How do I center text in Final cut Pro?

Hi, does anyone know how to directly center text with more than one line of text in Final Cut Pro?
If I have more than one line it doesn't seem to center properly. I've tried wireframe (which is inaccurate), center values (which doesn't work) and Boris 3D (which does the job but the space between letters isn't accurate so I need to try an alternative method).
Any ideas?

In Title 3D you use the Position X/Y button to adjust the height. The spacing between the letters in Title 3D can be adjusted both in tracking and in kerning by placing the cursor between a letter pair. Title 3D is perhaps one of the most accurate and precise text positioning titlers available in any software.

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  • How do I view fps? and how do I adjust fps in final cut pro x?

    How do I view fps? and how do I adjust fps in final cut pro x?

    The frame rate shows in the Inspector. Conform in the retiming menu of the toolbar will let you change the frame rate.

  • How to change pixal ratio in final cut pro x 10.0.0

    i have just been given a macbook pro 2012 13" i5 which has final cut pro x 10.0.0
    i cant change pixal ratio
    i have used premier pro cs6 which can easily do this by left clicking on footage then selecting interpret and changing pixal aspect ratio then select conform to anamorphic 2:1 (2.0) ...i want to do the same in final cut pro x
    i want to change a 1440x1920 to anamorphic 2:1 (2.0)
    how can i do this in final cut pro x with out croping or losing footage
    i have used letterbox plugin (2:35) but i lose the top and bottom of the footage any way i can do this in final cut pro x of motion 5/apple comppressor?
    any help would be very helpful
    god bless
    thx abdul

    Check the Tutorial:

  • How to import MXF file to final cut pro?

    how to import MXF file to final cut pro?

    Directly or XDCAM transfer depending on camera according to this:
    If it doesn't work, I'd ask the question on Final Cut Pro forum, being sure to mention which version of Final Cut Pro you are using. 

  • How do I capture HDV in Final Cut Pro 6.0.6 from a Sony HDR-CX360?

    Hi. I recently upgraded to a Sony HDR-CX360 Camera. I've been importing off of Firewire with my older cameras. Now I face only being able to import with USB. It is not recognizing the camera. How do I import with this kind of camera and Final Cut Pro 6.0.6.? It works fine with iMovie.

    There are a couple of things I would do in your position .. first off make sure the camera is turned on and connected BEFORE I start FCP. another would be to run up system profiler and have a look in FireWire - and see (obviously with the camera connected) is it listed in there .. If not in effect the MAC is not seeing the camera and Failing that if it is a six pin on the camera connect to a six pin port .. I had issues with a Camera (Canon XHA1s) which the MAC Pro FireWire (8 pin) would not list the camera until I installed an two port 6 pin FireWire card .. It works every time now. Hope you get it sorted ..

  • How many computers can I load Final Cut Pro on

    If I purchase Final Cut Pro x how many computers can I load it on? Can I put it on my desk top and lap top?

    In regards to FCP X on more than one computer --- currently with the older versions of FCP, if I try to launch FCP on a 2nd computer (that I own) it prompts me that I cannot launch the application on more than one computer at the same time.   Does this prompt appear in FCP X as well if two computers try to use FCP X at the same time?

  • HOW TO Delete Unused Media from FINAL CUT PRO

    *HOW TO DELETE UNUSED MEDIA FROM HARD DRIVE IN FINAL CUT PRO.* Keywords: disk disc drive space remove compressor
    Say your original clip is 10 gigs, you can use only what you need and delete the rest from your hard drive. I know people on the forums say to just buy another hard drive, NO! It took 2 days to figure out but here it is!!! Email me if needed at [email protected]
    I captured 1 hour of video at a time and now want to delete from my hard drive all the parts I don’t want to use. I have 300GB of junk on my hard drive and I only want to use a few scenes using a few megabytes, so that I'll get most of my 300GB back!!!!
    In final cut on Mac, click on one small clip (to get familiar with process), go to “file”, “export”, then “using compressor”. This will open compressor software. Your file will open in the left top window. Then you need to batch the job or jobs. IMPORTANT: I’ve also solved the Compressor problem when you press “submit” to a batch and it states “Cluster: None”. Search forum for “In compressor you experience what I have”.
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    Part of the problem could lie in the fact it's an imovie project coming into FCP, wouldn't rule that out. Second my be the terms you use and what you expect to happen. For example, a subclip is just a smaller clip subbed from a larger clip. It has nothing to do with media management. But you can media manage a subclip and delete the unused media.
    Try this (be sure to back up the original clip first). take a long clip into the viewer, make an IN and OUT duration of like 30 frames and then subclip that, Modify > Make Subclip. a new subclip will appear in the browser with a torn clip icon and the name Subclip. Right click on the subclip and choose Media Manager.... Check the Delete unused media from duplicated clip. As you toggle that the green Modified bar at the top change from the full clip size to a tiny modified size. If it does not then one of two things ... user error or the system is screwed up. That's the easiest way to test media manager.

  • Can't edit title text in Final Cut Pro X

    Okay I'm seriously about ready to pull my hair out. Every time I go to edit text, FCPX crashes. Now I have to close the inspector before editing text for it to not crash...and that works sometimes. But now I have a new problem. After exporting my movie, I noticed I needed to make some adjustments to titles... Tried double clicking the text in the doesn't even let me edit it anymore! Really? Why would you even release this Apple? Final Cut Pro X is clearly not finished. What a joke.

    It seems I have nearly the same problem. The simple fact of selecting the title in the project or in the project library crashes FinalCut Pro.
    I thought it was caused by the accended frensh characters, like for an imported iMovie Project, but this is not the case. Even without accended characters, the crash is systematic.
    Thanks a lot for the idea of closing the inspector! Now I can work with titles (sometimes at all) without crashing
    The good news is: I can edit the title, even when re-opening the project later, if I:
    1. Select the title element with the inspector closed
    2. Open the inspector
    3. Modify some parameters like the colors of the titles.
    - The first time I did it, the inspector opened, empty, on the left side of the screen !?!
    - It works even in the precedent little project wich I encountered the bug
    - I can edit too in the viewer.
    My config:
    MacBook 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Mémoire  4 Go 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    Graphisme  NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB
    Logiciel  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 (11B26)

  • How do I fade audio in Final Cut Pro X Version 10.6.8

    Hi how do I Fade audio in and out in Final Cut Pro X Version 10.6.8 ?
    In previous final cut I could pin point the audio line using the pen tool cannot seem to find it in Final Cut Pro X
    Please help?

    just like that …

  • How can i import old projects (Final Cut Pro 10) to the new (final cut pro 10.1.1)?

    Hi everyone,
    I have a folder full of backup projects and events of Final Cut Pro X.
    Now, I have Final Cut Pro 10.1.1 and I don't know how to use those projects, since they were in a different folder.
    Yhanks very much

    I'm assuming these are on a secondary drive. At the drive's root level make folders called Final Cut Projects and Final Cut Events. Move the projects and events you want to work with into those folders. In FCP use File>Update projects and events. Select the drive you want to update and FCP will update the projects and events in those folders. Save the originals as backups.

  • How to add shot index in Final Cut Pro easily?

    Hi, everyone,
    I'm working on an animatic in final cut pro, and I wanna numbering every shots in it. currently this is a painful job, I have to drag a text field on top of every shot, type the number, adjust the length.......
    Is there any other easier way to achieve this? all I need is a simple index number that will do the job automatically according to every shot(cut)?
    Please suggest.

    What's the source of the material?
    If individual files, why not name them using your convention before you bring them into FCP?

  • I need help. How to export split track for Final Cut Pro 7 Thanks

    I need help. I have edited a film and now the company I have made the film for want a split track of it. I have no idea how to export a split track off Final Cut Pro 7 and I need simple language to explain it to me as I am a beginner. Thanks

    I assume you have multiple tracks of audio? And the audio is distributed discretely over these tracks (sync sound on tracks 1 and 2, sound effects on tracks 3 and 4, music on tracks 5 and 6 for example)?
    Then duplicate your sequence by clicking on the icon for your sequence in the FCP browser and control-clicking on it. From the drop-down menu choose Duplicate. Double click on the duplicate sequence you just created to load it to the timeline and canvas.
    Now, working on the copy you just made of your finished sequence, click anywhere on the timeline, and type Command + 0 {zero} to bring up your sequence settings. Click on the Audio Outputs Tab.
    Once the Audio Output Tab opens, set the Outputs to the desired number of discrete tracks you want to export - in this case I will set it to 8, as I have sync sound on tracks 1 & 2, Voice Over on tracks 3 & 4, Sound Effects on tracks 5 & 6 and Music on tracks 7 & 8.
    Once I do that the 8 tracks appear. I set them all to Dual Mono as I want them to be discrete tracks:
    Once I am done, I click OK and return to the far left side of the timeline where the audio selectors are, and carefully control - clicking in the empty space above the lock symbol,
    From the drop down menu I assign the output of each track - track 1 to to output track 1, track 2 to output track 2, doing so to each track:
    You need to set the output for each track. Once all my track assignments are done, I go to the menu File > Export . . . > QuickTime Movie and export my sequence, but now it is exporting with 8 discrete tracks of audio.
    To do a quick check that everything is OK, re-import the movie you just exported back into FCP, and open it in the Viewer and you will see that it does indeed have the multi-tracks, as 8 mono track tabs appear at the top of the viewer.
    Now give that QuickTime a name that includes "Split Tracks" in the title and copy it to your delivery drive.
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  • HT4722 how many computers can i install final cut pro on

    I need Final Cut Pro X for work at my church.  If I buy on the app store, can I load on all three computers at the church, or do I have to buy a seperate copy for each computer?

    Unless you own and control the machines, you need to buy separate copies.

  • How do I recover a lost Final Cut Pro X file?

    Help!  I was just working on a huge project Final Cut Pro when the computer completely froze, no spinning ball of death or anything.  I'd already had one crash earlier, but that was just the typical "(Not Responding)" you might get when working on an entry level computer.  On complete freeze crash, I couldn't get the computer to show any signs of response, so I finally hard reset it.  I have an external screen running, and my projects are on an external hard drive.  When I opened the computer and Final Cut Pro, my event was there, but there is no project to be seen.  I can't find it anywhere.  I've spent somewhere around 4 hours on this at the least, and hope I don't have to start the whole thing over, since I have a deadline.  Is there any way to recover it?  I looked at the other discussions, but I don't know where I would find the project file on my computer.  I'm running Final Cut Pro X 10.2.2.

    Never mind, I just figured it out.  The open library from backup was greyed out a minute ago, now it worked though, and I have my project back.  Whew!  Just go to file/open library/from backup.  You just have to have the library you want the backup of to be selected.

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