the last version I used (last version I used was 3.something; while I'd upgraded to version 5.something I hadn't used it except for opening the browser when it asked me to upgrade to version 6.0). Options on right clicking the bookmark icon are:
    Open in a New Tab
    Open in a New Window
    New Bookmark...
    New Folder...
    New Separator
    I'd also like to mention here that I know of the shortcut keys; so please don't waste your time by trying to help me that way. Thanks.

    No. The Tab bar is a regular toolbar in current Firefox versions, so you get the normal right-click context menu of a toolbar if you right-click the tab bar.
    You can double click on empty space on the tab bar to open a new tab if you do not want to use the new tab button.<br />
    You can drag a link on that new tab button to open that link in a new tab.<br />
    You can also drag the new tab button on another toolbar if you would like that better.<br />
    Open the Customize window via "View > Toolbars > Customize" or via "Firefox > Options > Toolbar Layout"<br />

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