How do I change the default iPhoto library for the Media Browser?

I have multiple Aperture/iPhoto Libraries. When I open the new Keynote and attempt to use the Media Browser to select a photo, the pictures the Media Browser displays are not from the Default Libary.
Is there a way to change the default photo library that the Media Browser references?

Hello danstat,
Thank you for the question.  The Media Browser accesses iPhoto's last opened photo library.  To access that photo library through the Media Browser, quit Keynote, access that photo library in iPhoto, quit iPhoto, and relaunch Keynote. 
You can access the an alternate photo library using these steps:
To switch between photo libraries:
Quit iPhoto.
Hold down the Option key as you open iPhoto.
Select the library you want to switch to.
Click Choose.
iPhoto '11: Create a new iPhoto library or switch between libraries
Alternatively, you can drag the photo in directly to youre Keynote presentation from the iPhoto or Aperture windows. 
Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
Sheila M.

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    When you say "remove his account", do you mean remove his Apple ID as well as all his stuff (music, movies, and whatever else is housed in iTunes)?  If so, delete all his stuff (music, etc.), have him deauthorize the computer (Store > Deauthorize This Computer), and sign out of his account (Store > Sign Out) and then sign in to yours.
    If all you want to do is remove his Apple ID and not fuss with his stuff, then things get more complicated, because you do not own his stuff.

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    The item must not be read only if you want to change it.
    In the new Get Info dialog the Media Kind is in a light grey. Next to that will be the word Music. Hover over it and you should see that it is part of a drop down list control, click and select Book.

  • How do you change the media type for purchased movies & TV shows?

    I have purchased many movies from iTunes, and would like to organize them a bit better. For example...I would like to classify all of the standup comedy videos I've purchased as TV Shows, with the season title of "Standup" so I can go to one place in iTunes (under TV shows) to find all of my standup comedy.
    I do the following:
    - Get Info on the movie.
    - Navigate to the Options Tab.
    - The Media Kind drop down (where you would change the media kind from Movie to TV Show) is grayed out.
    This is true for all media I've purchased from iTunes.
    If I have ripped a DVD myself, I can freely edit the media type.
    Things I have tried:
    - Checked the permissions for my iTunes folder (all levels). It is set to read/write.
    - I have tried fiddling with the command line "chmod" command for a movie file. I believe I changed the permissions to "700" which (as near as I can tell) should change the permissions so that I can edit things.
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    The files aren't locked in Get Info in Finder?

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    The only limit is that of the device. No restrictions on how much of it you can use for music. Is part of your music library unchecked?

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    Hi Bucky,
    To set the default web browser for your Mac running Mavericks, use the steps in this article -
    Mac OS X: How to change your default email application or web browser - Apple Support
    Note that this change means that all web links - aside from those in another web browswer - will be launched in Chrome.
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

  • How can I change my iTunes home library for my iPhone?

    I initially synced my iPhone with my desktop computer's iTunes, and thus that becomes its "home library", and it won't let me sync with any other computer (which is understandable). However, what if I want to change the "home library"? Like if I buy a laptop, and then I want to only sync with my new laptop (I don't want to sync with my old computer anymore). I'm hoping there is an easy way to do this without deleting any data. Thanks!

    F3AR3DLEGEND wrote:
    ... what if I want to change the "home library"? Like if I buy a laptop, and then I want to only sync with my new laptop ...
    From your OLD computer...
    Copy your ENTIRE iTunes FOLDER to an External Drive... and then from the External Drive to your New Computer..
    Full Details Here  >

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    This is because there is not enough pro-roll on the clip to allow it to batch capture. When I look at the Media Start in the browser window for the clip it says it starts at 00:00:02:31. I need to change this to a later start so it does not try to roll the tape so far back. So.....
    How do I change the Media Start Point???

    Ok, I am following you, I just need to make sure the clips in the edited timeline reconnect with the old master clip.
    I could keep the old offline master clip and just make it reconnect to the new captured clip. But will this make all of my already edited clips in my sequence that are looking at the old master clip off by however many seconds I had to reset the in-point to get the tape re-captured?
    Thanks for the tip on dragging clips to the L&C window, I did not know you could do that.

  • How do I change the default location for iPhoto media?

    On my MacBook Pro, I have a 250 GB solid state drive. More than 140 GB of that space is taken up by images and video in my iPhoto folder. I want to purchase an external hard drive to store my iPhoto media so I can free up space on my Mac's hard drive. I can drag and copy the images/video to the new external hard drive, but in the future how can I change the default location to the new external device? I looked at iPhoto preferences, but see no setting that would re-direct media from my camera. Please help.

    Copy the library to the external hard drive.  Then launch iPhoto with the option key held down and choose the library on the external hard drive.
    Run the external library to make sure it has all of your photos and works as expected.  It will not be your default library. 
    Once you're sure the external library is good you can delete the library on the SSD.

  • HT1449 how do I change the iPhoto library on my mac?

    How do I change the location for iTunes and iPhoto on my iMac?

    Since iPhoto is not listed under Purchases with you signed into the account/Mac App Store that means you did not purchase it under your account.
    It sounds like your son was the first one to sing into the new coputer and thus iPhot and maybe other things are associated with his account.
    You can log into his account in the Mac App Store and see what is listed unter Purchased. However, that may affect the ability to redownload items that you purchased. See:
    iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID

  • How do you change the default setting in the motions tab?

    We have two macs in our editing suite. Both are running FCP studio 2. One of the macs has a default setting for the drop shadow of 2 in the motion tab. The other mac has the default setting of 10. How can I change the default settings (not as a favorite) so that when I open a clip in the viewer the default setting will always be my preference (1.5) instead of the standard 10. I also want to change the opacity to 90% as the default.
    Thanks for your help.

    Below is a step-by-step process for changing the default font in CS6, Illustrator, Mac, Mountain Lion, 10.8.2.
    There are several additiional steps needed to make this work.
    Please feel free to us this for other inquiries.
    To Change Default Font in CS6-Ai-Mac-Mountain Lion, 10.8.2
    On desktop menu bar, hold down Option key, go to GO, pull down to Library.
    Open Application Support, ~ Adobe, ~ Adobe Illustrator CS6, ~ en_us ~ New Document Profiles
    Six choices appear (you can change each that you use, one at a time)
    Example: Double click Basic
    A Basic blank document window opens
    In Menu Bar, go to Window ~ Type ~ Character Styles
    A sub-window opens with (Normal Character Style) highlighted in Blue
    Double click the highlighted name and another sub-window opens
    In left of this window, choose Basic Character Formats
    Change to desired Font Family, Font Style, Size, etc.
    Click OK when finished, widow disappears to reveal Character Styles sub-window
    Click anywhere on the blank document in order to get option to Save
    Save the document
    Close Character Styles sub-window
    Quit Illustrator
    Re-launch Illustrator CS6 ~ New document … check Font tool to confirm changed default font
    Hope this works for other "Lost Adobe Souls" like myself.

  • How do you change the Print Products Store from USA to UK like you can do in IPhoto?

    How do you change the Print Products Store from USA to UK like you can do in IPhoto?

    Please keep in mind that Aperture is not an enhanced iPhoto, it is a different application with a different philosophy and a different intended audience. If you approach it with that in mind you will have a lot less frustration as you learn Aperture.
    Aperture adds a layer of complexity that is not needed by many.  iPhoto is a very powerful application and fits the needs of many amateur photographers.
    As for your original issue, as I said I am surprised that iPhoto allows you do switch countries like that and am not surprised that Aperture doesn't. If this is something you really need to do working in Aperture but using iPhoto to order the prints is a good work around and will not be all that difficult to do once you get the hang of it.
    As for your new question, the books in iPhoto and Aperture are different enough that the code that created the book in iPhoto wouldn't work in Aperture. What happens when you import an iPhoto library into Aperture is that the images in the book are combined into an album in Aperture with the same name as the iPhoto book. You will need to re-create the book in Aperture uaing the images in this album.
    Hope this helps, post back if you have anymore questions.

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    I do not remember how (if) iPhoto 6 handles PSE6 as an external editor - in iPhoto '08 you can set any program as one - try going to the preference that has graphic converter in it and selecting it - you probably will get a select dialogue that will let you choose a new external editor
    It is not recommend that you ever save any files directly into the iPhoto library - if you can not get PSE6 set as the external editor then you should export your photos, edit them and save and then import the new photo into iPhoto
    But I believe you will be able to set PSE6

  • How can I change the email used in iphoto

    how can i change the email that is used for iphoto? it goes to my email account that's connected to flickr but i want to have it different as a default. help or suggestions?

    Go to iPhoto's General preference pane and select the email client in the Email photos using: menu.
    Click to view full size

  • How can I change the default map on journal?

    How can I change the default map on iPhoto journal to the correct one?

    I would advise you to not do that; but, if you do, please read this first and understand:

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