How to Build A Schema File

I have Java 5, JAXP 1.3, and properties file that my application uses to get its settings from. What I would like to do now is have my application validate its configuration file when it starts, before it uses any of the data in the file.
XML validation sounds like what I need, but I have never used it before. This document makes it look simple to do validation, but does not include any information on how to create a schema ( aka constraints ) file to use in the validation process.
I am still search for instructions on how to do this, but would appreciate any advice or links to resources that would help me get validation up and running in my application.

What do you mean by a LiveCycle schema file. Schemas are not an Adobe technology. We can use a schema do design a form but we just rely on the fact the schema file is valid.

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  • How to create a schema file

    Hello Everyone
    I am new to Live Cycle. I am trying to get to know how live cycle works. I want to get a schema file how do i create that. i have a pdf form which i just imported in workbench and when i am trying to define a xfa variable where do i get the schema file or how do i create a schema file for a pdf. Please help

    What do you mean by a LiveCycle schema file. Schemas are not an Adobe technology. We can use a schema do design a form but we just rely on the fact the schema file is valid.

  • How to build a jar file so the program can access its resources folder?

    I have a java program written by someone else in which I have made a trivial change (I changed the background color). The jar file runs but it does not find one of the resources file.
    Here is the project folder's structure
    mainClass.txt (manifest text file)
    folder resources (includes file Java does not find: order.txt, a text file)
    folder CFPT ( includes .class files)
    folder cpl (includes .class files)
    folder results
    I tried
    jar cvmf mainClass.txt CFPT0.jar CFPT/*.class cpl/*.class resources results
    I get a lot of "adding: resources/..."
    including the one pertaining to the files which is later not found
    adding: resources/order.txt(in = 411) (out= 169)(deflated 58%)
    the code that chokes right now is the following,
    Object i = new Object();
    InputStream is = i.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/resources/" + resourceName);
    when I run java -jar CFPT0.jar the program runs
    but it soon gives an error, cannot find resourceName order.txt (is == null)
    I have Core Java Volume 1 page 498 but it does not help me figure out what I am doing wrong.
    Can somone help me build the jar file correctly so the program can find its resources?
    Is this a classpath issue? What do I need to do?

    My last mainClass.txt file content:
    Main-Class: CFPT.CFPTRunner
    Class-Path: ./resources ./results
    I also tried
    Class-Path: resources results
    Initially I only had the first line.
    I put back /resources in the java file as the / is necessary to indicate absolute path.
    Otherwise it looks relative to calling class.
    I tried adding the path on the second line of the manifest file per Wikipedia example
    I looked at
    If you use the -sourcepath option, the compiler searches the indicated path for source files; otherwise the compiler searches the user class path both for class files and source files.
    I took out the -d classes and compiled the .class files right with the java files in case that was the problem
    javac -classpath . CFPT/
    jar cvmf mainClass.txt CFPT0.jar CFPT/*.class cpl/*.class resources results
    java -jar CFPT0.jar
    Still no go

  • Does anyone know how to build an exe file of a complete dsc system ?

    Creating an exe file of a VI that uses dsc components is not that difficult, although it could be easier. But, I also use vi-servers to communicate with the tagengine, and this is where I fall short. The document "viserver.pdf" located in the labview\manuals folder, describes how to create, develop and test VI-based servers using vis from the DSC Server Development
    palette. But how should a vi-server be handled when used with an application that among other things uses a taglist (scf file) that requires certain vi-servers to run to update tag values etc. I have found that one option is to include the vi-servers in the "LabVIEW DSC Run-Time System 7.0", register them there and include all vis needed f
    or them to run in subfolders of the "LabVIEW DSC Run-Time System 7.0". Servers will not load vis from the \vi.lib folder nor from \user.lib or any other \labview 7.0 folder. Can these servers instead be created as exe files, and how can this be done ?

    sorry but it's not possible to build an executable from a vi-based server. You need to distribute this type of server as an llb. Please follow this link to the NI knowledge base for more information:
    The document is not very specific which options you should use when you save your server vis but I assume it should be "Application Distribution".
    Best regards,
    Jochen Klier
    Applications Engineering Group Leader
    National Instruments Germany GMbH

  • I need information about how to build a XSS file, please.

    I want to create a XSS file for defining the styles of my application, but I have not been able to find information about the properties names and properties possible values of the style elements of the XSS file.
    For example, where is said that the statement <property name="border-width">2px 2px 0px 0px</property> defines the border line width?
    If anybody knows where can I find a description of the XSS files, the properties, etc, please help me.

    I would recommend you take a look at LVSpeak built by one of my fellow NI employees and demo'd in a keynote and NI Week.  Even has a tutorial on how to use it.
    Jason Daming
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • How to build a xml file dynamically with given data.

    hi there
    i need to create a writer that can create a xml with some given data. what is the procedure of creating a xml file? if it is possible, please post some samples, thank you.

    I would reccomend JDOM, although it is not the only way(DOM is another), i have found it the easiest document model to work with.
    the code is as easy as:
    Document doc = new Document();
    Element root = new Element( "element-name" );
    root.setAttribute( "id", "1234" );
    doc.setRootElement( root );
    etc etc

  • How to use schema files stored in a jar file

    I am in a great trouble in accessing the schema files in the jar file. I have to validate my xml files against those schema files while parsing the xml file. I am unable to get the path of the schema files.
    I am getting the path as
    which is not a valid path name for windows. Plese help me and send me some code how to access a schema file that is in the jar file.
    thanks and regards,

    Run the program from command line, this way you will see the errors, if any.
    example.: java -jar theJarfile.jar
    I was successful in creating a comm application. I placed the win32com.dll in the same directory of my application jar file and all worked.
    I also extracted the comm.jar , and jar'd my app with the extracted comm files to make one jar.
    I also had a fileWriter() to get the clients jre path and my app would write the file to the correct place.
    It took me severel weeks and late nights to accomplish this, but it was all necessary to be able to install only my app, and not a bunch of api's that were needed.

  • How to develope a setup file in forms6i

    this is iqbal i have built all forms menus and reports.
    i want to know how to build the setup file in form6i
    u can mail me [email protected]
    thanking you
    with regards

    sorry i wasn't clear yesterday. i am developing a tool in kannada and marathi. by using form6i. input data in to data base is possible to me. but i cant get the data from the database. it was in ######## format.
    please any one have the idea.
    with regards,

  • Utility of the schema file?

    Please, somebody can explain me utility of the schema file for the Web services 1.0.
    Use of the WSDL without schema file is sufficient for Create, update or delete a recordes. And how I can use schema file, if they are necessary.
    Best Regards

    Anas, I would recommend posting this question in the CRM On Demand Integration Development forum. Thanks for your help.

  • Hello Anybody, I have a question. Can any of you please suggest me how to make an xml file from the database table with all the rows? Note:- I am having the XSD Schema file and the resulted XML file should be in that XSD format only.

    Hello Anybody, I have a question. Can any of you please suggest me how to make an xml file from the database table with all the records?
    Note:- I am having the XSD Schema file and the resulted XML file should be in that XSD format only.

    The Oracle documentation has a good overview of the options available
    Generating XML Data from the Database
    Without knowing your version, I just picked 11.2, so you made need to look for that chapter in the documentation for your version to find applicable information.
    You can also find some information in XML DB FAQ

  • How to build shared members using Rules file

    hi all,
    we have a source file like below,in that Bold members are shared member. we doknow how to modify the source file for building shared members using Rules file.
    Conf Total,~,Config A,*Lightbolt 365 A*
    Conf Total,~,Config A,*Lightbolt 540 A*
    Conf Total,~,Config A,*Lightbolt 730 A*
    Conf Total,~,Config A,*Thunderball 365 A*
    Conf Total,~,Config A,*Thunderball 270 A*
    Conf Total,~,Config A,*Roadranger 123 A*
    Can anyone give suggestion to resolve this issue.
    Thanks in Advance

    hi John,
    Here i'm building the dimension through generation build method.
    setting the properties as
    Field, Dimension, Field Type, Field Number
    After mapping it shows dimensions are correctly mapped.
    When i load the source file and the rule file, it shows error partially loaded data,.And it doesn't shows the shared member property. That is what asked How to modify the source file for building shared members using Rules file.
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  • How to open a pdf file in Adobe Reader using URL scheme on iOS devices

    To open a pdf files in Adobe Reader on iOS devices,
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    But none of these does work.
    Adobe Reader starts up but never opens pdf files.
    Does anyone know how to write URL scheme?
    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry. Wrong category.

  • How to execute a batch file on different remote server using TFS Build

    I have a build server and have 2 web servers. I am deploying using TFS Builds. Now, I have a requirement to execute a batch file which is kept on these 2 web servers. i.e. C:\MyBatch\CreateMe.bat
    After my build is successful, I need to execute this batch from the build server.
    Note, I cannot make any shared folder.

    Hi Sameer, 
    Thanks for your post.
    What’s the version of your TFS?
    How do you deploy solution using TFS Build, run MSBuild deploy command or using Release Management?
    That C:\MyBatch\CreateMe.bat file stay on your two web server machines separately? 
    If you want execute this bat file on your two web server machines separately using build process template, you need configure your web server machine as build agent, then add the InvokeProcess activity in build process template to run the bat file on build
    agent machine after build, please refer to Hari’s answer reply in this post:
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
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  • How to build project in NWDS from ear file?

    I do know that it maynot be possible to build a project from a .ear file but I am sure there must be a way out. I am sure someone else would have faced the same problem that I am facing.
    This is what happened. We had a consultant working on our ESS/MSS appplications in the studio. He made changes to a few ESS/MSS applications. However, while deploying, he did not use NWDI even though we do have NWDI available. He simply imported the .ear files in all the development, quality and production portals. Because of this, the changed source code is not available on NWDI and when I import the configuration from NWDI, I only get the old source code.
    I do have al the .ear files he deployed. So, my question is, is there anyway for me to build the project from the .ear file? I do know how to decompile the CLASS files on the ear file and look at the code but I was hoping for a way to build the entire project with the changed source code in NWDS. Or Is there anyway to synchronize the NWDI source code with the deployed source code. Please respond ONLY if you have actually managed to resolve this problem.

    Hi Santosh,
    This is hardly possible even if you have Java decompiler -- WD has a lot compile(design)-time only artifcats that are not exist in generated EAR.

  • How can build help file for right to left and non english language

    hi erverybody, i have a big problem ,please help me
    i creat a c# appliction with vs.net2005 and i want to write
    help file for it .i need a software to creat help file for non
    english language(such as persian or arabic) and right to left
    support . i tried many helpware chm builder tools but each of them
    made a problem .i dont know what to do .what is the best solution
    for creating help files for right to left and non english languages
    how can i build my help file with f1 helping ability .thank u
    so much

    Hi Mr_Sia and welcome to the RH community.
    You could try looking at the HAT Matrix. This is a comparison
    of all the help tools around. Click
    here to go to it.
    RoboHelp itself, whilst it does support over 35 different languages
    does not support Persian or Arabic.

Maybe you are looking for

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