How to create header item

Hi all,
    i have a requirement wher to create a header item which has no pricing and have 3 sub items have pricing individually,
   wher customer will order the material as a kit.what condition should be used and which item cat. should be used.pls explain clearly.

Please search the forum with the text "Sales BOM".   You will get lot of inputs from there.
G. Lakshmipathi

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  • How to Create header text in Quotations?

    Helli Experts,
    Can anybody of you tell me how to create Header text for Quotations in SD?
    I want to fetch it into Layout Set. I want to hardcode it.

    Use the SAVE_TEXT and READ_TEXT Function module to create a header text through program.

  • How to create database item for fast formula?

    Is there any document for how to create database item for fast formula? I could not find in Metalink or this forum. Thanks.

    Oracle ship many pre-delivered Database Items plus they're created automatically when you create Input Values (etc).
    There's often something already there for you. If there's not, you usually create Fast Formula functions to retrieve other data. You don't create your own custom DBIs; Oracle don't deliver APIs for that.

  • How to create Shuttle Item in APEX

    could you please anyone let me know the steps of how to create shuttle item in APEX?
    Thanks for your help

    Hi Jitendra,
    Thanks for replying.
    my query like this.
    select * from table1,table2
    table1.value not in 'CABINET' ---- here i need to create shuttle
    and like 'B%' --- this is just text box
    table3. value is coming from LOV.
    could you please let me know how to create value as shuttle, in shuttle wht are the changes do i need to make changes?

  • How to copy header/item text from Quotation to sales order?

    Dear All,
    On ECC 6, I am trying to get text copied from the quotation to the sales order (when the order is created with reference to the quote).
    As of now, the order creation is fine with all the right items & partners etc. in it, but the text is missing.
    The same text IDs have been assigned to both documents (at header & item levels).
    Is the text content supposed to be copied by standard SAP? Is there any customizing needed for this? Please guide me on how I can achieve this.
    Please help.
    Best regards,
    Rohit L
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    Hi Rohit,
    Pls check this e.g.
    Text Determination Procedure
    You can define text for
    Sales document
    1) Create new text types
    (Menu Path:  SPRO-IMG-Sales and distribution- Basic function-Text Control-Define text type). You can define new text type in this menu for your requirement for different objects (Customer, Sales document, Delivery and billing document). T-code: VOTXN
    2) Assign the new text ID in the text   determination procedure
    (Menu Path:  SPRO-IMG-Sales and distribution-Basic function- Text Control-Define text type). Click on change on application tool bar. Select text procedure   created and double click on Text ID'  s in text Procedure. Assign new text Id to Text determination procedure
    3) Define and Assign an access sequence to the new text ID
    (Menu Path: SPRO-IMG-Sales and distribution-Basic function-Text Control-Define access sequence for determining text).Access sequence can be defined only for sales document not for customer master. Select text procedure and double click on text id's in text procedure folder. Select text id and double click on access sequence and create new access sequence here.
    4) Assign the Text determination procedure with the sales document type.
    (Menu Path: SPRO-IMG-Sales and distribution-Basic function-Text Control-Define and assign text determination procedure) In this menu path you can assign text determination procedure to sales document type.

  • How to copy header items and paste it into a new channel

    Hi everybody,
    i'm trying to customize my tasks with DIAdem and got some big problem. I have a channel table in VIEW with 295 columns and have added a new column.In this column i want to write all the Header Items i've got.
    I've created a new channel with:
    Call ChnAlloc("Betriebsdaten_akt_Monat", 295, 1,DataTypeString,"Text")
    Call Zusfassg.Columns.Add(296)
    Then I use this command to read the header items:
    Set MyHeaders = View.ActiveSheet.ActiveArea.DisplayObj.HeaderItems
    But how could i now paste all these items into the new column i've created?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Kind regards
    Patrick Etoumann

    Hello Patrick,
    to be honest, I did not completely understand what you are trying to do - so if the answer does not fit 100%, please give me some more information about your task.
    Within the DIAdem Help (topic: Object HeaderItem) you can find this short script:
    Set oMyHeaders = View.ActiveSheet.ActiveArea.DisplayObj.HeaderItems
      For Each oMyHeaderItem in oMyHeaders
      Call MsgBoxDisp(oMyHeaderItem.Name)
    It calls a messagebox for each configured headeritem. If you want to write the titles of these items into a new channel you can use the ChT() variable. Specify the row and a textchannel as parameters of this function.
    But because you created a textchannels with a length that equals the numlber of displayed channels i think you rather want to copy the content of a specific header property to the rows of that column. In this case it might be most convenient to program a for loop and use the loop variable to reference the individual channels. With the command ChnPropGet(), the channel number and the property name you can read the value of a property.  Even here, use ChT() to store the data into the new channel.
    Ingo Schumacher
    Systems Engineer Sound&VibrationNational Instruments Germany

  • How to create list items with multiple attachment files using rest api javascript

    In one of user form I am using javascript rest api to create a list item with multiple attachment files. So far I am able to create list item and once created uploading an attachment file. But this is two step process first create an item and then upload
    a file.
    It create an additional version of the item which is not desired. Also I am not able find a way to attach multiple files in a go. Following is the code I am using.
                    url: "/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('UserForm')/items(1)/AttachmentFiles/add(FileName='" + + "')",
                    method: "POST",
                    contentType: "application/json;odata=verbose",
                    headers: {
                        "Accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
                        "X-RequestDigest": $("#__REQUESTDIGEST").val()
                    binaryStringRequestBody: true,
                    body: fileContent,
                    success: fnsuccess,
                    error: fnerror
    So somehow I need to combine item attributes along with attachment files in body: param. I visited but no success.
    Appreciate any help.

    Thanks Mahesh for the reply and post you share it was useful.
    But this does not solve the core of the issue. You are uploading attachments after creation of item and multiple files are being attached in loop. This is kind of iterative update to an existing item with attachments. This will end up creating multiple versions. 
    What I am trying to achieve is to create an item along with multiple attachments in a go. No item updates further to attach a file.
    Please suggest how this can be done in one go. SharePoint does it when one creates an item with multiple attachment.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • How to create Confirmation Item QUANTITY during Runtime

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to create Confirmation ITEM with QUANTITY during runtime.
    I have successfully created item using CRM_ORDERADM_I_MAINTAIN_OW however it doesnot have scheduling_i structure which hold QUANTITY. I tried with CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN_MULTI_OW. getting following error, I tried with CRM_SCHEDLIN_I_READ_OW it creating quantity on CRM Confirmation screen.
    Can you pls tell me how to get quantity. 
    The current application program detected a situation which really
    should not occur. Therefore, a termination with a short dump was
    triggered on purpose by the key word MESSAGE (type X)
    ls_fund_h         TYPE  crmt_fund_h_com,
            ls_cla_h          TYPE  crmt_cla_h_com,
            ls_lawref_h       TYPE  crmt_lawref_h_com,
            lt_lawref_h       TYPE  crmt_lawref_h_comt,
            ls_orderadm_i     TYPE  crmt_orderadm_i_com,
            lt_orderadm_h     TYPE  crmt_orderadm_h_comt,
            lt_chngproc_i     TYPE  crmt_chngproc_i_comt,
            ls_chngproc_i     TYPE  crmt_chngproc_i_com.
            ls_entry            TYPE  crmt_guid_handle,
            lv_dummy            TYPE  crmt_msgtext,
            lv_vona_kind_copy   TYPE  crmt_boolean,
            lv_count            TYPE  i,
            ls_msg_handle       TYPE  balmsghndl,
            ls_exception        TYPE  crmt_exception_logical_ke
            lv_subrc            TYPE  sy-subrc.
            <ls_order_item>   TYPE  crmt_order_items.
    * check correct call
      ADD 1 TO gv_recursive_call.
      ADD 1 TO gv_maintain_active.
          recursive_call              = 1
          call_without_order_maintain = 2
          OTHERS                      = 0.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.

    Did you solve the problem?

  • How do create header

    i need to extract the dtata from cube through infospock and save as a excel formate
    but i dont know how to create the header.
    Please some one help me

    Check this link about infospoke function. you have Creation of Infospoke and You can find retraction of data to flat file also.

  • How to create runtime 'item'

    Is there any way I can create runtime 'item'?
    It doesn't mean,before I create an item and set_item_property
    (***,visible**,**false) after that make visible staff.
    I don't know how many items the form will display during the
    runtime and I need to create according to my DB.
    Somebody help.

    You are correct.
    You may use set_item_property(item_name,visible,property_false)
    then for to make it visible and use
    you need to use two built-ins
    This makes only visible . Then by using
    set_item_property(item_name,enable,property_true) makes it
    enable to use.
    Nagaraju Kotni

  • How to create an item with date type mm/yyyy (no day)

    Is it possible to create an item with date type mm/yyyy (no day)? I want the pop-up date picker to just show month and year.

    you cannot pop-up date picker to just show month and year, but you can set your item format as MM-YYYY
    You can check this APEX_ITEM.DATE_POPUP2 at : (if using apex 4.1) else
    Edited by: Sergio_doudou on 2012-04-13 14:26

  • How to create an item Phone Number of US Format

    Need to create an item in a page Phone Number.
    The Item should accept only US Phone Number Format.
    Need Suggestions.

    Hi Krishna,
    You can make the US Phone format validation in the Page controller by making a validation function and call this validation function on the submit button or form submission. u can use the following function in the page controller-
    public void validatePhone(String sPhoneNumber )
    Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("\\d{3}-\\d{3}-\\d{4}");
    Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(sPhoneNumber);
    if (matcher.matches()) {
    throw new OAException("Phone Number Valid", OAException.INFORMATION);
    throw new OAException("Phone Number must be in the form XXX-XXX-XXXX", OAException.INFORMATION);
    and call the validation function in processFormRequest function
    public void processFormRequest(OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
    super.processFormRequest(pageContext, webBean);
    OAMessageTextInputBean msgInBean =(OAMessageTextInputBean)webBean.findIndexedChildRecursive("<id of the element>");
    if ((pageContext.getParameter("<submit button>") != null))
    String val =(String)msgInBean.getValue(pageContext);
    u also have the following imports in the controller -
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException;
    import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.beans.message.OAMessageTextInputBean;
    import java.util.regex.Matcher;
    import java.util.regex.Pattern;
    I hope this will help u.

  • How to create Asset Item & Inventory Item?

    Dear Experts,
    What makes the Difference in creating Asset Item & Inventory Item? Please help me

    you might be interested in the below thread
    Re: Inventory and Expense item

  • How to create Header Text and Item view

    HI Experts,
    Please solve it out.
    I need to create a assignment block which display Employee details as per there Role. There are 3 fixed role like Role1 Role2 and Role3. under beneath of each role different user assign.
    My requirement is to display the like Header(Roles) and item(user) in Tree form.
    The user are in custom database table .
           User_ID1           User_Name
           User_ID2           User_Name
           User_ID3            User_Name
           User_ID4            User_Name
           User_ID5            User_Name
           User_ID6            User_Name
           User_ID 7           User_Name
    Please suggest how can i achieve this tast.

    Hi Faisal/ Christian,
    Thanks a lot lot for you suggestion, its very helpful.
    I understand very well, to create Tree view with Access Object and its dependent object.
    But my doubth is that in my requirement there is no Access object and dependent object involve, Please follow below points.
    In My Object, Predecessor are like Heading text, No data display in predecessor (Role1, Role 2, as shown above in example).
    There will be only 3 predecessor in all time.
    The Successor value for each Predecessor available in the custom Ztable. and there no BOL object created for this ztable.
    Please suggest ,what i need to do to accomplished this object.
    I really really appriciate for your advice.
    Many Thanks,

  • How to pass header/item text in inbound ORDERS05 IDoc

    I'm trying to create Sales Order from an inbound ORDERS05 idoc thru SE19.
    How do I pass the header text and item text to the Sales Order?
    What should be the value of E1EDKT1-TDOBJECT and E1EDKT1-TDOBNAME?
    An early response is highly appreciated.

    Hi Gajendra,
    What is the significance of "TDOBJECT" and "TDNAME"?
    <b>TDOBJECT</b>: application object of the text
    The field is part of the text key. It contains the name of the text object to which the text is allocated. This object must be defined in table TTXOB.
    <b>TDNAME</b>: name of the text
    The field is part of the text key. It contains the name of the text module. This name may be up to 70 characters long. An internal structure of the text name is preset by the text object, but not interpreted by SAPscript.
    <b>TDID</b>: ID of the text
    The field is part of the text key. It contains the name of the text ID to which the text module belongs. The text ID must be defined in table TTXID together with the text object.
    <b>TDSPRAS</b>: language key of the text
    The field is part of the text key. It contains the language key of the language used to enter the text lines of the text module. The language key must be defined in table T002.
    Hope this will help.
    Ferry Lianto

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