How do i create a picture cd?

i want to give someone some pics that i took at their event but idk how to put it on a burned disc for them.

Select the photo(s) in iPhoto and export (file menu ==> export) to a desktop folder choosing the options you want and tehn burn that folder to CD or DVD

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  • How do I create a picture thumbnail?

    I'm developing a LabView program to display a series of face pictures on a projector and record peoples reactions to them eg, man or woman, young or old, happy or sad etc and their reaction times for a psychology experiment.
    During the experiment the pictures are displayed in a sub vi's front panel and I've sized the picture box to 450x450.
    The pictures to be displayed have to be prepared in Photoshop by cropping them square and then setting the image size to 450x450.
    Elsewhere in the program I would like to be able to show a much small thumbnail preview of the pictures, say 100x100. I don't want to display just a small section of the image, I want to show the whole image but some how reduce it to fit in a 100x100 box. Any ideas how I can do this?
    The file format of the pictures is jpeg and I would preferably like to stick with this format but could change if need be.

    Johnner wrote:
    The simplest thing to do would be to make use of the Zoom capability of the Picture Control (introduced sometime in the last couple of versions, I think).
    If you create a Property Node for the picture box of interest, you will see a property called ZoomFactor near the bottom of the list. Just use the appropriate scaling factor (0.222 for your 450->100 example), and you should get a reasonable-looking thumbnail. A significant advantage of this approach is that you don't have to manage multiple scaled versions of the same image, and you can also vary your thumbnail size at run-time without having to do any extra work.
    This method could possibly become intractable for memory-related reasons if you want to display a large number of scaled thumbnails of very large images; I'm not sure if LabVIEW does any optimization under the hood when it scales a picture.
    That sounds ideal, I'll try it.

  • Creating new picture albums

    Simple question: How can I create another picture album?
    Whine: The iPhone only has "CameraRoll" as the only store for pictures. How can I create another album? Since I want to use the iPhone for presentations (but it only shows videos and pictures in the camera roll on slideshow mode, but showing every picture of my daughter in the mean time), there must be a way to create a new album, so I can use that for presentations (since I can't use the iPhone for displaying powerpoint).

    You cannot create albums on the iPhone. You must create them on your computer, wherever you are syncing the pics from. On a Mac, that's iPhoto. On Windows, that's by creating subfolders in the folder you select for syncing pics.

  • How do i move a picture from one pdf-file to another already created pdf-file with adobe reader?

    How do I move a picture from one pdf-file to another, already created pdf-file, with adobe reader?

    Reader doesn't have editing capabilities.

  • How can i create a new album picture in iphone 4g ?

    hi to evryone
    how can i create a new album picture in iphone 4g ??

    As I understand, you would like to know how to create photo albums on your iPhone? This is possible only by first moving your photos onto your Mac or PC.
    On the Mac use iPhoto to sort your pictures into albums then sync them back onto the phone via iTunes.
    On the PC sort your photos using folders or software like Adobe Photoshop Elements then sync them back onto the phone via iTunes.
    Hope this helps

  • How can I create a flash picture slideshow for 3 images

    Hi. I am wondering if anybody can tell me how to create a picture PUSH. I have three images that I wish to work with. By pushing I mean having an image come in from the left (or right) and place itself on top of the other (or pushing the other out of view). Like a slide show of three images scrolling along but one stops for a brief period before the other image comes into view.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

  • How can I create a card with only a picture on the front - inside blank

    How can I create a card that only has a picture on the front and the inside is blank?

    Use the Holiday Colors theme for a folded card.  For the outside select the layout that just includes a full page photo. For the inside select the layout that suits your eye..
    As far as the text boxes are concerned just put a single space in them and then order.

  • How can i create a button with a dynamic picture?

    How can i create a button with a dynamic picture using
    I did create one with it doesnt seem to be working. It loses
    all its
    functions (eg onPress onRelease)

    I solved thep roblem anyway creating a mc.. then creating
    another MC withing
    the first MC and i change the picture on the second MC. And i
    apply the
    propierities to the first MC , and works
    If i have troubles with mu sistem on the future I will use
    "the fleece" <[email protected]>
    escribi� en el mensaje
    news:e67i88$jlf$[email protected]..
    > the image loading will remove any properties or
    functions the mc had.
    > you need to apply them in the onLoadInit function
    > mclListener.onLoadInit = function(target_mc:MovieClip) {
    > target_mc.onRollOver=blah blah
    > };
    > var image_mcl:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
    > image_mcl.addListener(mclListener);
    > image_mcl.loadClip(blah, blahblah);

  • How to create a Picture/Image field in a PDF form ?

    I'm creating a PDF form including several fields (Text box, Checkbox, radiobuttons,...). My users will enter there personal data in the PDF form and send it back to me (or print it).
    I would like to create a special field for picture of the user: The user should be able to select a JPG document on his local computer and drag/copy the picture in this picture-field. The objective is to have the picture of the user in the form he will send (as PDF) or print.
    How can I create a field ("Please add your picture here") to allow people with Reader to add a picture in the PDF form ?
    Best regards

    This is possible with a form created by LiveCycle Designer. For further questions use the forum for LiveCycle Designer.

  • I have all my pictures in an external drive, how do i create a library in iphoto without using my internal drive space?

    i have all my pictures in an external drive (around 1tb), how do i create a library in iphoto without using my internal drive space? thanks!

    In iPhoto use the command "File > Switch to Library" and then click "Create New" in the Library Chooser panel.
    Select a folder on your external drive as the destination.
    You can also get to this panel by holding down the alt/options key when you launch iPhoto.

  • How can I create a drawing like the one pictured from a photo?

    How can I create a drawing like the one pictured from a photo?

    OK, you are getting closer. Now, use your result, and place a Layer above that. Use the Pen Tool to create the "pen strokes" basically tracing over your background image. Then, when you have created each Path (or Sub-Path), choose Stroke Path, with probably the Pencil Tool and a Brush size that is small enough.
    Not sure which versions of PS these are good for, but here are some plug-ins, that might be helpful.
    AKVIS Sketch
    Sketch Effects
    Sketch Master
    I see that one of my old favorites, Flaming Pear's India Ink is not around any more.
    Good luck,

  • How can I create cd from IPhoto pictures

    How can I create a cd from my IPhoto pictures?

    Hello na59er,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information, take a look at:
    iPhoto '11: Create your own photo CDs and DVDs
    Have a nice day,

  • How do I create motion for still photos/pictures. I'd like to pan/scan & zoom. Please help!

    How do I create motion for still photos/pictures. I'd like to pan/scan & zoom. Please help!

    You kind of answered your own question..
    Check out Motion in the FX Control Window and learn how keyframing works..

  • How do I CREATE AN "an Audio Caption" and apply it to a picture in the Organizer?

    How do I Create an "Audio Caption" and apply it to a picture in the Organizer  or the |Edit facility in Elements 10?

    Could you please check the steps mentioned on the below article: _WIN.html
    Is it the same you are looking for ?
    -Harshit yadav

  • The apps I created from "add to homescreen" have turned white and have a few lines and circles in it. How can I get the picture back on them?

    The apps I created from "add to homescreen" have turned white and have a few lines and circles in it. How can I get the picture back on them?

    Those aren't apps; they're bookmarks to websites. Have you tried resetting your device by pressing and holding the Home button and power button until the silver apple appears? If all else fails, you can just re-do the shortcuts.

Maybe you are looking for

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