How do I install and apple script in mail

I am using  dreamhost as my ISP. I am  getting killed with spam and the have a  script. I found out how to add  the script via the rules function, but,  how do you store the script in  the location you need to retreive it  from. there I can't find info. Can  someone give me steps please? Do you  make a text file, etc?

Select Mail Help from Mail's Help menu. Search for "install apple script."
Use scripts as rule actions
You can attach a script to a Mail rule. For example, you could have an incoming message trigger a script that copies information from the message and pastes it into a database that works with AppleScript.
Open Mail
Choose Mail > Preferences, then click Rules.
Add a rule or select an existing rule to edit.
Choose Run AppleScript from the “Perform the following actions” pop-up menu.
Choose a script from the pop-up menu of scripts that are located in ~/Library/Application Scripts/ Or choose “Open in Finder” to open the folder so you can copy a script into it.If you later move or rename the script, your rule will not work.
Click OK to save the rule.
If you used scripts in Mail rules in OS X Lion or earlier, then the first time you open Mail in OS X Mountain Lion or later, your scripts are moved to ~/Library/Application Scripts/, and your rules are updated with the new location. To show your home Library folder, hold down the Option key, then in Finder choose Go > Library.
If you use iCloud Documents & Data, your rules are available on your other Mac computers (with OS X 10.8 or later) that have iCloud Documents & Data turned on. Scripts attached to rules aren’t available.

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    depending on what you want to do, this may or may not be possible (most likely not).  Applescript works by scripting other applications: some applications are set up do do background tasks, some applications are duplicated by osax or unix utilities that operate invisibly, but most often applescript has to open a document in the application and work on it through the application. 
    scripting bridge is for cocoa developers: it allows cocoa apps to script other apps.  it's not really useful for you unless you want to develop specialized software.
    more details would be helpful.

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    You can run different versions of Tuxedo on the same server, as long as they are installed in different directories.
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    I did find that a solution can be found by writing an apple script to turn airport on and off. but my scripting skills aren't good and haven't worked thus far.
    So now i'm asking everyone: Can anyone write a script to turn the airport on or off? I bet you can't. (there's some motivation for you)
    I think it's my last resort, turning to other apple user and requesting help, because i have not been able to find another solution or a prewritten script (surprisingly)
    Thanks very much for your help!
    "i'll gladly pay you tuesday for a an apple script today."

    I haven't used these tools so I don't know for sure, but doesn't Tiger's parental controls (in the Accounts preference pane) allow you to enable/disable network access by account? Would that work to solve your problem?
    EDIT: OK, by starting a new thread I guess you got the same response that I posted for your previous thread. For those interested, this is a continuation of the thread kevin macky, "Account with and without airport internet access", 08:07am Oct 11, 2005 CDT.
    If you are interested in trying to automate this, I suggest that you post your question in these areas:
    Mac OS X > Mac OS X Technologies > AppleScript
    Mac OS X > Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger > Automator

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      You can download the DG4ODBC software from either MOS or eDelivery depending which versios you want to install
    For -
    - login to My Oracle Support
    - click on 'Patches and Updates'
    - search for patch number 13390677
    - you may need to press the '+' button to see the platform list
    - scroll down the list to and click on the 'Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)'  option.
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    - this is the Gateway media pack and has everything needed for a standalone gateway install.
    - unzip the file and run the installer and choose the gateway you want.
    For 12.1 -
    Product Pack – Oracle Database
    Platform – Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
    Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( Media Pack for Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
    - then for the gateways download –
    Oracle Database Gateways 12c Release 1 ( for Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
    - unzip and run the installer
    Whichever version you decide I recommend you install into a completely separtae ORACLE_HOME from any existing installs as this makes maintenacne easier.
    For the configuration have a look at this note if you have access to My oracle Support -
    How to Configure DG4ODBC on 64bit Unix OS (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX Itanium) to Connect to Non-Oracle Databases Post Install (Doc ID 561033.1)
    If not, then refer to the documentation available from -
    Oracle Database Help Center
    - choose either 12.1 or 11.2 then the 'Information Integration' option.
    You can also install the DG4ODBC on the Windows machine (or any other machine if preferred) and access it from the RDBMS on Solaris.

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    This will pobably do but the major issue is that you should concentrate and read the instructions carefully. My two cents.

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