How to change the default Path of Prompt Played by MicroApp

I need to store all the Self Service application prompts in dedicated Media Server. I can modify location of all the Media files by passing the related URL form CVP application, however I need to know how to change the default location of Prompt file played by Play Media Microapplication in ICM Scripting.
Currently the default location taken by Play Media Micro App is the Media _Server.variable path set for VXML Server location while I have a separate Media Server.
Please advice how we can customize the MicroApp Media path.
Kapil Kumar

Hi Kapil,
Try this in your ICM script, define set variables i.e.
set Media Server= ip address of media server
set Locale = en-us
set input Type = DTMF only
set App Media Lib = " you new location i.e. test "
So, the application path will be
http://media server ip address/en-us/test
hope this helps.

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    On 4/6/2006 [email protected] wrote:
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    Please repost in the discontinued.forums.
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    There is a workaround to move from 1.5 version to the older 1.4 version. But this could be specific to the browser setting the JRE version.
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