How to connect wifi panasonic tz40 camera to imac

Does anyone know how to connect a lumix tz40 wirelessly to an iMac.

No joy there.spent 3 hours talking to lumix  tech,then to is something to do with shared folders.lumix cannot find the shared folder,getting scraps of info around the is obviously a problem as lumix has introduced firmware update for macs,but that does not work for me.
Thanks anyway

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  • HT3481 Panasonic TZ40 camera, single video import problem

    Connecting my new Panasonic TZ40 camera by cable to my iMac (lion OS- iMovie 11) uploads stills OK but video is a problem, the camera format is AVCHD. A single video uploads 9 separate files - see below - and without the audio sound track.
    The .MTS has a big memory (the others are very small) and will play in VLC player I have on my Mac, but without sound. I tried running it through a video convertor software which converts it successfully to AVI without audio, as you would expect because the original has no sound in the .MTS file.
    I was aware that Mac did not readily support AVCHD in the past but was assured by the Camera shop that it was now OK - which it plainly is not. Is there an easy workaround without losing the HD quality, or would I be wise to take it back to the camera shop and choose another camera manufacturer that is more compatible with a Mac, if so what make would other members recommend.
    My previous camera was a Samsung which recorded AVI files which I uploaded and was able to import into iMovie without any problems.

    I have sorted the sound issue, it was an unrelated problem to the Panasonic TZ40 recording.
    However, I think there may be a misunderstanding of the importing of the video/movie from the camera. I import the camera stills and video/movies directly into a computer folder through the Adobe Bridge 'Get images from camera' icon. I do not want to import video/movies directly into iMovie as I do not always need to edit them imediatly (if at all sometimes) and I prefer the originals to be in a folder. I have tried settings of 50 and 50i but still get the same results.
    I have converted the .MTS file to a .AVI (and other formats) which iMovie successfully opens, but the .MTS file at 100MB is reduced to 50MB in .AVI and others. My concern is that one of the reasons I bought this camera was for its HD1920 video/movie, if the pre edited conversion is going to reduce the quality then the camera does not do what I asked of the seller.
    Basically if I cannot make use of the HD1920 facility in this camera then I need another make which will import an HD1920 video/movie in a format that Mac can hold in a folder and iMovie can import at that quality. If anyone has any recommendations I would be glad to hear them.

  • How to connect xbox 360 to the newest iMac 21'5?

    How to connect xbox 360 to the newest iMac 21'5?

    So if I connect my Xbox thru adapter like that one ( ). It will work?

  • How to connect to a usb cam through acrobat api??

    I have deveopled a plugin for acrobat...and want to initiate a usb cam through my there any method available in the api to detect or connect to a usb cam????If yes please explain how to do so... there any method available in the api to detect or connect to a usb cam????
    No. You may look at the apis of your operating system.

  • Connecting a wireless nanny cam to iMac - no RCA connection

    I have just migrated from the PC to Mac world. I have a wireless nanny cam that I use to record to my PC (like a DVR) by installing in my PC a DVR/PCI card that has RCA input jacks. A receiver would connect into the RCA jacks and thus receive the wireless camera signal. I now use an iMac
    Obviously I can't install a PCI card on my iMac and it doesn't have RCA inputs either, so how would I receive a signal on my iMac from a wireless camera? It is not a camera that has its own IP address. I thought that since the latest iMacs are able to pick up wireless router signals for internet connectivity, that it could also be configured for a wireless camera that transmits a signal. Do I have any hope? FYI, the software used to manage the camera recordings is called Pico 2000.

    You can use El Gato's EyeTV 250.
    It has RCA input so you can hook up your Nanny Cam receiver and record to your HD.
    Plus,you can connect your cable TV and watch and record shows on the iMac. dd7739ef8b971a5ea
    P.S. Welcome to the Discussions.
    PowerBook G3 500 Mhz "Pismo"/ 2.0Ghz BlackBook 2GB OWC RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • Howe to connect wifi to tv

    I have internet to my TV and Imac via wifi, I wont to connect Imac to TV via wifi. I can se router in TV and Imac. But can't se Imac in TV.
    Please help me.

    Only way is to let the appletv connect adhoc to a computer sharing internet which have already logged in

  • Re: Satellite L - How to connect my digital video cam?

    I have a Canon digital video camera (bought in 2004). I have been using it to transfer movies onto my other Toshiba laptop, but there is no place to plug in on my new laptop. I did use a iEEE1394 but it doesn't work on this one.
    What alternative is there?
    Also on turning on the laptop I get a message saying TOSHIBA SERVICE STATION NOT WORKING and proceeds to solve it but nothing happens.
    Any suggestions pls.

    What notebook model you have it exactly? Some notebooks dont have firewire port but if your camera has USB port can use this port. As far as I know all notebooks have USB port
    > Also on turning on the laptop I get a message saying TOSHIBA SERVICE STATION NOT WORKING and proceeds to solve it but nothing happens.
    You should try to reinstall Service Station, I think this should work. Just download the newest version of Toshiba service station on official Toshiba website and install it: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
    But dont forget to remove the old version first before you install the newest one. ;)

  • How to connect wifi in c3-01

    i had brought c3-01 i connected to my home router its coming as connection  successful later when go for browsing its loading and later coming as link is not available pls help me friends what should i do for this?

    Hi Makenzi,
    There are screenshot applications available but none are currently compatible with this device but you can check the in the near future to see if you new applications have been added.
    Also it may be a good idea to contact application developers directly to enquire about the possibility of making the application compatible with C3-01.
    Screenshot V1.3
    by: Dragon Sight
    by: Nabil
    Screen Capture
    by: Sangapps
    Best Screen Snap
    by: Smartphoneware
    Best Screen Snap
    by: Smartphoneware
    Hope this helps!
    Whizz kid

  • HT1807 non 3 g iPad 2 in St Lucia how to connect wifi

    how does the iPad 2 work in Caribbean does
    non 3 g have to be operated in any particular way?

    No, it works just the same except for the absence of a cellular connetion.
    The User Guide is available at or downloadable from iTunes as an iBook.

  • How to: Connect a new MacMini to an iMac (internet)..

    I have an iMac in one room and a MacMini in the next room. The iMac is already connected to the internet.
    I want to connect the MacMini to the internet using an Apple Airport Express Base Station router. The connection from the MacMini will be WIRELESS. My iMac is WIRED to the internet...the imac has "Airport"...
    I am hoping that the Apple Express router will be just "plug and play", but I know that life is more complicated than that, but I hope for the best. I understand that in purchasing the Apple Express base station that there's a 90 day telephone support which is inspiring!...
    In the meanwhile, I sure could use some info as to how to set the Apple Express base router up to wirelessly get the macmini connected to the internet.
    Grazia tutti.....

    You do not need an Airport Express to connect your Mac mini to the internet. While your iMac is connected to the internet with an ethernet connection, you should be able to turn on the Airport card in the iMac and set up a local wifi network that your Mac mini can use to share your iMac's internet connection.
    You would need to create an AirPort network in System Prefs>Network. If AirPort does not exist in the left hand pane click the + below and create one. Check the box to Show AirPort status in menu bar.
    After you have created the AirPort network go to System Prefs>Sharing and highlight Internet Sharing. (Do not check the box.) Then to the right choose to Share your connection from Ethernet from the pulldown menu. Below share To computers using AirPort by checking the box for AirPort. Use the AirPort Options... button to name the network and setup wireless encryption. Click OK. Lastly, go back and check the box for Internet Sharing.
    Then go to your Mac mini and configure it for a wireless network. Go to System Prefs>Network and enable an AirPort Network and turn on the AirPort card. Click the box to show Airport status in the menubar. From the menubar you should see the network that you set up on your iMac. Choose this network and in the dialog box fill in the information to connect to your network. You should now have internet access.

  • How to connect new Macbook pro 2014 to iMac 2010 for a secondary display

    I have a new Macbook Pro 2014 and an old iMac 2010. How can I connect them to have an additional secondary display? I thought I would need a thunderbolt cable with a Thunderbolt to Mini DisplayPort adapter but I can't find that. There's lots of options and I don't understand what would be best.
    Macbook Pro 2014
    iMac 2010
    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Hi Nathaniel,
    Thunderbolt is another way of calling it a Mini Displayport, thunderbolt is just faster and has more usage with other products (i.e. hdds, displays etc.) You can hook up a thunderbolt to a mini-display port because both are the same size and serve the same function. Just don't connect anything to the display port on the iMac other than a computer.
    Kind Regards,
    Sidney Ramirez

  • How to connect one Nano to 2 different iMacs on a network

    I have 2 separate iMacs (up & downstairs) & want to put songs I've downloaded onto the downstairs iTunes onto my Nano -- which I "registered" with the upstairs iMac, (that's where I recharge/update my iPod from). But the downstairs iTunes has all the great songs! How can I get them onto my Nano, has anyone else encountered this problem? I can share the libraries, but can't seem to get the downstairs files onto my iPod, and can't plug in my Nano downstairs: get an error message telling me it can only be associated/updated from one computer.?

    If you want to connect and use an iPod on more than one computer or with more than one iTunes library you need to connect your iPod to your first computer and change the update preference in the iPod Summary tab to "Manually manage music and videos" and click Apply.
    Using iPod with Multiple computers
    Managing content manually on iPod
    You can also use a keyboard command to prevent your iPod auto-syncing with iTunes. While connecting the iPod to the computer on a Mac hold down the Option and Command (⌥ and ⌘ Apple) keys. This will stop the iPod from auto-syncing with iTunes and it will appear in the source list. Wait until you are sure the iPod has mounted, and that it will not auto sync and then you can let the keys go. This may take between 20 to 30 seconds depending on your computer. You should then be able to change your settings: iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts for OSX

  • How to connect living room Tv with upstairs iMac...RGB cable or what??

    the problem is that the TV isn't connected to the upstairs iMac yet. What is the best way of doing that? Via a RGB cable connection or Airport express with airtunes? pardon the ignorance.
    Also once the connection was established, would i be able to browse the contents of my hard drive using a wireless keyboard and mouse?

    An Airport Express with airtunes won't work for you ,as it carries audio only. I would use a Mini-DVI to DVI adapter if the TV supports it,otherwise I would use a Mini-DVI to S-video adapter. As far as the wireless keyboard and mouse goes, I would think they wouldn't have enough power to transmit through the floor.

  • How to disable USB, Bluetooth, Web Camera in iMac

    Hi we have 4 Apple iMac 21.5” Quad-Core i5 2.5GHz/4GB/500GB/Radeon HD 6750M 512MB. We have upgraded the OS to Mountain Lion. For company security purpose we want to disable USB, Bluetooth, Web Camera. Please help us understand if this can be done or not ?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hello, soum_mohanty.
    There's no need to post again in the iSight (or any other) forum.  Hosts will likely delete multiples anyway.  I will just give you my thoughts here.
    Use Linc's answer above:  (Regards, Linc)
    From Hardening Tips - National Security Agency:
    ... The best way to disable an integrated iSight camera is to have an Apple-certified technician remove it. ...
    Contact your Apple-Authorized Service Provider and discuss your needs.  If anyone can safely disable the cameras in a way that meets your security requirements without damaging your Macs, it will be an AASP.
    If your AASP cannot do what you need with your current Macs, my only remaining suggestion is that you consider trading them for machines that have no inbuilt camera.  Mac minis or Mac Pros may meet your needs.
    Message was edited by: EZ Jim
    Mac OSX 10.8.3

  • How to connect my MC207 (macbook 2009) with iMac 2013?

    There is a 4 years gap between the two model, so I am not sure if the "Mini DisplayPort adapter" and one more "cable" work well for that.
    The model of my macbook is MC207 (white one).
    What things do I need?

    Good question.. since the iMac is owned by my company, so I do not have enough authority to install some of my favorite plugins and applications on the iMac. I hope I could use my old laptop while working in office but as my boss said: 'it looks so strange in my place'.
    Anyway, thank you very much for your answer.

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