How do you make a custom button that is Invisible When not selected

Im just recently switching over to using a mac for authoring. I really like all the features in DVD Studio more than what i was using on a PC for the past 6 years. Which was ulead DVD Workshop 2.
The only problem im having (For Now) is that i cant make my custom buttons invisible. I made this little black shape thing in photoshop and i want to use it in DVDSP for selecting different tracks.
I thought all i had to do was just save the black shape with a transparent background in photoshop as a .psd and import it. But that didnt work.
When i change episodes it just stays black the whole time. I want something that will be invisible when it is not selected.
please help
I can send someone my little shape if they can make it a usable button that i can make invisible in dvdsp. I really need to see the layers done with a shape as a button to see how they were able to make it invisible.
i tried a few tutorials but instead of being invisible all i got was a shape that was stuck white the whole time. this is even when i put the opacity to 0 on normal.
I want to make this into a button

Ok, what you want to do is also in the same tutorial. See the section on "Advanced Highlights" (again, avoid the sections on layered menus), You can create an overlay that does have two colors. The bad news is that there will be absolutely no anti-aliasing at all. This means your graphic will be extremely pixelated. This is just the way the DVD specs are set up, so there is no way around it.
Given that I would highly recommend redesigning your overlay. Take a look at variety of DVDs from Hollywood. See what they are doing in their menus. You can do anything they are doing, but you will notice that the overlay is very simple because of the limited anti-aliasing of DVDs. In all the years that I've been watching DVDs I've only see one DVD use two colors in the overlay, and that was the Jim Carey "The Grinch who Stole Christmas."

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    Paul Butenko

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